It's Weird
By Tevye

TITLE:  It's Weird
FEEDBACK:  This is totally the voices fault, and they become rabid without feedback.  Actually this is my first attempt at smut, and I want to know how I did.  I'm a little insecure.
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SPOILERS:  Everything through Season 3, this is set in my dream world of Season 4 where Giles and Buffy acknowledge their true feelings and get nekid.  < giggle >
CONTENT:  Giles/Buffy
RATING:  Totally NC-17 (go me!)
DISCLAIMER:  Joss Wheadon and many others own the characters of BtVS (lucky bastards).  If owned them things would be happening differently and the show would probably have to go to late night cable
SUMMARY:  This is in response to a challenge at Cap's site.  A girl Buffy's age asks Giles' out, jealousy and lots of happy smut ensues.

Buffy shook her head thinking that she had imagined the sound, but no there it was again.  Laughing.  Laughing coming from Giles' office.  And not just any laughing, but full out, rolling around on the floor, sides ready to burst guffawing.  And what's more she was absolutely sure that one of the people laughing was Giles though she had never heard him laugh like that.

Pushing the door open, Buffy was presented with the most astonishing picture of her life.  There were two people in the office, one was Giles, the other was a girl with wild chestnut colored hair that she had seen around campus. At the moment both of them were doubled over with laughter that was slowly receding.  They were sitting on the floor facing each other with several open cartons of Chinese food between.  Neither one of them were aware of her presence yet.

"No . . . no really you have to try this." The girl implored, as well as she could between her fits of giggles, holding a fork of something in front of his face.

Giles took one look at the item and started laughing again.  "Not after that story."

"Come on square, try it, or I'll make you open up to your inner child through song again."  She challenged teasingly.

"Now that is truly something to be afraid of."  Giles replied with a mock shudder.  Buffy watched in total shock as he leaned in and allowed the girl to feed him.

As he chewed thoughtfully, he looked up and finally noticed Buffy.  "Ah, Buffy, I'm sorry I wasn't expecting you this afternoon."  He got up from the floor and extended a hand to help the girl.

"So this is the Buffy who got to the research assistant position before me. Lucky you."  Then she let an enigmatic smile cross her face.  "Of course I guess I should be thanking you."

"Buffy this is Autumn."  Giles introduced the girl and Autumn extended a hand, which Buffy shook coolly.  Of course she knew who Autumn was.  In the short time the girl had been on the campus she had made a name for herself as being pretty strange.  A liberal arts major, the girl had incredibly distinctive features that couldn't be described as beautiful, but certainly attractive.  She wore no makeup, let her curly hair fly free occasionally pulling it back into a low ponytail with a scarf, and her clothing was outlandish tending toward the bohemian with broomstick skirts, loose pants, and flowing shirts.  Yup, she was definitely working for the title of being the Queen of Weird.

"What did you want Buffy?"  Giles inquired leaning against his desk, as Autumn moved to flip through his record collection.  Buffy was more than disconcerted by several things:  one Giles didn't appear to be the tiniest bit flustered, guilty or anything else about what she had just seen and two Autumn appeared to be entirely too comfortable around Giles' office and more importantly she was entirely too comfortable around Giles.

Suddenly, strains of La Traviata blared through the speakers.  Autumn was humming along and moved to run her finger along the spines of the books on his shelves.  Buffy clamped her hands over her ears.  Giles rolled his eyes, but barely suppressed a smile.  Moving over he turned the volume down, and removed the book from Autumn's hands.  "If you don't mind I need you to leave now."

"Uh uh."  She shook her head defiantly.

"Please, Autumn it's research and . . ."

"I know, I know you don't need me letting anything slip to Professor Kyle, but I'm not going anywhere . . ."  Giles opened his mouth to protest, but she cut him off, "Not until you tell me what you thought about the squid."

He smiled.  "It was tolerable."

"High praise indeed."  She grinned impishly, and slung a canvas rucksack over her shoulder.  "Then you won't mind Friday.  Remember 7:00."  She winked at Buffy.  "I'm going to make him try Indian food.  He'll complain all night."  Then she breezed out the door in a swirl of color.

Buffy opened her mouth to demand an explanation, but no words came out.  She closed her mouth and began to try again, but Autumn stuck her head back in the door.  "Oh and tweed, try to wear something that's not tweed.  And if I have to wait for you longer than thirty hours to show up you are really going to owe me an apology."  She looked over at Buffy.  "He's always late, so I figure if I give him a really wide time span he just might make it." Grinning at the Slayer as if they were sharing a secret, she shrugged. With that she was gone again.

For a moment Buffy was seized with an almost overpowering urge to follow Autumn and wipe that grin off her face with physical force.  When she was finally able to form words, Buffy exploded with rapid-fire questions.  "What was that?  What do you think you were doing?  What's Friday night?  Are you out of your mind?"

Giles folded his arms across his chest, and answered each of her questions calmly with the slightest hint of irritation in his voice.  "That was Autumn.  I'm not really sure how else to explain her.  I'm pretty sure we were having lunch.  Friday night we are going out for Indian food, which I think she told you.  I am quite sane thank you very much, and I'm not really sure what business it is of yours."

Buffy was taken aback at his last statement.  "I'm your slayer."  She stated matter-of-factly as if that explained everything.

He regarded her coolly.  "And?"

"And she was flirting with you!"  Buffy exclaimed in exasperation.  God, he could be so dense when it came to people.

Giles gave her a look as if she had just grown a second head.  "Good lord I hope she was, or else I'm going to make a bloody fool of myself on Friday night."

Buffy floundered for a second while her brain slowly processed the unfathomable information.  "You mean Friday night is an actual date?"

"Yes.  I've been asked out on a date, hard as that may seem to believe, and unless something comes up I intend to keep it.  Otherwise I'm going to have to do a great deal to apologize, and Autumn doesn't strike me as a particularly easy person to make things up to."

"Are you crazy?"

Giles sighed, "I believe we've covered this ground before."

"But she's weird!"

"And I'm normal?"

"She's my age!"  Buffy shrieked.

"Autumn is a fascinating young woman who has asked me out.  While it may be a little irregular, it is totally legal, and I see absolutely no problem with it.  In fact I'm looking forward to it very much."  He crossed his arms in a gesture that let her know the matter was closed.  "Now is there something you wanted to talk to me about?"

Buffy bit back her anger, and another unidentifiable emotion.  She had long forgotten what it was that she wanted to talk to Giles about.  Not knowing what else to say she turned and fled.


He was going out on a date!  That was the only thought that managed to make it into her mind the entire day, and consequently she had gone through the entire day in a total funk.  Now she was sitting on the edge of her bed doing a pretty good job of continuing her funk.  She wasn't sure why it upset her so much.  After all he was a free independent person.

