By GylzGirl

Title: Wishbone 1/1
Author: Tricia Stewart (GylzGirl)
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Disclaimer: Characters and other Buffy things belong to Joss the god and Fox, the not gods. Story, such as it is, is mine :)
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Rating: NC-17
Type: PWP (Plot what plot, or porn without plot). Okay, maybe itty bitty plot.
Spoilers: PANGS
Pairing: B/G
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Author's Note: For this timeline, Pangs happened but the companion Angel episode "I Will Remember You" didn't. This occurs the morning after Pangs. Happy Turkey Day! [gobble, gobble] :) For my sisters Meawan and Kazza, for whom I am truly thankful.

Giles stretched at the top of his stairs and made his way down them to greet the day. "It's about bloody time you woke up. You left me by an open window you wanker! Look...look at that...the sunlight's nearly reached my leg!"

Giles rolled his eyes at the bound vampire. Spike had regained a little bit of color due to Giles' late night run to the butcher department of the local 24 hour supermarket. Fortunately, with his English accent, an explaination of Black Pudding to the curious grocery clerk was sufficient.

"Terribly sorry Spike, do feel free to lodge any complaints about the accommodations with the hotel manager." Giles grabbed the edge of his curtain and pulled it shut against the invading sun. "Better?"

"Much." The vampire smiled. "Now, how about undoing these ropes mate? I'm not going anywhere. I came to you, remember?"

"Perhaps I'll think about that when you tell me your tale of our military friends?"

"Another meal or two like last night and I'm sure my memory will return entirely. Right now, I'm all tuckered out as it were. I take it you have some nice shady place I can nap?" His smile was smug.

Giles sighed, gripped the back of the chair Spike was tied to, tipped it back and began to drag it across the floor.

"Whoa! What are you doing?" From what Spike could see, he was being carted toward the front door. When he heard a door open behind him, he was near to panic.

Giles opened his closet door, set the chair back on all four legs and used his foot to push Spike inside.

Spike, though considerably calmer, was indignant. "A closet? Is this the best you've got? I..." Giles slammed the door in his face. "Oh great...It reeks of bloody mothballs in here!"

"It's there or the terrace."

After a moment's pause, Spike spoke again. "Good night."

Just as Giles turned toward the kitchen, there was a knock on his front door. He opened it to find Buffy standing there. "Hey," she smiled brightly and waved at him. He missed seeing her face first thing every morning. It was a sight that had not lost the power to make his whole day.

"See, I kept my promise." Buffy couldn't seem to stop smiling. Giles was wearing his track suit. The one that had nearly made her eyes bulge out of her head a few weeks earlier. The suit that had made her start avoiding him because of the thoughts it caused. "Bright and early and here for clean-up duty...though I'm sure with you being Mr. Organization Freak you've probably already scrubbed everything up. But it's the thought that counts so I'll just..."

Giles crossed his arms over his chest and pushed the door open wider with his back. It revealed a living room and kitchen, exactly as it had been left the night before. Not so much as a dish removed from the dinner table.

Buffy sighed. "I'll just be grabbing an apron and helping you clean up like I said I would." She pouted and brushed past him. Giles smiled, and closed the door. "Where do we start?"

"Well I cleaned up the leftover food last night. Dished it up and put it in the refrigerator. I did leave the dishes all for you though."

"You're such a sweetheart that way."

"I thought you'd appreciate it."

"Ooh wait...you know what? I can't wash dishes today."

Giles crossed his arms over his chest again, frowning down at her as he entered the kitchen.

"I hate it when you do that."


"But I have a good reason." She held up her arm. "See? Arrow ouchie still. I don't think it'll feel very good letting it soak in sudsy water all day."

"Fine." He moved past her, toward the sink.

"Then I can bail?"

He turned to her and threw a green dishtowel her way. "You can dry."

"Yea me." She tied on an apron and took her place near the dishrack as Giles started the water running in the sink.

"Well you know Buffy, as matriarch, you prepared the meal and now it's your lot to help me clean up after."

"You just love throwing my own words up in my face, don't you?"

He smiled as he began scrubbing the first dish. "I do rather I'm afraid."

"You need a hobby." Buffy grinned as she took the dripping plate from his hands. She began to rub it with the towel. "So um...what did you think of the dinner? Truth now."


She frowned a little but tried to joke it off. "That bad huh? I thought it was fairly edible."

