Walking In
By Saint Buffy

Title: Walking In
By Saint Buffy
Spoilers: Season four. This is somewhere between Beer Bad and Pangs.
Pairing: B/G, a little G/other but it's over quickly, I promise.
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: They're not mine, don't sue.
Summary: Buffy has an eye-opening experience when she walks in on Giles and a woman. Doing Things.

Buffy pushed the door open, walked through, and stood, staring, mouth hanging open, about a foot into Giles's living room.

She rarely knocked when she entered his house. Since the Olivia thing, she had thought about it, usually as she walked through the bright courtyard outside his home, but still she always simply pushed the door open. She always found him fiddling around in his kitchen, or reading a book, or sometimes disagreeing with his old television. Doing something habitual and comforting.

The whole apartment, once she was over the grown-up, old-fashioned bachelor padness of it, was a comfort to the slayer. It was so completely Giles. He was such a quiet man, in some respects, and so unassuming, that it was nice to see somewhere his personality had taken over so completely. He had a nice personality, one that gave Buffy strange feelings whenever she thought too much about him; Buffy had caught herself thinking how good a man he was to have in your life, and how the more you got to know him, the more you found to know.

She stared. Up against the wall, opposite to where Buffy stood, someone was getting to know Giles very well. Her eyes travelled down his broad bare back, muscles clenching with each thrust, to his well-formed backside, half-hidden beneath two desperately groping hands, and she gaped as two half-dressed bodies heaved and thudded against the familiar green wall, gasping for air, making the strange unmistakable sounds of two people-

"Oh my God," Buffy choked, backing away from the scene and aiming for the door. She felt rather than saw Giles looking towards her, and heard his shout as she ran like a slayer possessed.



"Buffy!" She was gone. "Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," Giles said, pulling out, backing away and scrambling to pull his trousers up.

"What are you doing?" Maria asked, still gasping for air.

"I have to go after her," Giles said, buckling his belt frantically.

"Why, are you-" Maria's eyes darkened- "Are you seeing her?"

"No!" he looked back at that. "I'm- I'm sorry." He was still painfully aroused- another minute and Buffy would have had even more of a shock than she had already. Everything was changing, fading, spinning out of control. He stared at the door for a moment, still torn between his first instinct, which was to run after the slayer, and more rational parts of him that said that wasn't a good idea. "I'm sorry," he repeated, stepping back towards Maria. She pulled her shirt closed over her chest, staring up at him angrily. Again, Giles saw the resemblance to the slayer that had somehow attracted him to her in the first place, when she had served him at the Expresso Pump, only a few hours ago.

"Who the hell was she?" she demanded, smoothing her skirt down. Giles somehow doubted he'd be allowed to mess up her clothes again as his date began to do up her shirt. "For God's sake," she added before he could think up a reply, "I can't believe you didn't lock the door!"

"It was unforgivable," Giles agreed, rubbing his hands together awkwardly, then watched as Maria picked up the bag, which had been discarded by the door. "Do you want to meet up again?" he asked, imagining the embarrassment of the meeting as he spoke. She turned and glared at him again.

"No, I want to forget this ever happened," she snapped, and left, slamming the door shut behind her.

Giles sank on to a chair with a sigh. This was why he didn't go on dates, he thought a little irrationally, absently stroking at his crotch. They always ended badly. People died, demons interrupted, or if not demons, then slayers. He'd said as much to Maria when she first asked him out- well, said that he had a lot going on in his life which didn't leave much time for socialising. His refusal had only made her more persistent- another trait he recognised from his slayer.

Giles frowned, dipping his hand into his boxers to seize his cock as he thought. Dating a woman because she reminded him of his slayer wasn't exactly the most noble of reasons. He hadn't realised it at the time, but the whole evening- he had only met Maria a couple of hours beforehand- had been directed, in some subliminal way, at his slayer. She had been out when he dropped by to talk about a demon Xander had spotted, and this absence on the end of a long line of other absences had been enough to drive him into the Expresso Pump, looking for company. His need for human contact had been translated into a need for more specific, female contact when Maria had appeared in front of him, delivering a cup of something Giles never wished to experience again. He smiled grimly, stroking himself harder. Whatever the young woman lacked in coffee making skills, she certainly made up for in other departments. And yet here he was, alone, seeking the solace of his own hand, and the next day only promised more embarrassment as he still had to talk to Buffy about this bloody demon. And that would be a pleasant talk. "I'm sorry Buffy, I was just trying to get a life, as you don't seem to need me in yours," he imagined saying, or "I didn't know that woman, I just wanted to fuck something other than my hand for once."

