Virtual Encounters
By Viv

Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Rating: NC-17 for m/f graphic sex.
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Notes: This is a response to Tori Deathangel's "Cybersex" challenge. The online chat will be preceded by the <Username> of the character. I decided against adding/leaving typo errors (I'd have to type with my glasses off to achieve a believable result, and my spellchecker would hate me if I did that), so you'll have to imagine that there were some. ;-)

Buffy sat down in front of the computer and switched it on. Usually, people wouldn't do this in the afternoon. Hell, normal people probably didn't do this at all. Buffy had to be careful not to get caught, which was why she preferred doing it while Willow was in class. Her friend was predictable that way: she always attended her classes. And often studied in the library after them. When she didn't have a date with Oz, that was. This left Buffy enough time for her little porn-fests. A smile spread across her lips, as she connected to the Internet.

She had found out about chat rooms in High School, and knew already then that there were some for horny people. At the time, she had found the idea extremely gross. But she had finally tried them out for herself after her incident with Parker. To say that she was gun-shy around men by now was really an understatement. But she still needed something to quell her Slayer needs. And that's how she had started having cybersex. It beat solo moments with Mr Pointy #2 - the one made out of latex, not wood - on many levels. There was the excitement of the contact, the other guy always inventing something new. The diversity of guys she met online - some incredibly sensual and imaginative, others just in for an intense quickie, all of them worth a try, anyway. And of course, the very fulfilling feeling of being desired by loads of men, without owing them anything afterwards.

Cybersex had become Buffy's drug lately. Maybe she was sick, only able to have pleasure with guys who lived on the other side of the world and who probably pictured her in their mind like some kind of sex doll. Well, it probably wasn't sicker than to fantasize alone about Keanu Reeves, or George Clooney, or Giles. BAD, Buffy, bad! She shouldn't think of her Watcher like that. Buffy sighed and pointed her attention to the chat program she was opening. She logged on under the handle of "HotLisa". To have a name like Elizabeth sucked big time, but some of the diminutives for it were pretty cool - Buffy being one of them. Besides, she was kinda using her real name, except that nobody had *ever* called her Elizabeth, except perhaps for her great-aunt, but she was just senile.

Once she was logged in, Buffy entered the #hornybrits channel. Brit guys were still awake on the other side of the Atlantic, and it was the ideal hour for them to have some cybersex before going to bed. Besides, she quite liked the idea of an English lover. Of course, Giles had nothing to do with that at all. *Nothing*. No sir.

~~ HotLisa enters #hornybrits ~~

<HotLisa> Hey guys! Whatcha up to?

Buffy grinned broadly as she recognised five of her previous cyber partners. She wondered if it would be a gangbang or if she would just have to pick one. It really felt good to have a cyber-harem. She started typing away with a smile on her face.


'You utter crap!' yelled Giles at the computer in front of him, slapping it on the top of its screen. If there was one thing that could make Rupert Giles go ballistic, it was one of those allegedly wonderful computers. He had completed various courses to learn how to master the bleeding machines, but they just wouldn't let him work with them. There was always a "Fatal Error", a "Not enough memory to perform this command" or a "Server not available" message around each corner. This time, it was the chat program that was going crazy on him - again. He used it from time to time, because it allowed him to keep contact with some Watcher friends in England, and therefore to stay up to date with the latest news in the mystic field. Willow had gracefully given him her old desktop computer, since she had bought a newer one. Giles had waited until now to decide to take a shot at computers and the Internet. It could also be useful to increase his competences in that area, in case he wanted to find another job, one day.

But right now, the chat program was giving him grief. When he entered his usual handle - "WatcherG" - it said that the user was already logged on. Bloody rubbish this computer was. Giles leant back on his chair and sighed, throwing his head back. To think that some people used computers for fun. He'd actually read about people using computers for sex. He was quite curious about that, really. He wondered how it was possible to get pleasure out of computer messages sent over the Internet, coming from complete strangers. Well, if the Watchers' chat room didn't work, he was going to find out right now what cybersex was. If he could get the bloody machine to work, of course.

Giles tried to think of an appropriate handle that wouldn't give away his identity. Something sexy, but not vulgar. He finally opted for "DarkReaper" - nobody would ever get the pun between "Ripper" and "Reaper", but it didn't matter. It wasn't as if he was going to talk much, anyway, all he wanted was to see what kind of things happened in these "cybersex" rooms. Funnily enough, this time, the chat program allowed him to log in - bloody unpredictable fad. He was faced with a list of "channels", as Willow had called them, with various names. He spotted #hornybrits, and immediately clicked on it. At least he would be spared Americanisms, if he was surrounded with fellow Englishmen. He hoped.

~~ DarkReaper enters #hornybrits ~~

<DesperateAndy> C'mon, Lisa, I've been missing you!

<TomTheTankEngine> Me too. That last time was really smashing.

<HotLisa> Yeah right, you missed me for what - 24 hours?

<DesperateAndy> Hey, I'm 17 and horny, OK?

<HotLisa> Nah, sorry, not this time darling. Say hello to your hand for me.

<DesperateAndy sighs>

<LoneWolf> So, whose turn is it, then, pet?

<10inches4u> Remember my 10 inches? Wanna feel those in you again?

<HotLisa> Is that all you ever talk about?

Giles rolled his eyes at the screen. A few lines of chat had already summed up a lot of what happened in there. There was one girl who was picking one of the - Giles counted - nine male chatters for cybersex. And bragging about their penis size was obviously the only way some blokes had found to attract her attention. The Watcher decided to practice his favourite sport - acerbic comments. It was fortunate that he had read articles on the subject once or twice, he felt quite inspired.