"The dinner was wonderful. The um...floorshow left a little to be desired but I can honestly say it was the best meal I've ever had with a near concussion ringing through my head."

She grinned. "And coming from you, that's a lot of meals to judge it by."


"Cool. So dead bird and trimmings a yummy success."

"I must say also, it was very nice having all of you around me again. I've missed...that." He did miss it, but he missed her most. His pride wouldn't let him tell that much, it was already berating him for saying as much as he had.

Buffy noticed the catch in his throat and really looked at him. The steam from the dishwater was misting his glasses a little so she couldn't be sure, but she thought she saw him tear up a bit.

"I...I guess with everything changing so much this year, and all of us trying to get adjusted to it, we've forgotten that things have changed a lot for you too. We've been sorta scattered to the four winds. I'm sorry."

"Don't be silly. You're all just finding yourselves. A little....self-absorbtion is normal...and to be expected really. You needn't worry about me."

Buffy watched him sadly and reached up to touch his cheek. "We haven't been. And I'm sorry for that too." He smiled that quick tight smile of his, that one he did whenever someone pointed out his importance and he was trying to brush it off. "How about this, skipping Christmas for the time being, let me go straight to New Years. My resolution, which is starting today, is to make sure you don't feel left out."

He shook his hands free of the water. "I don't need your pity. So I've been a little lonely lately. So I've been left in the position of begging for scraps of attention only when one of you needs something. I don't need you feeling sorry for me."

"No I guess not. It looks like you're feeling plenty sorry for yourself. You know, you seemed to have all these new interests...motorcycles, and jogging, and...and...OLIVIA. Maybe we thought we were intruding on your new fab life and we only feel like we should bust in on that when it's a matter of life and death. I think at least one of us deserves to try to have a normal happy life." 'Way to camouflage those jealousy pangs you're not having Buffy.'

"Oh yes, my fabulous life. Jogging and motorbikes to fill up the time I used to take up with having employment. Now I'm not a Watcher...or even a Librarian, and despite all my credentials the whisper of my having something to do with blowing up my previous place of employment keeps me safely at home. And I practically threw myself at Olivia, just hoping for a little companionship. I knew she'd had a crush on me a long time ago, and I took shameless advantage of it. I just wanted to be with someone for a while. That's why I bought the telly. I used to have friends to spend my evenings with. And now...I have quiz shows."

"Will you two please shut up out there?! Some of us are trying to sleep you know," Spike bellowed from the front closet.

Giles looked at the sink and sighed. "These um...these need to soak. I'm going to clear the table, get the...get the rest of the dishes."

He moved to the living room. Buffy frowned after him. He was right. They'd just suddenly cut him out of the circle, she most of all. And they'd made him lonely. That was the part she was going to have a hard time forgiving herself for.



"Would you mind if I came by more often?"

"You don't have to."

"I've been wanting to. Really. I just didn't want to, you know, be a pest."

Giles smiled up at her, gently. "I could do with a bit of pestering."


She removed her apron, rounded the corner and came out of the kitchen, watching him work as she got closer. His jogs had certainly tightened and toned areas even their exhaustive training sessions had not. Everything had changed this year. His clothes, his demeanor, his not being an authority figure but just one of the guys, these were the things she was most not ready for. He wasn't just Giles the Giles anymore. He was Giles, the good-looking guy who cared most about her in the whole world. That took the safety out of training with him. Working up a sweat with him alone in his house now had possibilities that it never had before, possibilities that made her head reel, possibilities that frightened her. Her fear had led her to Parker Abrams. Her fear had kept them both lonely.



"So I'm the matriarch and you're the patriarch?"

"Of our little family you mean? Yes. I think that would be the closest analogy."

"I like that. I mean, they sort of belong together don't they? Like us."

Giles set his glasses on the nearby bookshelf and then moved back to the table. He wouldn't face her. "Like Watcher and Slayer you mean?"

She swallowed hard. "Nope. I mean you said it yourself. You're not the Watcher anymore now are you?"

Now he looked in her direction. "What do you mean?"

She just shrugged and moved to his side, helping him to clear the table. He shook his head in confusion and returned to his work. Buffy's blood was racing through her veins in excitement. She wasn't sure what she was doing, or if she'd lost her mind. She only knew that it felt...amazing and she wanted to push it further. On impulse, she picked up a handful of cold leftover peas from Anya's plate and threw them at the side of Giles' head.

He glared up at her. She read his face and merely smiled. "Buffy stop playing around. We have work to do."