That was just it she realized as she padded into the bathroom.  Him going out on a date meant that she had to acknowledge that he was more than a person, he was a man.  Not just any man, but a man who was attractive to a girl her age, attractive enough that the girl had taken the initiative and asked him out.

So he was a man.  That wasn't a big shock she thought, but actually it was. Giles was Giles.  He had emotions that she knew, but passion?  Need?  The idea of him being attracted to, much less attractive to a girl her age.  All of those were things that had totally escaped her picture of him.  Buffy stripped off her clothes and stepped into the shower hoping to ease her tense muscles.

Closing her eyes as the spray from the shower washed over her, her thoughts turned back to Giles, and she tried to picture him being passionate.  It really wasn't that hard.  Actually the more she thought about it, the more certain she became that he was actually the most passionate person she knew. He hid his emotions well, but when they showed they ran far deeper, and were much stronger than she ever gave him credit for.  Yes, he was passionate about many things.  Jenny, she remembered the quiet, strained voice that talked to her on phone telling her that Ms. Calendar was dead, and then later on outside the factory when they had cried in each other's arms.  When he was afraid about Willow's experimentations with the darker side of magic. The plea after plea he had lobbed at her, until he finally took her aside one night and showed her just what a spell that went too far could do.

No, he was definitely passionate, and willing to risk everything for those things he cared about deeply.  As Buffy dwelled on that she realized that the times when he had been the most passionate concerned her.  Her friends had told her all about his never-ending search for her the summer of senior year.  Then when he had found out about Angel.  The speech he had given her was one of a man who was fighting desperately to keep his emotions at bay.  She had really dismissed all those moments in her mind before, but now they overwhelmed her, and she realized that she could recall every look he had given her that had made her breath catch with the force behind them.

As she stood there, her mind started to play tricks with her, imagining those looks under different circumstances.  She felt her body shiver at the thought of him ever looking at her the way he had after that horrid test on her eighteenth birthday again, not in pain but in passion.  Standing in the steam, she could imagine what it would be like to have him touch her.  He
touched her so very little outside of training, but when he had it had always been gentle.  Now the idea of that gentleness made her skin tingle, and her body ache to truly feel it.

It was almost as if she could feel it.  His slightly calloused hands brushing along her arms in butterfly caresses, causing her breathing to lapse into shallow pants.  Running his hands down her sides, over her breasts, she could feel her nipples pebble.  Her whole body was now in tune with the familiar ache down between her legs, the one that seemed to come so often when she thought of Angel.  But it wasn't thought of Angel's hands on her body that was driving her wild.  No, the hands she imagined now were warm like the water and wherever she pictured them touching her, her skin burned like fire.

The warmth spread throughout her entire body and pooled down between her legs.  His lips would be warm too.  The thought of Giles bestowing hot, passionate kisses should have made her double over in laughter, but she wasn't laughing now.  Now she was moaning, imagining his lips on her body nibbling and sucking, paying special attention to that spot on her neck that she had been too afraid to let Angel know about.  No cause to be afraid with Giles.  She would be able to open her whole body to him, and he would give her everything just as he always did.

Unconsciously, she snaked a hand down between her legs and began to stroke, her capability for rational thought too far gone to make her wonder at her wetness.  Her other hand followed and helped to take her body to the edge and over.

"Giles . . . oh god Giles."  She gasped, as the pleasure seemed to explode in her mind.

When she regained rational thought, she stepped out of the shower and began to dry herself off.  Looking in the mirror, it hit her what had just happened, and her eyes went wide.  She had just gotten off on the thought of her watcher.

< No, correction.  I have just had the most intense masturbatory fantasy of my life, and it involved Giles!!! >

"Oh . . . my . . . God."  Buffy whispered as she leaned her head against the wall.

Sitting down on the floor, Buffy tried to rationalize away what had just happened, but all she succeeded in was going in circles.  Why Giles?  Why now?

The now was easy.  She was jealous.  But why was she jealous?

Because he's mine, dammit!  Was he really?

Yes, we've been through way too much together for Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring to come between us.  What us?

Us!  Slayer, Watcher.  Buffy, Giles.  Buffy, Giles?  Is there a Buffy, Giles?

Well, of course there's a Buffy, Giles.  We're friends like Willow and Xander . . .

That thought brought her up short.  There was a pair that could have really worked.  They finished each other's sentences.  Their first thought everyday used to be of each other.  But one had been too quiet, and one had been too blind until it was too late.  Now everything was screwed up and they never even managed to regain what they once had.  She didn't want to be them.  No way was she going to be them.

How could she be them?  Their problem was that they had been in love with each other.  She wasn't in love with Giles.

Then what right did she have to demand that Giles not go out with Autumn? None, but she still couldn't get over the sick feeling in the pit of her stomach at the thought of them.  She just knew that she wouldn't be able to bear seeing them together.  So everything came back to one simple question.

Did she love Giles?


Giles lay down on the couch with a heavy sigh.  He was a bloody fool.  That much was apparent long ago.  Now he was reassuring himself that he hadn't gotten any smarter.

Closing his eyes he pictured Buffy's face from that afternoon.  For a second when he had seen the fit of jealousy his heart had leaped in his chest, but that was ridiculous.  No he was still an idiot.

He was an idiot to pretend that he could ever give his heart to any woman, other Buffy, in a way that she deserved, and he was even more of an idiot to pretend that with Autumn.  Oh, she was a wonderful woman, but she wasn't a certain blonde slayer who haunted his every waking thought, and most of his non-waking ones.  And what was worse, was she was Buffy's age.  Dating Autumn made Buffy seem almost attainable.

He groaned, almost attainable, but almost would not keep him warm at night. Almost would not relieve the ache he felt whenever he didn't discipline his mind, or whenever she got so close that he could smell her shampoo.  It was frightening how her scent stayed with him for so long.  Teasing him for the rest of the day until he was forced to resort to those fantasies, which he always promised himself he would squelch.

So why was he allowing this, why was he playing this stupid game?  He snorted in derision.  That was easy because it would keep him from getting too close.  Autumn was his armor.  He just hadn't counted on Buffy's reaction.  That reaction gave him hope that shouldn't have been allowed.

God, he was a bloody idiot.


For the next two days Buffy spent as much time as she could with Giles, trying to figure out her feelings for him.  Giles was equal parts grateful and terrified at her sudden attention.  She would come in and work side by side with him in his office for hours.  Having her in such close quarters for so long made him ache to touch her, just reach out and brush a strand of hair away.

Buffy was experiencing similar difficulties.  She wanted to touch him so badly.  Spending more time with him just seemed to intensify her feelings. When she went home to her dorm room each night it seemed cold and empty without his presence.

