Victoria's Real Secret
By Karen Jephson

SPOILERS: I'm thinking mid 2nd season?
SUMMARY: Joyce gets some "samples" from a friend of hers. Their inherent value becomes quite apparent, very quickly.
DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television and the WB Television Network.

"I’m telling you, Swizzle Stick’s got it in for me." Buffy threw her school bag on the dining room table to emphasize her point.

“No she hasn’t. And her name’s Sweesel.” Willow smiled at her friend, then turned to Cordelia. “Buffy’s upset because she actually handed in an assignment, and only got a ‘D’.”

“Well, it deserved at least a ‘C’. Even Giles said so.” Thus proving her point, Buffy turned toward the kitchen.

Cordelia couldn’t help laugh at her friends. This was so much like High School. “I know what you mean. You should meet Mr. Barnes. He’s such an Atilla.”

Buffy gave an involuntary shiver. “Ooh. Scary thought. If your Mr. Barnes mated with Swizzle Stick, there’d be a new generation of Atillas to scar us poor unsuspecting students.” She grabbed the necessary snacks and drinks, and headed back to the other two. “Enough of depressing thoughts like school. We’ve got two whole hours until sunset to catch up on all the gossip.”

Cordelia and Angel were both in town for a few days. Angel had wanted to check out a prophecy he’d found with Giles, to see if it foretold any real danger, so Cordy had decided it would be the perfect chance to catch up on the Scooby Gang.

The sound of the front door opening distracted the girls from their chatter. “Honey, I’m home.” Joyce Summers struggled through the living room with an assortment of various packages. “Oh, hello Cordelia. Buffy said you were in town. How are you?”

“Hi, Mrs. Summers.”

“Mom, what’s that you’ve got?”

“Hm? Oh, a friend, well an acquaintance really, is opening up a lingerie shop. When I told him I had a teenage daughter, he gave me some free samples.”

“Samples?” Both Buffy’s and Cordelia’s ears pricked up. They hastened to help Joyce with her precious bundles. After disposing of her briefcase, Joyce took the parcels and emptied them on the couch. A rainbow of silk, satin and lace drifted onto the cushions. After an appreciative “Ah”, the girls dived in and sorted through the selection. In the end, there was only enough for one piece each, including Joyce, and the division was made fairly amicably.

“Do you have time for dinner before you have to go out?” Over the past year, Joyce had grown accustomed to Buffy’s ‘occupation’, but she still tried to make her daughter’s life as normal as possible.

“Mom. Since when don’t I have time for dinner? Is there enough for Cordy and Will too?”

Mimicking her daughter’s tone, Joyce responded. “Buffy. Since when don’t I have enough dinner for the others?” They all laughed, as they moved into the other room, the precious bundles placed safely to one side.


Cordelia stood in her childhood bedroom, feeling a pang of nostalgia. She wasn’t sorry she moved to L.A., but she did miss so much. As she slipped the piece of satin over her head, she hoped Angel didn’t want her to do any running around while she was here. She had some serious partying planned.

Willow finished toweling herself, as she entered her bedroom. She hated this time of month. For three whole days she was going to miss out on her Oz fix. At least Cordelia was here, so she’d be distracted a little. As she grabbed the lace material, she felt a pang for Xander. He must be feeling a bit down, seeing his ex honey again. Oh well, nothing she could do about it.

Buffy rushed around trying to finish getting ready. She was running late, again. Between patrolling and studying for her college classes, she always seemed to oversleep. Picking up the satin and lace garment, she hoped it wouldn’t interfere with her training. Giles would be upset. She couldn’t help the quirk of her lips. Not that she’d ever tell him.

Joyce finished putting on the final touches of her make-up. She couldn’t help a last minute preen in front of her mirror. Not bad for a middle-aged woman. And the satin certainly added a certain glow to her skin. She wondered why Ethan Rayne had given her the samples.


Giles finished his notes. While being a lecturer at college seemed more prestigious than a High School librarian, it meant he had less private time, as he had to prepare his lessons. At least as the head of the Mythology department, he had complete access to his precious books, as well as a greater budget.

He didn’t turn when he heard his office door open. The only person who entered without knocking was Buffy. “Hello. How was last night?”

“Not bad. Pretty quiet actually. How was your meeting with Angel?” He heard the gentleness in her voice, the concern. They both knew how hard it was for him to deal with Angel. Yet there were times he had to.

He turned to her in gratitude. “It went quite well, actually. The, er, prophecy turned out to be something that happened a long time ago.” He paused, looking at her properly for the first time. There was something different about her. Something that pulled at him. “Buffy? H-have you done something differently to yourself?”

Buffy felt herself getting warm. The way Giles was looking at her made her feel all tingly. And she was finding it hard to breathe. She swallowed. “No. Why?”

“Oh. Nothing. I just...” He couldn’t help himself. He stepped toward her. She was leaning against the office door, her breathe coming out in small gasps. She looked so - enticing. That was it. He lowered his voice. “I just....” He lifted his hand, just resting it on her shoulder. He could feel the outline of her collarbone. The heat of her flesh. He lowered his head. “I just..”

His hand felt so heavy on her body. So hot. She was burning up. She lifted her head to meet his.

They both jerked back at the realization of what had just happened. Giles stepped away, running a finger around his collar. “Perhaps, um, perhaps you’d better run along to class.”

“Yeah. Good idea.” She felt for the handle behind her, turned it and fled.


