White Knight
By Renee

PLOT - My version of the events between Buffy and Spike in her bathroom.
AUTHOR - Renee
TITLE - White Knight
SPOILERS - Late season 6
WARNING - Disturbing almost rape scene.
DISCLAIMER - Joss owns it all including the horrible idea of Spike attacking Buffy.

Everything ached. That bastard vamp had thrown her and she'd slammed back first onto a tombstone. She'd got him in the end but not without some serious bumps and bruises in the process. She'd limped home and now she was here all she wanted was a nice hot bath to soothe her aching joints. She undressed and placed a robe on herself as she let the tub fill up with steaming hot water. She heard a noise outside the door and was startled when Spike burst in. She pulled the robe tighter around her, he'd never again get the chance to see that part of her.

She just wanted him to leave why couldn't he understand that, whatever was between them was over now, she wanted nothing more to do with him. He was on her in a heartbeat, ironic since he didn't have one. They tussled and she fell, her back hitting the side of the tub. Sharp pain shot through her already injured spine, she could barely move and fear coursed through her veins. She was on the floor and he was on top of her, trying to get her to do God knows what. What did he want from her? She didn't love him and if this was his way of trying to make her then he was more delusional than she'd ever imagined.

She fought with all she had but her slayer strength was hindered by pain. Tears escaped her eyes and she did the only thing she could think in this position, begged. She pleaded with him to leave her alone, to just let her go but he'd have no part of it. She was sickened by the feeling of his body on hers, it brought back too many memories of her past sins. Then, at least she'd been a willing participant no matter what her motives had been. She wanted to throw up, maybe that would make him stop? She screamed at the top of her lungs she didn't want Dawn to see her like this but the alternative was too horrendous to imagine. She closed her eyes and began to sob, all hope gone, she'd had so little to begin with.

The pressure was gone, Spike had been thrown aside and was now lying sprawled on the other side of the bathroom. Buffy looked up and tried to focus on the one that had saved her, her tears making everything blurry. She wiped them and got out of the way as she saw a black boot go flying into Spike's stomach causing him to spit up blood and curse.
"You get away from her you bloody bastard!" Though the voice was filled with more venom than she'd ever heard before it was unmistakably that of Giles. Relief flowed through her and she was finally able to breathe, her knight in shining armour was here to protect her. For one horrible second she wondered if this was all a dream, that Spike was still attacking her and this was a fantasy born of shock, Giles was in England after all.

Giles picked Spike up and threw him into the medicine cabinet, glass shattered and flew everywhere. A shard landed in Buffy's arm causing throbbing pain to lance through it. 'Nope this is real' she thought as she gently pulled it out, slayer healing would have it closed by morning. Giles continued to kick the crap out of Spike, he was a blur of fists and anything else he could get his hands on. She caught a look at Spike's face, it resembled how she'd left him in front of the police station only weeks prior. She was done, she just wanted this to all be over but Giles didn't seem nearly satisfied enough. She heard him repeat again and again, "How could you, you filthy bastard?" He was in a rage and she was touched that it was all for her, at the same time however she was ready for it all to end.

"Giles." She managed to croak his name out, the pain and her sobs making it difficult. She had to repeat his name ten times until she was almost shouting it before it penetrated his hate filled mind. He turned and his face fell, it was as though he noticed her presence for the first time. He dropped to her side, the adrenaline now gone, all he could do was weep for her. He tried to gather her in his arms but she yelped in pain not yet ready to move. She saw Spike raise up behind her back and she screamed for Giles to watch out. He turned just in time to block Spike's move and managed to turn it on himself. Buffy pulled herself out to the hall and smashed a wooden table there. She called out Giles' name and tossed him the makeshift stake, he deftly caught it and in seconds Spike was nothing more than a cloud of dust.

It was over, once and for all, once she may have felt sorry for Spike but not now, now it was nothing but hatred for what he was and what he'd made her become. Giles gently scooped her into his arms and carried her to her bed. She sobbed in his embrace until she had no tears left to shed, she could feel his body trembling from anger and desperation.

"Buffy luv I'm so sorry, maybe if I hadn't left....." He looked away ashamed that he'd chosen to desert her.
"No!" Her voice was forceful, not the timid broken sound he'd heard earlier. "Don't you dare think this has anything to do with you. You left for my own good I see that now, I'm the one that screwed up. There was a time not very long ago that I let him do those things to me." She looked to see if he was disgusted but he didn't even seem surprised. She continued on, "none of this was your fault, you're the one that saved me. You're my white knight, I....I....was helpless in there, it was almost like that damned test." She immediately regretted bringing that night up again, she knew he felt far worse about it than she ever had.

"I'm sorry Giles I didn't mean...."
"It's alright Buffy I'd already had flashes of that myself. Oh Buffy I'm so sorry that any of this happened, if there's anything I can do, anything at all..."
"Just love me Giles that's all I've ever wanted from you."
"Well of course I love you Buffy."
"No I mean love me, I don't want another father, I don't really want the one I have. I want you as a man, I'm in love with Giles. I don't know when it began but I do know that it's stronger than anything I've ever known."
"Buffy dearest I do love you and no not as a daughter but a beautiful woman I've had the pleasure to watch mature. I knew about the situation with Spike so you needn't worry that it changes anything when it comes to that love. I'd lay down my life for you, don't you know that?"

The pain and horror of the evening began to seep from her like sweat on a hot day. She felt renewed and washed clean by his love. The smile that lit her face was angelic and its beauty warmed him. "Buffy I want nothing more than to kiss you right now but I'm not sure under the circumstances if it would be the right thing to do, I don't want you to feel pressured into anything, alright luv?"
"Giles if you don't kiss me right this minute I may never forgive you." She smiled sweetly despite her words. He leant forward and placed a chaste kiss on her lips, not wanting to take things too far just yet. Her Giles was always taking care of her, always made sure her needs were met first. She opened her arms and he snuggled beside her, happy to be so near. This was what true love was like, Spike had never known that and now he never would.
"Remind me to vacuum tomorrow will you sweetie?" He kissed her on the nose and they fell asleep in each other's arms.