With an ironic smile, he imagined the looks his slayer would give him if he said either of those things, the pouts, the widening of those captivating eyes, the shifts in her contrary body, so soft and yet so strong, as she recoiled from him. He changed rhythm, hand trying to engulf as much of his cock as he could as he pictured his slayer in her sunny dorm room. Suddenly he came, head thrown back against the back of the chair, eyes closed, mouth wide.

After a moment, he raised his hand in shock, opening his eyes to stare at the semen glistening on his skin. He had just come to orgasm whilst picturing Buffy, and the thought of that, whilst horrifying, was enough to stir some life again in his spent cock. He had just imagined- God, he was a sick, twisted old man- and yet it would feel wonderful if he *was*… he suddenly decided that he needed to stop thinking along those lines.

"Good job, Giles," he muttered, pushing himself to his feet and heading to the bathroom to clean up. "If there's any other way you can make tomorrow's meeting more awkward, I'd love to hear it."

He washed himself up. The tap was cold, the sound of running water emphasising the silence in the rest of the apartment.



Giles approached the door. He could hear Buffy moving around behind it, but she was quiet- hopefully alone. He hesitated, running through his prepared speech once again. Since yesterday, since he had come so suddenly, imagining her body swaying in front of him, he could hardly stop thinking about his slayer, and whenever he did, he found certain parts of him stirring with interest, putting completely improper thoughts in his mind. In a way he was thankful she had given up training with him- God alone knew how he would have survived that. He stared at the door for a few more seconds, wanting quite desperately to turn around and leave, then pushed it open quietly, walked in and closed the door behind him. Then turned to see his slayer.


Buffy turned towards him, hands automatically wrapping around herself, and Giles felt his gaze rake up and down her body before he managed to turn and put his broad back between himself and the vision before him.

"Sorry, sorry," he said, pulling his glasses off and covering his eyes for good measure. Curves and naked golden skin danced before his eyes- and more curves and curls of hair- "I'll go outside."

"No, turn around," she said. He turned. Buffy had slipped on her dressing gown, wrapping it tightly around herself, folding her arms across her front. They stared at each other.

"This really is our week for walking in on each other, isn't it?" Buffy said, and they both grinned, then began to giggle helplessly, relieved, feeling the potential for awkwardness drain away. Giles propped himself up against the desk and tried to control his breathing. The thought that he had, in fact, come up with a way to make their meeting more awkward struck him, and he suppressed another giggle.

"Why did you come?" Buffy asked, and Giles calmed himself, his speech instantly forgotten.

"I, er, just wanted to apologise for what… for last night," he said, knowing his face was reddening. Buffy looked away.

"It's fine. Already repressing," she said, and Giles braced himself for a 'ew' comment. It didn't come. He let out a small sigh of relief. "I should have knocked, or… not come," Buffy added.

"No!" He blushed again. "No, I mean, you must always feel that you can come in my house. *To* my house," he corrected, shuddering with embarrassment. "If you should need to." It seemed that once you started down this humiliating route with the slayer, there was no turning back, no matter how hard you tried.

"It's good to know I can come," Buffy replied hastily, trying to repair the damage, then winced as she caused some more. "To your place," she finished, suffering as much as he was. Giles thought of a way out of the conversation and leapt on it.

"Why did you want to see me last night?" he asked. Buffy wilted visibly in relief at the change in subject.

"Your note. You said there was something you needed to tell me," she explained. Giles nodded.

"Oh, right, of course." He had forgotten that he had left a note on Buffy's door, but remembered as she spoke, the trouble the note had caused as he tried to leave demons out of the public eye.

"You said an 'old friend' was visiting," Buffy continued. "I'm guessing they're not coming with candy and flowers?"

"No," Giles said, pushing his hands into his pockets. "I wasn't sure how safe it would be, to go into details in the note." Buffy made a face.

"Not safe, unless you're angling for me to be taken away in a padded van," she answered. Giles smiled at his slayer, relieved that things were returning to normal.