<DarkReaper> Are you supposed to divide cyber inches by two or by three, I'm not quite sure anymore?

<LoneWolf> I've been telling 10inches that forever. <grin>
<HotLisa giggles uncontrollably>

<10inches4u> I can prove it! I can send you a picture!

<TheGeek> As if you couldn't use Photoshop to make yourself look bigger.

<10inches4u> Besides, who are you, Dark, to make fun of me?

Giles smirked, feeling very much as if he was going back into his Ripper days, where verbal jousts were one of his great pleasures - along with beating the crap out of people, of course. Well, maybe he wouldn't experience cybersex, but he was going to have a little fun with the tossers who pranced about on the Internet.

<DarkReaper> Well, depending on how big a cyber-inch is, I'd say I'm 4 to 10 cyber-inches bigger than you are. Can you keep up with the calculations this entails?

<HotLisa> Hey guys, we've got a brain in the room! <grin>

<10inches4u> No way! You'd just be a monster!

<TheGeek> 10inches, you're such a pillock. <rolls his eyes>

<HotLisa> So, Dark, whatcha doing here?

<DarkReaper> Actually, I wanted to learn what cybersex was.

<TheGeek> Where were you when they invented the Internet, mate?

<HotLisa> A cyber-virgin!!! :-) I thought they were a myth!

<10inches4u> Hey Lisa you know you want this 8=0!

<DesperateAndy> nice one 10! :-)

<TheGeek> Rather like 8===0 if you're really 10 inches

<HotLisa> So, Dark, you like to watch? <giggle>

<DarkReaper> You'd be surprised at how much I do.

<LoneWolf> Hey Dark, stats?

<HotLisa> Yeah, tell us your stats, big boy!

<DarkReaper> Stats?

<TheGeek> Age, height, weight?

<DarkReaper> 40, 6'2, 190.

<DesperateAndy> Dirty old man!!!

<10inches4u> Too old to get it up, that's why he watches.

<HotLisa> 40 isn't old, and shut up already.

<TheGeek> Ouch, now we've got Lisa angry!

<DarkReaper> Thanks ducks, but I don't need defending against those prats.

<TomTheTankEngine is 32 and still in great shape>

<HotLisa> Ooh, and you're butch. I think I'm gonna have to initiate you, Dark.

<TheGeek> Aw, Lisa, you heartbreaker. What am I gonna do with myself now?

<LoneWolf> Get off thinking of Lara Croft, as usual.

<DarkReaper> What makes you think I want to be initiated?

Buffy raised a brow at the screen. That was a first. A guy came into the room and actually didn't want cybersex? Or was it just her he didn't want? She grimaced. Maybe it would be wise to just go for LoneWolf as she had been thinking all along. He was an interesting guy, very hot, if a bit violent and crude. But DarkReaper... Buffy bit her lip. There was something about the way he talked that just screamed "sexy". She really wanted to try him out.

<HotLisa> Don't you want to try? <pouts>

<LoneWolf> Well, well, Lisa's getting turned down for the first time in her life!

<10inches4u> Well I'm not giving it to her even if she begs, now.

<DarkReaper> Not in front of all those horny gits, no.

<TheGeek> As if you weren't one too!

<LoneWolf> Be careful who you call a git, mate!

<HotLisa> That's a problem we can easily fix!

Giles raised a brow and smiled as another window popped into view, in front of the chat room. The mention "private message" was written on top of it. He could hardly believe that the one girl had chosen him out of nearly a dozen other - younger - males. Maybe he hadn't lost his touch since the Ripper years, after all. Well, in theory. In real life, he would stutter and blush, which slightly broke his seductive image. The only reason he didn't stutter and blush in his Ripper years was that he was either drunk or stoned, which took the edge of his nerves. But he didn't feel self-conscious in a chat room, and slowly started to understand how interesting that possibility was.

<HotLisa> So, Dark... wow, a cyber-virgin. How did you manage to last so long?

<DarkReaper> I hate computers, so I didn't have the occasion to try chatting very often.

<HotLisa> I have a friend like you. Every time he touches a computer, it crashes.

<DarkReaper> You've probably met my long lost twin!

<HotLisa> Oooo, don't put bad ideas into my head. If you were his twin, you'd be gorgeous.

<DarkReaper> But I am! <chuckles>

<HotLisa> Nah, the guy I'm talking about is modest and shy. :-p Anyway, tell me about you.

<DarkReaper> Well, I've already said that I'm 40-something, 6'2, 190 - heavy build, mind, I'm not pudgy - well, not very.

<HotLisa> I like manly men, when there's a lot of everything. <grin> So, what do you look like?

<DarkReaper> Brown hair, I haven't been cursed with baldness fortunately. Green eyes, broad shoulders, glasses.

Buffy smiled, very satisfied. He sounded just like Giles. Obviously, it couldn't be him, because, first of all, how the hell would Giles learn to make a computer work, and second, he just didn't act like that, so flirty. Besides, this guy lived in England, re: the chat room's name. But in her mind's eye, in her fantasies, she knew that this guy was going to have Giles' face. She'd just say he was her Watcher's evil twin.

<HotLisa> Yummy. I've always wondered if you could have sex with a guy while he still wore his glasses.

<DarkReaper> Oh yes, believe me, you can. <grin>

<HotLisa> D'you wanna know about me?

<DarkReaper> Please.

