Wicked Accurate
By Tevye

TITLE:  Wicked Accurate
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FEEDBACK:  I like it.  It keeps the voices loud.
DISTRIBUTION:  Solo if you want it.  Anyone else take it and tell me
SPOILERS:  This Years Girl
CONTENT:  Giles/Buffy  (implied but not pleasant)
RATING:  Hard PG-13, mild R (mainly for language and some implications, depends on your squemishness)
DISCLAIMER:  It's somebody else's sandbox.  I just play there b/c it's fun. SUMMARY:  Quick conversation between Giles and Faith with major, but not pleasant B/G connotations.
NOTES:  I was inspired by the conversation between Faith and Joyce and wanted to see one between her and Giles over Buffy as well.  This is the result.  I haven't written Faith in awhile and would like to know how she comes across.  Also, I have an idea for a sequel but it will not be anymore pleasant.  Do you want me to write it? (Tevye is in major Buffy aggravation mode)

"Well, well, well, Watcher man.  Long time no see."

"Faith?"  Giles turned at the voice, but no one was there, and then as if out of thin air she dropped down in front of him.

"I missed you."  She slammed him up against the alley wall pinning him there with her own body.  "Didja miss me?"

Fighting to remain calm despite Faith's arm pressing hard into his throat, cutting off his air supply, Giles replied "Not really actually."

Faith pulled away with a frown on her face.  "Ouch, now that . . . that hurts G."  She noticed Giles looking down the alleyway and laughed.  "Xander 's not going to be running to help you any time soon . . . not that he'd be much help."

His eyes still darting around looking for any route of escape, he edged down towards a door, but was stopped by Faith and the knife in her hand.  "Uh uh, you . . . sit . . . right . . . here.  She motioned for him to sit down on the crates, and bound his feet with two scarves.  While he could have gotten out of them, it would take him long enough that the moment he started to make a move she could snap his neck if she felt like it.  "Hey, maybe Buffy will come save you."  She taunted, circling him.  Leaping up to crouch behind him on the crate, she drew a knife and placed the flat of the blade against his neck.  "Then again maybe not.  We seem to be extremely alone here.  Just you, me, unconscious boy . . . and wow no Buffy.  Who'd she decide to go patrolling with huh?  The cutie?  Are you sure they're even seeing all the vampires that are passing by?  Now you would think that with a girl like me on the loose, she would want to protect you two, but instead . . ."  Her voice had trailed off into whisper against his ear, and she could feel the shudder go through his body as her words had an impact.

"What do you want, Faith?"

"Man, talk about too little too late, G.  That's a question that you shoulda asked me a lot earlier."  She swung around to straddle his lap and throw her arms around his neck.  "But I'll give you a hint.  It has to do with Buffy and revenge."

"And where do I come into this?"

"Damn you're really out of practice with the answers aren't you?  Well, originally you were a major part of this whole revenge scenario, but now . . . well what can I say?  I can't use what Buffy doesn't care about, so now you're just a side-bennie."  To emphasize her point, she ran her hands down his chest, rocking provocatively against his lap.  Still, Giles remained unmoving, careful not to provoke her, but not to give her the satisfaction either.

"Rupert, Rupert, Rupert . . .  Ripper, Ripper, Ripper . . ."  She repeated in a sing-song voice.  "You can't tell me you don't know that this is your cue."  She threw her head back and emitted a throaty laugh at his shocked expression.  "Shit, you really didn't know.  Buffy told me all about your dark . . . dark past.  In fact she told me everything about you, right down to your deepest, darkest secret."  She tapped a finger on his forehead, nose, mouth and then chest with each word.  To prove her point she brought his left arm up and rolled up the sleeve of his shirt.  Rubbing her thumb along the tattoo, she purred, "You know I always thought tats were really sexy.  Do you think that too?  You like mine?"  She shrugged out of her jacket.  "I could show you more."

"I'm not interested Faith."  It was the wrong answer.

"Aaah,"  Was all Faith said as she got off him.  "One more place B got to before me."

"Don't."  He ground out through clenched teeth.

"Oh come on, that's like inviting me in.  Do you dream of her?  Does she burn for you in your dreams?  Is her skin soft and sweat-slicked as she writhes under you?  And when it's all done does she tell you she loves you? And is that the part that feels the most unreal?  I know it is in mine."

