What Did You Say Your Name Was?
By Heir to Shadow

TITLE: What Did You Say Your Name Was?
AUTHOR: Heir to Shadow
PAIRING: Buffy/Giles
RATING: NC 17 eventually
DISCLAIMERS: Nothing belongs to me except Arline.
SUMMARY: Who is that man and what has he done with Giles?

SPOILERS: None - don't like where the characters have gone so I make up their location and I put them where I want. Buffy's in college, no Dawn or Riley (yawn) Joyce is somewhere.

Buffy slowly wandered through the cemetary late that Friday night. Almost absentmindedly she staked a couple of newly risen vamps and chased off the occasional demon but that didn't distract her from her main preoccupation, which was Giles.

Something was definitely going on with him. He had a new girlfriend - a beautiful woman in her early thirties named Arline. Arline was everything Buffy had wished for Giles; on top of her looks, she was smart, interested in the same things as Giles, accepted his frequent absences and Buffy's place in his life as well as the constant company of the scoobie gang. Buffy herself liked Arline, but something about the woman set her "spidey" senses tingling. She definitely wasn't a vampire, but what exactly was she?

At first Buffy thought she might just be feeling possessive because a woman like that was obviously interested in her watcher, but now she was seriously wondering. She had come to the somewhat belated conclusion that she was jealous, wished that Giles looked at her like he looked at Arline, realized for the first time (that she was willing to admit) that he was an attractive and sexy man, but she really felt that there was more to her caution than jealousy.

Buffy had tried to talk to Willow and Xander about the situation, but they both were charmed with Arline and felt that Buffy was just exhibiting her typical "I don't want him, but I don't want anyone else to have him" attitude towards Giles. Oddly, Anya and Tara shared Buffy's feelings. The both felt something was "off" about the woman but couldn't pin it down either.

As Buffy became more aware of her surroundings, she realized that she had walked very near to Giles apartment and decided to stop by and see him. In Buffy's defense, she really had forgotten that it was Friday night, the traditional date night for young and old. When she opened Giles' door, and saw him with his pants around his feet holding Arline up against the wall, her dress pushed up, rocking into each other and hitting the wall so loudly with every move that they didn't notice Buffy at first.

Arline opened her eyes as she was about to come, and Buffy thought she saw something strange in them. Arline's body stiffened and she gripped Giles shoulders until he stopped moving also and turned his head. Buffy was stunned to see the absolute fury on his face when he saw her. "Get out of my flat and don't come here again without being expressly invited" he ordered. Totally ignoring Buffy he resumed thrusting into Arline who smiled at her in what looked like triumph until she also forgot everything but the man buried deep inside of her.

Buffy ran out slamming the door behind her. "They won't even notice the noise" she thought to herself as she ran blindly toward the dorm with tears streaming down her face. When she reached her room she threw herself on the bed sobbing, and was still crying when Will and Tara came in. "Buffy, what's wrong" they said together.

When Buffy had calmed down enough to tell them everything that had happened, Willow said "Buffy, men say and do things in the middle of sex that they would never say otherwise. You know Giles would never treat you that way, and you may be exaggerating because of the way you feel about the two of them". Both girls tried to reassure Buffy, but she couldn't help noticing that Tara didn't look overly convinced about what she was saying. Finally all three drifted off to a restless sleep.

The next morning when Buffy woke, her heart lept. A letter had been pushed under her door, and she recognized Giles writing. Thank God Willow had been right and Giles wanted to apologize for last night - good thing she had already decided to forgive him. Therefore Buffy was stunned when she read her watcher's letter.


What you did last night was an invasion of my privacy at the very least, showing your typical lack of regard for the life you don't think I have aside from you.

Please have one of the others return your key to my flat to me as I am not ready to deal with you yet. You may also inform the others that NO ONE is to enter my home unless I or Arline specifically invite them in, and quite frankly, in your case that will be some time. We were both horribly embarrassed by your intrusion and will need time to come to terms with that before we want to see you again.

I have called Wesley to come and act as your watcher until this matter is resolved.

Giles "

Buffy could not believe that Giles would ever speak to her in that fashion and she burst into tears yet again. When her sobbing woke Willow and Tara and they read they letter, they couldn't believe it either. It was their personally held opinion that Buffy and Giles were in love and would someday realize it and they couldn't understand what was happening.

While Tara was sent to Xander and Anya to tell them about Giles' new house rules, Willow was dispatched to return Buffy's key. Giles looked very much his usual self, but his behavior was decidedly unusual. He accepted they key back calmly and seemed completely indifferent when Willow tried to explain about Buffy's unhappiness. "I guess she'll just have to grow up, won't she?" Giles told Willow, then bade her good-bye as Arline called out that brunch was ready. A stunned Willow made her way back to the dorm.

Seconds after Willow reached her room, Tara, Xander and Anya entered. Anya told them that in addition to the house rules, Giles had let her go saying that Arline was experienced in business management and sales and that she would be taking over Anya's position. Since Anya appeared more upset by the loss of income than she was by Giles uncharacteristic actions, the other four tried to figure out what was going on.