<HotLisa> Okay, so I'm in my twenties, about 5'3, a bit on the thin side. I have blond hair and I can't decide what colour my eyes are. Kinda blue-green-brown-ish.

A sigh escaped Giles' throat. Obviously, there were probably thousands of petite blondes with eyes whose colour was indefinable, all around the world. Besides, Buffy hadn't turned twenty yet, and this girl was in England, according to the chat room's name. But he couldn't refrain from picturing his Slayer now, as he chatted with "HotLisa". He was actually sure that even if the girl had said that she was a plump brunette, he would have pictured Buffy anyway. She was the centre of all his erotic fantasies since that night at the Prom, and had already taken quite an important part in them even before that.

<DarkReaper> Quite the ideal woman for every man, then?

<HotLisa> You betcha. Supergirl, that's me. ;-)

<DarkReaper> I hope you're a good teacher for beginners like me.

<HotLisa> Sure. It's not hard... yet. <evil grin>

<DarkReaper> Oh, it may well already be. <evil grin>

And it was. Giles could hardly believe that within a few minutes of imagining himself flirting with Buffy, he had managed to get himself aroused. Well, of course, the years of abstinence had made him a little jumpy in that department. The Watcher suddenly stood up and walked to the door, to lock it. He also drew the curtains all around the room, worried that Buffy or someone else would come barging in and find him in this rather indecent state.

<HotLisa> Hmm, you sound nice and horny.

<DarkReaper> You'll have to find that out by yourself. <grin>

<HotLisa> Good. That's my favourite part, discovery. :-) First, are you alone?

<DarkReaper> Yes. I locked the door, just in case.

<HotLisa> Me too. Just hope my roomie won't come back. So, tell me what you're wearing.

<DarkReaper> A brown shirt and blue jeans. What about you?

<HotLisa> My cybersex clothes.

<DarkReaper> Please tell me they don't look like something out of a futuristic sci-fi show.

<HotLisa> Nah. It's a pink top with spaghetti straps, and a knee-length white skirt. You like it?

<DarkReaper> I do. Very sexy. <grin> Much better than silver bikinis.

<HotLisa giggles> All right, do you want me to initiate you?

<DarkReaper> With pleasure.

<HotLisa> Okay, so you imagine you're with me, and then you just tell me what you're doing to me. And I want you to do to yourself what I'm doing to you, okay?

<DarkReaper> All right.

All right? Giles frowned a little at himself, wondering if this was really a good idea. But it was new and exciting. He was already aroused as ever, and it was either getting off in front of the computer with some British girl, or on his bed all by himself. His moral thoughts stopped quite quickly after he read what "HotLisa" had to answer to him.

<HotLisa> First of all, I'm going to walk up to you and feast my eyes on your body. My lips slowly come closer to yours, and I kiss you.

<DarkReaper> And I respond, pulling you against my body and holding you tight against me.

<HotLisa> My arms go around your neck and I press my breasts into your chest while I kiss you.

<DarkReaper> I'm running the tip of my tongue over your lower lip, slowly.

'Wow,' let out Buffy, slipping a finger between her lips. This guy was perhaps a cyber-virgin, but he really knew what he was doing when it came to sex. Maybe he had pretended to be inexperienced, it could have been some trick to make her choose him. Anyway, it had worked damn well and she sure as hell didn't regret her choice. This really led her to think that the older they were and the more experience they had, the better... she whimpered, imagining Giles kissing her, then crossed her legs tight over her burning pussy.

<HotLisa> That really feels sexy. I think it's time I slipped my tongue into your mouth and started opening the buttons of your shirt.

<DarkReaper> I'll continue kissing you senseless, and my hands roam down your back and cup your pretty curves.

<HotLisa> God, you're making me so hot... I press against you, rubbing my thigh against your crotch.

Giles let out a small groan. He had unbuttoned his shirt with trembling fingers, and now rubbed the back of his hand against the bulge in his jeans, closing his eyes at the sensation, mimicking what his cyber partner was doing to him. It was becoming more and more difficult for him to type properly, typo errors were getting everywhere in his sentences, but he didn't care anymore.

<DarkReaper> I start licking and nibbling at your neck, and my hands are slowly pulling your skirt up from behind.

<HotLisa> I'm wearing a silk G-string underneath my skirt. God I want you to touch me.

<DarkReaper> Not yet, luv. My hands just stroke your inner thighs without ever touching your pussy. Don't touch yourself there before I say so.

Buffy nodded at the screen, whimpering and breathing shallowly. Her hands were all over her inner thighs, in between typing, and she was soaked. Nobody had ever made her wait before, nobody had ever been so dominating. God, was it good.

<HotLisa> Even my inner thighs are wet from wanting you. I pull your shirt off, and my lips start discovering your throat. What's your chest like?

<DarkReaper> Broad, reasonably toned, a sprinkling of hair.

<HotLisa> My hands run all over it, and my nails tickle against your nipples.

<DarkReaper> I love it when you do that. I'm pulling you tighter against my erection - can you feel it against your tummy?

<HotLisa> Ohh yes... I'm dying to know what it's like. How big is it?

<DarkReaper> I'll let you know in good time. <evil grin>

Giles could hardly believe himself. His face had burned up and turned crimson ever since he had used the word "pussy", but it seemed like his Ripper dirty talk hadn't all disappeared from his brain. A computer was perhaps a good outlet to express his Rippery desires, after all. At any rate, there was no stopping him now.

<HotLisa> My hands are roaming on your body, I scratch down your back and massage your ass through your jeans.

<DarkReaper> I've slipped a hand under your top now, and I'm stroking your breast in my hand - what are your breasts like?