At the moment, she was curled up on the couch trying to make some sort of sense out of the words on the page.  Instead she found her eyes straying back to the face of her watcher.  Deep in concentration his brow was furrowed and one hand unconsciously rubbed at the side of his neck.  He had shed his coat long ago and his shirtsleeves were rolled up.  Buffy felt as though her eyes had been opened for the first time, and she was seeing what Autumn must see.  Her watcher was sexy.  It was more than that though.  He looked like a man who knew love.  A man who had loved and been loved and it had slipped through his fingers, and now he was desperate to find someone to take his love again.

God how she wanted to be that someone.  Buffy groaned. Wasn't it just her great luck that Autumn had been smart enough to see that first?

Giles had looked up at her groan, and had now moved to sit beside her.  He placed the back of his hand to her forehead, and Buffy leaned into his touch.  Just the feel of his hand on her skin lit something deep within her. A moan escaped her lips.

"Buffy?  Buffy, are you alright?"

< Well, I want to take you right here, right now on this couch, but other than that I'm great. >  "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine."  She stated shakily, and before she could look at his face again and lose all her resolve, she fled for the second time that week.


She avoided Giles the next day.  Instead choosing to seclude herself in her room.  She felt empty.  A whole day hadn't even gone by, and she missed him. Everything seemed dead without him.

This was crazy.  When had she become so reliant and dependant on him that she couldn't even go a day without him?  She loved him.  She was absolutely certain of that now.  She had tried thinking of what her life would be like without him, and all she could see was an empty endless void.  She wanted to see him everyday for the rest of her life.  Bells and hearing music, that's what she had always expected to feel and hear when she fell in love, but strangely she didn't feel any different.

And why should she, she rationalized?  After all, she hadn't felt anything even remotely like bells and music when she had been in love with Angel. But then loving Angel had always been painfully intense.  This didn't feel painful this felt right, like it was something that had always been there, and only just now had she realized it.

Picking up her bag, Buffy headed towards the door, and then stopped.  She was scared.  She, the slayer, was scared about falling in love.  No, she corrected herself, she wasn't scared about falling in love with her watcher. She was scared that he hadn't fallen in love with her.

God, it was amazing how answering one simple little question could bring about a whole multitude of new ones.  So on to question number two

Was Giles in love with her?

This was so complicated, and just weird.


Giles blinked in surprise at the sight of his slayer on his doorstep at 5:00 on Friday afternoon.  She breezed in as though nothing was wrong, which of course it wasn't he supposed, but still he felt a niggling irritation at her carefree attitude.  After her reaction, when she had first found out about Autumn, he had dared to hope that there was something to that reaction.  Now it seemed that he was grossly mistaken.

"I came to help you get prepared for your date."  She stated as though it was the most logical thing in the world.

"Buffy . . . as much as I ah . . . appreciate the gesture I really don't need any help."

She raised a skeptical eyebrow as if to say 'Oh really'  "Do you have any idea what you're going to wear?  When was the last time you went on a date?"

"No, no I guess I really don't." He laughed.  Then he got serious, "Buffy are you sure you want to do this?  You didn't seem exactly accepting of the whole idea earlier this week."

"Consider this my atonement."  She remarked as she headed up the stairs to his room.

Buffy stopped once she stood in the middle of his bedroom.  It hadn't really hit her what she was doing until she got up here.  Now standing in Giles' bedroom she felt a flutter of apprehension in her stomach.  What was she doing?

She had no idea.

Trying to squash the pit of nervousness, Buffy set her instincts to what she did best, well second best, clothes.  "Okay, she said Indian food right?" She made her way over to his closet, without waiting to answer she began pulling out clothes.  "That requires rich colors."  She pulled out a black suit, and a charcoal gray one.  Both were of a much finer material than she expected.  For a second the thought of how nice it would feel to run her hands along the material with Giles in it flitted through her brain.  Taking a shaky breath she worked to push that thought out of her mind.  Turning she held up both suits

And nearly dropped them.  Giles was standing in the doorway leaning against the frame.  The shadows played over his face highlighting his angular features, a small, half-smile played across his face and there was a warm light in his eyes that sparked something deep within her.

"Um . . . G-G-Gray or Black?"  She stammered.  < I'm beginning to sound like Giles. >

"Hmmm?"  Giles suddenly realized that his slayer was talking to him.  He blushed slightly realizing that she probably could have been reciting the Gettysburg address, and he wouldn't have known it.  He had been concentrating on how lovely she looked in the light, and indulging in his own private fantasy of her choosing his clothes everyday.  Now he worked to focus his entire attention on what she was doing.

"Which suit?"

"Ummm . . ."  He looked from one to the other.  Truthfully he didn't have a clue which suit to choose, but then he looked at the way Buffy held the black one up a little higher, unconsciously pushing it forward.  "Black I suppose."

He was rewarded with a smile that brightened the whole room and told him he had absolutely made the right choice.

"All right now onto shirts."  She moved back into the recesses of his closet.  He could barely make out her muffled voice, and stepped into the center of the room to hear her better.  "Giles is it just me, or has your taste gotten better? . . . Eww, you still have that green checked shirt?  I revoke all compliments about your style.  Still, you do have some good shirts . . ."  She emerged from the closest with three shirts in her hand, "so I suppose . . ." she had her head down and walked right into him.

When he reached out to steady her, she looked up, and there gazes met.  "I could forgive you."  She finished at barely above a whisper.  They stood like that for a second, just looking at each other.  They began to breath in sync, and Giles moved his hands from her shoulders down her arms.

Buffy held her breath.  The only thought that was working in her head at the moment was--she was right.  His touch was magical.  At almost the same moment, both seemed to come to their senses.

Buffy emitted a nervous giggle.  "Well . . . um . . . we don't want to get these wrinkled.  So I'll just lay them out on the bed, and you can choose." Giles looked confusedly at the three shirts she laid out.  He had no clue, but her hands seemed to linger a little longer on the blue one.

"Blue?"  He said half as a question, half a statement, and again he was awarded with one of her smiles.

"And now we have to move onto to ties."  Giles rolled his eyes affectionately, at the rate this was going they might be here all night.

"Buffy, why don't I just let you pick out every thing else.  I'm sure you have much better taste than I could possibly manage."

"Really?"  There was a happy gleam in eyes.

"Yes, I'll just go take a shower.  I need to get clean . . ."  Oh yes, he needed to get clean, and relieve the all too obvious reaction he had to simply being near her.


Giles let out a heavy sigh.  What had happened out there?  Stripping down, he stepped under the shower's warm spray, trying to let it ease some of the tension out of his muscles.  Closing his eyes, he sighed again, he knew exactly had happened.  Out there was the most intoxicating woman he had ever known in his life, one who he felt things for, and wanted to do things to that he never had with any other woman, and god dammit he had nearly acted on the impulse out there.  Leaning against the shower wall, he reached down and began to stroke his nearly painful erection.


