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The crew of would like to extend the following heartfelt thanks:

To the authors who have graciously allowed us to archive their fanfiction. Without you, this site would absolutely not exist.

To solo84, who originally conceived the New Buffy/Giles Relationshippers and gave our fandom 'ship a port to dock at for the first time.

To Gabi, who manned the helm of for such a long time and who also provided us with the archive files in order for us to get it back up and running after the dotcom went kablooey.

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Rainne would like to thank the following people specifically: Jen, Kate, Katy... you guys are awesome. Without you all, this site would never have come to pass. I can't believe you were all able to take a vague idea posted to my livejournal and turn it into the true resurrection of I am in your debt now and always. <3

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Jen would like to thank her fellow asylum inmates for the time and effort they've poured into this project. All of you rock, HARDCORE. I would also like to thank Kristin, who sent me my very first EVAH feedback, letting me know that the crap ideas in my head, weren't as bad as I thought they were.

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Katy would like the thank her fellow mods; Rainne whose idea has blossomed so awesomely, Jen for great input and cheerleading, and Kate for the best graphics ever. You all rock so hard!

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Kate gives massive love to Rainne for saying enough is enough, and deciding we didn't need the wayback machine any longer. And huge hugs to Gabi for actually providing us with the old site because going and getting all those fics one by one would have killed us. Fia because not only is she hosting the site, she kicked us into high gear. Jen and Katy because you guys are teh rock! Without your encouragment and ideas it wouldn't look as great as it does.

Finally, a gigantic thanks to Nemo88 who was so generous with her site codes! This archive would not look as pretty without her exquisite aid.