Buffy was nearly inconsolable. She felt it was simply a matter of Giles preferring Arline to her, to the point where he didn't even want to be her watcher, wanting Wesley to take the position he had fought against giving him not so long ago. When reminded of her "spidey" senses, she in turn reminded them of her possessiveness and jealousy and that she really couldn't tell which was affecting her. They sadly agreed that there was nothing to do but wait and watch, and follow the new rules.

When Wesley arrived, life fell into a pattern. Although he was considerably different from when he had first come to Sunnydale, he still wanted order. That made it easier for Giles to avoid even seeing Buffy. Since the Magic Shop was the only place to train, Wesley always advised Giles of the training schedule and Giles arranged to be gone during those times. Arline, who was left in charge, was always pleasant to Buffy and Wesley, but none of the group felt comfortable hanging around the couple or the shop as they had done for so long.

Buffy couldn't believe how much she missed her "real" watcher. Yes, Wesley had greatly improved but Giles would always be her watcher. All she did these days was train, slay and sleep. As Giles pulled further and further away from her, she retreated into an automaton. Her grades slipped, she never went out with her friends, in fact, she rarely spoke anymore.

Soon enough the inevitable happened and Buffy realized that she didn't care if she lived or died. On that night, the vampires were stronger, smarter, or maybe just more determined to keep their "unlife" than she was to keep her life. When the scoobies walked into the scene on their way home from a campus party, Buffy was surrounded by vampires. Four were holding her by the arms and legs, two were directing heavy kicks to any part of her body they could reach, but the real horror was the one draining her neck who was now slitting his wrist to make the Slayer drink from him and become his childe. They were so thrilled with the prospect that they didn't notice Willow, Xander, Tara and Anya running towards them stakes clenched in hands, crossbows and magic spells ready to be thrown at them.

By the time they reached Buffy, all of the vamps were dust. Never afterwards could they determine who had killed how many; it all happened so fast and they all worked as the deadly team they were. They quickly approached Buffy laying still and pale on the ground. Even Xander and Willow who had seen everything slaying had thrown at her were appalled at the damage done to the frail body. They decided not even to attempt to move her but to call the rescue. When the ambulance and police had left, the gang decided to stop and get Giles on the way to the hospital.

When they arrived on Giles' doorstep they had to wait for quite a while before he came to the door. He looked tired and rumpled and asked them curtly what they wanted. When they gently explained to him that Buffy was severely injured and on the way to the hospital, he just shrugged his shoulders, saying "slayer healing will cure her quickly but be sure to notify Wesley" and began to shut the door. The gang had had enough of his aloofness and all four began shouting, even Tara. They berated Giles for his indifference inferring that it was his fault that Buffy was in her current condition.

Arline's head peered around Giles' shoulder. "It is hardly Rupert's fault if Buffy is careless, and you should have more respect for him than to wake him up in the middle of the night to report on injuries sustained by a person with "super healing". Next time, leave a message on the answering machine at the shop and we will get it in the morning." "There may not be a next time!" Xander yelled. Giles just stared at him coldly and shut the door.

The group stood there for a few minutes unable to believe that Giles was as indifferent as he seemed and that he wouldn't shortly return to open the door. Then the porch light was turned off, and they believed. The slowly walked back to their car and drove to the hospital. On the way they discussed Giles' bizarre behavior with Xander and Willow finally agreeing that there was "something" wrong with Arline because Giles would never treat Buffy so. They agreed that first they would see to Buffy and then they would have to come up with a plan.

When the gang arrived at the hospital they took up their all too usual places in the emergency waiting room. The nurse on duty, recognizing them immediately, advised them the doctor would let them know shortly what was going on. They settled in to wait, and to pass the time, tried to figure out what Arline might be and how they could stop her. Tara, Anya and Willow all agreed that whatever she was she had no inherent magic or they would have sensed it.

Xander, with a sideways look at Anya said "I didn't feel any type of spell either. There was no compulsion to be with her, no feeling that she was the most beautiful woman in the world, even if anyone but Ahn could ever make me feel that. What I'm saying is that just maybe Giles is obssessed with a beautiful woman and doesn't want to play watcher anymore. Maybe he just wants a nice quiet life with children of his own instead of those off us already cast off by one set of parents." Suprisingly Anya just squeezed his hand gently while she frowned at something not seen by the others.

"I know that in my many years I have heard of a demon who has this affect on humans. The demons are a form of incubi but they rouse emotions other than lust, such as an "all consuming love". They themselves are neither male or female and take the form and appearance most pleasing to the human they wish to enthrall. They also never work unless hired by someone; usually one of a couple wanting to be rid of the other would hire the demon to seduce their partner away from them, and then demon and employer would disappear. I don't remember their name or how to kill them but I'm sure if we can research it we can find an answer."

The gang agreed that it sounded like Anya might be right. The only problem was all of the books they needed to do the research were at the Magic Shop, and not only didn't they feel welcome there, they didn't think Giles would appreciate the focus of the research. Just then Joyce and Wesley came rushing in the door so the conversation stopped.

