AUTHOR: Gabriele Schulz
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SPOILERS: Not really.
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SUMMARY: Xander's little ploy at getting to kiss Buffy goes a little wrong. B/G (And two other UC-kisses not worth mentioning, guess who?)
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NOTE: Set in "The Library" (take a look at my other fic...). Just a silly little piece.
DATE: 7/15/99


Giles and Cordelia exchanged a quick kiss on the mouth, before he turned to the young man, displaying his most threatening death-glare.

"Why do you think I keep throwing them away?"

He pointed at the piece of mistletoe hanging above him.

"Just so that you hang them back immediately?"

Xander rushed to him.


He leaned in conspiratiorial.

"You know. It's a legal way to kiss them."

He nodded towards Cordy and Willow, who rolled their eyes.

"I think you have kissed both of them a *couple* of times already."

"Yeah, and Giles, too. By the way." Oz pointed at the mistletoe.

Giles sighed exasperated.

Xander kissed him quickly and whispered into his ear.

"Please, just till Buffy arrives. Giles..."

The begging note in his voice was enough for Giles.

"All right. I just hope she'll be here soon."

"Oh, thanks."

Xander kissed him on the cheek. He sighed once again, wondering how miserable the young man's life had to be, when he resorted to such a pityful ploy to get a kiss.

Half an hour later the piece of mistletoe still hung in the door to the backoffice. Buffy stood in the door, when she saw Xander rushing towards her for the third time. She knew what would come and since two of his kisses had definitely been enough for her, she grabbed the nearest person and dragged him to the door to her. It was Giles, who had come out of the little store-room with a new box of tea. He looked a little confused.

Buffy stared menacingly at Xander took the piece of mistletoe, tore it to shredds and dropped them on the floor.

"Buffy, it's *tradition*."

"I'll give you tradition."

She turned to Giles and putting her arms around his neck and pulling him down towards her kissed him passionately. She kept her eyes open to look at Xander and grinned inwardly at his shocked face. That was, until Giles started responding to the kiss. Her attention immediately focused to her Watcher.

Where the hell had he learned to kiss like that? A picture of Ripper and her mom crossed her mind. As the kiss went on their tongues met accidently. Then they met again - not accidently.

"All right. That's enough, guys. I got it. No more mistletoe. You can stop now. *Hey*."

They just kept exploring the other's mouth and Buffy wondered whether Giles wanted to tease Xander, too, or if *she* still wanted it, for that matter. She wasn't sure. What she was sure of, though, was that her knees began to feel a little weak, so she moved slightly backwards until her back was leaning against the frame of the door.

She heard a small "Oh" from Willow and then felt one of Giles' hand wander from her waist over her hip to her leg. She lifted it up and around him and when he cupped her ass, she did the same with the other leg.

"I'll need therapy for the rest of my life."

She thought she felt Giles grin at Cordelia's comment, but it was hard to tell, since they were still ravishing each other.

After some time she felt that there was nothing left to do, to make Xander learn his lesson. Well, of course they still could do quite a lot of things, but they could hardly do that in front of the others. Besides, as much as she enjoyed Giles' kiss, she didn't want to that with him. At least not like that. She blushed at the thought, that she was actually considering doing... *that* with Giles, but pushed the thought away as she felt his tongue retreating.

He increased the pressure of his lips on hers once more before withdrawing and dropping her to the ground.

He turned to Xander a patronizing look on his face.

"And please throw that in the rubbish."

He picked up the tea he had dropped at some point at went to fix a cup.

Buffy stood in the door and couldn't help grinning down at Xander, who picked up the pieces of the plant, mumbling something to himself.

When he got up and saw Buffy's grin, he commented sarcastically.

"I'm glad, at least *you* had your fun."

She lifted her hands, palms up.

"Hey, it's tradition."