Xander saw a familiar auburn-haired head in the corridor ahead of him. He hurried to catch up. They didn’t see as much of each other in college. Different interests, different classes meant they tended to only meet occasionally, unless they all made specific plans for free periods. Which is what happened today.

“Hey, Will. Wait up.” Willow stopped and turned to her friend, a smile on her lips. She’d just been thinking about Xander. He stopped in front of her, obviously about to make a comment, when a look of confusion crossed his face.

“Xander? What’s wrong?” She was worried. He looked strange. It took her a moment to realise that she was feeling pretty strange herself. Kinda warm and tingly.

“Hmm. Oh, nothing. I just thought we’d go together.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Something about her looked so hot! “To, er, to Giles’ office.” Only the fact that they were in the middle of the corridor stopped him from grabbing her. What was wrong with him?

“Giles’ office? Oh. Good idea.” They turned and moved on, continuously slipping sideways glances at each other.


Giles paced the floor of his office. Again. He’d been doing it all day. And, he hadn’t been able to concentrate during class. Fortunately, he’d only had the one. He looked at his watch. Soon. She’ll be there soon.

He turned at the sound of the door opening, a feeling of anticipation and dread coming over him. She stood in the doorframe, looking at him with confusion. And longing. “Buffy.” Her whispered name seemed enough. She shut the door, latching it behind her, and resumed the same position from the morning.

He moved slowly toward her, as if in a dream. His hand lifted, to rest against her neck. He could feel the rapid beat of her pulse. He moved closer into her, and lowered his head. She came up to meet him. He took her mouth with his own, as he leant his body into hers. Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him closer to her. Their kiss careened out of control, spiraling them into a maze of passion.

“We - We have to stop.” He made no effort to pull away, continuing to taste her, absorb her. “This is madness.” His tongue belied his words, thrusting into her open, welcome mouth. It scraped across the sensitive roof of her mouth, before engaging in a duel with her own. His hand shifted to her waist, his thumb rubbing along the contours of her ribs. That felt so good. As if something special was waiting for him there.

Feeling his arousal against her thighs, she opened her legs, allowing him better access to her wet centre. She moved her hands to his ass, pulling those gorgeous cheeks until his penis was wedged hard against her. She registered nothing except him. His smell, his taste. She wanted, needed more.

He pulled away for air. “What’s this?”


“What’s this thing under your top?”

“Oh. A gift.”

“For me?” He smiled at the thought.

“I guess so. It’s a sample.” It was so hard to concentrate with him pressed against her like that. God, why didn’t he do something about the ache in her core?

Giles frowned. “A sample? From whom?” This worried him. He didn’t know why, it just did. He couldn’t help his body’s reaction to the beautiful young woman in his arms though. His hips started to move, pushing against her, demanding entry.

“What?" He wanted to talk when he was making her so horny? “Talk later. Act now.”

He groaned, but concentrated on the niggle. “Who did the sample come from, Buffy?” He pushed hard against her, causing her to moan. He moved his hand down, grabbing her leg, lifting it, wrapping it around his thighs. This opened her further to him, allowing his penis to push into her lips. She was panting now, and he was breathing heavily. He swallowed, trying to reorganize his scattered thoughts. “Where did it come from?”

She frowned. Maybe if she told him, he’d stop nagging and get on with pleasing her. “Somebody my Mom knows. There was enough for all of us. Willow, Cordelia, Mom and me. Now can we stop talking?”

Using his thighs, he pushed into her, lifted her. Feeling her foot leave the floor, she wrapped her other leg around him. His erection was fully against her now, allowing her to feel the full length of him. Her skirt had ridden up to her hips. It was at that moment he realised she wore no underpants. He moaned, feeling her wetness soak his trousers. He kissed her, hard. Undoing the button and zip, he pushed the restricting material down to pool against his ankles. He felt her hands at the waist of his boxers, before they too disappeared.

He couldn’t wait any longer. Using his hand, he parted her lips, finding her opening. His fingers slipped on the wetness, before pushing in slightly. Her keening “Giles!” made him withdraw, and replace them with his swollen cock, the tip slipping in easily. She squeezed his ass before pushing him further into her. Using the momentum, he embedded himself to the hilt. Her vaginal walls were already contracting, and he knew her orgasm wouldn’t be long. He pulled out of her, before plunging back in. His tongue slipped into her mouth, imitating the movements of his erection in her passage.

He took her hard, fast. Their frantic actions silent in the small room, except for the slap of bare skin against skin. He pushed her until she screamed in his mouth, holding him prisoner inside her. He stood still, waiting until she came down. Then he started pumping again, until he too, went over the edge. He groaned, then collapsed, using the support of the door to hold them both up.


Xander looked at Willow again, noticing her shifting uncomfortably. “What’s wrong?”

“Hmm? Oh nothing, I just have an itch.” She blushed at her words. He wondered why the embarrassment. Unless she could read his mind. There was an itch he wouldn’t mind taking care of.

Clearing his throat, he attempted to keep up his end of the conversation. “You could always scratch it.”

She blushed even more. “No I can’t. It’s somewhere that’s kind of private.”

“Oh.” Now he was blushing. He noticed an open doorway nearby. “We, um, we could just slip into the reading room. It’s kinda private.” He waited in anticipation for her response.

Willow felt herself go all warm. He couldn’t mean what she thought, could he? They were nearing the room, and this feeling was driving her crazy. “Okay.” She winced at the way her voice rose. He was going to think her a complete idiot. His hand on her arm surprised her, but she followed as he led her into the room.