He was concentrating hard on not reacting, but she was hitting the mark with uncanny accuracy, bringing forth in his mind all those hated, beautiful dreams.  There was a slight pressure on his groin, causing his half erection to become full-fledged.  He opened his eyes to find chocolate brown ones staring at him, taunting him.  "She's got a real hold on you, doesn't she? Right now I got a hold on you too."  She rubbed him a little more.  "The difference is I'd give you something.  Come on with B flouncing around in all those little outfits, making you hot, making you feel like you're someone, and then dumping you, flouncing off to the next piece of hot ass and shoving it in your face, it's gotta getcha pretty horny, ready to pop." She whispered the last few words against his lips, imitating the sound, before pressing her lips forcefully against his.

He pulled away and she growled.  "I'm offering G don't tell me you don't want to take.  A quick fuck, a shag, a roll in the hay.  It's not a bad offer.  Hell, you could even close your eyes and pretend I'm Buffy.  You could hurt me . . ."

"Is that what you want Faith?  To be punished."

"Maybe."  She licked her lips, and dragged a finger down his seam.  "Maybe it's what you want.  To be in control.  I mean with a name like Ripper, you had to have been into pain sometime.  And you could just make believe that with all my slayer stamina, that Buffy would react the exact same way.  Give ya a lot of fantasy material.  Whenever Buffy gets a little too flirty or too cocky."  She let her voice linger on that word.  "Or really, really bitchy and self-involved in her own perfect world.  You'd be able to just close your eyes and punish her in your mind."

"Bitch . . ."  The word was harsh, torn unwilling from his throat.

"Well . . ."  She pulled back, placing both of her hands on either side of him.  "Hello, Ripper.  You know I like you better like this, all angry and vicious and dangerous.  So now that we've met, whadya say?  Care to cause a little damage."


She slammed her hands against the crates beside him making enough noise to rattle him and he prayed alert anyone who might be passing by.  "Oh come on, G.  What are you holding out for?  Buffy?  That's just one big fantasy life you must have because last time I checked she uses people, and she sure as hell uses you.  I mean I may have taught her the whole 'want . . . take . . . have' thing, but hell she's teaching a master class on 'want . . . take . . . use . . . dispose'.  I should know I was her first little guinea pig. You're disposable to her.  Just one big paper towel there to clean up her mess and then be tossed.  Come on, we're the same in so many ways, both rebels, both like our lives a little dangerous, both discarded to the trash heap of Buffy Summers' life.  Pretty shitty existence, better get your kicks where you can."

"And you wouldn't be using me?"  He said quietly, trying to hide the pain in his voice.

"Fuck yeah I would, and you'd be using me.  Like you wouldn't close your eyes just once and pretend I was Buffy.  But the whole thing is when it's done I won't look at you with soft eyes and apologize, and then turn around and use you again.  You'll know going in.  And you won't be taken by surprise when you find that knife in your gut, tearing out your insides, because let me tell you she's got a wicked aim."  Faith pulled away and pushed the edge of her shirt up to display the scar on her stomach.  "I should know."

"Is this about you or me?"  He asked, but he couldn't seem to pull his gaze away from that mark, that reminder of what Buffy was willing to do for *Him*.

"Not fooling me, Rupert.  It hurts just looking at it doesn't it?  Knowing what she was willing to do for a guy, and not for any guy, but for the one that tortured you."  Giles eyes flickered closed, and she dove in, "Oh yeah, she told me that too.  Funny thing is she was talking about how Angel had nightmares about it, and she never . . . never said anything about your nightmares."

"She didn't tell you that."  But words didn't hold the conviction that he had hoped for.

"Didn't she?  It's seems really possible that she did doesn't it?  And now gee look, the big love of her life is nowhere to be found.  Where'd he go? And what do I see now, Buffy all mopey over losing him . . . no, some new guy that holds her entire attention.  Seems true love just doesn't have the same ring any more.  So tell me whatcha holding out for?  Her to tell you that she loves you?  And you're gonna believe it?  You're not as smart as you look G.  Because one day you'd wake up and find that she'd moved on because that's who Buffy is.  So I'm really you're only option, or wait you know what I've got an even better idea, lets get everyone that Buffy has just thrown to side of her life after making them think she cared, we could have a fucking orgy."

"Is there any other definition of an orgy?"

"Now that's a good one, but you're not really playing the sarcasm thing off really well."

"Faith whatever the hell you're going to do to me, just do it and get it done."  He was on the verge of cracking.

"Just did G, just did."  With that she turned and pulled herself up on the ladder to climb to the roof.  Peering down at the Watcher's slumped form, she smiled satisfied to know that her aim was still wicked accurate.