Joyce said "Where is Mr. Giles? No offense Wesley, but he is her watcher and should be here." Turning to the others she asked if anyone had notified him. Wesley, noticing the covert glances, gently suggested that Joyce check with the nurse and find out if there was any information on Buffy's condition. Then he turned to the group and asked what was going on. All speaking at one time, the story tumbled out from the beginning and Wesley managed to sort through the babble to get the gist . He told them that he believed they were correct about Arline for her to have been able to change Giles so completely. He also reminded them that they must find out who hired the demon. Wesley said that he would drive up to L.A. and get his demonology books and return in the morning..

Soon after, Joyce came out looking extremely pale and frightened. "Ms. Summers, what is it?" Willow asked concernedly. Joyce said "the doctor said that Buffy has severe injuries, fractured ribs which punctured one lung, skull damage, possible brain damage. multiple fractures and bruises and she is still unconscious and has lost a lot of blood". She lowered her voice even more "the worst part is her slayer healing hasn't kicked in. The doctor says that she is not fighting at all and he has no idea if and when she will recover". With that she began sobbing and sank into the nearest chair to wait. Shortly after, the doctor came out to let them know Buffy was on the way to surgery to try to fix some of her most serious injuries and he would let them know something as soon as possible.

"Now" Joyce said in a determined voice, "Willow I want to know everything that is going on with my daughter." As Willow told the story yet again, it was obvious to Joyce watching the childrens' faces that they blamed themselves for not believing Buffy sooner. One more time she thanked the Gods that her baby had such wonderful friends. After Willow was finished she said "Have you considered that maybe Buffy and not Mr. Giles was the target? Look at the condition that Buffy is in compared to the condition he is -maybe this was what they wanted" She had to laugh when they looked at her as if she had two heads because she had an intelligent and useful suggestion.

"Or maybe" Tara mused "they both were targets. When the demon is destroyed or gone and Giles sees what he has done to Buffy, what are the chances that he won't end up in the same place. Certainly if she dies, he will want to also, and vice versa" Another excellent idea, but unfortunately the suspect list just doubled, or maybe tripled with the chance to be rid of slayer and watcher. They all drifted into a restless sleep chased by nightmares of Buffy and Giles' many enemies.

About 4:00 in the morning the doctor woke Joyce which jolted the others awake. "How is she?" Joyce asked. The doctor sighed deeply and replied "we have surgically repaired what we could. We have re-inflated the lung, set her fractures, she has some 87 stitches and is still unconscious. The worst thing though is we have all seen Buffy get injured before and her determination and healing have been remarkable. Now she shows no signs of healing or of wanting to heal. What happened to her Ms. Summers?" Joyce said "I'm not entirely sure, but I am going to get some answers." She told the kids to wait while she paid a little visit to Mr. Giles.

When Joyce arrived at Giles door, she could hear the sound of a man and woman laughing inside. She could barely see through the haze of fury behind her eyes and she pounded on the door. Giles opened up looking bored. "What's wrong now Joyce? What's the latest crises that Buffy couldn't handle on her own, or did she send you to get her key back?" Joyce just stared in amazement. "You don't remember the children being here last night telling you Buffy was injured?" "Well yes, but Buffy is always getting injured, and I am on watcher vacation. I told them to call Wesley".

Before she could think, her arm swung and she slapped Giles as hard as she could squarely in the face. "My baby is in the hospital, for some reason her slayer healing hasn't kicked in, she is seriously injured and you're taking a damned 'vacation'?" For a moment she thought she saw horror and concern in his eyes, but then Arline slipped her arms around him and he resumed his bored expression. "There is nothing Rupert can do for Buffy that a doctor can't, and I'm assuming you and all of her friends will be sitting a bedside vigil and we will only be in the way. Of course if she gets any worse we would appreciate being notified, and when she regains consciousness tell her we are thinking of her. Don't you think we should forgive her now Rupert? I'm sure she's learned her lesson" Just for a second - a second - Giles looked at Arline like she was a stranger and began to shake his head, but then he just agreed, bade Joyce goodbye and closed the door.

Most unusually for Joyce she was totally speachless. She stopped and picked up breakfast for everybody and returned to the hospital to await the return of Wesley, the research, and the news of her daughter.

Around 6:00 the doctor suggested they all go home. There was no change in Buffy's condition although she did call out once and a while for a "Giles", but that might be taken as a good sign of no brain damage if there really was a Giles." He assured them he would call as soon as there was anything new, and they finally agreed to go because research would be much easier at another location. They all decided to freshen up at home and then meet at the Summers house. Joyce called and left a message with Cordelia to make sure Wes could find them when he arrived with the books.

Several hours later, clean, refreshed and deep into research, the group was suprised to hear a determined knocking on the door. They glanced at one another as Joyce went to answer it, and their mouths hung open when they saw their visitor was Giles, or should they say Ripper? He said "Imagine my surprise when I called to get some information from Cordelia and she informed me that you were all here researching the demon that had possessed me. What in the hell gives you people the right to interfere in my life? It's not like you're my responsibility. You are not even my slayer who may have a legitimate claim on my time but not my life."