He locked the door then pulled the blind down the frosted glass window. Taking a deep breath he turned to face her. “Want me to scratch that itch for you?”

She looked at him for a moment. She didn’t even realise when her head nodded in response. He moved slowly, as if not to scare her. He kissed her gently on the lips, letting her get accustomed to his presence. His hands came around, resting on her backside, before pulling her into him.

She felt his tongue at her lips, begging entry. She opened her mouth, and it slipped in, gently stroking her teeth and tongue. She could feel his erection at her junction, causing more tingly feelings down there. She lifted her tongue, initiating a more aggressive kiss. He moaned and started rubbing against her.

He pulled away, looking into her eyes. “Where’s the itch?”

She swallowed before answering. “It’s down there.”

He moved his hand forward, across her thighs, moving slightly to allow it to rest against her sex. “There?” Encouraged by her nod, he started rubbing up and down her crotch, gently first, then harder when she moaned. “Open your legs.” She obeyed, giving him greater access. He ran his fingers along, pushing the material of her trousers into her lips. She was panting now, her thighs pushing down on his hand. “How does it feel now?”

She didn’t itch now. She burned. And she could feel a wetness on her sex. Could he feel it? “It feels hot.”

“Want me to cool it down for you?” She didn’t think he could, but she nodded anyway. She started to complain when he moved his hand, but was silenced by the sound of her zipper being lowered. Her legs were trembling so much, she didn’t think she could stand much longer. She put her hands on his shoulders, hoping he’d support her. She felt his hand run along the material of her panties.

Xander was shocked to feel the silk and lace. He hadn’t thought it was her style. “What’s this?”

“A sample. I liked it.”

“So do I.” He moved his hand down, and felt her wetness soaking through the material. He rubbed his hand along her sex again. “So do I.” He took his hand away, then bent and lifted her. Carrying her to the table, he cleared it of papers and books. Looking into her eyes, he pulled off her trousers, then undid and removed his own.

Willow lowered her eyes. His penis was straining against his briefs, showing in stark relief. She stared fascinated. He was so big. She moved her hand, touching the cotton material, feeling his heat come through. He moaned, and thrust into her hand. Emboldened, she squeezed him, then started rubbing her hand along his full length. She felt his own hand back on her panties. He started rubbing her again, keeping in rhythm with her own ministrations. She whimpered, shifting restlessly, before pushing against his hand, the way he pushed against hers.

“Are you cool yet?” He was panting now, barely able to get the sentence out.

She shook her head. “Hot.”

He stepped away, until her hand dropped, then he plunged his own inside her panties, feeling her juices surround him. He moved his fingers along her lips, opening them. He found her clit, already swollen, begging for his attention. “What about now?” She shook her head, unable to respond verbally. She was pushing against his hand now, begging for more. He rubbed the nubbin, then rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. Seeing how close she was to the edge, he twisted his hand, and yanked the panties down, exposing her to his probing eyes.

She tried to close her legs, to cover herself up. His hands at her knees arrested the movement, then forced her legs wider. They moved down her calves toward her ankles. He circled the tender flesh, then lifted them, pulling her to the edge of the table. He could see the fear in her eyes, and the excitement. She wanted this. Now he wanted to hear her beg. She owed him this for last year. “Want me to fuck you?”

She looked up at his eyes in shock, the word on his lips sounding alien. Yet she knew her answer. She nodded her head. “Say it. I want you to say the words.”

She licked her lips nervously. He waited, not moving. She was completely exposed to him, and he took his fill of her. The thought of him looking at her most intimate part just added to the excitement. Suddenly, it didn’t matter. Not her modesty or her pride. All that mattered was him. “I want you to f-fuck me.”

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

“I want you to fuck me.” Louder this time. “Please, Xander.”

He smiled, then pulled her completely to him. “You’ll have to help me here, Will. My hands are kind of occupied. Why don’t you take off my briefs.”

She lifted her torso, until she was half sitting. He’d pulled her completely against him now, the heat of his erection pushing into her throbbing lips. When she rose, she pushed herself further onto his penis. They both moaned at the sensation. Her hands moved to his waistband, hesitating for a moment, then pushing them down. He stepped out of the scrap of material as it pooled at his feet.

He positioned himself, ready to enter her. “Are you still a virgin?” She nodded, terrified he’d change his mind. A self-satisfied smile crossed his face as plunged into her, his mouth catching hers and swallowing her whimper of pain. He held them both still, giving her time to get used to him. Then he whispered against her mouth “It’s allright, Will. I’ll take care of you.”

He moved his hands to her hips, then pulled out of her, only to plunge in again. She tensed, waiting for the repeat of the pain. It didn’t happen. He waited until she’d relaxed then repeated his action. This time, she was ready, welcoming him into her warmth. The next time, she contracted around his penis as it entered her tight passage. After that, they started a rhythm, gently at first, giving her a chance to be accustomed to the strangeness of it all, then faster, as their passion overtook them. He whispered encouragements into her mouth, telling her of his pride, his need of her.

She felt something building, squeezing her. She was whimpering now, aware of nothing but the man inside her, and the feelings he created. She reached for him, trying to anchor herself. Suddenly, everything exploded, shattering her. She screamed his name in his mouth, as she collapsed against him, weeping.

