By Lily2332

AUTHOR: Lily2332
SPOILERS: Something Blue
SUMMARY: Inspired by Giles' wardrobe on Tuesday. I like Giles in tailored clothes.  His grey sweater is entirely too baggy.  At several points in the ep, it was actually hanging over his hands.  Then I started thinking...perhaps he didn't buy it that way.  How did it get so stretched out?  Hmm...
FEEDBACK: This is my first time posting to this list, also my first PWP.  So be gentle.

"Buffy, No!"  Giles tried to warn the slayer, to tell her that what she was about to do was the worst way possible to kill this demon. But she was tiring, they both were, they'd been trying in vain to kill it for almost an hour.  She'd taken a sword out of Giles trunk, and was preparing to slice off his head. 

His call was too late, and as Giles ran to push Buffy away from what he knew was about to happen, they were both showered with the thick goo spraying from the demon's headless corpse. 

"Eww!"  Buffy complained, preparing to wipe the substance off of her shirt. 

"Don't touch it!"  Giles warned, trying to figure out what they would do now.  "It's not safe.  It's-"  He didn't need to explain any further as they each watched the goo start to burn through their clothing.  There weren't any options.  "Take them off, Buffy!" He was already undoing his belt.

Buffy balked for a second, until she felt a stinging on her back where it had reached her skin. She quickly pulled her shirt over her head, careful not to get any on her hair, which Giles had shielded from the spray. 

Giles stared at the pile of clothes on the ground that was rapidly becoming a pile of nothing. It figured that the night was one of the coldest of the year.  He finally glanced over at Buffy, who was already shivering.  She'd draped her hair over her chest in an attempt at modesty, but in his mind the effect was even more appealing than if she'd been completely exposed. <Think!> He told himself.  The car. 

"Buffy, we should get in the car."  He suggested.  Neither one moved, each looking around anywhere but the other. 

"You go first."  She demanded, and he sighed. 

Buffy watched him go, trying not to burst into nervous, hysterical giggles.  Giles would never forgive her if she did.  It wasn't that it was even strange seeing him naked, after all, she had been around him often enough to know every line and curve of his body by heart.   He was exactly as she'd pictured him. <Um, I've pictured him naked?> But there were no surprises when she looked at him. Well, maybe one.  Her desire to get a peek at the rest. 

Buffy slid into the front seat next to Giles, noticing a grey sweater draped over his lap. "Aww, I thought you'd gotten rid of that ugly old thing."  She complained, rubbing her arms to keep warm.   "Giles, turn on the car!" 

He obeyed, turning the key in the ignition. 

Nothing.  He closed his eyes in painful awareness.  There hadn't even been a buzz, a click, a rattle.  And with them in the middle of nowhere.  Wonderful.

Nothing.  He tried again.  Again, not a sign of life.  He could feel Buffy's glare penetrating through the cold air, even without looking at her.

"G-Giles."  Her teeth chattered.   "C-cold."  

"Oh." He looked down at the sweater, then at the shivering slayer.  "The cabin where the demon had been staying.  There was a bed in there.  Blankets!"  

They stared in disappointed silence in the doorway of the cabin.  Stared at the bed, a bare mattress with not so much as a sheet.  Buffy whimpered. 

He closed the door, still holding the sweater. It was just as cold in here as outside.  He allowed his eyes to briefly skim her body while she wasn't looking, then went back for a second look, allowing himself to take in her legs, hips, stomach and breasts.  When he moved his gaze to her face, she was watching him, her eyes wide.

"Um, s-sorry."  He stammered, wanting to die.  This whole night was a disaster.  "I-I...Here!"  He thrust the sweater in her direction, turning from her. 

Buffy smiled.  So he was as curious as she was. Good.  "No, Giles, I'm okay.  Must be a slayer thing.  I'm not that cold."   She lied.

He frowned at her.  Her body told him otherwise.  "No, you should wear it."

She shook her head.  "No.  You're freezing.  Take the sweater."  She gave him a look that said 'I'm not taking no for an answer.' 

An hour later they sat awkwardly on the bed, sitting near enough to share warmth, but sharing no eye or body contact whatsoever. Giles had lost the battle, and wore the one piece of clothing.  Buffy kept trying to get closer, but he was in a terribly cranky mood. She decided to make a big show of shivering. "Brrrr." 

His hands gripped the hem of the sweater, preparing to remove it and give it to Buffy.  She grabbed his hands.  "No." 