He looked so incredible, giving her a shy smile, his face still flushed with laughter and embarrassment. Buffy couldn't help smiling back, although technically she was still mad at him.

She had being trying to be mad since last night, but her anger wasn't going that well. She had been focusing on how wrong it was for Giles to go around having sex with people she didn't know. Or people she did know. In fact, Giles and sex should not be mixed in her mind in any way. But the two subjects had become mixed, Buffy realised, and the more mixed they got, the more they seemed to want to stay that way.

Her anger really wasn't going well, especially as she had been to enough psych classes to start wondering why she felt she should be angry. Giles's sex life had nothing to do with her, she had thought, and really she should be laughing the whole thing off, but she couldn't. She clung on to how wrong it had been for him to sleep with That Woman because without the righteous anger, without blustering at the 'wrong-ness' of the sight, all she was left with were images of a very sexy man doing very sexy things and an unresolved, restless ache between her legs.

That's why Giles and sex should never be tangled up, because it left her with so many bad feelings which a slayer should not be having about her watcher. Or ex-watcher. As much as she tried, now the lid had been taken off the idea, thoughts about how sexy Giles really was, when you looked at him properly, kept pouring into her mind. And last night, in bed… she had been glad that Willow been there when she got back from Giles's, hadn't been there to see Buffy finish off the burning desire the sight of her watcher had caused, as the slayer lay back in her bed, eyes closed, imagining that body moving above her instead of her own hand.

She watched as Giles noticed the pile of waiting clothes on her bed.

"I'll just, er, step outside and let you get on with those," he suggested, and opened the door again. Once he was safely outside, Buffy scrambled to put on her clothes as quickly as possible, then ran a brush through her hair again and grabbed a necklace from the top of her chest.

"Giles, you can come in again," she called as she swept her hair away from her neck, reaching round to put her necklace on. He came in. "Could you give me a hand with this?" she continued, before he had a chance the say anything. He stepped over hesitantly, as she turned.

His fingers took over the ends of the necklace from hers, closing over her hands warmly. She stared at the floor as he nimbly fastened the clasp, brushing against her neck minutely, sending hairs on end. Finished, he laid his hands on her shoulders.

"There you go," he said, and she turned back towards him.


They stared at each other for a second, before he looked down and gestured at the necklace.

"It looks good."

"Thank you. I've had it for ages," she said, touching it absently, noticing the way his hair was curling up around his ears, the way his shoulders filled his jacket. He nodded.

"I've seen it on you before," he said, and Buffy felt a rush of heat go through her, just because he had noticed.

"Oh," she said, and sat on her bed.

"The reason I stopped by yesterday…" Giles said after a pause. She looked up. "It was nothing too important. I bumped into Xander and he told me that there's another Fuscos demon in town. I thought I'd drop by to, er, warn you about it."

Buffy frowned. "What do those things look like again?"

"This." Giles sat next to her, pulling a notebook out of his jacket, obviously prepared for her lack of memory. Buffy leant over, feeling the warmth of his body and his subtle smell as he flicked through pages of his own handwriting. Soon, he landed on a hand drawn sketch of a demon with a distinctive line of horns stretching down its back.

"Oh yeah," she said, tracing the horns with one finger. The paper was ridged with his pen strokes. "I remember him." She felt his arm brushing against hers and was reluctant to lean back. "Horny guy." This time the innuendo was intentional.

"Buffy?" Giles said softly. She pulled back slightly, looking up at him.

"Is this your watcher book?" she asked, realising that it was the first time she had talked about his diaries. Giles nodded.

"Of sorts. Since… since I am no longer your watcher, I suppose they wouldn't count, but once you get into a habit they can be quite hard to break," he said with a sad smile.

"So everything that's happened… everything we've done, it's all written down?" Buffy said softly, touching the page again. He watched her.


Buffy looked back down at Giles's neat writing, ordered across the page, his careful picture of the Fuscos demon, and then at his big hand resting curled on his thigh. Somehow it felt good that he had been documenting all they did. She imagined him writing, late in the night, tired, but still giving her fight the attention it deserved. Validating it, in a way. She smiled.

"How many books have we filled?" she asked.

"Thirty eight," he replied promptly. "Although I left one in the park one time while we were on patrol, so thirty eight and a half."