"Gold."  Buffy murmured as she held up tie after tie.  "Definitely gold." She stepped back to survey the finished product of her efforts, and nearly cried.  What was she doing?  She didn't want him to like Autumn.  She didn't want him to go on this date.  And she certainly didn't want him to look this good for the date.  Maybe she could just change the tie to something really garish and . . .  No, she couldn't do that to Giles.  No matter how much she hated the whole idea of this date, she couldn't destroy it for him.  She wanted him to be happy.

The door opened, and Giles walked out in a bathrobe, his hair rakishly askew.  Buffy gulped and barely managed to tear her eyes away from his chest.  He wasn't as well formed as Angel, but his body was still in shape. There was an x-shaped scar that ran along one the edge of his left pectoral, dangerously close to his heart.  He was beautiful.  What did everyone say? Love is blind.  Oh, they were so wrong.  Everything was in sharp focus now. She no longer saw all the static that she had unconsciously put up around Giles to keep herself safe from her feelings.  The whispers of:  he was too old, she loved him like a daughter, Angel, all had fuzzed him out until she couldn't really see him.  Now they fell away, and he was crystal clear.  Her saviour.

"You get dressed.  I'll be downstairs."  She said haltingly, and then walked out.

Giles' eyes followed her retreating form before falling again on the outfit she had laid out with so much care.  He bit back a moan as he put on the suit.  Her perfume lingered on the fabric, and wreaked havoc on his capability for rational thought.  This was going to be the longest night of his life.


Buffy nearly dropped the mug of tea in her hand when Giles came down.  A lump formed in her throat.  It was weird to think of a male as breathtaking, but that was the only word to describe him.

The black suit did wonders for the leans lines of his body, reinforcing his impressive stature.  The blue highlighted the slight tan that she didn't know he had, and the gold tie . . . Gold had definitely been the right choice.  It brought out the flecks of gold in his ever-enigmatic eyes. "Hey," She said shyly.

Giles looked down at her not knowing what to say, so he just resorted to repeating her phrase.  "Hey."

There was another quiet moment between them, as both continued to look at each other.  This time Giles broke the spell.  "Tea?"

"Yeah."  She murmured and held it out to him.

"Thank you."  He replied taking the mug from her outstretched hands.  As he reached out, his hands closed over hers.  It was like an electric shock through his body.  That should have been enough to tell him stop, but instead he gave into his own impulse, and moved his index finger to run up the back of her hand.  Then as he removed the mug he traced the edge of her palm and down the length of her finger.  She didn't pull away in shock or disgust, much to his surprise.  Instead she seemed to lean into the touch, her lips parted, and there was something in her eyes . . . something that made his breath catch.  He leaned in hoping to be able to figure out what was in her eyes.

*Ding Dong*

< Damn. >

"I guess that's Autumn."  Buffy murmured.

"Yes."  Giles put the mug down on the counter and turned.  "Do I meet with your approval?"

"Wait you have a piece of lint . . . right . . . there."  She reached up and picked the piece off his lapel.  Then ostensibly to straighten his suit, but more to touch him she ran her hands down the lapels.  God, he smelled good, like old leather.  Unconsciously, she stepped closer, her hands still resting on his chest.

*Ding Dong*

Buffy practically leaped back as if she had been scalded.  "You had better go."  She said not looking at him.

"Buffy?"  She looked up hopefully.  "Thank you."

A sad smile crossed her face.  "You're welcome."

With that he went and opened the door.

Buffy could hear Autumn's voice drift in from the other room.  "Wow, stuffy I'm impressed.  On time and looking this good.  I feel really special."

"Well you are."  That light note was back in his voice.  Buffy grimaced upon listening to how at ease he sounded with her.

"You didn't really dress yourself did you?"  Autumn inquired with raised eyebrows

Giles coughed, "No, I must confess not.  Buffy did that."  As if on cue his slayer appeared in the door.

Autumn smiled at Buffy, "Man you take the whole title of research assistant seriously don't you.  Still I've got to thank you.  He looks great."

"Yeah, yeah, he does."  Buffy felt sick.  Autumn was dressed in a blue sari with gold trim that matched Giles suit wonderfully.  Her hair was pulled back into a soft half ponytail.  She looked great as well.  Buffy couldn't believe that she had dressed Giles to match Autumn.  Unable to look at them anymore, Buffy fairly pushed them out the door, only saying "Make sure you tell me all about the Indian food."

Once they had left, Buffy collapsed on the couch.  He had looked happy as he left, and that made her want to curl up in a little ball and die.  He was never hers.  She had never claimed him.  So why did it feel like she had just lost him?

She lay there for a long time, with her head resting on the arm of his couch, indulging in private fantasies of feeding Autumn to vampires, maybe hanging her upside down over a vat of . . . something really, really horrible.  She groaned and rolled over.  Those weren't really options.  Her eyes fell on an ad torn out of the newspaper.  Scrawled in the corner was "7:00 Friday."  Looking more closely, she realized that it was an ad for a new Indian food restaurant.  Her eyes narrowed and a grin slowly spread across her face.  Violence wasn't an option, but . . .

She picked up the phone and dialed a number without looking, her eyes still fixed on the ad.

"Hey, Willow.  How do you feel about Indian food?"


Giles poked at the dish on his plate and sighed.  This was not going well at all.  Autumn was telling a story, which he sure that he usually would have found quite amusing, but at the moment he wasn't paying much attention.  He hadn't been paying much attention to anything.  He had no idea what he had ordered, just pointed blankly at the first thing on the menu.  Consequently he was now faced with a plate of rather indescribable reddish goo, that he would have sworn was the remains of some demon, if it hadn't been served to him.  No wonder the waiter had given him such a strange look.

Of course it didn't really matter.  He had no appetite, and he wasn't really seeing his meal anyway.  Wherever he looked he was presented with a mental picture of Buffy, her lips parted, her hands touching his, and that light in her eyes that he just couldn't describe, but wanted to find out so much what caused it.

"Hey stuffy, you okay?"  Autumn was laying a hand on his arm looking at him with a concerned expression on her face.  "You looked like you might be a little warm."

Giles shook his head.  "No, I'm fine."

"Nonsense,"  She admonished rising from her chair, and coming over to him. "You're flushed, and you've been distracted all night.  I'm sweating bullets, and I've got on clothing designed for this.  You're in that heavy suit.  Here let me take of you're coat."