Xander cradled her to him as he continued pumping in and out of her. He lowered her, until her back touched the table, keeping his arms wrapped around her. His torso covered hers, and he increased the pace. He moved one of his hands down to where they were joined. He found her clit, and began rubbing it, causing her to start moving with him again. He tried to slow down, to give her a chance to join him. Her vaginal muscles started clamping against him, causing his own climax to come closer. He kissed her, using his tongue to ravish her mouth. He felt her stiffen as her second orgasm started. It was enough to send him over the edge, and he felt his seed spill in her as he came. He groaned, then collapsed on top of her.


Cordelia paused before knocking on the door. She wasn’t even sure what she was doing here. She certainly hadn’t intended seeking him out. He might expect her to do something. But, she’d been shopping at the mall when something had caught her eyes. It looked like it should belong to him. And so here she was. Probably about to make a fool of herself.

The door opened on her fourth knock. He stood in the opening, a look of surprise on his face. He’d obviously been in the shower. He was only wearing a towel. “Cordelia?”

“I figured you’d be up by now, and I was just passing by, so I thought I’d drop in.” God, she was rambling. She never rambled. And why couldn’t she take her eyes off his chest. His gorgeous smooth chest. “Anyway, I bought you a present at the shop, and I thought I’d give it to you now.”

Angel just stared at her. She’d been a pain all year, following him around like a lost puppy. He only put up with her because of the others. He felt he owed them. Now, it was as though he was seeing her for the first time. Her hourglass figure, that rich mahogany hair. And he could hear her heartbeat, feel her blood rushing through her veins. The smell of her was beginning to drive him crazy.

“So, I just went in and bought it. I know.......” She stopped at the feel of his hand on her bare arm. She looked down at the point of contact, feeling the fine hairs on her skin rise with his electric touch. A slight tug, and he pulled her into his apartment. She’d never been here before, and would have liked to have a look around. If she wasn’t otherwise occupied. With his body crushing her against the door, his mouth nibbling at her ear. She moaned, and melted into him, her arms coming round to rub up and down his back. Angel brought his hands up, resting them against her full breasts. Using the pads of his thumbs, he rubbed her nipples into hard erectness. He moved his lips down, pressing along the exposed vein of her neck, then opening his mouth, and sucking on the most vulnerable spot of that smooth column. The feel of his tongue and lips there brought a measure of sanity to her. “Angel, should we be doing this? I mean, it’s not that I don't want to, cause I do, but you know what happened last time you did this, and we have to watch the curse, and” His tongue in her mouth stopped her incessant chatter. He ravished the open cavity causing any thought to flee completely from her mind.

He moved his head down, over her chin, along her throat, coming to the top of her dress. Using his teeth, he grabbed the first of the front buttons and bit it off, letting it drop to the floor. The second followed, then the third. His mouth scraped the ivory satin underneath. He stopped and sniffed the material. It carried her smell, and almost sent him out of control. Remembering his task, he continued on her buttons, until her dress was completely open. Shifting his hands to her shoulders, he slipped the material back and off her.

She stood before him in nothing but her slip. His eyes darkened to see that she hadn’t put on any other underwear. Her breasts stood out, the nipples straining against the material. He bent his head, and took one aching bud in his mouth, sucking on it through the satin. She moaned, holding his head to her. She felt his fangs sink through the material, and into her tender flesh. Instead of frightening her, it only aroused her more. “Angel.”

He lifted his head again, capturing her eyes. Taking her hand, he pulled it down to the waist, at the beginning of the towel. He placed her hand on the material, and together they released it, exposing him to her hungry eyes. She looked at his penis, standing erect and proud in front of him. It was bigger than she thought, it’s purple flesh looking both hot and cool. She reached down and touched it, surprised at the coldness of it. She moved her hand along it’s length, trying to warm it, trying to make him as hot as she was. Only by the movement of his hips as he pumped into her, did she realise that her ministrations were having an effect.

He took her hand and pulled her toward the bed, climbing on top of it, encouraging her to join him. She sprawled across him, their lips meeting in an open, carnal kiss. She rubbed her breasts across his chest, causing them both to increase the pressure of the kiss. He ran his fingers across her spine, not stopping until he reached the end of the slip. He slipped his hand underneath, pressing against her ass cheeks, before running his fingers along her swollen, slick lips. She opened her legs, giving him greater access. He pushed his fingers into her tight passage, first one, then two. Her juices flowed out and around his hand, as he started pumping into her. She started whimpering, her hips pushing up into his hand.

He broke the kiss, looking into her eyes, as he enslaved her with his fingers. Grabbing her hand, he lifted it to his mouth and kissed it, then pushed it down to his hard cock. Taking his cue, she surrounded the aroused penis, then started pumping it in rhythm with his fingers. He smiled at her, showing his fangs. She looked at them in fascination, knowing she wanted to feel them against her. Recognizing the look, he decided to try an experiment.

“Have you ever come down on anyone?”

It took her a moment to understand his question. Unable to speak, she shook her head. He slowed his fondling of her, forcing her back from her desperately needed orgasm. “I want you to come down on me. I want you to take me in your mouth.” She felt as though she should object. But the thought of taking his penis in her mouth thrilled her. She licked her lips, then turned to look at the object of her desire. Moving slowly, not wanting to be separated from those magic fingers until the last possible moment, she twisted her body, reversing her position. Her ass was now near his face in open invitation as she bent her head toward his cock.

Angel felt her lips on his erection, her warm breathe moving along his length. She tried to take all of him into her mouth in one go. “Wait. Let me.” Not understanding, she paused, her lips halfway down his penis. Shifting, he lifted his hips up, pushing himself into her mouth, before pulling out again. He pushed up again, getting more of himself into her. He felt her swallow, then adjust her jaw until she could take him more comfortably. He kept his movement regular, pausing to give her time to adjust, before pushing himself in further. He stopped when he was fully embedded in her, allowing her full control of his penis.