"You didn't find it again?"


"What was in it?" Buffy wondered, still leaning in towards him, resisting the urge to rest her head against his broad shoulder. He looked at her, eyes as quiet as always, holding her steadily in their green light.

"Not much," he said softly. "Nothing apocalyptic."

"Hm." Buffy twisted round on the bed, putting more space between them, but moving so she could see her watcher more clearly. Her leg came up and folded beneath her automatically, her bare foot brushing against Giles's thigh. He glanced down at it.

"You've cut yourself," he noted, brushing her ankle with two fingers. Buffy felt a shudder go through her at his touch, and tried to concentrate.

"Not bad. Broken glass in the park. When I was fighting," she explained erratically, aware of his fingers still resting lightly on her ankle. He seemed in no hurry to take his hand away. She moved closer, the bed beneath them suddenly throbbing with meaning. He traced the cut with his thumb, attentively, then looked up as another, less well hidden shudder moved through her. Buffy watched as his eyebrows drew together quickly, minutely, then rose a fraction as he guessed the meaning behind her tremor. Buffy could barely control another as his eyes darkened expressively.

"Sorry," he said, but he was leaning towards her, and the fingers on her ankle became a whole warm hand. "Did I hurt you?"

"No," she breathed, and he watched her face for a moment, reading her, then leaning down, slowly enough for Buffy to be fully aware of his intention before he reached it. He kissed her ankle, his lips so soft she could barely feel them, and her foot throbbed with heat in response. He sat back up.

"Better?" he asked, his voice low. She swallowed, and leant forward, knowing he had left it to her to make the final move.

For some reason their lips almost missed each other, and their first kiss was on the corners of each other's mouths. Their second was better placed, and Giles's hand took her head and pulled her mouth more firmly against his, while his other hand slid another few inches up her leg. He guided her as her leg came up and wrapped around his waist, and took her hip in one hand to pull her closer there as well, his mouth moving steadily against hers, tongue striking over her lips. She felt his tongue enter her mouth without realising she had opened it for him, and all the strength went out of her as he flicked over the roof of her mouth, and then down to stroke against her tongue.

He was everything, suddenly. Filling her mind, surrounding her, hot and sweet and another hundred things Buffy couldn't put words to. She let him push her down on to the bed, hands running through his soft hair, across his shoulders, legs cradling him, her back arching up as he ran a hand down her side to her thigh. He pressed his hips against hers, bearing his weight into her until she thought she might come from the pressure alone.

He broke away from her mouth at last, and began to kiss her throat and jaw as they both gasped for breath. She began to push his jacket off his shoulders, clawing at him desperately, fighting to get his clothes off. He pulled his arms out of the sleeves impatiently and circled her again, opening her mouth to thrust his tongue in and out of her, tilting her head, shamelessly sexual. Buffy felt a groan building up inside her and let it go as he moved to pin down her writhing legs with a hand on the juncture of each thigh, his thumbs pressing the edges of her mound through her trousers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer, kissing him back, needing his touch as much as she needed air to breathe.

The door opened.

"Hey Bu- Argh!"

Buffy and Giles sprang apart, but the damage was done, and Willow was standing in the doorway clutching a bag against her and looking as if her eyes were about to fall out of her head.

"I don't bloody believe it," Giles gasped, half to himself, raking a hand through his hair.

"Oh! Giles! You- and…"

"Willow," Buffy said, standing up and straightening her clothes. Giles leapt to his feet.

"I'd better-" he said, making a cowardly dash for the door. He turned and gave Buffy a look, full of desire and inquiry.

"Okay," she said, still a little breathless, and he nodded.

"Right." He left. Buffy stared at the door for a moment, half of her leaving with him, following his tall body as it hurried away. She sighed, pulled herself together, and turned to face her friend.

Willow was sitting on the floor by her bed, obviously having aimed for the bed but missed.

"But it's you and Giles," she said as Buffy turned to her, still looking completely shocked. "I just walked in here and it was you and Giles!"

Buffy sat down next to her. Her legs still felt weak and her breathing was funny and she could still feel the impression of Giles's hands on her body, the fire he had caused between her legs.

"Yeah," she admitted with a shaky breath. She gave a little laugh. "Believe me, I'm as shocked at this as anyone."