She nodded. When Giles went back to his task, he found himself once more assaulted by mushy peas. "Buffy!" She pouted and looked properly chastized. However, as he bowed his head to again wipe at the table top, he felt the small green projectiles land in his hair. "Right!"

Buffy had barely noticed that he moved when she felt a blob of cranberry jelly hit her directly over the eye. "You sneak!" She dashed around the corner of the table and tried to take cover behind the chair Giles had sat at the night before.

Giles found himself using Buffy's chair as a shield. Each was smiling uncontrollably, peeking around their respective chairs. When the stalemate grew tiresome, both of them lunged at the scraps of food on the table and began hurling them, hand over hand, at the other. They were laughing, chasing each other, both becoming ridiculously covered in food particles. Both of them closed around the side of the table, reaching for the last plate with any food on it. Their hands came up at the same time, each clutching one side of the turkey's wishbone. Their breath was coming in pants, each just holding the bone, appraising the other.

"Make a wish," Giles said, the movement of his jaw dislodging a large hunk of yam from his cheek. Buffy licked her lips and nodded. They each pulled hard and at the sound of the snap turned their heads. They moved back together, each holding up their portion to see who had gotten the larger half. The wishbone had split perfectly evenly.

"That's weird," Buffy observed.


"What do you think it means?" She turned to face Giles at the exact same moment he had turned to face her. It brought them nose to nose, breathing each other's air. Buffy found her blood beginning to race again.

"I-I suppose it means we should both get our wish," his voice came out as a husky whisper.

Buffy inhaled deeply and trusted her instincts. They told her to quit fighting for once. For once, she listened. "What's that on your chin?"

Giles looked at her strangely. "Where?"

"Here." She leaned closer still, lapping at a speck of pumpkin pie half an inch below his lips. She felt him begin to tremble and looked up, her mouth still affixed to his chin. When his eyes swept low and met hers, his hands came to grip her shoulders and he slid his mouth atop hers. That was when the real feasting began.

They nipped and sucked and nibbled at each other, the bond they had always shared made more immediate and passionate by the past few weeks of sexual tension. Before they even came up for air once, they had peeled the food-stained clothes from their bodies and stood clutching each other, skin to skin, in Giles' living room.

Giles finally stepped back, nearly finding his breath stolen at the vision Buffy made before him. He ran his hand along her silken jaw. She leaned into the touch like a kitten, and just as soft. He moved forward swiftly and scooped her into his arms. He took her only steps away, to his sofa. There he lay her down and descended beside her.

Buffy pulled him to her quickly. She kissed his face, his neck, his chest, anywhere her lips could reach. Her hands lingered over the soft warm flesh of his back. He nibbled at her throat, one hand in her hair, the other massaging her breast until she was moaning for him to move on. His mouth came to hers once more as his hand traveled south. When he broke the kiss this time, breathless from it, their eyes locked.

Buffy's eyes searched Giles'. She saw the last vestige of trepidation in the beautiful emerald-amber before her. She took the sides of his head in her hands, kept his gaze, and spread her legs enough to allow him to settle between. She kissed him confidently, pulling away to meet his eyes again. "Yes Giles. Yes."

"Buffy." She brought him close to taste his lips again. Giles guided himself to her entrance and slid into her wet warmth. She whimpered under his lips and he smiled. He began to move his hips, slowly at first then building in speed to match the intensity of the feelings. Buffy copied his pace, increasing the pleasure for both of them. Soon the air was filled with the undeniable harmonies of bliss as they chased each other over the edge of ecstasy, floating to Earth once more, locked in embrace.

A few moments of calming kissing later, Buffy smiled up at Giles. She picked a pea out of his hair. "Yuck. We really did a number on each other, didn't we?"

"That we did Love." He dusted her forehead with a kiss and looked around his living room. "Didn't do my apartment much of a favor either."

She sat up, her skin warming under Giles' approving gaze. "Well, I did agree to help you clean up, and I will. But I think *we* should clean up first."

Giles sat up as well, grinning. "A shower?"

"Race ya!" Buffy was off the couch and halfway up the stairs before Giles even got up, but he was quickly on her heels and carrying her the rest of the way up to his bathroom.

"It's about bloody time," Spike whined into the empty room from the confines of the closet. "Now Watcher, if you've quite finished staking the Slayer I'd appreciate a little quiet. I'm burning daylight here and I want to get some sleep! Hello? Hello? Bollocks."