He lifted his hands, resting them against her ass cheeks. When he felt her moving up and down on him, his fingers separated her folds, exposing her to him fully. Her clit was swollen, begging for his attention. He touched it momentarily with his index finger, before bending and taking it in his mouth. She let out a muffled whimper, before pushing on him faster, and pushing her sex into his face. He breathed in the smell of her arousal, the taste of it already in his mouth. He sucked harder, then pushed his fingers into her passage. Her vaginal walls were already closing on him. He could feel her frenzy as she sucked on his tip.

Holding himself back until he felt her orgasm, he let go, allowing himself to come. At the same time, he sank his fangs into her flesh, taking the blood from her spasming clit. It was enough to make her climax a second time, harder than the last. She whimpered, then collapsed on top of him. He finished his feed, then kissed the wounds, before licking the traces of blood away.


Giles slowly came to awareness, the throbbing flesh surrounding his penis continuing to distract him. He lifted his head, looking into the beloved face in front of him. Her eyes were still closed, and her breathing irregular. He bent and kissed her closed lips, coaxing a response from her.

He could feel himself hardening inside her, and knew that if he didn’t stop, he’d be taking her again. Not that he wouldn’t mind, but he wanted to wait until she was ready.

Sighing, he unwrapped her legs, steadying her, before pulling out of her. She let out a whimper at the emptiness between her legs. He kissed her again, before backing away. “Xander and Willow should be here soon. Do you want them to see us like this?” Seeing the aroused flush on her face, he almost changed his mind. Gathering his shattered resolve, he bent to retrieve his trousers and boxers. When he’d finished dressing, he turned back to her.

She had barely moved. Her dress was now pulled down, but she still leant against the door, just looking at him. His sharp “Buffy!” seemed to rouse her a little. She blinked, then stood upright. Shaking herself, as if waking from a dream, she reached into her bag and grabbed a brush. She moved toward the mirror hanging on his wall to effect some repairs.


Willow became aware of a discomfort in her groin. It didn’t hurt, exactly, more of a sting. The flesh inside her was still warm, but not as large as before. And the body on top of hers was pleasantly heavy. She could still feel his hand at her clit. Not moving, just resting there. Almost as if he was waiting.

She opened her eyes, to find him smiling into her face. She found herself smiling back. God he felt so good. She was glad he was her first. She supposed she should feel guilty about Oz. But she just couldn’t.

Xander lowered his head and initiated a long, sweet kiss. When it was over, he smiled at her again. His “Hey” was gentle. Loving.

“Hey.” Her voice came out in a whisper. As if to speak too loudly would break the moment. His hand started to move. Rubbing her clit back into life. She couldn’t help the involuntary move of her body as she pushed against his hand. He noticed her response. But he also noticed her wince. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Seeing his face, she confessed. “I’m just a bit sore, that’s all.”

Instantly contrite, he stopped his rubbing and pulled out of her. “No! I want you to stay. Please.”

“Not just now. We both need to recover. ‘Sides, Giles and Buffy’ll wonder where we are.” At the mention of their friends’ names, Willow felt a pang. She wondered what they’d think of her after this.

Xander bent down to retrieve their clothes. Using a handkerchief, he wiped the blood off himself, then Willow. He felt her squirm with embarrassment, but continued his ministrations. He then dressed, never taking his eyes off her semi-naked body. He didn’t think she realised that she was completely open to him, as her eyes were closed. He felt a surge of possessiveness, knowing that he was the only one to have her, to give her her first orgasms.

Taking her trousers and panties, he paused before giving them to her. The panties seemed to call to him. He was tempted to keep them as a souveneir.
Giving into that temptation, he put them in his pocket then called to his lover. “Will. Come one. Get dressed.”

Her eyes popped open in shock. She had forgotten her state of undress. Grabbing the trousers off him, she started to put them on before realizing something was missing. Not wanting to take the time to search for her lost article of clothing, she finished doing up her trousers.

Xander waited, and watched, feeling disappointment when she covered up her still wet sex. When she turned to him, he dipped his head and kissed her. Her quick response pleased him. He grabbed her hand. “Come on. Let’s find the others.”


Cordelia lay curled up against Angel’s body, her hand resting across his chest. His arm wrapped around her, he let his hand rest against her exposed cheeks while his fingers continued to fondle her. He tormented her gently, enough to keep her aroused, but not to cause her discomfort. Neither of them had mentioned his feeding off her.

“I meant to ask you where you got this?”

“Hmm?” She was so busy concentrating on what his wonderful cool fingers were doing to her, that at first she didn’t understand his question. Her body was literally humming from his fondling.

“The slip, Cordy.” When he said it, it sounded like a caress. “Where did you get it?”

“Oh.” She moved her leg, giving him greater access to her aching centre. “It was a sample. We all got one.”

Angel frowned. He never like the sound of ‘samples’ and ‘gifts’. Not when they were on the Hellmouth. “Who was the sample from?”

“Somebody Buffy’s Mom knows.” She decided to change the subject. “Aren’t you afraid of turning back into Angelus? You know, now that we.....”

He smiled. “To do that, I have to feel a moment of contentment.”

“Oh.” It took a moment for her to realize what he implied. She hit him, but did nothing to stop his fingers penetrating her. She squeezed her pelvic muscles, clenching against his fingers as they moved in and out of her.

