Very Sexy
By Gibberish

Title: Very Sexy
Author: Gibberish
Disclaimer: They belong to Joss, Mutant Enemy and the WB.
Rating: PG So very mild B/G
Spoilers: Where the Wild Things Are
Summary: Everybody got to hear Giles sing, but Buffy and she's feeling left out.
Distribution: Solo, Jessica, Sai, Cassandra, Sal and WYWM. Anyone else, please ask.
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       Giles walked into his apartment after his morning run and found Buffy sitting on his kitchen counter with his guitar.

 "So, you sing for everybody, but me." Buffy commented with a pout.

 "I never meant to sing for them." Giles said as he took his guitar. "As you very well know."

 "Well, I have to say that Xander was not impressed, but the girls were." Buffy told him. "Even Anya."

 "What?" Giles said blankly.

 "Yeah." Buffy told him. "Willow even said it was kinda sexy."

 "What?" Giles said again.

 Buffy smiled at him. "So, sing for me. Let me hear this sexy voice of yours." She said with a teasing grin.

 "Why would I want to do that?" Giles asked with a grin of his own.

 "What if I said - Please?" Buffy asked.

 Giles shook his head and wiped his face with his towel. "I'm going to take a shower." He headed down the hall.

 "Do you sing in the shower?" Buffy asked his retreating back.

 "Been known to." Giles called back.

   Giles got under the hot shower spray and since he knew Buffy was listening, he began to sing.

How do you do?
I see you've met my faithful handyman
He's a little brought down, because when you knocked
He thought you were the candy man

Don't get strung out by the way that I look
Don't judge a book by it's cover
I'm not much of a man by the light of day
But by night, I'm one hell of a lover

I'm just a sweet transvestite
From transsexual

 Giles broke off with a laugh when he heard Buffy yell at him through the door. He couldn't really hear what she said to him, but he knew she wasn't happy. He was still smiling when he came back out of the bathroom.  "All right, now sing for real." Buffy said as she handed him the guitar.  Giles thought about it, what to sing. Oddly, only one song came to mind.

Just one year of love
Is better than a lifetime alone.
One sentimental moment in your arms
Is like a shooting star through my heart.
It's always a rainy day without you.
I'm a prisoner of love inside you -
I'm falling apart all around you -- yeah.
My heart cries out to your heart.
I'm lonely but you can save me.
My hand reaches out for your hand.
I'm cold but you light the fire in me.
My lips search for your lips.
I'm hungry for your touch.
There's so much left unspoken
All I can do is surrender
To the moment just surrender.
And no one ever told me that love would hurt so much.
Oooh yes it hurts.
And pain is so close to pleasure.
And all I can do is surrender to your love.
Just surrender to your love.
Just one year of love.
Is better than a lifetime alone.
One sentimental moment in your arms.
Is like a shooting star right through my heart.
It's always a rainy day without you.
I'm a prisoner of love inside you.
I'm falling apart all around you.
And all I can do is surrender.

   When Buffy didn't comment, Giles looked at her. She watched him brace for her reaction. She tilted her head to the side and considered him. "I know that song."

 "I-its's by Queen." Giles told her.

 "Why did you hide that from me?" Buffy asked. She wasn't entirely certain that she was only talking about the singing. "It was beautiful, Giles." She stood up and went over to him. She surprised him by giving him a quick hug, before she turned to leave. "But Willow was wrong. It isn't kinda sexy." She didn't have to be looking at him to know his disappointed look. "It was *very* sexy. And I'd like to hear it more often."

 Giles grinned as she went through the door. "I think I can arrange that."


Author's Note: If you didn't recognize the first song, well there's no point in trying to tell you, but it's "Sweet Transvestite" from Rocky Horror. The second song was "One Year Of Love" by Queen.