by Sharon Jacobs

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon, WB, and Fox,not me.

10 vamps in one night, it must be a record, Buffy thought smugly, as she brushed the vampire dust off of her favorite stake. She checked her watch,it was only 11:30. Still early enough to go over to Giles and gloat.

She skipped along through the dark, until she came to her watcher's house.The lights were on, so he was still awake.

She was about to head up the walkway to the front door, when she heard anoise from the side. Carefully, she crept around and saw a shadowy figureprying a window open. She smiled. It was just a prowler. She tiptoed up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He jumped in surprise and turned on the girl. Buffy smiled sweetly at him, stake in hand. His mouth fell open inshock and he made a hasty retreat. Buffy let him go, after all she was the Slayer; she couldn't waste her time on petty criminals. She reached for the window and saw that he had managed to open it. She was about to go tell Gileswhat happened, when a light clicked on in the room.

It was a bedroom, she noticed. Giles came in and flung his jacket into achair. Buffy giggled and crouched down, to avoid detection. Next Giles removed his tie, and started unbuttoning his vest. Buffy realized that he meant to take everything off and she quickly sank down on the ground in embarassment. Eep, she thought I hope he never finds out I was watching him . Then her mind drifted back to all the personal questions Giles had insisted on asking,to help him with his duties as her Watcher, he said. About her period and prior sexual activity. Buffy still blushed remembering that one. She wished that she had lied to him, maybe told him stories of having wild passionate affairs and a couple of orgies instead of admitting that she was the V word. Her face darkened with anger. He had no right to pry into her personal business like that, even for the sake of humanity.

She raised back up to the window. It was only fair. He knew intimate stuffabout her and now she would know intimate stuff about him. He had taken thevest off and was working on the shirt. Then for no apparent reason, he left the room. Damn! Damn! Damn! she thought. She sat on her haunches waitingfor him to come back, probably clad in tweed pajamas. She heard movement in the room and peered in again. Her eyes widened in shock. He was absolutely naked!

It wasn't the first time that Buffy had seen a naked man. She had long ago found her mom's secret stash of Playgirl. But this was the first time thatshe had seen one so up close and personal. His body was thin, but finely muscled. To her surprisse his chest had a light covering of hair. She hadnever pictured Giles as the hairy chested type. Her eyes moved slowly downwards.She gulped. He was very well endowed if those photos from Playgirl wererepresentative of the normal guy.

Giles pulled the covers of the bed back and sat down with a thick book. He sleeps in the nude! she realized. It took a moment to digest this piece of mind boggling information. Perhaps it was one tiny bit of rebellion at the strict life that had been forced upon him, she reasoned.

Her eyes traced his long legs, stretched out on the bed and she felt a very warm feeling work it's way down her body. He turned over on his side, facingher. She swallowed convulsively, as her eyes were drawn again to his naked manhood.

He slammed the book shut, and removed his glasses. For a moment Buffy feared that he had seen her, but he laid his head down on the pillow. He seemed to be lost in thought. She wondered what about. Had he found another prophecy? Buffy smiled, she never seemed to know what was going on in his head.

She noticed, not for the first time, that he had a very curious face. Highcheekbones, perpetually arched eyebrows and his eyes, well they were almost indescribable. They seemed to change color with his mood. Now, she could detect a hint of gold in them. He didn't really look like anyone that she had ever seen before. He was completely unique.

He pulled the covers over him and turned out the light. Buffy sighed, andsat back down on the ground. The show was over. She looked up at the window.The prowler had broke the lock. She couldn't go off and leave it like that,but she couldn't go tell Giles that she just happened to notice that hislock was broken while spying on him.

She considered her options. What would happen if she opened the window andwent to him? Would he stroke out, or give her the sternest lecture of her life? Or maybe, just maybe, he would teach her the secrets that she so desperately wanted to learn. She shook her head to clear it of

such foolish thoughts. There was no way that she was going to reveal whatshe had done tonight, ever.

She made herself as comfortable as possible on the ground. She would stayout here tonight, to protect him from any harm and then she would go homeand forget this ever happened. Yeah, right.