Willow was babbling, of course it didn't really matter since she wasn't really listening.  Buffy had started scanning the restaurant the moment they entered.  "Wow, I've never had Indian food.  I wonder if it's all vegetarian, you know they won't eat cows . . . Does all Indian food have curry?  I'm not sure I'd like curry.  All that red powder looks a little like blush . . ."  Buffy was far beyond not listening to her friend now. She had spotted Giles just as she sat down in the booth.  Autumn was helping him out of his coat, and he really looked to be enjoying himself.  Maybe coming and spying on him wasn't such a good idea.

"Buffy?  Buffy!?  Buffy!!!"  In response to Willow's urgent whisper, and the sharp kick in the shin her friend gave her under the table, Buffy looked up at the waiter that was standing next to her.

"Oh, um . . ."  She hadn't even looked at the menu.  Blindly, she pointed at the first thing on the menu, oblivious to the strange look the waiter gave her.  Then she resumed her main objective, Giles watching.

Willow followed her friend's gaze.  "Is that Giles?"  She cried out happily. Buffy winced realizing she had been caught.  "Ooh, we should go over, and talk to him."

"I don't think so Will."

"Why not?"

"He's on a date."

"I don't think so.  I mean the only other person at the table is that girl and she's our age so he can't be . . . Oh, oh you mean she's . . . Wow . .  ."  Willow continued to babble, not noticing Buffy's pained expression.  "I just never thought because she's not even close to his age, she's our age . .. . but she' s really beautiful.  Look at the expression on her face, she looks like she's really enjoying herself."

Buffy couldn't see Autumn's expression, but she was focused intently on Giles'.  He had a small smile on his face, and was listening so closely to Autumn that he wasn't paying any attention to his food.  Oh, oh, and there were those violent fantasies involving Autumn and various means of bodily harm again.  < Bad slayer, bad slayer. >

"We should do something for them."  Willow said happily.  Buffy just nodded distractedly.  Motioning to the waiter, Willow said a few quick words, which she didn't here.  With a nod the waiter walked away.  A moment later, another waiter came and brought them their food.  Buffy barely noticed.

"Wow this is really good.  Aren't you going to eat yours?"  Buffy glanced down at her food, and nearly jumped out of her seat, automatically reaching for her stake.  No it wasn't a new demon, or demon remains, she reassured herself.  However as Autumn's remains, it had potential . . .

"Here you are, sir."  Giles looked up as the waiter opened a bottle of wine before them.

"Ummm, we didn't order this . . ."

"No, sir, it with the compliments of the two ladies."  The waiter gestured to a booth behind him.  God, this was getting out of hand.  Now he thought he saw Buffy sitting in that booth.  He took a sip of the wine that the waiter had poured, and looked back over.

And nearly choked.

He hadn't been mistaken, for now his eyes fell on the redhead sitting across from the blonde.  There was no mistaking it.  That was Willow, and that meant that the blonde had to be . . . His eyes locked with Buffy's.  The room had just gotten a great deal warmer and this night had just gotten a lot more complicated.

Buffy felt herself blush, as her gaze met Giles'.  < Oh, God >  "Willow what did you do?"  Buffy hissed.

"I sent them wine.  I thought it would be nice."

"Yeah it was . . . um"  God she had to get away from his eyes.  Just the feel of him looking at her electrified her entire body, and she was about to do something really stupid that Giles would never forgive if she didn't get away from him.  "I gotta go to the bathroom, I'll be back in a sec."

"Are you okay tweed?"

"I'm fine."  Giles watched as Buffy got up and headed towards the restroom, "I just think it went down the wrong way.  I'll be back in a moment."  With that he got up and followed her.


Buffy stood in the alcove outside the bathroom doors.  She didn't really need to go to the bathroom, just to get out of Giles presence.  The restaurant was getting far too hot out there, not to mention how hot she was getting.  Closing her eyes, she leaned back against the wall.  The way he had looked at her.  God, the look in his eyes.  If she thought for a moment that she could read his expression correctly, she would swear that it was desire.  But right now she was so keyed up, she was probably just letting her emotions read things into it that really weren't there.  Okay, now she needed to use the bathroom, though not for the conventional reasons.  < Will that woman ever come out? >

The next thing she knew, her wrists were pinned above her against the wall, and she could feel a tall figure looming over her.  It was the surprise of the attack, more than the force that kept her from throwing her attacker up against the wall.  Buffy's eyes flew open to meet a pair of green ones, which she instinctively knew belonged to her watcher.

"Hi?"  She said shakily.  He just continued to look at her, then without a word he pulled her behind two plants in the corner.

"Now, would you mind telling me what you're doing here?"  Giles hissed.

"Um, I guess you wouldn't believe I just wanted Indian food?"  She received a glare in response.

Buffy wriggled under his gaze, and had to bite back a moan.  The space behind the plants was so tight that she was pressed rather intimately against him.  As it was she couldn't miss the obvious hardness of his erection.  Pushing away all thoughts of how Autumn might have elicited that reaction from her oh-so-calm watcher, her passion drugged mind instead focused now on the reaction he was creating in her, and how to get him to relieve it.

Giles realized too late his mistake.  The space was far too small, and he was uncertain as to how he was still able to form words, since everything was focused on the feel of Buffy moving against him making him even harder if that was possible.  "Buffy . . ."  his voice came out as a harsh rasp under the strain.

Buffy blinked back tears.  The feel of his breath against her skin made her shudder, but she couldn't miss the angry note in his voice.  He didn't want her, didn't love her.  She was wrong.  He just wanted her to go away so he could enjoy his evening.  "I'm sorry, Giles.  I didn't mean to spy on you. I'll go now."

Before he could react, she slipped away.  Like a phantom dream, she slipped through his grasp and was gone.


"Willow, we gotta go."

"Wha . . . why Buffy?  I'm still working on my food, and there looked like there were some good desserts."

"Wills we're going now.  I don't feel good."  And she was sure she looked it.  Her face felt flushed, and her pulse was racing.  Of course none of that had anything to do with whether she was sick.

Autumn smiled up at Giles as he returned to the table.  "Are you okay now?"

"Yes, fine now . . .Thank you."  He knew he appeared distracted, but there was nothing he could do.  Buffy's scent was even stronger now, permeating every breath he inhaled.

"You know I think I just saw your research assistant and that girl Willow."

"Really?"  He tried his best to sound surprised, but knew that it fell flat.

"Yeah, in fact I think they were the ones that sent us the wine."  She looked at him with a twinkle in her eye, but a serious expression on her face.  "Is there something your not telling me stuffy?"  The twinkle left her eye when she saw his reaction.  "Jesus Rupert, what's really going on between you and Buffy?"

He looked away unable to meet her eyes.  "I don't know."

Autumn got a strange expression on her face and grabbed his hand.  "Come  on."

"What are you doing?"

"Fixing your screwed up to non existent love life.  Besides I can always seduce another professor with Chinese food, and opening up to their inner child."