<HotLisa> Medium, quite full and heavy - my nipples are hard as rock when I rub my hands over them.

<DarkReaper> I'm going to pull your top off and slowly make my way down your throat with my lips, until I get to your breasts.

<HotLisa> Oh yes, please... I'm naked underneath...

Buffy threw the pink top away and moaned aloud as she stroked her breasts. She filled her palms with her own flesh and gently rubbed, rolling the nipples between thumb and forefinger, making herself more and more excited as she imagined Giles' large strong hands on her, burning, hot and delicious, caressing her sensitive breasts.

<DarkReaper> I suck your nipple into my mouth as I fondle the other, your skin feels so soft under my fingers, and you taste so good that all I can do is lick your tits.

<HotLisa> You're making me moan, and I'm getting so wet and hot...

<DarkReaper> I'm grinding my body against yours while I suck your breasts - I just love to have you in my mouth.

<HotLisa> God, I'd love to have *you* in my mouth.

<DarkReaper> All in good time. For now, you can touch me a bit.

<HotLisa> My hands are running over your chest and I'm scratching you lightly. Then when I get to your jeans, I cup your hard bulge and squeeze it gently.

Giles groaned, throwing his head back and fondling himself through the thick fabric of his jeans. He was breathless and felt as if he was burning from inside, but even so, he was fascinated by what was happening on screen. The picture of Buffy massaging his erection was clear in his mind - the thought made him shudder with delight.

<DarkReaper> I grab your face to mine again so that I can kiss you passionately. My tongue is thrusting like I'm going to thrust in you later.

<HotLisa> I'm so excited I could just come by thinking of it.

<DarkReaper> My hands slowly pull your skirt down off your hips, so that you're just wearing your G-string - I grab your lovely buttocks and kiss you again.

<HotLisa> It's so good to feel your hot hands on my body... now I'm playing with the top of your trousers, to open you up.

<DarkReaper> Yes, luv, now you can.

Buffy shuddered in her seat. She was naked save her tiny G-string. Oh, if Willow had come in now! Fortunately, she had locked the door and closed the curtains. The Slayer tried to refrain from touching herself as she imagined her hands running over Giles' zipper, opening it to reveal him...

<HotLisa> I slowly open your trousers and pull them off. You wearing something underneath?

<DarkReaper> Tight grey boxer shorts. I'm hard as rock.

<HotLisa> I run my fingers over your shorts, stroking you through the cloth.

<DarkReaper> That feels wonderful.

<HotLisa> I kneel down in front of you and rub my nose against your bulge, then kiss it through the cloth.

Giles moaned aloud, the sound of his voice echoing in his empty flat. He had kicked off his trousers and closed his eyes as he stroked himself through the fabric of his boxers. His entire body was trembling with desire. He imagined Buffy running her small, soft fingers over him, her face close to his erection, her lips moving over it. God, he was going to come so hard.

<DarkReaper> I finally pull you up to me again, so that I can hold you tight against my body and kiss you deeply. I can't get enough of your lips.

<HotLisa> Hm, me neither, baby. But I can't get enough of stroking your butt either.

<DarkReaper> I'm slipping my fingers over your buttocks now, and slowly coming closer to your pussy.

<HotLisa> Oh yes, Dark, please...

<DarkReaper> Call me Reaper.

<HotLisa> Okay... please Reaper, my pussy is soaked, touch it...

<DarkReaper> My fingers find their way under the cloth of your underwear, and they trace the outline of your lips.

<HotLisa> Oh God... yes!

<DarkReaper> Then I find your clit and gently stroke it with the tip of my finger - are you doing that to yourself?

<HotLisa> Oh yeah, I am. God it's good. I'm so soaked the keyboard is gonna need cleaning.

<DarkReaper> While I'm tickling your clit, I slip one of my fingers inside you.

Buffy threw her head back, slipping her middle finger into her tight entrance, rubbing her sensitive nub rhythmically. Her hips were slightly raised off the edge of her chair, as she imagined Giles caressing her, bringing her to orgasm. It was nearly a torture to stop and start typing again between fondling herself.

<HotLisa> God yes, Reaper, I'm going to come!

<DarkReaper> Sorry, luv, but I think I'm going to take my hands off your little pussy for now.

<HotLisa> You bastard. <whimpers> :-)

<DarkReaper> I want to be inside you when you come.

<HotLisa> Fair enough... so, for the time being, I want to find out what's under those boxer shorts of yours.

<DarkReaper> Please, go and explore. <grin>

<HotLisa> I make you lie down and run my hand over your thighs, going down to your knees, then coming back up, but I never touch your bulge.

<DarkReaper> I'm trembling with anticipation. Can't even bloody type properly.

<HotLisa> Same here... my fingers soon run over your bulge again, then I slowly pull your boxers down... what do you look like?

<DarkReaper> about 7" last time I measured - which was a long time ago. I'm rather thick. And I haven't been so hard in months.

<HotLisa> Wow, I love thick. :-) I love running my hand over your hot skin and squeezing you between my fingers.

'Good Lord,' moaned Giles, slowly stroking himself. He felt slightly foolish, sitting there in front of a computer and masturbating as some stranger typed sexy ideas on a keyboard from the other side of the globe. But the truth was that the only other times he got as incredibly excited was during training sessions with Buffy. He'd often come out of them aching, and not only because of the way she used him like a punching bag. And now he was imagining her caressing him in her tiny but incredibly strong hand, and he groaned and gasped with pleasure.

<DarkReaper> That's so good, Lisa...

