AUTHOR: Kat_the_Vampyre
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SUMMARY: Giles and Buffy get locked in a small crypt by a vampire as the heat increases so does the tension. This is from a challange at Watching you, Watching me

"Watch out" Giles heard Buffy shout as he plunged a stake into the heart of the vampire in front of him watching it turn to dust. Immediatley spinning round he found another vampire rapidly aproaching, Looking around for Buffy, Giles saw her happily dealing with two vampires at once, giving a running commentery throughout as much for the vampires benifit as anyone elses.

Turning back to his vampire full of pride for his skillfull slayer he set to at dusting the demon. To his surprise and he had to admit disapointment the vampire turned and ran, in a fit of Buffy-like rashness, he called out to his slayer, "Buffy, I'm going after him." Before he got very far Buffy had caught up with him and then they ran in pace after the fleeing Vampire. They ran for several minutes the Vampire always staying in view. Almost as if he wanted us to chase him, Giles thought, no don't be silly, why would he want to do that. Suddenly the Vampire was gone, the pair stopped simulataniously,

"Where did he go" Buffy asked "Iwas enjoying that!"

Giles gave that statment the contempt it deserved by ignoring it and instead just glared at Buffy in response. Looking around he saw a small door cut into a mound to one side of them,After pointing it out to Buffy they decided he must have gone down there, slowly they walked down the stone steps neither of them wishing to arrive unannonced at a Vampire party.

Hearing a noise Giles turned, just in time to see a stone door swinging into place with a loud bang. Walking back up the steps Buffy pushed at the door to see if her slayer strength would move it, and Giles looked for some sort of opening contraption. All to no avail. Sitting down next to a wall the pair started to wait to be rescued.

"Hey, we can use this to have a Watcher-Slayer bonding session." Buffy exclaimed brightly.

"A what?" Giles asked

"Bonding, you know when people get to know each other better, you must have it in England."

"Oh right, I suppose...What do you want to talk about then?"

"That's a real conversation stopper, Giles. Willow's going to see Oz play again tonight...."

Giles sat and listened to Buffy talk, judging by the way she was rambling he knew that this enforced staticness was getting to her, after a moments hesitantion he reached out and took her hand, Buffy jumped and so Giles started to bring his hand back again but her smaller hand held his tight.

"It'll be allright, you know, someone will find us." Buffy said

Giles looked up at Buffy, hoping that this would be the case. The pair stared at each other for several seconds the intensity of their emotions building with every moment until Giles thought he would burst from the pressure. He started to lean in towards Buffy and subconsiously she tilted her head back to give him better access. Get a grip man, She's a kid. Giles thought pulling away from his slayer and standing up. Looking down he could see the hurt in her eyes, thinking she had done said something wrong and upset him. Giles started pacing restlessly checking the stone door every so often.

"It's still going to be shut no matter how many times you check it." Buffy told the normally rational man.

"Well, it's better than just sitting here, doing nothing." He snapped back at her.

Buffy was hurt by the tone he used, and turned away from him so he couldn't see the tears welling up in her eyes. Can't he see how worried I am and all he can do is snap at me and talk to me as if I'm was a child. I'm 18, I'm not a kid any more but He still see's me as the 16 year old that refused to do her duty that first time in the library. He'll never want you Buffy, she told herself, he see's you as a daughter, isn't that what that watcher council man said?

Why do I always do this, Giles thought, everytime I want to let go, I turn coward and use the 'She's just a child responce', Why would she want a 40 year old man, though, and she sees you as a father figure anyway. Give it up, find someone your own age.

"I suppose we could use the time to train?" Giles asked as close as he could get to an apology.

"Sure Giles" Buffy replied brighting at the thought of some activity and the ceasation of his pacing.

Wasting no time Giles got in his first blow, but Buffy responded quickly and in no time had him lying on his back on the floor.

"Giles are you alright?" She asked bending down next to him and running her hands over his body to look for bruises or at least that was what she told herself. Giles gave a quiet groan at the feel of her touching him but then once again his barriers came down and he sat up pushing her away.

"I'm fine thankyou, Buffy." He told her gritting his teeth in an attempt to stop his body responding to her touch. "But I'd rather we didn't train anymore, if it's allright with you. It's getting rather late why don't you sleep and I'll keep watch. Here have my jacket."

Buffy wasn't tired but she could see that Giles was trying to apologise so she accepted his offer and lay down on his jacket at the side of the crypt next to were Giles was sitting and pretended to go to sleep. Giles sat and watched her and when he felt satisfied that she was completly asleep he once again started pacing the cave looking to her sleeping form every now and then and then clenching his fists and gritting his teeth he continued pacing. after a while Buffy did in fact manage to fall asleep the sound of Giles pacing acting as a lullaby. When she woke up, Giles was lying next to her on the floor with his arm wrapped round her waist in a possesive manner, she attempted to move out from under his arm but he tightened his grip, so she stayed there. After another attempt to extract herself she managed to move round so that she was facing him.

He looks so relaxed, not like he ever does awake. even if there isn't a crisis he's worring about what stupid thing I'm going to do next. I'll have to try harder in future to make his life easier.

With this resolution she gently kissed him on the lips to seal it, assuming him to be still completly asleep. He had however woken up with her last bout of wriggling and had just lain there savouring the rare chance to have Buffy in his arms. With her kiss his eyes flew open and Buffy jumped with shock, immediatly getting up.

"" was Giles flustered question.

"I'm sorry Giles, you just looked so happy I couldn't resist it. Sorry."

"Don't be" He said walking over to where she now stood.

"I don't understand." She told him.

Giles took a deep breath and plunged in to his explaination.

"I don't know how you feel about me, I'm sure you think of me like a Father. but I don't think of you that way, like daughter I mean, not a father, well, I love you Buffy and would never regret any sign of affection you chose to show me.."

Buffy placed her finger on his lips to silence him and then replaced them with her own lips.

"Buffy.." Giles aprehensively started.

"No Giles. I love you. Stop going into paranoid mode. I'm not doing this for you I'm doing it for me. Allright?"

"Giles didn't answer but slowly a smile spread across his face and then he bent down to kiss her gently. Buffy started to undo the butons of his shirt but Giles stopped her.

"We have plenty of time love, lets not let the first time be in a crypt, hey?"

"Okay" She pouted but didn't manged to keep it up very long before erupting in giggles.

"What's so funny?" A voice asked from the doorway. It was Xander closly followed by the others standing in the now open doorway.

"Oh you found us. I knew you would, didn't I Giles."

"Yes love, you did."

At the use of of the name every pair of eyes in the scooby gang turned to him.

"Long story. We'll tell you later but right now I want to go home."