"Buffy, you're cold."  He argued, trying to ignore the nearness of her hands to his lap. 

"We can share."  She insisted, smiling as she tipped her head back so that
her hair fell away from her breasts.  

"No."  He was decided on the matter, despite the break in his voice.   

"Giles.  I'm cold.  I want us to both be warm.  That sweater has got to be an extra large, right?   Room for two.  This is no time to be modest.  Don't be selfish, and don't be a martyr."  She threw every argument she had at him while pushing him down into a lying position.  He opened his mouth to speak but his protest was drowned out by the sound of ripping seams as she pulled at the neck of the shirt. 

Next she squirmed her way up under the garment with him, lying pressed on top of his body, poking her head out of the top.  Her hands brushed their way down his arms when she slid them into the roomy sleeves, touching all the sensitive areas, over his tattoo, then his wrist. A shudder went through him at the sensation.  She relaxed, keeping herself slightly raised so that her
hard nipples brushed his chest with every slight movement. 

Her head rested against his neck.  Aas she watched his pulse, she had a sudden insight into a vampires mind.  Except it wasn't his blood she wanted.  Every time his chest rose and fell against hers, Buffy felt a thrill. 

"Buffy, you don't know what you're doing."  He tried to sound very calm.  She would listen to reason.  "I-I-I know that this would be perfectly fine in a desperate situation if you were with, say, Willow, and I'm flattered that you think of me in such a-a-trusting manner, but you can't stay there." 

Buffy just ignored him, instead placing her hands over his, palm to palm, and entwining their fingers, holding tightly.  "There."  She said in a sing-song voice.  "It's like we're one person."   Giles tried to banish the images that her comment brought to his mind, but it was too late.  The temptation of imagining them joined together, moving as one, was too much, and though the thought was brief, the effects were immediate.  Until now he'd been holding it together fairly well. 

Buffy felt him harden against her. <About time>   She squirmed against him gently, and he squeezed her hands, still joined with his own, tightly. 

"Stop moving."  He told her.  "I-I-I..."  He didn't know whether to apologize or scold her.

"-want me?"  She finished for him. 

"Buffy-" He warned.  He didn't finish the thought because she had begun to move slowly against him, making sure that his cock was being rubbed between their hot bodies with every motion.   Lust raced through his body as he became an active participant, positioning his leg between hers raising his thigh slightly until he felt her wet heat. 

Buffy made a long, low, pleased sound at his offer, grinding herself against him.  He almost lost control at that moment, the friction of her skin against his erection combined with her hot, slick flesh on his thigh was like nothing he'd ever imagined.  But how could he have ever imagined this? 

"Buffy, what are we doing?"  He asked breathlessly, stopping for a moment. 

"Keeping warm."  She answered, placing kisses all the way up his neck, stopping to nip at his earlobe.  "And I think it's working."  The temperature had definitely heated up between the confines of the soft woven fabric.  Their skin where their bodies met was moist with sweat, and Buffy experimented, liking the erotic sensations of her body sliding against his.  He felt the same, and he wanted more than anything to break free of the
inhibitions created by their watcher slayer status.

"Are you sure?"  He asked her, "You don't know...that is, can I...."  He trailed off.

"What?"  Buffy asked, slightly distracted as she continued to rub herself on him, having found a position where just the right spot was massaged every time he moved his leg.  "Ohh...Giles, what are you asking for permission for something?"  Always thinking of her, always watcher first.  What she wanted was to see him be a man first, for him to think of her pleasure before her well being.

"I just want to make sure that-ahh, keep doing that, Buffy," He interrupted, panting.  "-to say, that is....Is it all right for me to do as I wish, then?"  All he knew was that he'd been holding back and that all she needed to do was say the word. 

"Giles, do what you want."   He'd usually imagined the first time they made love as a tender, emotional experience, but tonight there was no thought of anything but their mutual want and need. 

He pulled the sweater from their bodies with much difficulty, no longer needing any heat but what came from their bodies.  Before she could think about what to do next, he was on top of hers, pinning her to the bed.  His hungry mouth traveled over her body, and unlike her gentle nips, his teeth almost bruising..  His hands were equally rough, kneading her thighs and buttocks.  They dug into her flesh, the careless pressure making her feel dizzily out of control.  She squealed, dying to feel the same animal attentions lavished on the rest of her body.

