Truth Boy
By Darcy Galvan

Title: Truth Boy
Author: Darcy Galvan
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Summary: Truthy Giles? Funness abounds.
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Notes: Thank you, Sha, for the challenge, and thank you scary lady on the airplane whose severe looks gave me time to be silent and mull this baby over.

"Hey! Giles!" Buffy called, stepping into his apartment. "I wanted to know if I could borr--Will, what are you doing?" Willow looked up from her speech.

"Um....trying to bring Giles out of this....ah...trance."

"What!?" Buffy ran around to stand in front of them. "What did you do?"

"I was just practicing putting people in trances, little mini almost-spells. Now Iím bringing him out."

"Will, did Giles know you were going to do this?"

"Why would you ask that? Do you think that Iíd just...and not...and...with the...." Willow squirmed. "Not exactly." Buffy threw her hands up.

"You know, heís going to kill you. Bring him out, then!" Suddenly she looked at Willow. "What kind of spell?"

"The truthy kind."

"Like, he has to tell the truth?"

"Yeah. And he has to answer. He canít just plead the fifth. Kinda...*compelled* to speak the truth of his thoughts." Buffyís mouth rounded in an ĎOh,í and she nodded at Willow who told Giles to wake up.

Giles blinked quickly and spoke in what sounded mid-sentence: "...have said before on numerous occasions, I donít think that you should try this sort of thing on people just yet."

"Okay, Giles," Willow said, nodding with a marginally worried, but silly smile. Giles raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"Agreeing so easily? Well, good enough, I just donít want something to go wrong."

Willowís eyes glinted and she asked, "Do you tell me not to do things because youíre really just caring about me, or do you think Iím not good enough."

"Mostly because I care, of course, there also *is* the fact that I donít think youíre talented enough yet. Besides, you have a penchant for haphazard, careless magic when you get excited." His eyes opened wide and his mouth mimicked that. "Willow! I..."

Willowís lips spread thin and tight across her face, "Itís okay, Giles."

Buffy gave her a "you asked for it," look and a shrug. Willow glared. Buffy averted her gaze and Giles watched the whole thing with confusion.

Buffy spoke. "Giles, I just came over to see if I could borrow your charcoals. Iíll buy you new ones. Iím just starting a summer art class today and I didnít get around to buying any. Can I?"

"As long as itís nothing expensive. At least if you ruin these theyíre easily replaceable." He shook his head, a look of confused alarm taking up residence on his face. "What the hell..."

Buffy grinned sharply and laughed. "God, youíre snappy, arenít you? Whatís wrong?"

"I-I seem to have to...speak my thoughts. Itís ah-I am sorry. Iím not quite sure whatís wrong." He looked at the two girls and his eyes narrowed on Willow. "Willow, you look guilty." She tried to remain neutral and looked away innocently. "Willow! Look at me!" She did. "What happened."

"You know how you told me not to try the spells?"

"Oh, Willow," he moaned, dropping his forehead to his hands. "Undo it." She nodded and went to her supplies. Suddenly she froze.



"Um...I donít exactly have enough ingredients....."

"Go to the magic store."

"What I had was the last they had in stock...none until tomorrow."

"Now, donít kill her, Giles. We need Willow. Willow is good, Willow is kind. Willow was just a little...naughty."

"I wonít kill her," he said, gritting his teeth. "But I think she had better leave."

"Gone." Willow was out the door, leaving behind her bag and supplies.

"Iíll give it to her tomorrow." Buffy turned back to him and he leaned back in his chair. "Do you wanna patrol with me?"

"More than anything."

"Good. Grab your stuff and come on, Truth Boy. Weíre going hunting."


"I miss you. This is my weak, Buffy Attempt at making up for this year. Iím bonding. I missed you." She tilted her head and Giles spoke.

"Iíve missed you too."


"Duck!" Dust billowed through the night and Buffy brushed off her black shirt. "I should stop wearing dark colors when I do this."

"That might be wise." Buffy looked around at where they were.

"Got any money, Giles?"

"Yes, why?"

"Ice cream."

"Do you really want ice cream or do you want to bother Xander at his new job?"

"Would you believe both?"