<HotLisa> Yeah, I'm getting so excited giving you a handjob...

<DarkReaper> Probably not as much as me... if you don't stop, I'm going to come sooner than I want, luv.

<HotLisa> Then I let go of you and come to kiss you again.

<DarkReaper> I grab you in a bear grip and slip my tongue into your mouth, pressing myself against your tummy. I'm trying to get rid of your underwear, too.

<HotLisa> I rip the g-string off and lie onto you, to press my wet pussy against your cock.

<DarkReaper> Sweet Jesus... that feels so good...

<HotLisa> Are you playing with yourself?

<DarkReaper> Yes, I'm rubbing pre-cum all over myself.

<HotLisa> And I'm slipping a dildo over my pussy, in just the same way as I'm rubbing against your cock.

Buffy was shivering with pleasure, running the latex cock over her swollen bud. She was soaked and burning, and soft moans escaped her throat every time she rubbed against her dildo. She knew that she could come from just that stimulation, but she wanted to hold back and wait for him. She felt that he would make it worth her while.

<DarkReaper> A dildo? What does it look like?

<HotLisa> It's kinda like white jelly, and it looks just like a real cock... it's about the same size as yours.

<DarkReaper> <smile> I'm sucking at your ear now, nibbling at it and pressing harder against your pussy, rubbing up and down slowly.

<HotLisa> I'm clutching to you, rubbing my nipples over your chest... God I want you so much, Reaper.

<DarkReaper> Me too... Come and take me, Lisa.

<HotLisa> I slowly kneel over your cock and take it in my hand, then I make it slip between my pussy's lips, until the tip is just at my entrance.

<DarkReaper> God you tease... I'm ready to explode here...

<HotLisa> <grin> I slowly let you inside me... oh my God, you feel so good in me... my pussy is closing over your cock and I'm moaning and moaning.

Giles took in a sharp gasp of air as he started to stroke himself harder. He had always fantasized about Buffy riding his hips, closing her wet entrance around his cock. And now that this girl's words mingled with his old fantasies, he felt that he was never going to be able to hold back.

<DarkReaper> God I'm so excited. I grab your hips and make you move over me, slowly for now, and I'm thrusting in you at the same time.

<HotLisa> While I ride you, I pinch your nipples between my fingers.

<DarkReaper> And I run one of my hands up your body, to grab your breasts and stroke them gently.

Buffy thrust the dildo inside her rhythmically, pushing down on it, moaning with pleasure, panting with desire, as she imagined Giles' cock inside her, hot and hard and big, filling her completely, making her want to scream with pleasure. God yes she could see herself riding him, she could nearly hear the moans he would let out, see the ecstatic expression on his face.

<HotLisa> God yes, Reaper, yes, I'm so close... I'm bucking over your cock, stroking your balls with my other hand, scratching your chest.

<DarkReaper> My other hand goes to your clit, and I start rubbing it in the same rhythm as your pussy on my cock.

Giles growled and his hand squeezed harder at his aching member, rubbing it, feeling it on the point of explosion. Mustn't come yet, too soon. He tried to concentrate his mind on something else than Buffy's tight sheath closing around him. Lisa... short for Elizabeth. Yes, the Queen, think of the Queen and her corgis. That would calm him for at least twenty more seconds. He hoped.

<HotLisa> I'm coming... God Reaper your cock is so incredibly big inside me. Fuck me harder.

<DarkReaper> I'm coming too, Lisa... I'm fucking you hard and grabbing you to me, to kiss you and bite your lips and your shoulder.

Buffy whimpered and moaned, trying to keep her voice down as much as possible. Her thighs convulsed in anticipation, shudders of pleasure were coursing through her body to her burning core, as she thrust inside herself, as she rubbed her nub frenziedly. Her womb started to pulse and she let out a long moan. She was exploding.

<HotLisa> I'm there, Ripper, God I'm going to come so hard... Ahhh!!

Giles gasped and shuddered as he felt his member quiver in his hand, as he imagined Buffy coming, screaming his name, her body clamping over him and milking him, just like his hand was milking him now. His body trembled and he let out a curse as he felt himself on the brink.

<DarkReaper> I'm coming... God yes...

Buffy choked a scream of pleasure, her body clenching violently, shaking from head to toe, as orgasm crashed over her. She moaned his name, Giles' name, as the aftershocks of orgasm sent tiny spasms of pleasure through her body.

Giles cried out aloud and semen erupted from his pulsating member, over his hands, his chest, even the keyboard, and he didn't care. He was blinded with pleasure, giddy with his own bliss, and, for an instant, it felt like he couldn't think or breathe or see anymore.

<HotLisa> Oh wow... that was really something... I haven't come so hard in... well, ever.

<DarkReaper> Still trying to remember who I am and where I live, here...

<HotLisa> Intense for you too?

<DarkReaper> God yes. So intense that I don't even care if I'm getting the keyboard messy.

<HotLisa> All I can say is... wow...

<DarkReaper> Absolutely. You're a goddess.

<HotLisa> And you're a god. May the lesser cybersexers bow before us. <grin>

<DarkReaper> <chuckles>

Buffy's breathing slowly became less laboured, as she cleaned herself and the keyboard up with wet-wipes, before shrugging a robe on. If Willow came in, she could at least pretend she was feeling tired and had gone for a rest. She wondered if the guy would be polite enough to say goodbye - at the very least - after his little moment of pleasure, before he quit the room.

<HotLisa> Has your memory come back yet?

<DarkReaper> Huh?

<HotLisa> Can you remember who you are and where you live?