Xander could restrain himself no longer. Jumping to his feet he stepped closer to Ripper than he ever cared to be and shook his fist in his face. "Who are we, who are WE? We are the people that have been researching all night trying to find a way to keep "your" slayer from dying because you are to busy getting your brains fucked out to care, that's who we are. Who the Hell are you?" For a moment Giles was very still, then slowly he said "I...I...I don't know anymore" and turned and walked out the door. Xander nearly fainted when he realized that he had stood up to Ripper and was still alive. Anya ran over and hugged him and every one else offered congratulations on his bravery. Wesley said "it is tragic what has happened to Buffy, but one good thing has come out of it. You have not been commited as a team to anything in a long time and this has brought you all back together the way it should always have been. I'm honored you trust me to help." They all moved in for a group hug which lasted until the phone rang.

When Joyce came back from the phone, she was paler if that was possible. "Is she, is she...dead?" Willow asked tears rolling down her face. "No! She is still alive but she became very restless calling for Mr. Giles and when there was no answer she slipped into a coma and they don't know if she will ever come out of it. We need to set up a regular visiting schedule since the doctor assured me that at some level Buffy will be aware we are there and that may be very important to her survival. She must never be alone, and you must never be unarmed. When the demon population finds out how seriously injured she is they will try to kill her I am sure. After another one of those "when did you grow two heads looks" they settled down to make a schedule. One person would remain with Buffy for four hours, be replaced and spend the next four hours researching, then would be free to rest and just enjoy some downtime. Joyce picked some of Buffy's favorite music and books and told the others to play the music, read the books or just talk to Buffy of everyday life so she would know she wasn't alone.

Willow had drawn the 2:00 a.m to 4:00 bed side slot, and that night she was surprised by two visitors. The first was Spike. He told Willow that he wanted to help. He would spend the first half of the darkness covering for the slayer, and the second half guarding the hospital room in case the sitter had to use the restroom or get something to eat. Granted, it was unlikely that Buffy would be unmonitored for one second in ICU, but no sense in taking chances.

The second visitor was Giles. Willow stood up when he entered the room and put her fingers to her lips to ensure absolute quiet. Giles nodded and then looked at Buffy and Willow thought he was going to pass out. As he moved toward the bed, Willow sharply motioned him outside. Seeing Spike, she asked him to guard the room and not let anyone in unaccompanied with a pointed glare at Giles. Spike just nodded and slipped quietly into Buffy's room.

Willow took Giles down the hall to the private ICU waiting room. "What are you doing here, haven't you already done enough damage without barging into her room. She's in a coma you know and doesn't need you". At the word "coma" Giles eyes shut tightly and he dropped bonelessly into the nearest chair. Willow was too angry to care. "What do you want Giles, you threw her our of your life, totally cut her off, sentenced her to die and now you sit here and look all remorseful. How dare you?"

"Willow" Giles said "I know I don't deserve any consideration at all, but I seem to be all mixed up. Can you please, please tell me exactly what happened since I met Arline?" "Well no" she replied "because ever since you met her you have totally discarded us like unwanted junk mail. I can tell you what happened to Buffy, why she wanted to die last night, and according to the doctor still does. I can tell you why her slayer healing isn't working. What I can't and won't tell you is that everything will be alright or the same again even if you wanted it that way. Buffy is so seriously injured", and she procedeeded to detail the injuries as Giles appeared to physically shrink, but Willow was in no mood to be forgiving. "When......if Buffy comes out of her coma with no brain damage, it will be up to her. If she finds it impossible to forgive you we will too. Do you even remember that Xander stop up to Ripper this morning? Things have changed, we are all closer than we have been since high school, but I don't know if that includes you, and quite frankly right now I don't give a damn. Any other questions?" "Just one" Giles said, "what kind of demon is she?"

"Why all of sudden do you agree she is not human?" "Willow in my mind I know that I don't feel for Buffy the way I should. I have been in love with her for years, her life and safety the most important thing in my life, but when I am with Arline, which is almost constantly, I forget anything but her and especially Buffy. I knew something was wrong but didn't know what. If this spell or whatever wears off and my feelings for Buffy return, I will want to die for what I did to her. Please let me help. Wesley has turned out to be an excellent researcher, but I have more resources than he does and may be able to find the answer.

"How" Willow asked bitterly? "You just admitted when you are with her all you can think of is Arline and you're always together." "She may be getting a little complacent since my lack of reaction to Buffy's injuries and may be willing to spend tomorrow out of town checking out an estate auction. She will have no reason to doubt me, because once I am around her the rest of the night I will crave her and it will be several hours after she leaves before I can once again regain a modicum of thought." "Alright" Willow said, "but I will have to ask the others how they feel about it and the majority will rule; and I have to be honest there is an awful lot of anti-Giles feelings floating around including those in me. Now I have to get back to Buffy. It's you she calls for, but it's her friends and family she gets. If you haven't changed your mind tomorrow and you memory clears, call us at Ms. Summers house and we will let you know. Goodbye Giles" she said as she strode out the door. Giles just sunk his face into his hands and sobbed. On the way out he stopped at the non-denominational chapel and prayed to every god and goddess that Buffy would live to forgive him and he could be free of Arline. When he arrived at home she was waiting for him and he was immediately lost in the sound, sight and touch of her, and he fell on her and they made love like they were starving for one another.

