Unsaid Things
By Beth C.

Title: Unsaid Things (1/1)
Author: Beth C.
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Rating: PG14
Spoilers: Some stuff from season 4, Anne, and Welcome to the Hellmouth
Summary: Buffy brings Giles on a walk in the rain, they go over some unsaid things,----> Look I wrote a happy fic, no death or anything
Dedication: My glorious proofreaders, I love you all
Disclaimer: I own nothing except for some Beastie Boys CD, and too many cardigans...All these characters I write with are the property of Joss (God of All). The Lyrics are from "Lie in Our Graves" by the Dave Matthews Band from the CD "Crash"
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"I can't believe that we would
Lie in our graves
Wondering if we had
Spent our living days well
I can't believe that we would
Lie in our graves
Dreaming of things that we
Might have been"


    "Stop whoever that is, I'm trying to rest!" screamed Spike, "Stop them from knocking."
    "Shut up!" Giles yelled back as he ran towards the door.
    "It can't be anyone smart, listen to the rain, only a moron would be out!" Spike screamed again.
    "Its Buffy," Giles said peeking out the window.
    "See, its a bloody moron," Spike whispered to himself, softly chuckling at his comment.
    "Don't think for a second I don't know what you just said," Giles yelled again.
    "I'm going back to sleep Felix," Spike yelled sarcastically.
    He flung the door open to reveal a smiling Buffy. "Come outside Giles," she said while laughing. "We need to talk."
    Giles just shook his head, "I am not coming out there, besides what are you doing out in the middle of the storm."
    "Giles, it's the middle of the summer, so its not cold out," Buffy rationalized. "And its only raining a little."
    He poked his head out into the downpour. The rain hit the pavement hard, forming puddles. Giles heard the thunder in the distance as lighting streaked across the sky. "No, not anything would make me follow you into that," he said sternly.
    Buffy's face turned in a little evil smile, her eyes plotting a scheme.
    "I know what you are thinking--do not do it," Giles said nervously as she moved closer to him. In one quick movement Buffy grabbed his collar yanking him out into the rain. "Oh, Bollocks!" he yelled as his body was thrown into the downpour. He fell backwards, landing in the collecting water on his patio. Buffy giggled as she threw herself down on top of him.
    "Isn't it beautiful out here?" she said as she straddled his body. Her hair was pulled into two braids and her white top clung to her, almost translucent. She smiled seductively, moving her legs allowing her khaki shorts to ride farther up her thigh.
    "Wh-What are you doing?" Giles stuttered, looking at her in her Lolita-like pose.
    "This," she whispered as she leaned in kissing him hard on the lips. She touched her tongue to his lips and he accepted it, shivers running through both of their bodies She ran her hand through his wet hair moving her other hand down the length of his torso. He moaned softly, moving his hands up to her hips, deepening the kiss. Buffy broke it off abruptly, standing up and skipping away. "Come Giles," she laughed, "like I said before we need to talk."
    Giles lay in the puddle, in shock from the kiss and from the water seeping into his clothing. He stood up, and started after the joyous slayer.
    "Well Giles, something happened tonight," she explained taking his hand into hers, "I was lying in my bed, listening to the rain outside, wishing that I could just come out here and play in it like I did when I was little. That's when I didn't know I was the slayer and when playing was still considered a cool way to spend your free time. But I said to myself that I would go outside next time, during the next storm. I rolled back over and tried to fall back asleep. Then I started thinking that maybe that I've been putting too many things off, leaving too many things unsaid, and that maybe I haven't been living my life to the fullest. I don't want my last thoughts to be, 'I wish I had done more, seen more, loved more--basically I wish I had just lived more'. I don't want to lie in my grave wondering if I lived my life well, or wondering about things that could've been."
    "That's when I started thinking about Angel, Parker, even Pike. All of those relationships kept me from living my life to the fullest. I use to become devoted to men who would just hurt me and then leave me. I went through all of the men in my life and almost every one of them had hurt me. All of them except you Giles; you have been the only one to care for me. So then my thoughts turned to you. I thought about those times when you've defended me, when you've fought beside me, those times when you've given me a place to turn. Everyone told me after I disappeared for that summer that you were completely devoted to finding me. That you went on every single tip and that every time you didn't find me, you came back ready to keep looking. You are the only man every to devote himself to me and love me with all of his heart-," she looked up into his eyes, "That's when I realized, that through all of those things, I've loved you too. Well I guess I've always loved you, but I just only saw that tonight. So if you can you ignore this long ramble and all of those times that I hurt you or chased after another guy and love me back? That's all I ask of you, love me."
    "Of course I love you, my heart has and always will belong to you," Giles said happily embracing her. "Buffy Summers, will you marry me?"
    "Maybe if you'll get down on one knee and ask me," she giggled.
    Giles sighed loudly, as he knelt down into the river the street was slowly becoming. Headlights from an oncoming car illuminated the scene. Giles began to say, "Buffy Summers will you-" but he was caught off guard by the wall of water the car sent his way. He rolled quickly into the drainage ditch.
    Buffy ran quickly over to him, "You don't need to try again, of course I'll marry you." She kissed him softly on the lips and picked him up out of the steady stream of water.
    "Willow is going to flip when she finds out I finally told you," she said resting her head on his shoulder.
    Giles stopped, "I thought you just realized your love for me tonight."
    Buffy's eyes turned embarrassed, "To be honest with you, I did realize my love for you tonight but I've had a crush of you for a long time. My last watcher was kind of-- well ugly. When I first saw you, I thanked the gods that I got a cute one."
    "Then I suppose I should tell you that, well-," Giles said as his cheeks turned red, "that when I saw you walk in wearing the white shirt and black mini skirt, I fell instantly in love. You were so beautiful that day."
    "I'm not sure if its sweet that you remember my outfit or creepy," she giggled, "but at least you saw my outfit, Xander spent most of the day staring at my boobs."
    "Is there any other unsaid things you'd like to tell me?" He asked, "If not, can we return home, I'm not sure I enjoy being this wet."
    "Well, whenever you turn around I check out your butt," Buffy said, "I don't think I ever told you that."
    "Well, so do I," Giles said shrugging his shoulders.
    "Giles!" she laughed playfully hitting his shoulder, "I never told you that at the prom, I was about to ask you to dance when Angel came in."
    "I was also," he said sadly, "my heart almost broke when he came in."
    "You looked rather debonair in your tux."
    "And you looked amazing in your dress. But not as good as you looked in your cheerleading uniform."
    She smiled seductively, "I can save that for the wedding night."
    "Well before that I have a few more things to tell you. First, thank you for helping me through everything that happened with Jenny. I think I might have gone mad, if you were not there for me."
    "Ditto about Angel, you helped me a lot too."
    "Secondly, I am sorry I ever listened to the council and that I drugged you," he confessed, "I thought that if I didn't I might lose you."
    "Its all in the past, I forgive you," Buffy said smiling, "well, I think we are both soaked right down to the bone, lets go home."
    "Wait, let me just finish," he said, "when I told you that I would never abandon you and that I would always be here for you, I meant it. You can always turn to me."
    She leaned in and let her lips brush against his. "And I'll always be here for you, lets go home--we can talk in the morning."
    "Wait, one more thing," Giles held her back once more, "do you still think you'll die regretful?"
    Buffy looked up, closing her eyes, letting the water run down her body. The humid air and cold water both chilled her and warmed her and she shivered once again, hugging Giles tightly. She smiled again, her eyes contentedly looking into Giles', "Now that I have everything that I could ever want, I'm going to lie in my grave with a smile, no regrets at all, no unsaid things left."