"Buffy, why are we back here?  I mean if you're not feeling well, you should go back to the dorm and . . ."

"I'm fine Will really, but I think I almost ruined Giles date, and now I need to make him talk to me before he gets a chance to be silence guy." They stopped when they heard a car pull up.

"It's not Giles car . . ."

"No, Autumn picked him up."

"Oh, oh, they're getting out."  Buffy pulled her friend away from the window.

"I don't want him to see you.  He won't come in he's too mad."  She worked hard to suppress the little bit of hope that leaped in her chest.  If they had arrived home so early that meant the date really had gone badly.  "What are they doing?"

"I can't see, you pulled me away from the window."

"Well, go look."

"Stuffy, talk to her tomorrow.  I don't like seeing you lonely, and if I can't fix that I want someone else to."

"Autumn . . ."

"Shhhh."  She silenced him with two fingers, before replacing it with a soft gentle kiss.  It was a long time before either pulled away, both wanting to be sure that this was right.

Finally, Autumn broke the kiss.  Standing on tiptoe, she whispered in his ear, "Talk to her, you stubborn son of a bitch."

With that she walked away, but finally she turned and shouted out.  "I'm still gonna see you tomorrow.  Professor Kyle needs a research project.  And I just want you to know it's weird.  I think it's great, but it's weird." She smiled, and he smiled back until both of them finally laughed companionably.  Then she turned and got into her car without looking back.

Giles took out his key, and opened the door.


Buffy sat nervously on the couch, when Giles opened the door.  She had watched Autumn and Giles kiss from the window, but she didn't see them finish it because it broke her heart.  Instead, she had Willow tell her when they stopped.  It had been a long kiss, that meant they had enjoyed it, and that meant . . .  No she had to stop those thoughts they hurt too much.

So now she sat huddled up in the corner of the couch, wondering what she was going to say to him.  At first she stayed silent, and he walked right past her, shedding his tie and jacket as he headed toward the liquor cabinet. Then, mustering her courage, she spoke up.

"Hi,"  Giles turned and dropped his glass.

"Bloody hell.  What are you doing here?"

"I came to talk."

Oh, yes, talk, good . . . right and he was perfectly capable of having a rational and meaningful conversation with her, when the first thought that came across his mind at the sight of her involved just how sexy she looked curled up in the corner of his couch, and the way her dress hiked up showing off her thighs.  And the second thought that crossed his mind was just how to get her out of that dress, and into his bed.  Oh, yes, talking with her while he was nearly insane with desire was a ripping good idea.

"I'm sorry Buffy.  I don't want to talk right now.  I'll see tomorrow,  hmmm?"  He walked over to the door, so that he could let her out.

Buffy nervousness, faded away into anger.  "Don't I mean anything to you?!"

Giles turned in shock.  "You mean a great deal to me.  I care about you."

"But I'm not attractive.  You don't find me attractive."

Oh, god, didn't she realize the dangerous ground she was treading on. Trying to protect her and him, he fell back into the automatic response, the one that he had told himself and others for so long.  "Buffy, you're my slayer.  I love you like . . ."

"A daughter.  Oh, don't hand me that 'you're young enough that I don't see you that way' crap.  You found Autumn attractive.  She's my age.  So come on Giles, tell me do you find me attractive?"  She took a step towards him, but there was still a great deal of space between them.  Even over that space, she saw a change come over her Watcher's face, and her breath caught.  For a moment Buffy thought she might have gravely miscalculated.  She had no idea what her Watcher was capable of if she pushed him over the edge.

Giles collapsed on the couch with laughter.  He couldn't help it.  It was too funny, here was his slayer looking indignant over whether or not he found her attractive, something he always thought was perfectly obvious with every moment of everyday that they were together.

"Fine."  Buffy swallowed back the tears and pain.  She couldn't believe he was laughing at her.  Obviously, the date had gone better than she thought. "I'm glad that this is so funny to you.  Don't worry I won't bother you with any more of my fantasies, and you don't have to worry about me being angry or leaving you.  I love you too much to live without you no matter how I have you."  She moved to go, but Giles arm snaked out around her waist and pulled her off balance into his lap.

He grabbed her shoulders and turned her so that she was forced to look at him.  "Say that again."  He pleaded in a tone so desperate that she couldn't help, but respond.

"I love you."  The statement was barely above a whisper, but it screamed inside Giles, ringing through his blood with such power that it became the only sound he heard.

Buffy continued, "I'm sorry Giles.  I know I don't have any right to be mad. It's not your fault you aren't attracted to me.  I just thought . . ."

She was silenced by two soft lips covering hers.  The kiss was gentle at first, but then his tongue flicked across her lips and she parted them.  As their tongues met, the passion that had been building between them for the past four years, took control.  He swept her mouth memorizing the taste of her in an instant.  As she mewled under his assault, his heart leapt with joy at the sound.

Buffy was sure that if the kiss had lasted just one second longer, she would have been the first person to come from a simple kiss, it was so intense. But Giles pulled away, leaving her panting and so very, very wet with need. She leaned in again, wanting to taste him, but he stopped her.

"Look at me Buffy."  She complied and despite the shadowed room, she could make out the dark passion that was present in his eyes.  "Do you really think that I wouldn't be in love with the most enchanting and intoxicating woman I have ever met, who has become the reason for my entire existence?" Buffy started to respond, but he stopped her again.

"And as for you being attractive . . ." He shifted her legs so that she was straddling his lap, and then pulled her flush against his erection.  "Does that end all doubt as to how attractive you are?"  He growled, as he ground himself against her.

Buffy whimpered in response, and continued to grind herself against him. "Giles . . ."  Her voice was a breathy whisper.  "I want you to know just how attractive you are."  Taking his hand from the side of her face, she dragged it down her body with agonizing slowness, letting him feel how he affected her.

When she brought his hand between her legs, and let him feel just how wet she was through the silk of her panties, Giles let out a groan.  She was rocking back and forth against his hand, and it took him a moment to process what she was doing, so great was his astonishment that he had elicited this sort of reaction from the woman he idolized, but when he finally understood what she was doing his thumb began to circle her clit.  "Yes, please Giles take me over."  She begged.

He watched with fascination, as her breath became shallow pants.  God he wanted to kiss her, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from hers.  They held each other captive with their gaze.  "Buffy . . ."  He breathed the name like a prayer, afraid that if he said it too loud he might wake up from this amazing dream where she wanted him as much as he wanted her.  But no it wasn 't a dream, this unattainable goddess was very much here . . . writhing under his ministrations.  Then she stilled as he felt her juices flow out of her.  They simply watched each other, their eyes saying more than any words could.