“You want me to feed off you now, or when I’m inside you?”

She paused, understanding his words this time. And what they implied. “Why don’t you come inside me now, then you can feed off me straight away?”

He turned, pulling his fingers out of her. He leaned over her, making sure she could see his game face. Spreading her legs, she invited him to her. He pushed inside of her, feeling her muscles clench around him, then bent and bit gently into her neck.


Giles paced the room, as Buffy straightened herself. He tried to concentrate, to work out what had happened. But all he could think of was the feel of her when he was inside her. The memory of her clenching around him as she climaxed was distracting him, making him want to repeat the experience.

Enough of his reason remained, however, for him to realise something was wrong. Something had caused their actions this afternoon. And he needed to find out what it was. He was also worried about Willow and Xander. They should have been here by now.

As if summoned by his thoughts, a knock sounded at the door. At his invitation, it opened and they entered, smiling and holding hands. Buffy turned and looked at their friends in surprise. “Willow? Xander?”

Willow faltered, feeling somehow guilty. She looked at Xander, confused. Xander stood up, ready to defend Willow. “Yeah?” His challenge was obvious.

Buffy decided to ignore it. “What’s going on?”

“Not that it’s any of your business, but Willow and I have decided to stop being fools and admit how much we mean to each other.” Willow’s grateful squeeze of his hand made him feel like a hero.

“A-and when did this happen?” Giles felt a sinking suspicion, remembering Buffy’s earlier comments.

“This afternoon, why?”

W-when this afternoon?”

“What’s with the twenty questions?!” Xander was beginning to feel defensive. They hadn’t done anything wrong.

Giles turned toward the now embarrassed hacker. “Willow? Buffy sa-aid that you all received some, um, samples.” His own embarrassment arose. She always made him feel this way. As if she shouldn’t know certain things. And he shouldn’t discuss them with her. “Are you..are you wearing yours today?”

“Giles!” Buffy looked at him with shock. What was he saying?

Willow’s whispered “Yes.” was barely heard by the others.

Giles closed his eyes and swallowed. Oh, god. He hoped he was jumping to conclusions. He looked at Buffy, seeing the dawning realization and pain in her eyes. “Did you say Cordelia received some too?” She nodded. “Where would she be?”

Xander spoke up. “Out shopping. Where else?” He didn’t understand what was going on, but he had a horrible feeling.

Buffy forced the tears back. “Try Angel.”

Giles moved toward the phone, as Xander gathered a now weeping Willow into him.


Giles had resumed his pacing. He had no other way to release his pent-up energy. He glanced toward Xander and Willow. Xander had confiscated his chair, and Willow was resting on his lap. At first, Xander had comforted her as she wept. Now, however, the magic was obviously working again, and they were kissing, oblivious to the other occupants in the room. He’d tried stopping them, but they couldn’t resist the pull of the spell.

He looked at Buffy. She’d avoided looking directly at him since they’d discovered the truth. He didn’t know if she was angry or embarrassed. He only knew that he still wanted her with a physical ache. And he was sure that, if he touched her, she would melt in his arms.

As if sensing his thoughts, she glanced toward him. A warm flush crossed her cheeks before she looked away. She picked up his phone once more, trying to get in touch with her mother. Joyce Summers had been unavailable for the past hour.

“Hello.” Buffy was relieved to hear her mother’s voice.

“Mom? I need to find something out.”

“Buffy? What’s wrong?”

“You know those samples? Where did they come from?”

“You mean the lingerie? I told you, an acquaintance gave them to me.”

“But what’s his name?”

“Ethan? What are you doing here? Buffy, I have to go. I have a visitor.”

Buffy stood listening to the dial tone at the other end. She slowly replaced the receiver, then looked at Giles. “It’s Ethan Rayne.”


Ethan looked at the beautiful woman before him. He’d come by to see the results of his little game, but the moment he saw Joyce, his mind was distracted by other things. And not only his mind. He shifted, trying to ease the discomfort.

He didn’t think she knew how she was looking at him. There was a flush of arousal on her face, and her eyes were dilated. He knew they were both under the spell of his little trick, but he didn’t care. He just knew he had to have her.

Moving slowly, as if she were a wild animal, he closed in on his prey. She started, but didn’t try to escape. He lifted his palm to cup her cheek. “Oh, how beautiful you are.” He leaned forward and captured her lips, learning the taste of her, the shape. She moaned, and stepped into his body, wrapping her arms around his waist.

Feeling her mouth open, Ethan pushed his tongue forward, only to be met by hers. As their tongues mated, he moved his hand under her shirt, feeling the satin material. He pulled back. “The camisole set?” At her hesitant nod, he grinned in approval before resuming their kiss. The feel of her hands at his naked back was the only warning that she’d pulled his shirt loose.

Although he didn’t care where they made love, a surprising gentleness and caring forced Ethan to consider Joyce. He broke the kiss, before taking her hand and pulling her to the back of the gallery. Realizing his intentions, she willingly guided him to her office.

Noticing the couch, he guided her onto it before joining her, his long body covering hers. He took her mouth again, as his agile fingers undid the buttons on her shirt. When it was completely open, she helped him to remove it, then started on his. They’d soon made short work of their clothes, the only articles remaining were her camisole set and his briefs.

He took his fill of her body in his gift. The champagne colour added a warm glow to her flesh, enhancing the natural beauty. The camisole had risen, showing a small expanse of flesh at her midriff. He bent to kiss the exposed skin, before making his way down until his mouth rested against the crotch of her knickers. He kissed her there, wetting the material, before his tongue lathed it’s way across the length of her groin.