<DarkReaper> Oh, yes. I think.

<HotLisa> How many fingers am I holding up?

<DarkReaper> <laughs> You seem to have recovered pretty fast.

<HotLisa> Yeah I'm stronger than the average girl.

Giles smiled at the screen, sitting back on his chair after having cleaned himself and the computer up, and pulled his trousers back on. He had the impression that he was talking to Buffy. This girl, who lived on the other side of the Atlantic, in his homeland, seemed to just have... he couldn't quite tell. Something of Buffy in her. A dim bulb lit up in his mind as he slowly recalled a word he had seen typed on his screen. He scrolled up the chat window, and frowned.

<DarkReaper> Tell me... how come you called me Ripper?

<HotLisa> Typo. Sorry!

Buffy cringed. She had typed Ripper. Well, of course she had! Reaper and Ripper just sounded the same. And obviously, the fact that she was thinking of Giles while she was having cybersex with that guy hadn't helped one bit. Fortunate she hadn't typed Rupert, considering the state of confused excitement she had been in.

<DarkReaper> No problem. It's just that I also went by that name at one point, so...

<HotLisa> Is it like, a trend or something? Cause I know a guy who used to have that nickname too.

<DarkReaper> Not that I know of, at any rate. And is it a habit of yours to cry out other people's names during cybersex? <smirk>
<HotlLisa> <blush> So sorry!! ^^; I guess it was wishful thinking. I kinda have a crush on this guy.

<DarkReaper> That's okay. I know what it's like to obsess over someone from afar.

<HotLisa> Do you also have a crush on someone?

Giles hesitated and let out a short sigh. He was about to tell one of his most intimate secrets to a complete stranger. Well, why not? She had just revealed parts of her private life to him. It wasn't as if they were going to meet anytime, and maybe speaking about it would comfort him a little. He typed on.

<DarkReaper> To say the very least, yes.

<HotLisa> What's she like?

<DarkReaper> Blond, beautiful... strong. You sound a bit like her, actually.

<HotLisa> And how come you haven't put the moves on her?

<DarkReaper> She was my student. And to her I'm, well, very, very old and gross. She's into men of her own age - I can't really blame her.

<HotLisa> Well, you're really a sex bomb in a chat room, so if you're anything like that in real life, it would do her good to open her mind...

<DarkReaper> Well... thanks... I'll let her know. <grin> And you? You're young and probably very attractive... how come you haven't succeeded with that Ripper lad?

<HotLisa> It's complicated. I've been through a lot lately, and this guy's one of my best friends. I don't want to make things complicated or risk losing him, blah blah blah you probably don't give a damn about all this whingeing. Besides, he doesn't see me as a woman, more like a little girl.

<DarkReaper> That's a shame, but he's probably a big prat if he doesn't see what's under his nose.

<HotLisa> Nah, isn't his fault. Anyway, I'm not into real men that much right now. Had too many bad experiences.

<DarkReaper> What happened?

<HotLisa> Got dumped big time. Then some guy took advantage of my depression to get sex out of me.

<DarkReaper> Bloody little sod. Guys your age are often pillocks, unfortunately.

<HotLisa> Tell me about it. Anyway, that's why I like cybersex better right now. No complications, no heartbreak, just great sex - which is more than I ever got out of the two previous guys, anyway.

<DarkReaper> It's sad that such a nice girl has to resort to computers to have some pleasure.

Buffy smiled at the screen. He was sweet. No guy on a cybersex channel had ever talked about his love life before, and been interested in hers - let alone try to comfort her. What was it with her and older men? Okay, Parker wasn't that much older - and he was a jerk anyway - but Angel certainly was. And Giles, of course. She sighed. Obsessed much. She even heard his voice when she read this guy's chat lines.

<HotLisa> It's not so bad, really. You know, Reaper, you're really cute. If only you weren't on the other side of the Atlantic...

<DarkReaper> How did you know? I don't remember telling you that.

<HotLisa> Telling me what? I'm the one who lives on the other side.

<DarkReaper> Which side is the other side?

<HotLisa> I'm in California. Where you from?

Giles shuddered. She was in the same State as him. For all he knew, she might be his neighbour. Or someone he knew. She could be Willow or Cordelia - he knew that both of them were on the Internet. He shuddered at that mental image and decided to avoid that line of thought right away. California was enormous. She could be anyone.

<DarkReaper> Originally, Buckinghamshire. A village in the Chiltern Hills, quite close to Oxford, really.

<HotLisa> Is that where you live right now?

<DarkReaper> Well, actually I live in southern California now.

<HotLisa> Oh. Okay. And you're a teacher, right?

Buffy was scowling. They both lived in California. She didn't dare to ask him where, or to tell him more. He could be someone she knew... hell, he could be one of her teachers. Yuck!! Fortunately, California was really big. How many chances were there for him to know who she was?

<DarkReaper> I used to work in a High School.

<HotLisa> Me too, except for the work part. My old High School kinda exploded on my Graduation.

<DarkReaper> You were in Sunnydale High?!

<HotLisa> Um... yep. Please tell me you weren't a teacher there!!! ^^;

<DarkReaper> I wasn't a teacher there.

Giles had gone as pale as a sheet. He slowly stood up and walked over to his bookshelf, pulling out the yearbook to have a look at the names of the graduating students. He was rather sure that there was at least one Lisa - or approaching - amongst the girls that he had known. He just hoped that was her real name. He found Lisa, indeed. A black girl who played the tuba - she had been in the Talent Show, that's why he knew her name. But unless she was into pretending to be white and blonde, he doubted it was this Lisa. Other than that, there was a Lishanne and a Lysette. Two pretty blonde girls. He grimaced.