"But… you were kissing him! You and Giles!" Willow repeated. Buffy sighed, suddenly wanting to do this conversation somewhere where there would be other people around to take the focus off her. She smiled awkwardly at her friend.

"Would you like a coffee?"

They hit the Expresso Pump in the graveyard zone between the lunch time rush and the post-work caffeine dose. Buffy watched Willow nervously as the witch sat behind more caffeine than Buffy usually let her order.

"So… how long have you been…" Willow began, then couldn't go on, making a 'you know' gesture instead.

"That was it," Buffy said. "I mean, that was the first time we…" Willow's aversion to finishing sentences seemed to be catching.

"Oh," Willow said. She gulped back another third of her coffee. "But it looked like you were… about to…" The 'you know' gesture appeared again.

"I think we were," Buffy said, thinking back to the blind desire she had been feeling. "It was really…" Again, words failed away, and she shrugged apologetically, sipping at her drink.

"Do you… are you… how do you feel about him?" Willow asked, fixing her friend with a piercing look. Buffy opened her mouth, but it took a moment for the words to start coming out.

"Like… like a door's opened, and all this stuff is coming out," she said.

"Stuff?" Willow said. "Love stuff?"

Buffy stirred her drink, still struggling with her feelings.

"Love stuff," she agreed, "But… it feels like this stuff has been there all long, and I've only just noticed it," she explained. Willow gave her a sympathetic smile.

"I know that one," she said, a look of pain passing across her face, obviously thinking about Oz. Buffy gave her a tight smile in return.

"Sorry," she said, and they both knew what she meant.

They sat in silence for a moment. Willow finished her coffee and caught the waitress's eye.

"Could I have another one, please?" she asked as the woman passed. The waitress- a blonde woman in her late twenties- nodded abruptly.

"Yeah, sure," she said, and gave Buffy a glare. Buffy watched, confused, as the woman disappeared behind the counter.

"What was that about?" she wondered aloud, and Willow shrugged.

"I don't know," she said, and they merged into silence again. Buffy tried to think of something to say.

"So, are you freaked?" she asked bluntly. Willow looked up.

"No! No freakiness," she said, her hands fiddling with each other nervously. "I mean, Giles is a… well, he's Giles, and he already knows about slaying and stuff, and you get bonus points for him not being, you know, dead."

"Thanks," Buffy said, and the waitress returned, thumping down a cup in front of Willow and serving Buffy with another stare.

"I'm sorry," Willow continued, giving Buffy a patented Willow look of apology. "It's just, it was a bit of shock, you know, coming in when…"

"I know what you mean," Buffy said with feeling, remembering how she felt seeing Giles and Miss Shiny Legged Woman-

She froze in shock, eyes dragging inevitably to the waitress behind the counter. Buffy winced and slid further down in her seat, trying to put the sugar shaker between her and the waitress's intermittent glare.

"Will?" she asked in a small voice. "Can we go now?"


Buffy tried the door, rolling her eyes when she found it unlocked as usual. Stepping through, she silenced Giles with a look as he rose from the sofa to greet her.

"Is anyone else here?" she asked before he could say anything. He paused, looking confused.

"No, it's just…" he began, trailing off as Buffy turned back to the door. She pushed it firmly shut behind her, twisted the key in the lock, then stepped back.

"Buffy," Giles said warmly, coming up behind her, smiling quietly. She stepped away from him, grabbing a chair, still not satisfied with the state of the door. Jamming the chair under the door handle, she stepped back to admire her handiwork, but frowned, still unsure. Spotting a chest near the door, she heaved it in front, hearing weapons clanking inside and feeling grateful for her slayer strength. A final prod with her foot made sure that the chest was flush against the door. Then she turned and grinned up at her bemused watcher.

"Is there a human de-invitation spell?" she asked, her eyes flickering to take in the whole of his blood warming appearance. "I could kinda use one right now."

"I think your precautions should be adequate," he murmured in reply, taking slow steps towards her, his gaze just as hot and roving as hers. He slipped his arms around her waist, pulling her close to his hips and planting a stream of burning kisses on her neck. Buffy moaned, opening herself up to his mouth, amazed by how much he turned her on.

"We should talk," he said between kisses, the feel of his hot breath on her neck making her feel weak.