Willow asked Spike to read to Buffy for the last hour so she could get home and discuss Giles' visit before everyone had to set about their assigned task. They had no problems with Spike's help but were very divided on the issue of Giles. Finally Joyce said "That is not our decision to make. If he calls today he can be very helpful with the research and the magic needed, and when Buffy comes out of the coma, she can decide what if any part of her life she wants Giles to be." (Have I mentioned two heads yet?) And so it was agreed.

Joyce headed off to off to the hospital for the 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. shift, Willow went to bed, Tara and Anya researched spells and Xander and Wes read through demonology books, all frustrated by the lack of progress. About 1:00 Willow woke to the phone ringing. When Wesley answered he turned and mouthed silently to them "Mr. Giles". "No Mr. Giles no change in Buffy's condition and no luck with the research. You have? That's marvelous what are they and how do we stop them. I see, I see. No, don't come over here now, it would be very uncomfortable for the others. Call us the next time you are in your right mind and we'll fill you in, but how do we know you won't tell Arline?" Wes held the phone away from his ear and the others, who had edged closer could hear the raised voice and the sudden slamming down of the phone.

"Before you ask, the demons are throwback to ancient aztec and are called the Great Spirits because of their ability to assume any sex and form and to provoke extreme emotions of whatever kind their summoning calls for. They can only be stopped on a festival day and must be destroyed by an acient aztec weapon. They are immune to anything else. The next festival is to celebrate the harvest and will be in ten days when the harvest moon is full. The bad news is that Giles doesn't think anyone but Buffy is strong enough to kill it, and he can't guarantee he won't be fighting on it's side. They all sat despondently trying to think things through. Anya said "It takes a demon to catch a demon, do you think that Spike and Angel together would be strong enough to defeat this 'great spirit'? I really need my job back. What are you looking at me like that for? Xander and I need the money and Giles is the only employer who would put up with me."

They risked one call to Giles, unsure if Arline was back or not - she wasn't. He thought the idea of Spike and Angel fighting the spirit would be excellent, but they still needed to find out who hired the demon. It was gentle Willow who replied "We have to wait to see if Buffy lives before we decide how her attacker must be punished . If she dies the attacker dies!" She hung up the phone while the others just stared at her in awe.

That night again on Willow's shift Giles came by the hospital. "Please can I see her" he begged. "Alright, but you absolutely must not speak until we find out how your presence affects her. Did you know she was in love with you. Can you imagine the emotional devastation she is feeling on top of the injuries. Her slaying healing still hasn't kicked in and I think she is subconsciously supressing it because she doesn't want to live without you." He clenched his fist, nodded and followed her into the room. For the next few hours he listened to Willow play Buffy's favorite music, read from her favorite books and just talk to her about the past, about the better days before her watcher betrayed her. Everytime Willow glanced over at Giles tears were streaming down his face but he made no sound. The next time she looked up he was gone.

This pattern continued for the next seven nights. On the seventh night, Giles told Willow that Arline was trying to strengthen her hold on him before the harvest. The demon's powers would be stronger on that day, but it still was a festival day and the demon could be killed. If the demon survived he believed that he and Buffy would be sacrificed as part of the ritual. He said he could no longer visit Buffy or have any contact with the scoobies, and that they must tell him nothing of their plan so he wouldn't tell the spirit. With that he left to wait out the next three days.

On the night of the harvest, Arline said she had planned a surprise for Giles. A picnic in the woods at night followed by a night of lovemaking they would never forget. Giles eagerly agreed excited beyond belief at the thought of burying himself deeply inside his beloved while they were one with nature, and perhaps he could stay there forever. They grabbed the picnic basket and headed for Breakers Woods closely followed by the others in various vehicles to divert suspicion. Since Arline was going down on Giles in the car, neither one of them would have been in a condition to notice anyway, but what their followers didn't know wouldn't hurt them although they did wonder about Giles somewhat erratic driving. At one point they pulled over and switched places in the car so that Giles could give loving attention to her clit and vagina in the spirit of fair play, and to take the edge off until they at least ate dinner.

When the arrived at the woods, Arline led them to a secluded location near the water and suggested a swim. Giles replies that he had no trunks and just watched dazed as Arline stripped the clothes from her beautiful body and dove in. Glles followed quickly and soon unmistakeable sounds were coming from the water. The couple appeared insatiable. The men, who were together, looked at each other and asked if the girls were sure she was a demon and not just a gorgeous, sexually exciting woman. They decided to sneak up and check out the picnic basket while they had the opportunity. In the basket they found ample herbs, portions and ritural weapons to confirm that the girls were right, and if they couldn't defeat the spirit Giles and probably Buffy would die that night.

Shortly before midnight the two came out of the water, and remaining skyclad laid out a white blanket, set up candles "for romance" Arline said , and spread the herbs to "sweeten the blanket". She then suggested Giles get a good massage before dinner. She reached into the basket for one of the potions and pouring it into her hands and rubbing to get it warm, she began massaging Giles neck and shoulders slowly moving down his body. He began to fidget slightly and when she asked why he replied that the oil was slightly hot. She laughingly told him it was a mild aphrodisiac she made from one of his books and that the oil would cool on his body but heat his passion.