"If you speak one word of my condition to Xander, I *will* make you pay."

"Would *I* do something like that?" she asked, smiling innocently.

"In a heartbeat." He paused and fixed his eyes on Buffy. He shook his head. "*Buffy,* I know that look. Leave now. Iíll not have you taking advantage of my situation and picking my brain for information."

"Giles? What do you-" "No." "-think-" "Buffy, donít you dare-" "-of me?" "-ask me *anything!*"

"You can be self-centered and selfish and blind and cruel, but itís unintentional. You donít want to hurt anyone, but sometimes you canít see what youíre doing. Youíre not a bad person, you just donít realize the impact of your actions. Youíre the kindest, most helpful, wonderful person I know and just seeing you makes everything worth it. Youíre beautiful." He winced. "Damnit, Willow. I didnít think you were out to destroy me." He glanced at Buffy. She watched him, an enigmatic expression taking her face. "Buffy?..."

They both whipped their heads around at the sound of underbrush cracking and rustling and saw the creature.

"Gee, and I thought the Jolly Green Giant was big." Eight feet tall and almost human except for the polished silver talons protruding from four fingers on each hand and the slit pupiled copper eyes. And the lack of a nose. "Crap, and things were just getting good."

"Getting good?" Giles cried, ducking as the talons whooshed over his head. "You call-" drop, roll, rise, swing "-humiliating me Ďgoodí?!"

"Hey, itís not my fault that Willow-" slice, kick, dodge, "-worked her mojo on you."

" ĎMojo?í Youíve been around-" jump, swerve, slice, "-Spike too much."

"Do you really think Iím beautiful?"

"God, yes. Youíre-" stab, jump away from demon blood, curse, "-youíre the most beautiful creature Iíve ever seen."

"Do you want me?" He continued dodging the wounded demonís attacks and gritted his teeth. Unable to stop his words, they came out roughly, almost a grunt.

"Every moment of every day."

"Do you love me?"

"Forever." He turned and froze. The demon swung and sent Giles unceremoniously tumbling ass over teakettle through the deep grass.

"Okay! That is soooo *it*!" Buffy yelled, turning on the demon. It stopped, shocked.

"Battle," it grunted, embarrassed over itís poor English. It had been trying, really, but humans had such a childish dependence on verbal communication and their words were so complicated.

"Well, you know what? Iím having a very important conversation with my Watcher" she pointed at his prone form, "and I really donít need you knocking him unconscious in the middle of it!"

The demon stopped, taken aback. It shook itís head and rubbed itís injured side, sulking off into the woods. < Humans. Always ruining a perfectly good battle with conversation. >

Buffy snorted and moved over to Giles. < Demons. Always ruining perfectly good conversations with battle. >

"Giles? Are you okay?"

"Iíve been knocked down by a bloody eight foot demon, how do you think I feel?" He was patting around in the grass trying to find his glasses which had been knocked off.

"Hold still, Snappy," Buffy said as she leaned forward and wiped at Gilesí bleeding forehead with her shirt, allowing him an uncomfortably good view of--

"Youíre doing that on purpose! Stop it."

"Or what?"

"Well, I canít see very well without my glasses. I might have to...feel my way around." He shifted his hands and Buffy slapped his shoulder.

"Oh, Lord, I know youíre joking, but I know that itís the truth too. Youíre a dirty old man."

"And youíre a tease."

"And youíre in love with me."

"Weíve already established that, do you really need to mock me?"

"Whoís mocking? I know youíre not. I know Iím not. Matter of fact, Iím the one doing this:" she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his. "Whoís mocking, Giles?" She kissed him again and he responded in kind. "What? No protests? No reserved British ĎThis isnít right? Iím too old? Youíre too young? What would others say?í"

"Willow Ďworked her mojoí on me, I canít lie, remember?"

"Hmmmm...." Buffy leaned in for yet another kiss. "Bet youíre not mad at her anymore."

"Oh, no, Iím" kiss "outraged" kiss, nibble "beyond belief."

"Still up for that ice cream?"

"Only if I can rub it all over you and-"

"I *told* you you were a dirty old man."

"Well, I suppose that if-"

"Did I every say anything about *not* liking dirty old men?"