She moaned, unable to think clearly. Only feel. Her nerve ends were sensitized, and the touch of this man was driving her insane. “Ethan! Please!”

Hooking his hands on the waistband of the knickers, he pulled down, exposing the hidden treasure there. He admired the swollen prize no longer hidden by her folds, then bent to kiss it.

It had been so long since anybody made her feel this way. When she felt him take her clit in his mouth, Joyce couldn’t help the high keening noise escape her. Encouraged by her reaction, Ethan increased his ministrations, sucking then licking the nubbin. He inserted his fingers into her passage, first rubbing it, then pushing them in and out. For once in his life, he decided to be unselfish, and as he fucked her with his fingers, he brought her to orgasm without worrying about his own discomfort.

After her climax, he moved up and gathered her into his arms as she wept, comforting her, whispering words of nonsense in her ears. She clung onto him as if her were her anchor, and felt such a feeling of homecoming as she hadn’t felt in a long time. When she had calmed, he wiped the tears from her eyes, and kissed her gently on the forehead. A noise behind him made him turn his head.

Ripper stood looking at him. And by the look in his eyes, Ethan knew he was in more trouble now than ever before. The other man turned and left the office. Taking his jacket, he covered his love, then donned his trousers.

Joyce stirred, looking at him in confusion. “Ethan?”

“It’s allright, love. I’ll be back in a moment.” She looked at him trustingly, then snuggled into the silken material.

He left the office, expecting trouble. He didn’t see the fist coming. He felt it hit his nose, however. He landed on his backside, hoping Ripper hadn’t broken the nose, again.

Giles stood over him, rage visibly moving through his body, his fists clenching at his sides. “I don’t know which will be the cause of my killing you. What you did to those girls, or what you’ve just done to that poor woman in there.”

“Before you give into your base desires Ripper.” He wondered at the flush of heat on the other man’s cheeks. “You better know something about my spell. If you kill me, Joyce will remain as she is. And only I can give her the release she needs.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“It’s quite a simple spell really. Whoever the wearer is thinking of when she dons the clothing, they are the only person who can remove it. The wearer can try, but they will never succeed. Also, as you’ve already guessed, it sets up a reaction in the two parties. They become overwhelmed with lust, which they can only slake on each other.”

Giles took a deep breathe, trying to control his rage. It helped, minimally. “How long after the clothing is removed does the spell last?”

“Twenty four hours. Then everything returns to normal. And, before you decide to beat me into a bloody pulp, remember that I’ve been hoist by my own petard. Obviously, for some reason, Joyce was thinking of me when she put that lovely set on. Now my passion for her is painfully strong.”

“You’re saying I should let you go back in there and use her for your own pleasure?”

“And hers.” That was obviously the wrong thing to say. “Look. I can’t undo the spell. What say you? We hold off the beating until the magic wears off?”

“You remove the clothes immediately.”

“I already have. Well, half of it.” Giles took a threatening step toward him. “Allright. Allright. Within the hour.” The other man stepped back, knowing he had no choice. He nodded, then walked away. Ethan breathed a sigh of relief, then got up and turned to the office.

Standing there was Joyce, a mixture of rage and lust on her face. She walked up to him, and punched him in the nose. It wasn’t hard, but surprising. Added to the fact, she hit the same spot as Giles, he saw stars before his eyes. He shook his head and looked at her. She grabbed his hand and dragged him back into the office, making sure to lock the door behind her.


They all remained motionless, absorbing what Giles had told them. Willow was still on Xander’s lap, and his hand rubbed up and down her back. Angel leant against the wall, his arms wrapped around Cordelia’s waist. She’d nipped home to get a change of clothes, but even then he’d waited outside for her. Buffy was leaning against the door, desperately wanting to go save her mother from that man, but knowing she couldn’t. Giles rested his weight against his desk, feeling ashamed and guilty. It was because of him that Ethan was still in their lives.

It was Cordelia who spoke first. “So, after this spell wears off, we’ll be back to the way we were before?”


“That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t take into account one thing.” They all looked toward Xander. “I was - am - in love with Willow. Have been for over a year.”

Willow looked at him in shock. “You have? Why didn’t you say anything?”

He looked at her with gentleness. “How could I? After the way I treated you. Besides, you were going out with Oz.”

“Oh.” She leaned down, resting her forehead against his.

“What do we do?” Angel directed his question at Giles. If anybody had noticed the bite marks on Cordelia’s neck, they hadn’t commented on them.

“The only thing we can do. Remove the, um, garments. And wait for the spell to wear off.”

“But I’ve already removed Willow’s...” Xander stopped in embarrassment. The only person blushing redder than him was Willow. She bent down and whispered in his ear. “Oh. I guess I haven’t removed it all then.”

“I’ll take the two of you back to my apartment. You’ll be safe there.” Giles looked toward Buffy as he spoke. She nodded her head in understanding and consent. While they were making use of his apartment, he would be with her at her house.

“Come on, Cordy. Let’s go back to my place.” She paused, thinking she should argue or something. He bent and spoke so low none of the others could hear him. “I’ll let you be on top this time.” She grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the office.

Giles looked at Buffy, then the other two. “Are you ready?” They all nodded, and moved off.


Giles followed Buffy into her bedroom. They hadn't said a word since leaving the college. At first, Willow and Xander's presence had prevented them saying anything they needed or wanted to say. Then, neither had known where to start.