When she finished his back, she told him to roll over and she began annointing him on the front side of this body. Finally everything was covered except his penis, and she was definitely heading that way. She stroked, licked and sucked until he was harder than he could ever remember being and with all that he was he wanted to bury himself and shoot his seed into her until she would never again forget that she belonged to him. He tried to roll her over to do just that but she stopped him. "Wait" she whispered "wait. It is only two minutes to midnight and I have something very special planned for you then. Surely two minutes is not too long to wait?" Giles groaned - two minutes was an eternity but his lady had spoken and he could deny her nothing - after all, he had given up Buffy and the children for her. Now where did that thought come from he wondered?

That thought came from Willow, Tara and Anya on the other side of the clearing casting memory after memory spell. They had realized that whatever was to happen would be in two minutes and perhaps if Giles was being flooded with memories of his real life he would be too distracted to fight for the demon. As Arline looked down at him, she was suprised to see tears running down his face. "What is wrong love" she asked. "I'm just so happy," he replied, when in reality his mind was filled with his love for Buffy and the children and the fear for all of their lives.

Precisely at midnight Arline lowered herself over Giles rock hard cock. No matter his thoughts his body belonged to her. As she rode him, varying position, angle and speed, he was rapidly rushing to a huge orgasm. She placed her arms behind her on his legs ostensibly to vary the angle again, but in reality to remove the ritual knife, Angel and Spike knew it was time to move. They sprang out of the bushes and tackled the demon. Xander jumped on Giles who tried to get up. Xander yelled to the witches "put him to sleep quickly it's the only way to stop him and they did. Luckily, for when the vampires attacked the demon it resumed its own form which was quite hideous. The fight was brief and vicious, but with the two vamps, three witches and Xander and no help from its slave the demon didn't stand a chance and was soon decapitated. The men hurridly disposed of the body before the women removed the spell from Giles.

As soon as the spell was lifted, Giles let out a howl of misery that raised the hair on the back of all their necks, human and demon alike. "Where is it. I'm going to kill it and cut it in so many pieces they will need to find a microscope to identify the parts. How is Buffy. Oh My God Buffy - I remember everything. She'll hate me now, won't want me to be her watcher. Oh Buffy," he sobbed.

Xander, who was still just a little angry with Giles said "save your scene. If Buffy doesn't live it won't matter if she would have forgiven you." Giles looked heartbroken, but allowed them to lead him away to get cleaned up. After everyone had rested they met in the Summers living room. It was Tara's turn to go to the hospital and relieve Wesley. When Wesley arrived at the Summers house he was bombarded with questions. "They have upgraded her status from coma to unconscious but they still don't know if she will wake. Her healing is not working and she is in a great deal of pain. The only word she has spoken in the two weeks she has been in the hospital is your name" shooting a glare at Giles. No one else looked very pleased either.

"Joyce" Giles said "please let me see her. It may be only hatred that keeps her calling my name, but at least it's a reaction and if hate for me is all that can bring her back then so be it." Joyce spoke for them all when she replied "Mr. Giles, I know what happened wasn't your fault in my head, but my heart blames you. My baby is broken and bleeding and willing herself to die because she thinks you hate her when she loves you so very much."

A few days later, Joyce decided to give into Giles' request to see Buffy. There had been no change in her daughter's condition and the only word she had said in nearly three weeks was "Giles". She told Giles that one of the scoobies must be in the room with him at all times, and if there was any sign that his presence upset Buffy he would be barred from her room permanently. Giles heart was filled with hope as he packed a bag to take to the hospital. He wanted to be prepared in case Buffy responded favorably to his presence and he would be allowed to stay. With the contents of his bag, he wouldn't have to leave until Buffy did.

As he approached her room, his hands trembled with fear and anticipation. He looked in the window. She lay so tiny, so pale, so still. He had cried more in the last weeks than in his entire life but still found tears pricking behind his eyelids. What if if was too late, what if she was already dead? He knew that if she was, he also would die this night. He would go to the nearest cemetary and wait for the demons to kill him. Once he would have felt he owed it to the children to survive long enough to live without Buffy and him, but best to do it now while they hated him. Then Xander moved into view, stroking Buffy's still hand and settling in the chair beside her preparing to read a book. "Thank God" Giles thought, "I was so afraid I was too late".

He hadn't realized he had spoken aloud until Xander turned and looked at him. "You are too late" he said flatly. "Buffy has needed you for months and you were never there. I know you were under a demon's spell, but all I saw was you getting happily laid on a daily basis, and Buffy dying a little more each day. I don't know if I can ever forgive you, but you are the one she calls for so I'll go sit in the corner. But remember, I will be watching you all the time. Any sign that you are agitating her and out you go."

Giles just nodded and settled himself into the chair beside Buffy's bed. For a few minutes he just drank in the sight of her. Always pale, she now seemed almost transparent as the finest china, she had lost considerable weight that she couldn't afford to loose, she was still bruised, and the heavy lines of stitches criss-crossed her body. She was hooked up to so many machines you could barely see her. But to Giles she was more beautiful than ever. He was angry and disappointed with himself for ever succumbing to the wiles of the spirit demon.

He gently smoothed his hand down her cool check, then holding her hand with one of his, he picked up the book Xander had left and began to read. Soon Buffy became restless moving her head gently side to side on her pillow, and Xander came up behind him and told him to leave. As Giles released Buffy's hand and prepared to go, she let out a piercing scream and called his name. She thrashed on the bed until Giles reached for her hand again and began to speak gently to her. Xander shot him an undeciperable look and went to get the doctor.