"We should do that," Buffy agreed, capturing his mouth against hers. He lifted her up as they kissed, bringing her closer, growling softly as she pushed her tongue into his mouth, longing to explore his body. She wrapped her legs around his hips as he turned to carry her towards his bed.

Buffy felt the soft covers beneath her as he laid her down, and smiled up at him as he lowered his head to kiss her. Something about the way he moved, the way he touched her, made Buffy feel that nothing could happen now to stop them finally uniting. His hands running slowly down her sides, over her breasts, her stomach and thighs, were like a natural force, strong and inevitable. She reached over his back to haul his sweater over his shoulders.

They pulled away slightly to undress, pulling clothes off themselves and each other, pausing to kiss as they were gradually exposed. She felt her breathing quicken as he pushed his pants off, rolling to kick his shoes and socks away. She welcomed him back into her arms, running her hands over his broad shoulders as he kissed his way from her throat down to her breasts. She stroked his hair as he ran his tongue around her right breast, his breath hot and damp again her skin. She responded with a groan, low in her throat, and he licked her harder, taking her left breast in his hand, his thumb rolling over her nipple. His tongue stroked across her skin in narrowing circles until the tip was gently teasing her nipple, teasing it into a harder state before he took it into his beautiful mouth, rubbing his tongue across it and sucking gently. Buffy pulled his head deeper into her chest, lifting her body as he slid one arm beneath it.

She shut her eyes, her head tipped back into his bed, unable to think, feeling more secure and loved than anyone had even made her feel before. He swapped breasts, using his teeth to graze her skin, kissing and nibbling his way towards her nipple. He ran his tongue up between her breasts, and Buffy felt her chest heave uncontrollably as he slid slowly down her body to repeat the process, starting from just above her pubic mound and running his wet tongue up to plant kisses on her sternum.

They kissed again, mouths moving tenderly, his thumb following a line over her jaw and up to her ear. He moved away to kiss the smooth skin beneath her ear, then take the lobe between his lips, teasing it gently with his tongue, the gentle sucking sound of his parting lips magnified by his closeness. Buffy groaned again, and he moved his attention to her neck.

The feel of him loving her was almost too much to bear. Buffy pushed his shoulders, turning them over in the bed until she was straddling him, her hot core pressed against his stomach. Giles smiled up at her, hands moving restlessly over her hips and thighs.

"Like it on top?" he asked softly, neither of them willing to turn up the quiet volume of their lovemaking. Buffy leant over him, leaning on hands braced on the bed beneath his armpits.

"I just wanted to see you," she murmured back, then contradicted herself by closing her eyes as she lowered her lips to his chest, exploring his skin with her mouth. She moved slowly, taking in his scent, the crisp hair against her face, listening to his heart thundering beneath her and the gentle rush of his breath. His hands slipped down to rest on her buttocks, encouraging, squeezing her gently until she moved lower, out of reach. Buffy kissed a trail across his stomach, pressing her lips hard against his skin, then opened her eyes as she moved lower, into the thick hair around his cock.

Her heart was pounding inside her as she pulled back slightly to look at his manhood, one hand reaching out for him. She had never done this before, with Angel, or Parker- never taken a man's cock in her hand or her mouth. She touched him, letting her fingertips run lightly over the soft skin of his shaft, and looked up towards his face as he gasped, hips rising involuntarily. His eyes were closed, face hardened with pleasure. She focused on his cock, sitting back between his legs and taking his shaft in her hand. He gasped again as she slid her hand down to the base, and Buffy leant forward to taste him, licking his tip and lowering her head to take his balls in her mouth.

"Buffy!" he cried out as she sucked him gently, his voice a mixture of shock and desire. She smiled, stroking his balls with her tongue, running her hands over his hard thighs, his cock feeling hot and hard against her face. As he began to thrust his hips upward, she pulled away, moving back towards his face, stretching her body out over his.

He opened his eyes as she lay against him, looking down at her, eyes intense and dark. They stared at each other, drinking in the sight until he rolled them both, settled himself between her legs and reaching down for a kiss.

"Do I need a condom?" he asked softly as they broke apart. Buffy shook her head.