<HotLisa> That's cool, cause, apart from the librarian - and you remind me of him, by the way - the teachers there were scary.

<DarkReaper> I can imagine. Say, is Lisa your real name?

<HotLisa> Kinda. Elizabeth's the name on my birth certificate. My mom always went with a diminutive/nickname kinda thing. Not Lisa, though... You don't know me, do you?

<DarkReaper> Actually, I have to leave. Someone's knocking at my door. Nice meeting you, Elizabeth.

<HotLisa> Sure. See ya around, Ripper.

<DarkReaper> Bye.

~~ DarkReaper exits #hornybrits ~~

Buffy watched the screen blankly as her cyber partner logged off, before disconnecting too. He had been way too hasty to go. The knocking at the door thing was one of their usual ways of getting out of the chat, 'cause they wanted to go to bed or were trying to avoid awkward post-cybersex talk. She felt both relieved and sad, afraid and curious. There was something about this guy that just felt... as if she knew him. She decided to read through their chat again. Perhaps that would help her understand who he was... if she knew him. God, please, it couldn't be Mr. Miller. She'd freak if she found out it was him. She tried to calm down, clear her head. She wasn't thinking straight - euphoria and panic didn't mix well. First, get a shower, get dressed. Then go over the chat. Good plan. Buffy saved the chat to the computer and hid it in a safe place, so that she could go over it again easily later on, but also so that Willow wouldn't find it somewhere too obvious. Then she grabbed clean clothes and the rest of her stuff, and hurried out.


Giles drained the glass of scotch, still staring at the screen. He had been so terrified when she had asked if he knew her that he had simply quit - quite rudely, too. The program had asked if he wanted to save the chat, and he had. He wanted to re-read it. He wanted to go over all the clues this girl had given, to see who she was. Elizabeth. He sighed and sat back in front of the computer. Whoever she was, he liked her. And she obviously liked him, not only as his cyber character, but also as the High School librarian. He was rather surprised by that. People didn't often come into the library. He looked over the yearbook again. Lysette and Lishanne were ex-Cordettes, part of Harmony's sheep herd after Queen C had fallen into the outcasts. Absolutely not the type to like the library or the librarian. He sighed and read HotLisa's description of herself. She could be Buffy... Buffy was a little younger than twenty, but so many people lied about their age - even him. Then the allusions to Supergirl... to her over-average strength. And she knew someone called Ripper. Of course, she might have been referring to some other guy. He probably wasn't the first Rupert or Robert to nickname himself Ripper to sound cool. A part of him was yelling that it had to be Buffy... however, two things didn't compile. The first was that she had a crush on this Ripper person. The second was her name. The girl had seemed pretty genuine when she had said that she was called Elizabeth. Elizabeth, like the Queen. He smiled a little, thinking of the Queen and her corgis, and how they had sometimes spared him some time before climax. And suddenly the memory hit him like a speeding car. The Queen Mother, Elizabeth, used to be nicknamed Buffy! Bloody Hell!


Buffy chewed at her lip as she read the chat again. It just looked so much like Giles. And then again, it didn't. This guy was too cool, too flirty, too... openly sexy to be her Watcher. But he had said that he liked watching. And his nickname, "Ripper"... how many guys in Sunnydale were tall, green-eyed Brits and used that nickname? She was being stupid. He hadn't even said that he lived in Sunnydale. He said he hadn't been a teacher in Sunnydale High. But Giles hadn't been either - he was the librarian. This guy was clever. He seemed to know how to keep stuff to himself and avoid direct answers, that was for sure. Buffy sighed in frustration, going over the text yet again. Then suddenly it struck her. He said that the girl he liked had called him "very, very old and gross". She realised that those were the words she had thrown at him when she had found him with that bitch in heat Olivia. Could it just be a fluke? Was it possible that Giles was loving her from afar? No, he loved her like a daughter. He had said so. *Travers* had said so, she rectified. Giles hadn't even looked at her when the other Watcher had said those words. God, was it true? Had she really been so blind? Buffy stood up. There was only one way to find out.


Giles was sipping another drink slowly, still reflecting on his encounter with this girl. It all seemed like dream now. His mind was simply unable to accept the idea that he had really been flirting with Buffy, that he had come, that she had come, while they chatted. And, most unbelievable of all, that she had a crush on him. With a couple more drinks and good night's sleep, he wouldn't remember it anymore. Fortunately, he hadn't given out much information on himself. Unless the girl really was Buffy, she wouldn't be able to track him down. He hoped. The Watcher swirled around as someone softly knocked on his door. It was probably one of the gang. He switched off the computer and went to open. His eyes widened as he found Buffy standing there. She was dressed just like his cybersex partner - a pink top with spaghetti straps and a white knee-length skirt. Her expression was unsure, afraid, quizzical, as she looked him over. He realised that he was wearing his jeans and brown shirt, and that, in fact, the shirt was unbuttoned. But Giles was totally paralysed, unable to arrange his clothes, let alone speak. Now he had no doubts that she had been HotLisa. It hadn't been a dream.

'You never told me you were from Buckinghamshire,' murmured Buffy with a small, frightened smile. Giles responded with a similar expression, running a hand through his hair.

'Y-y-you never told me th-that you were called Elizabeth,' he replied, removing his glasses from his nose to clean them, his hands visibly shaking. Buffy reached out and wrapped her fingers around his, before entering the apartment, bringing him with her. He was too fascinated by Buffy to pay much attention the noise of the door closing and the bolts locking them both in. His eyes had caught hers, and he would never let her look away from him.