She stood in the middle of the room, not knowing what to do. Shrugging her shoulders, she moved her hand to the zip of her dress. Warm hands preempted her, resting on her shoulders. She froze, then held her breathe as he grabbed the zip, and pulled it down. He brushed the material off her shoulders, letting it fall down and pool at her legs. His breathe caught.

She was wearing a bustier. The satin underlayer was a deep pink, covered in a baby pink lace. The girlish colors on such an adult garment should have looked foolish. But resting against her warm skin, it only looked deeply erotic.

His hands were trembling as they rested against her shoulders. He pulled her back until her body rested against his. She could feel his erection pushing against her, yet she remained passive. He bent and placed a kiss against her shoulder, then moved up her neck. She moved her head to give him greater access to that part of her body, the only indication that she wasn't unaffected by him.

Frustrated, he spun her until she faced him. Lifting her chin up, he forced her to look at him. Seeing the embarrassment and stubbornness there, he took her mouth in a hard kiss, forcing her to admit her needs. She fought desperately for a few moments more, until she felt his hand on her breast. She moaned then sank into him, wanting him desperately.

Their tongues mated as she stripped his clothes from him. He stepped out of his trousers, forcing her to move back until her knees touched her bed. She sank down to sit on the edge. He followed her, never breaking the contact of their mouths and tongues. She moved backward along the bedspread, her bare ass sliding along the material. He leant over her, finally covering her body as they sprawled on the single bed. She moaned as she felt his penis push against her through the material of his boxers.

He moved his hand to the apex of her thighs, feeling her wetness as he pushed against her folds. He rubbed his thumb across her clit, making her hips buck against him. She started whimpering, and he knew she was near to orgasm. He removed his hand, and pulled his boxers off. Opening her legs wider, he positioned himself above her.

Breaking off the kiss, he waited until she opened her eyes. Looking straight into them, he plunged into her, fitting her as though he belonged. Resting his elbows either side of her to keep his weight off her, he started pushing in and out of her. Her legs came up and around him, pulling him into her, as she started to match his rhythm. "Giles." Her voice was desperate. "I want....I want..."

"I know. And you'll have it. All of it." He increased the rhythm, pushing at her, forcing her to stay with him. "Come for me, now. Buffy. Come now." Hearing his command, feeling him inside of him, was too much. She felt herself crest, then shatter as she climaxed. She screamed his name, begging him to join her. The feel of his seed pouring into her told her that he had. She sobbed as he collapsed on top of her. And waited for him to leave her as he had last time.

Giles cuddled her to him, then rolled on his side. He kissed the top of her head, then moved his hand down to her backside, rubbing it and pushing her further onto him. He sensed her tension. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I'm waiting for you to leave."

"I'm not going anywhere." To prove his point, he pushed into her, and she felt his penis starting to grow and harden. "I've denied myself all afternoon, I have no intention of doing it again." Moving his hand between them, he felt her juices leaking out. Giving a satisfies smile, he rubbed her clit as he began to move in her again.

They took their time. There was no rush. The edge of their desire had been removed. He would push into her leisurely, building the pressure slowly. Then stop to praise her, to encourage her. Emboldened, she ran her hands over his chest, feeling the subtle muscles ripple beneath her fingers. She then moved them down, gripping his ass cheeks, marveling at their firmness. Finally, she wanted more. "Now." It was the signal he was waiting for. He increased the speed, pumping faster into her. Then, grabbing her, he rolled until she was on top of him.

She rode him hard. His hand was at her clit again, driving her crazy, not giving her a chance to take control. She wept as she edged closer to the precipice, begging him to release her. He ignored her entreaties, rubbing her, pushing her, but holding her back from the edge. The look of her atop him, the pink bustier still covering her was one of the most erotic sites he'd ever seen. And he intended to savor it for as long as he could.

Finally, even he couldn't hold back. With a shout, he climaxed, and took her with him. As his release filled her, she collapsed on top of him, exhausted. His arms came around her, and they both fell into a gentle slumber.


She sat at the edge of the bed, her blonde hair pulled over her shoulder, her head bent. She felt a kiss at the centre of her shoulder blades, then his callused fingers were on the first hook of the bustier. He took his time, kissing each spot as he exposed it. There were 14 hooks in all, and he took 10 minutes to get to the last one.

Her arms held the material at her sides. He stared in awe, as he moved his hands up and down her back, tracing the ridges of her spine. He knew she was fit, as the slayer she had to be. But until now he hadn't realised how perfectly aligned she was. His hands moved to the sides, forcing her to raise her arms. The material fell down, to land on her lap as he gathered her breasts in his hands. She moved until her back rested on his chest. His chin was now against her shoulder as he looked down at his hands fondling her breasts.

The nipples were already taut, and he satisfied himself by rubbing them between his thumbs and forefingers. Her hands came up to cover his. Not to stop him, but encourage him. He increased the pressure, and she moaned, letting her head drop back. He turned and pressed his lips against hers. She twisted, forcing him to remove one his hands. He dropped it and rested it against her hip.

She moved her legs, until she was sitting across his lap, his erection pushing against her leg. They let the kiss build, taking their time. He leaned back, taking her with him, until his back touched the bed. His hand moved to gently touch her cheeks before squeezing her thigh. She rolled her hips so that her sex touched his, and she covered his body with her own. He pulled her up slightly, then brought her down onto him.

They lay there, happy to be joined, their kiss lazy and gentle. The passion and frenzy would come. But for now, this was more than enough. This was contentment.