When the doctor came back with Xander, he asked Giles to stop speaking and release Buffy's hand. He did and again she screamed, thrashed and called for Giles. The doctor motioned him urgently back to Buffy's side and Giles gladly complied. He only felt fully alive when touching her. She was as necessary to him as breathing, and he also felt like screaming when he had to let go of her. The doctor questioned him quietly ascertaining that he was the Giles Buffy had been calling for for weeks. Although he said nothing, the accusation in his eyes was unmistakeable, and Giles felt, highly deserved. The doctor asked him how long he would stay, and he replied that pending Joyce's approval and the use of a cot, he would remain as long as Buffy did. The doctor nodded and left to contact Joyce.

Soon after Joyce came into the room with an angry look on her face. "I want to see this supposed 'affect' you're having on Buffy before I decide anything". Giles repeated his earlier actions and received the same response from Buffy. "Well", Joyce said quietly "I hate it, but I'll do anything for Buffy, even this." She left the room to give the doctor her permission for Giles to stay with Buffy. Xander who had remained quietly in the background said softly "I don't understand, I know any number of men who would ask for nothing more than to worship Buffy as she deserves. You treat her like she was nothing and she wants to die without you." Giles winced, but said nothing.

As Joyce returned with doctor, nurse and cot, the room was arranged to allow Giles to be with Buffy as much as possible. It was agreed that someone would relieve Giles for at least four hours a day allowing him to clean up, and get some fresh air and relaxation. While his heart rebelled against being separated from Buffy for an instant, he head knew he could help her better if he took some care of himself.

Finally everyone was gone and Buffy and Giles were alone. He glanced thoroughly and carefully at the tubes and machines, and saw that if he were very gentle he would be able to fit onto the bed with her. He hoped it would help Buffy to have him hold her, and he knew it would do a great deal to ease the ache in his heart as well. He slowly maneuvered onto the bed disturbing Buffy as little as possible. Finally he lay with his head next to hers, his body curved around her holding her bringing a small measure of peace to both of them. They drifted into a blessedly dreamless sleep - the first good sleep either had had in a very long time.

When Giles woke, Buffy was the first and only thing he saw. He softly kissed her forehead and cheek and captured her small hand in his. He was beginning to talk to her when someone softly cleared their throat. He glanced around to see gentle Tara in the room. He apologized to Tara as he planned to do to all of his friends and to Buffy's mother. Tara just smiled and told Giles how it had been Buffy who had sensed the wrongness in Arline, but thought her jealousy might be misleading her. She also told him that she and Anya had felt "something" about Arline but couldn't place it, and so everyone had basically ignored Buffy so there was plenty of blame to share. Then she told him to go shower, shave and eat and she would leave him and Buffy alone when he returned.

Refreshed and rested from the brief walk he took, the shower and the meal, he returned to Buffy's room and said goodnight to Tara. When the night nurse came in, he was in the chair beside the bed reading to Buffy. The nurse looked at Giles and said "it may be wishful thinking, but I think she looks a little better tonight".

Giles heart was full of joy. When the nurse left, he once again crawled into bed with Buffy and began talking to her while stroking her hair where her head was not bandaged. He told her all about Arline. He told her how much he loved Buffy, longed for her return, how he had desired her for so long and that she might feel the same was a dream come true. He talked of his childhood, his watcher training, his life as Buffy's watcher, their friends. Anything that came to his mind or his heart he poured out to Buffy. Was it his imagination, or did her head tilt slightly in his direction? Filled with hope, he talked until he was hoarse confirming his love for her, his need for her over and over again, until overcome with exhaustion he fell asleep.

That pretty much set the pattern for the next few days. Giles spent every possible moment with Buffy, and whenever he could he lay in bed with her. He apologized to Joyce and the children and they were trying very hard to forgive him because they loved Buffy as he so obviously did, and because in truth they all loved Giles. It would take some time but he was very optimistic that things could be mended. Buffy progressed to a certain point - her bruises healed, her stitches were removed and only faint scars could be seen, but she stubbornly clung to unconsciousness.

One day Joyce and the doctor entered the room. Giles was afraid they meant to bar him from the room, but the doctor had another plan. "We are going to try to shock Buffy into consciousness" he said. He proposed that Giles leave the room for longer than his usual hour break to see how Buffy responded. Giles didn't like it, but realized he had no choice but to accept. After two hours Buffy became restless and called for Giles. The doctor refused to let him go to her. Soon she began screaming over and over again "Giles not a dream. Giles come back. Giles, Giles!!" followed by heartbreaking sobbing. Giles broke, pushed the doctor aside and grabbed Buffy's hand. "Buffy, I'm here, I'm real, I love you and I swear I will never leave you again" all said with a Ripper glare at the doctor and Joyce. Slowly Buffy calmed down, and to Giles' shock he felt her weakly grip his hand, the most response they had had from her in almost a month. Giles and Joyce cried with relief while the doctor shook everyone's hand and left to write up the chart.