'I didn't mean it, you know,' she said softly. Giles raised his eyebrows, feeling his heart pound harder. She hadn't meant that she had a crush on him? Was that what she was going to say?

'W-what... what did-didn't you mean, Buffy?' he asked nervously.

'That you were very, very old... and gross,' she replied quietly, with a small pout, her eyes still holding his intensely. A smile broadened over Giles' face, uncontrollably. Buffy's hands moved upwards and she started to toy with his chest, twirling her fingers in the fine hair. Giles shuddered under her touch and felt his arousal stirring to life again.

'And I never thought you were just a girl, Buffy,' he murmured, bringing his hands up to stroke her upper arms. Her flesh was hot under his, but gooseflesh crept under his palm, and she shivered a little. He could hear her breath come in ragged rasps, and her nails against his skin were driving him into an erotic frenzy that he had never experienced before.

Within instants, they were all over each other. Neither could have said who had started it. It was as if their bodies had suddenly gone into motion of their own volition. Their lips entwined and mingled in a sweet, passionate madness, tongues dancing, teeth gnashing. She grabbed the edges of his shirt and held him to her with fierce desire, running her fingers over every inch of naked skin she could find. His hands gripped her waist, groped at her body, discovering the wonderful firmness of her buttocks, the curve of her spine, making her his with his touch.

Clothes were rapidly shed, thrown aside, spread across the room. The only sound to be heard were the moans, the whimpers and the panting of their suddenly bursting desire. Her lips were everywhere on him. They locked on a finger and sucked it suggestively, until his erection ached. Then they trailed down his throat and nipped at his shoulders, while her body wrapped around his, meshing with it, never to let him go. He tasted her skin, holding her tight against him, drawing her breasts into his mouth and licking at them ferociously, all but biting her in the blurred frenzy of his desire. And her moans sounded out louder, she mewled and arched against him, her thighs closing around his. Their bodies rubbed against each other, entwining in a tantalising dance of pleasure, bringing their desire to soaring, nearly unbearable heights.

Neither of them was aware of their surroundings anymore, the only thing of importance was the other - his touch, his scent, his voice. Hands roamed into intimate places, drawing gasps from the two lovers. His fingers slipped between soaked nether lips, and her voice rose in the empty flat, her sounds of arousal echoing over the walls. Her hands closed over his shaft, making him groan and grit his teeth with desire as she caressed him slowly. Tension filled them, making them both ache and burn for more. Yet they revelled in the sweet torture of waiting - waiting until they were both gasping and trembling with excitement.

Finally, he lifted her off her feet and pushed her against the wall, for support. Her legs folded around his back, and her hips desperately bucked against his stomach, seeking his erection. Their ragged breaths mingled again in a hungry, desperate kiss, before he slipped inside her. She clasped his shaft and cried out with pleasure as he filled with his burning hardness. His lips became rougher on hers as he thrust deep inside her, his teeth gnashing at her tender flesh and his tongue slipping around hers. Their moans of pleasure rung out throughout the house, their intensity increasing as release approached.

Buffy threw her head back against the wall, gripping Giles' shoulders and clawing them ferociously, as she screamed out in ecstasy. Her entire body trembled under the delicious waves of pleasure that rippled through her womb, making her clasp his member tighter, never to let him go. Giles pounded harder inside her, pinning her to the wall and kissing her again savagely, feeling his member pulsate inside her, with her, as she climaxed, before it finally exploded with pleasure. He cursed and growled and shouted, as his burning seed spurted into her in frenzied gushes. The lovers finally collapsed in a heap of panting and trembling bliss.

'Wow,' breathed Buffy, finally extricating her sweaty body from under Giles', before snuggling in his arms.

'So,' murmured Giles, when he finally regained his breath. 'Do you still prefer doing it through a computer?' Buffy grinned at him and kissed her way across his chest.

'Hm, I dunno,' she said thoughtfully. 'You know what? I think I'm gonna have to have another try, to make up my mind. Unless you're completely tired out, of course.' Giles hummed pensively, running his hands over Buffy's naked shoulder.

'Well, I am after all very, very old,' he said. 'And considering that we've just had two... mind-blowing... moments together... hm. I suppose that I won't be operational for a whole week after that.' Buffy scoffed and giggled, and he burst out laughing too, wrapping his arms tighter around her waist.

'Or perhaps,' he murmured in her ear. 'Perhaps I'm just pulling your leg.' Buffy glared at him out of the corner of her eye, and he smirked at her.

'I am *never* going to live down calling you old and gross, am I?' Giles nibbled at her earlobe.

'I may be bribed into forgetting it,' he offered, sliding his hands over Buffy's breasts.

'Really? How?' she asked, leaning into his touch. He remained silent a moment, thinking, while he kneaded her soft curves in his hands.

'It may involve some props,' he said finally. She smirked at him.

'Rupert Giles, you pervert,' she breathed.

'And food,' he added, kissing her throat. She giggled and turned back to kiss him gently on the lips. He smiled at her lovingly.

'You want to do that now?' she asked. Giles grinned.

'There's only one thing I want to do now,' he replied, running his hands over her thighs suggestively.

'And what's that?' she asked, licking her way down his throat.

'You,' he replied, and they grinned at each other lustfully.

Soon, they were moving into the loft bedroom together, and Buffy finally decided that she preferred the real thing to computer sex. And perhaps Giles forgave Buffy for calling him old and gross. But that is another story.