"Oh god Giles"  She kissed him again, but as she pulled she met the horrified gaze of her best friend standing in the doorway of Giles kitchen. "Oh God."

Giles recognized that the second exclamation was not one of passion, and his eyes flew open to catch the horrified expression on Buffy's face.  She scrambled off his lap and tried to catch Willow as she flew out the door. After she watched her best friend peel out of the driveway, she slammed the door and leaned against it.  "Damn, how am I going to explain this to her."

"Well, I'm sorry you feel you have to explain."  Giles now stood stiffly beside the couch.  "Don't worry I understand.  Sometimes love can't conquer all things, especially public opinion."

"Good God, Giles."

"No, no Buffy it's okay.  I would have suggested secrecy, but I'm not sure I could live with you feeling ashamed."

"Giles will you just listen to yourself for a moment."  Buffy exploded in exasperation, "I'm not ashamed about us.  I'm not even ashamed about what Willow saw.  But think about what she saw Giles, just think for a moment." When she finally saw it penetrate, she stepped closer and placed her hands on his chest.  "I'm not ashamed by anything between you and me.  I never will be, but I am ashamed that I was so callous as to not think of Willow. She's got to be traumatized by walking in on that.  Hell, I think she would be traumatized by walking in on me and anybody.  I'm surprised she didn't go into shock when she and Oz first had sex."

"They . . . they've had sex."  Buffy giggled at Giles astonished look.

"Yup, in fact I'm the only one of the group who hasn't been getting any." She pushed him back against the couch until he sat down.  "Do you have any idea how horny I am?"  She purred as she climbed up on top of him.

"Buffy, I don't want you to be embarrassed by me . . ."  To his surprise, she didn't explode in anger, but instead in a fit of giggles.

"Do you have any idea how ridiculous we sound?"  She murmured as she undid the first button of his shirt leaning down to kiss the flesh that she exposed.  "I mean really here we are still all hung up on our insecurities. After confessing our undying love, and you bringing me to the most intense orgasm of my life."  She let out a girlish giggle, and Giles was reminded just how young and innocent she was.

"Don't go there Giles.  I recognize that expression.  You are not too old for me."  She undid another button, and this time as she kissed him, she let her tongue flick out across his skin.  He bit back a moan.

"Do you know that I was worried I was too young for you.  Even after Autumn. Still worried that I wasn't mature enough."  Another button.

"Buffy, we don't have to rush this.  I've waited so long that . . ."  She silenced him with a kiss.

"No talking while I'm seducing you."  Buffy teased.  Another button, and this time she dipped her tongue into his navel.  Giles worked very hard to keep still and quiet not wanting to give her the satisfaction of knowing just how crazy she made him yet.  It worked.  Noticing his lack of reaction. she looked up with a tiny hint of uncertainty in her eyes.  "I am going to be successful with this seduction aren't I?"

"No."  Buffy pulled back as if she had been slapped, but it didn't last for long, because Giles pulled her in for a long heady kiss.  Taking one hand away from her face, he pushed against the couch, and stood.  Buffy instinctively wrapped her legs around him, refusing to break the kiss.

< Bloody hell! >  Giles lowered Buffy to the ground when he was halfway up the stairs.  There should be warnings for old men who were stupid enough to try to make it up a set of stairs with a ravishing young woman attached to them.  She was continuing to be distracting, sliding down his body so that he could feel every curve of hers, including the hard nipples of her breasts through the thin material of her dress.  He stopped as one thought, and one thought only came through his mind. < She hadn't been wearing a bra back in the restaurant. >  When he had been so infuriatingly close to her back behind that plant, the only thing that had separated him from her was the thin material of his shirt and her dress.  The mental image and possibilities that that thought brought to mind extracted a groan from him.


"Hmmm?"  Her question was idle and playful, so much like her tone when they were training that he almost forgot what she had been doing to him mere seconds ago.  And then he looked down . . .

While he had been contemplating the fact that she probably wasn't wearing a bra, she had unzipped her dress and stepped out of it, revealing that he was extremely accurate in his guess at her undergarments.  Of course that guess hadn't extended so far as to imagine that her panties would be a little wispy piece of silk and lace that covered so little and accentuated so much that it might as well have not been there.  She had unbuttoned the rest of his shirt, and her fingers now played at the waistband of his pants, every once in awhile brushing against his erection so lightly that he would have almost have believed that it was by accident.  Almost . . .

"Giles?"  She tugged at his waistband again to regain his focus.  Her tongue snaked out to lick her lips, and his mind was now filled with images with images of how it would feel to have those perfectly formed lips on his cock. Unconsciously he surged forward, and she giggled.  He would have never thought that sensual, throaty giggle was possible, but it was because she had just emitted one.  Now her hands moved from his waistband to trail through the hair on his chest.

Buffy had always thought that chest hair was a little gross, but now as she felt the light sprinkling of hair against her palms, she wondered why a woman would ever want a man with a smooth chest.  The crisp hairs were so delightful, so erotic against just her palms that she barely stifled the desire to find out how it would feel against her already sensitive breasts. If she acted on that impulse, she'd lose what little control she had over this situation at the moment.  So instead, her hands continued their course upward, barely stopping to scrape her fingernails across his nipples.  She reveled at his moan, but continued on.

"So explain to me Giles,"  She pushed the shirt off his shoulders and down his arms, massaging them as she went.  Stopping just short of taking it off, she used it to imprison him, and grabbing the edges she pulled him against her.  "Why am I not going to be successful at seducing you?"  Unable to resist anymore, she released her grip on the shirt, and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a kiss, as she reveled in the skin to skin contact of her breasts against his chest.  "Because I'm feeling pretty successful right now."  It was barely whispered as his lips closed around hers.

Within seconds, she lost all control.  Her hands roamed everywhere until they found the object of their quest.  Stroking him through the rough material of his pants, her other hand began to fumble with the button, but he pulled away.

Giles turned her so that she faced away from him.  His hands trailed lazily along the skin of her stomach leaving trails of fire wherever they roamed. His lips began to nibble at her throat, instinctively finding that one place on her neck.  Buffy whimpered in response.  His touch may have been magical, but the feel of his lips at that one spot was explosive.  "Giles . . ."  She moaned desperately.

Her watcher chuckled in response, and moved his hands up to stroke her breasts.  "Now, let's see why aren't you going to be successful at seducing me?"  His voice was thoughtful with a playful undertone, a mockery of one he always used when answering a question for her.  Just the sound of his voice like that was enough to heighten her desire another notch.  "Ahh, yes," His hand snaked down to finger her through her panties.  Slow firm strokes that brought her closer to the edge, but not close enough for release.  He leaned down to whisper in her ear, and the feel of his breath against her skin sent shivers through her body directly to her core.  "Because I've just taken over the seducing.  And you have exactly tens seconds to make it up to my bedroom, or I will take you right here on the stairs, hard and fast."