"Not unless…"

"I'm clean," he supplied, and they kissed again, deeper, bodies straining to be as close as possible. Giles broke the kiss as his tip pressed against her entrance, and Buffy's back arched in response to the feel as he moved himself up and down, teasing them both, brushing against her swollen clit. His hand cupped her backside, and she shivered, revelling in the anticipation although her body was crying out to take him inside. A moment later, she shut her eyes as he pressed his tip into her entrance, their bodies just fitting together. She let out a long, moaning breath as he slid into her, stretching her, his shaft slipping through her wet channel.

Giles propped himself up on his elbows, stroking her hair and kissing her face as she moved slightly against him, familiarising herself with the feel of his cock inside her. Their eyes met tenderly.

"You feel so good," Buffy said, pulling his head down to kiss him.

"That's what I was going to say," he murmured as they parted. Buffy smiled, and he kissed her again, harder. "So good… hot and wet around me."

He thrust his hips as he spoke, his words and actions combining to drive floods of desire through her body. Buffy met his thrust, hips arching off the bed, and he pulled half out of her before thrusting in again. Soon they were moving desperately, wildly, his cock deeper inside her than Buffy could imagine. She began to cry out as his groin rubbed against her clit, and he pressed her deeper into the bed as she came, gasping his name, clutching at his backside and his shoulders and anything else that came beneath her hands.

She opened her eyes to smile at him as she came down, gazing into his eyes, feeling almost drunk with pleasure. Giles ran a hand along her thigh as she panted, then lifted her leg up to push deeper inside her, pressing the thumb of his other hand against her clitoris. Soon they were both frantic, coming together, overflowing and shouting out at the force of their explosion. Buffy felt a moment of near panic as he lost control, unable to believe what she had released from the depths of her quiet watcher's soul, but then she was laughing, triumphant as he shouted her name, still grinding his body into hers.

For a while they lay spent, collapsed, struggling to breathe. Buffy was just trying to remember if there was something she was supposed to do when Giles moved, taking his weight off her and covering her mouth with his.

They kissed blindly, still breathless, and Giles turned over on to his back, pulling her with him. Buffy settled into the side of his body, resting her head against his chest.

"Well, I'm glad we've had this little talk," Giles said, and she smiled, reaching up to kiss his mouth again. The kiss stretched out, and he rolled on to his side, one leg crushing over hers, both of them unable to stop their hands from moving around each other's bodies.

"It's been long overdue," Buffy replied, still feeling a little drunk, running her hands up and down his chest. He kissed her mouth again, lingering, brushing her lips with his until Buffy was sure her insides had all melted into each other.

"Of course, there's still a lot we should discuss," he murmured, moving to kiss her neck and shoulders restlessly. Buffy smiled, glad that he seemed far from finished with her body.

"Of course," she echoed, stroking one hand down his muscled back. He reached lower to touch her breast.

They both froze as someone pounded on the door below. Giles groaned, resting his head against her breasts.

"At least they're not walking in on us," Buffy whispered, playing with his hair.

"Giles?" Xander's voice sounded distant. "Giles, are you there? I saw that demon again…"

"That demon will just have to bloody well wait," Giles said determinedly, scooting lower down the bed. Buffy gasped as his mouth reached her centre.

"Poor Xand," she said, her hips moving restlessly off the bed. Giles slid his hands beneath her backside.

"Poor Xander my arse. I'm sure Anya is more than willing to keep him company," he said, and Buffy shivered as his voice rumbled against her clitoris.

"Mm," she replied, then lost all memory of the outside world as her lover's tongue came out to explore.


"Do we have to tell him now?" Giles hissed, pulling Buffy to one side of Xander's basement door. The slayer sighed up at him.

"Giles, we've been through this," she replied in a whisper. "Willow already knows, and we've got to tell him sometime before the wedding…" She grinned as her watcher's beautiful eyes widened.

"Come on then," he sighed, trying unsuccessfully to hide a wide smile. Buffy pushed the door, poking her head around to see if Xander was home. A moment later, she stepped back and shut the door again wordlessly. Giles watched her.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Maybe we should tell him later."


"This *really* is our week for walking in on things," Buffy elaborated, and smiled as his eyes widened even more.

"Oh." The sound of something thudding against something else sent them both scuttling away. Giles reached out and took Buffy's hand in his. "Let's go home."

They walked back to the car, hand in hand, quiet and content, ignoring the dim cries from the basement behind them.