By Gibberish

TITLE : "Tutoring"
DISCLAIMER : Not mine, wish they were. Especially Giles and Wesley.
SPOILERS: Graduation pt 2.
SUMMARY: Lessons in kissing. My own Fic Challenge. B/G
DISTRIBUTION: Solo if she wants it. Anyone else, just ask.

         Wesley knocked on the door to Giles' flat. He was only mildly surprised when Buffy answered the door.

     "Hey Wes." Buffy said pleasantly as she moved aside for him to enter. "You just missed Giles' call. He's going to be a little late. The Museum got something in, just as he was leaving."

     "Oh." Wesley's disappointment was obvious.

     Buffy closed the door and sighed. Something was wrong. She didn't want to ask, she really didn't. It would be like admitting that she cared. She did. "What's wrong Wes?" She asked in a fatalistic tone.

     Wesley looked at her. Was he that obvious? Apparently. "Nothing." He said, embarrassed. He didn't want to talk about it. Did he? "Did Giles mention why he wanted to speak with us?"

     "Something about a vampire." Buffy said. "A vampire helping us. I'm not sure that I heard him right. All I know is that it isn't Angel." She smiled. "And that he kept laughing."

     "Laughing? About a vampire?" Wesley asked, incredulous. "Whatever for?"

     "I don't know." Buffy said with a shrug. "He was laughing to hard to explain."

     "Sounds rather intriguing, doesn't it?" Wesley asked.

     "Different anyway." Buffy commented. The tea kettle whistled from the kitchen. "Forgot I put that on before he called. You want some tea?" She asked over her shoulder on her way in to the kitchen.

     "Yes, thank you." Wesley responded. He watched her move about the kitchen. She knew right where everything was placed. He continued to watch as she brought tea tray in and set it on the coffee table. She poured them both a cup and settled back on the couch. "You seem quite at home here." Wesley observed, as he settled himself into the chair.

     Buffy shrugged. "Spend most of my time here since we lost the Library. Research, training."

     They were quiet for a while.

     Buffy watched him. "C'mon Wes. What is it?" She asked.

     Wesley looked at her, this young woman that despite his best intentions, he had become quite fond. "A couple of weeks ago, I met a young woman."

     Buffy smiled. "That's great Wes."

     Wesley smiled sadly. "Not really. It appears that I am not quite up to standards."

     "What?" Buffy asked.

     "It seems that she and Cordelia share the same opinion." Wesley told her.

     Buffy looked at him blankly. "What opinion? About what?"

     Wesley's face reddened even more. He had assumed that Cordelia had told her, all of them, about that fateful day in the Library. "Tell me Buffy." He said as he looked at his hands. "How does one learn to kiss properly?"

     "Huh?" Buffy said. "Are you saying that you don't know how to kiss?" She asked surprised.

     "That ... That does seem to be the consensus." Wesley said as he kept his eyes fixed on his hands.

     "They told you that?" Buffy asked. "Wesley, that's terrible."

     "I fear that they are correct though." Wesley said with a self depreciating laugh.

     Buffy felt bad for him, but what could she ... "Wesley." She said before she could lose her nerve. "Show me."

     Wesley looked at her confused. "What?"

     Buffy swallowed nervously. "Kiss me. Maybe I can help."

     "Buffy, I don't think ..." Wesley began.

     "Look Wes." Buffy said firmly. "They hurt you. Now, maybe I can help or maybe I can't. But we won't know unless we try. So stand up." Buffy instructed as she, herself, stood. He stood and looked at her warily. She smiled reassuringly as she moved to stand in front of him. "Okay, show me."

     <Can a person spontaneously combust from embarrassment?> He asked himself. His arms awkwardly at his sides, he lowered his head and kissed her chastely on her lips.

     "Okay." Buffy said calmly. She took his hands and put them at her waist. "Now, if she really likes you, and you really like her, you can move your hands. But, for the sake of this lesson, leave them there." She said pointedly.

     Wesley nodded in understanding. "Nnow what?"

     Buffy wrapped her arms loosely around his neck. "Try again."

     Wesley took a breath and leaned down. He gently kissed her, lingered just a moment, then pulled back.

      Buffy looked at him. "That was good. Now, go a little further."

     Wesley obediently leaned down again. He carefully deepened the kiss this time. Wesley was not blind, he knew that Buffy was quite attractive. However, he found himself oddly unmoved as he kissed her. Rather, as if, he were kissing a sister. What's more, he knew that she had the same reaction Or, lack of reaction?

     For the next fifteen minutes, Buffy calmly, carefully, instructed him in the fine art of kissing. She never once mocked or laughed at him. She was quite matter of fact with her ... Tutoring.

     Buffy looked up at him. "Are you ready for your final exam?" She asked.

    Wesley suddenly smiled. "Brings new meaning to the phrase "oral examination," doesn't it?"

     Buffy groaned, then laughed. "You've been around Xander way too long."

     "Without a doubt." Wesley agreed.

     Buffy continued to smile. "Okay. This time, you take the lead."

     Wesley nodded. He leaned down and gently kissed her again.

     They jumped apart at the sound of a door slamming and an angry voice.

     "What the bloody hell is going on here?" Giles asked angrily as he glared at the pair.

     Buffy started to say something, then shut her mouth. She'd promised Giles no more lies, but if she told him the truth, it would humiliate Wes.

     Wesley waited for Buffy to rush into a rather embarrassing explanation. When she said nothing, he looked at her. Her look stated that she would not betray his confidence. Even to Giles.

     "Well," Giles said, his eyes blazed. "Buffy?"

     "It isn't what you think." Wesley said. He tried to remain calm, but he knew what Giles was capable of when it came to protecting Buffy. He hoped that there were no swords around.

     "It isn't?" Giles echoed, still angry. "Then what is it?"

     Wesley looked at Buffy. "She was trying to help me." He said haltingly. "To teach me to ... kiss properly."

     Giles looked at Buffy intently. "You never offered to teach me to kiss." He said archly.

     "You never indicated that you needed help." Buffy said quietly. She was at a loss to explain Giles' reaction. Overreaction. "Do you?" She asked timidly.

     "Why don't you judge for yourself?" Giles challenged. He took hold of her shoulders and pulled her to him. "Personally, I've always preferred to kiss improperly. You decide."

     Buffy noticed that, although his grip was firm and strong, it was not bruising. If she wanted to pull away, she could. But she was compelled by the fierce look in his eyes. She wasn't frightened. She was excited.

     Giles did what he had wanted to do for a long time now. He kissed her. It wasn't a gentle kiss, but neither was it rough. He flicked his tongue against her lips. When she opened her mouth, he swept his tongue inside as he crushed her to him. He ravished her mouth with his own, as his hands swept up her back, then down to rest possessively on her bottom.

     Wesley watched in interest. Buff had helped, to be sure, but he learned more from Giles. Buffy hadn't let Wesley move his hands, but Giles moved his own at will. Buffy's hands moved as well. <This is quite educational.> Wesley thought. He smiled to himself. Perhaps he'll drive down and pay a visit to Cordelia in LA. See if his tutoring had paid off. He certainly wasn't needed here at the moment. "Enjoy yourselves." He said as he left in a good mood.

     Once he was gone, Giles carried Buffy upstairs...