"And how would that be bad?"  Buffy panted.

"It wouldn't."  He practically purred.  "But there would be some very odd bruises for you to explain."

"I don't bruise."  She pleaded, pushing herself into his hand to let him feel just how desperate she was.

"Good point.  But wouldn't you much rather slow and intense?" As if to illustrate his point, he leaned down to suckle that spot on her neck, while rubbing lazy circles around her clit.

That was all the encouragement Buffy needed.  Within seconds she was up the stairs.

Giles did not follow quite so quickly.  On contrary he took his own sweet time getting up the stairs, which he knew very well was only serving to make his already hot slayer even hotter.

For the second time that night Buffy stood in the center Giles' room with nervous flutters in her stomach.  Turning those flutters evaporated into a hot core of longing, so intense that she wasn't sure how she had gone so long without feeling it before.  He was leaning against the doorframe, watching her, again.  It was a replay of the scene early tonight, only with less clothes.

For a moment they just looked at each other.  His gaze was intense and passionate, just the way she had dreamed.  Running his eyes over her body one last time he gazed straight into her eyes.

"You know, when you were standing here earlier tonight, I was watching you and dreaming just how much I wanted to have you dress me everyday."  He stepped into the room.

"Really?"  Buffy smiled giddily, and then the smile turned feral.  "Strange, I was having a similar fantasy, but involved undressing you."  Suiting the action to the word, she undid the button on his trousers.  Placing soft kisses on his chest, she pulled the zipper down, and pushed his pants down, so they pooled at his feet.  She pulled away slightly, and Giles obeyed her indistinct command stepping out of the pants.

Now she kissed her way down his chest, kneeling as she placed a light kiss on his erection through his boxers.  At the feel of that Giles pushed forward.  Understanding his silent plea, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his boxers, and locked eyes with him as she dragged them down, massaging his legs as she went.  He hissed as he was freed.  That hiss turned to a moan, as without looking away Buffy placed another kiss at the head of his cock, and then took him in her mouth.

Even in this slightly submissive position, Buffy felt a surge of power at being to do this to her usually put together watcher.  He didn't look put together now.  His hands were tangled up in her hair.  His head was thrown back, and his breathing was ragged.  "Buffy.  Please, I . . . I want . . ."

She pulled away to look at him.  "What do you want Giles?"  She asked quietly.  God how she wanted to hear him say the words.

Looking into her eyes, he brushed the hair away from her face and stroked her cheek.  "I want to be inside you."  He whispered softly.  Then as if shocked to hear those words coming from his mouth, he stammered "I . . . I just love you so much Buffy.  I want to share everything with you."

Tears formed in the corner of her eyes, and she fell back onto the floor, knocked over by the sheer force of his words.  Smiling, she pulled her panties over her hips and down her legs.  The whole act of this final covering being shed made more erotic by the knowledge that he was watching her and she was baring everything to him, concealing nothing.  The sheer openness of everything made this the most passionate experience of her life. Her time with Angel had been undercover of darkness in more than one way. Under sheets, their needs just conveyed from the primal movements of their bodies, no desires had been so openly stated.  Doing that left them vulnerable, and for some reason they had been afraid of that sort of vulnerability.  Not so with Giles.  It was her vulnerability that made her so sure.  The fact that she could open herself up so wholly and yet still feel so protected.

"I want you inside me."  She whispered back, when she kicked panties away.

He fell to his knees between her legs, and for a long time just looked at her drinking in this sight.  Her golden hair fanned out around her like a halo, the sweat glistened on her body making her shine like gold.  A goddess was beneath him.

She could feel the heat of his hands, hesitating just above her breasts.  He was waiting for permission, or for her to ask.  Either way he seemed to have read her mind about what made this so special.  "Please touch me Giles." The reward was exquisite, as the slow firm strokes of his hands were replaced by his mouth on one breast and then the other.  Buffy wanted to touch him so badly, but her hands stopped just short of resting on his butt. He knew what she was waiting for.

"Touch me Buffy."  If was half a plea, half a command, and just what she wanted.  Stroking his cheeks, she moved him so that his tip was right at her opening.  When he felt her velvety against the head of his cock, something clicked in Giles brain.   "Buffy, we need . . ."

She stopped him short with a kiss.  "No, Giles, we don't."  She whispered. "I'm on the pill, and I don't want anything between us.  Nothing, do you understand?  I want to feel you and only you.  Come in me Giles, and make me come."

Those did more to him than anything else she had done all night.  With one thrust he embedded himself fully in her, and began a slow steady pace.

Which lasted for all of ten seconds.  This had been building inside them since they met, and had become urgent over the last few days.  The pace became quick and frenzied with the intensity of their feelings.  As Giles felt himself begin to lose the last threads of control, he moved his hand towards her clit.  But to his shock he felt her begin to pulse around him, coming of her own accord.

As Buffy spiraled off into ecstasy, she whispered urgently "Love you.  Love you so much."  Repeating those words as if this would be the last chance she ever got to say them to him.

Her whispered statement was all it took, to send him over the edge as well, with the hoarse shouts of, "Love you, live for you, need you."


He was heavy.  They had been lying together for some time, with him still on top, just content to feel each other.  Buffy liked that he was heavy.  In fact when he had moved to get off her, she had clutched him to her, refusing to let him move.  The weight of him reassured her that this wasn't a dream, that all her fantasies had come true.

Giles was looking at her now, the way she had dreamed of, and something occurred to her.  Taking in her serious expression, Giles quipped softly, "Penny for your thoughts."

"Have you thought about how your going to tell Autumn?"  She was surprised to feel the rumble of silent laughter going through him.  "What's so funny?"

"She knows.  Bloody perceptive girl that she is.  In fact her exact words were, 'Talk to her you stubborn son of a bitch.' And 'It's great, but it's weird.'"  Buffy laughed right along with him, being able to just see Autumn saying those words.

Now she could feel him hardening against her in response to simple movements of her laughter.

Giggling Buffy rubbed against him.  Giles propped himself up on his elbows and raised a questioning eyebrow.  "I just thought of something."  He waited for her to continue.  "I never actually made it to the bed, so . . ."  She let out a groan as he began to stroke her breast, and struggled to regain her train of thought, "Does that mean that the threat of hard and fast on the stairs still holds?"

His response was a hard, quick kiss and then he pulled away.  "Absolutely."

Walking to the door, he turned at her "Giles."


"It's not weird.  Us being together is not weird."  He grinned back at her, and then swept her up into his arms.

"Oh, yes it is.  It's very weird."  He silenced her protests with a swift kiss.  "Very weird, and very wonderful.  And Buffy Summers . . . I wouldn't have it any other way."