It was unthinkable that this was her watcher, her refined, reserved watcher.  Who would've known that this lie under the surface, just waiting to be released?   When he reached her breasts, his touch softened as he explored with his hands and teased the nipples lightly with his tongue.  She exhaled, a long disappointed sigh.

"What's wrong?"  He asked, his voice husky, "You'd rather it this way?"  He covered her nipple with his mouth, biting down gently, then harder, sweeping the assaulted area with his tongue before the cry left her lips. 

She tugged at him, bringing his mouth up to her own, for their first kiss.  The feel of his lips on her own sent a charge through them both and Buffy couldn't bite back a moan of complete abandonment.

He felt her moan into his mouth, and knew that it wasn't only from the physical pleasure.  The release of finally making that last step into what they'd been building towards for so long, a dam had broken and neither one of them could stop it or even wanted to.   Their bodies stopped moving almost completely as Giles pulled his face away slightly to look at her.  He waited until she brought her gaze up to meet his.  What she saw startled her. She'd seen that look before, but she hadn't known what it meant until now.  Now she was shocked when she realized the number of times he'd been regarding her in outright lust, never saying a word about it.  This knowledge made her blood run a little hotter.

He saw her reaction, and brought his hand into her hair, grabbing a handful and pulling back until her neck was exposed.  Buffy, twisted out of his range.  He disagreed, growling and holding her head in place while he ran his tongue up her neck, then down.  His teeth scraped against her silky skin while her hands traveled over his body, pulling him closer.

Soon they were engaged in a battle for control, each trying to take the lead, trying to stop the other from doing the same.  He pressed his knee against her thigh to hold her down, only to have her flip him onto his back.  Before she could climb onto him, he sat up, dragging her onto his lap.  Their tongues mimicked this battle of the wills as they kissed, and he tried to rub himself against her.  Buffy giggled, shifting her hips away each time he tried.  She could feel how badly he wanted it. 

They continued in their kissing until Buffy noticed something missing.  One hand held her against him, but the other one...she pulled her lips from his, looking down.  His hand was closing around his cock, and she slapped it away.  "Hey!"  She scolded. 

He looked at her expectantly.  "Well I hope you have something in mind for me, then."  Buffy swallowed.  His face was...different, dangerous.  His eyes were dark, and his cheeks flushed.  He was Giles, only very sexy. 

"Uh.."  Buffy felt embarrassed all of a sudden.  He'd never spoken to her in that tone before. <I'm the one who started this.> she reminded herself.  Before she could finish her sentence, he parted his legs, sending her to the floor.  "Giles!"  She complained, getting to her knees.

Buffy realized that he'd made her fall on purpose. She was kneeling between his legs, faced with his manhood.  She stared for a minute, stunned.  

He sensed her hesitation, and spoke. "Please.  I've always wanted you to..."   It was true.  How many times had he imagined her in this very position, her perfectly glossed lips around his cock?

Buffy wrapped her fingers around his shaft, fascinated by his hardness, all because of her.  They really should've started doing this long ago, she decided.  She stroked him a few times, then leaned in and took his tip in her mouth, sucking gently, licking all the way around.  She had no clue what he wanted, but she was pretty sure he wasn't going to be too picky about her technique.

He watched her head moving back and forth as she took more of him into her mouth.  The pleasure was almost painful, especially as he tried not to come right then in her mouth. That wouldn't do.  Buffy sucked on him a few more minutes before looking up, asking with her eyes what he wanted.  The sight of her rosy, swollen lips was too much.  He dragged her up with him on the bed. 

She felt his tip push against her sex, and spread her legs slightly, allowing him to push all the way in.  They both cried out at the sensation, heightened by prolonging the wait.   He did think of her, was going to go slow, but Buffy began to thrust against him, and he quickened his pace to meet hers.  Buffy wrapped her arms around her watcher, knowing that he shared the same sense of completeness that she was feeling.  She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deeper, her head tossing about on the mattress.  She felt her climax approaching, and moaned over and over as she exploded a tiny bit more each time he thrust into her until it was one continuous rush of ecstacy.  He was about to tell her that he loved her, in case she didn't already know, but as he felt her coming, tightening around his cock, his own climax took the words from him. 

A few minutes later, they began to shiver.  Giles still covered Buffy's body with his own.  "See?"  She said weakly.  "I told you it would be big enough."

Giles frowned.  "What!?" 

She giggled.  "The sweater.  What did you think I meant?"