Giles and Joyce eyed one another warily. Joyce said "I know you were possessed and someday my heart will believe that. In the meantime Buffy needs you and that is good enough for me. Just remember that she is still quite young and badly injured so don't rush things" With that she gave him a brief hug and left. After that Buffy's slayer healing appeared to kick in, but she was emotionally withdrawn. She couldn't bear to have Giles leave but he knew that she was avoiding the real issues. On the day before she was to be released there was a minor crisis. She wanted to stay with Giles, but he knew if they couldn't discuss what was troubling her that it would be a disaster to have her with him. She adamantly resisted the conversation until it was pointed out to her that the only way she could come to Giles was if they talked.

Everyone left them alone to talk. "Buffy?" Giles prompted, "I know this is probably harder for you than the physical healing but it must be done. Won't you please tell me what is troubling you?" "I saw you and Arline together, how sexy she was, how much she was pleasing you. What if I can't compete with that. I know you say you love me, and I love you, but....?" "Buffy, I won't lie, the sex was good, but it was just sex. Even when I was in her thrall, somewhere deep inside of me knew I was defiling the feelings that I had for you, that you were the only one I loved, but I was powerless to stop. Once I was aware I was possessed, it was too late for me to do anything about it. Thank God for our friends, or we both would be dead by now, and we still don't even know who hired the demon." They talked for quite some time and both were much more comfortable after that and the doctor and Joyce felt confident releasing Buffy to Giles' care.

When they arrived at Giles' home, they found that the scoobies had cleaned from top to bottom and stocked the refrigerator and cupboards with groceries. Their thoughtfulness touched Buffy and Giles deeply. Buffy went upstairs to change and lie down. When Giles came upstairs a little while later to bring her medications, he found her laying in his bed dressed only in one of his shirts. He felt ashamed of the erection he developed as he watched her, and went downstairs to take a cold shower and change clothes.

The next week was surprisingly easy. They felt like an old married couple. They knew each other so well that they could finish the others sentence and anticipate their next move. The spent a lot of time on the couch watching movies, Giles reading to Buffy, playing games, eating and relaxing. The only snake in this garden was the ever growing sexual tension, which was not helped by Buffy's insistence on living in his shirts! One day she suggested a light training session, which Giles soon found was a mistake. If he wasn't rejoicing in touching her, he was being pummeled for losing attention thinking about touching her. He called the session to a halt quickly for his own self preservation.

One night when Giles brought Buffy's nightime medicine, he found her lying in bed with tears quietly running down her face. "What's wrong luv?" he startled her by asking. "Giles, why don't you want me. Is it Arline after all? I've been waiting for months to make love with you, but you can't even stand to be near me long enough to train." She broke down into sobs while Giles wondered how two such intelligent people could so consistently get their signals crossed and misunderstand one another.

Giles took Buffy in his arms and tilted her chin until she was looking at him. Slowly he bent forward and kissed the tears from her cheeks. "Buffy luv, you have just been through a long, painful physical, emotional and mental period in your life. I want nothing more than to take you in my arms and make you mine forever, but I promised your mother I wouldn't rush you." Buffy sighed "my mother means well, but she has never known what is best for me. You are all I want or need to heal. Please make love to me?"

He knew he was lost. Just looking into the wonder that were her eyes took him half way, and hearing her ask him to make love with her was beyond any prayer or dream he had ever had. "Are you sure that your body is recovered enough for this?" he asked not willing to take a chance on hurting her. "Giles" she said, "if I was any more recovered and ready I would explode. Now please kiss me properly - or improperly as the case may be!" Giles couldn't help laughing as he lowered his mouth to hers. Trust Buffy to make even such a serious and sacred moment something to laugh about! As his mouth touched her parted lips and his tongue swept deeply into her sweet mouth, all of his coherent thought moved south of the border and all he could do was feel.

He worshipped her body with his hands, lips and tongue, and also made love to her with his words. When he felt that she was ready he prepared to enter her. Knowing Buffy's sexual history as well as his own, he knew that no condoms would be needed, and he was thrilled at the thought of bare flesh touching bare flesh in this most intimate of caresses. When Buffy began to writhe under him, he realized that he was perhaps being too gentle to satisfy a slayer. "Luv" he said, "when you are fully recovered it will be my most delectable pleasure to fuck you as hard and as long as you wish, but just for now I must be gentle. I would die if I hurt you again!" She looked at him a moment, and then nodded that she was content with his decision.

Giles entered her gently, filling her, and began a gentle, steady thrusting. His hands kneaded her breasts and he rained kisses everywhere he could reach. Within the limits of her current health, Buffy was also no passive partner, stroking, kissing, biting and scratching. As they approached orgasm, Giles entwined his fingers with Buffy's and softly requested her to wait for him so they could go over together, and in this as in so many other things they were in sync, coming with a gentle pleasure that was not one bit less intense for it's gentleness.

As soon as Giles breathing was under control he rolled their bodies, his still buried in Buffy's. He couldn't believe the miracle that was she, and she was his forever now. They gently stroked each other, touching now to relax not stimulate, and as they drifted off to sleep, both knew that they had finally come home. Tomorrow they and their friends would have to begin searching for their enemy, but tonight they had all they had ever needed.