Your Eyes
By Kat_the_Vampyre

Author: Kat_the_vampyre
Rating: R for character death
Disclaimer: BtVS and all characters are the property of people like Joss Whedon and FOX and WB and ME etc. Not myself.
Distribution: Solo, Any one else just ask
Dedication: To Beth for being.

Your eyes
As we said our goodbyes
Can't get them out of my mind.
And I find
I can’t hide
From your eyes.
The ones that took me by surprise
the day you came into my life
Where's the moonlight
I see your eyes.

Buffy sat in the graveyard again, back against his headstone as she had done every night for the past 9 days. Trying to use the vampires to ward off sleep. After a while they stopped coming, started to learn the benefits of avoiding the guilt driven violence of the Slayer. Tonight there had been none and now the boredom and the lack of sleep was winning, Buffy slipped into sleep and the memory filled dreams that came with it.

Buffy and Riley lay sprawled on the bed, exhausted it was 3 AM and there had been very little sleeping. The doorbell rang. After dressing while the bell continued to ring frantically, Buffy answered the door.

"If that's Graham again..."Buffy opened the door to find Xander alternately panting and sobbing, tears streaming down his face. The colour drained out of Buffy's face,

"Oh Xander. Willow?"

"Giles." He replied. "His place. Quick."

Buffy shut the door behind her leaving Riley to think what he would, he was no longer her priority. As soon as she was out of the door she started running leaving Xander behind but she had to get to Giles. "I knew you'd come."

Buffy looked into his eyes and almost broke down something almost unheard of for her. Trust beamed out of his eyes, he was so sure she wouldn't leave him. Guilt flooded through Buffy as she thought of what she was doing instead of protecting Giles.

"Giles, stay with me. Please. I need you."

"Too late I'm afraid." Xander crashed through the door cutting off his words.

"Now we're all here." Giles sighed. "Goodbye. I'm sure I'll miss you." Taking Buffy's hand he squeezed it and then slipped away.

There was silence as the original scooby gang mourned their lost friend. Buffy broke the stillness with a keening cry,

"NO. You can’t die. I won’t let it. I need you Giles I love you. I can't I can't..." Willow tried to hug Buffy but she ran out sobbing.

It was nearly dawn and there had still been no Vampires. Finally Buffy could wait no longer she unwrapped the parcel in her lap to reveal a gun and bullets. She loaded it with meticulous care that Giles would have been proud of and then held it to her head.

"I should have been with you Giles. Not with him. I should have told you what you meant to me. I can't live with the memory Giles. Forgive me. Let the next slayer be called and please let her forgive me as well." And with that final plea to the night she pulled the trigger, the echoes rang out across the silent night. By the time the ambulance and police arrived she'd been dead for hours.