Too shy
By Sara Jung

TITLE: Too shy
AUTHOR: Sara Jung
DISTRIBUTION: Everyone who has my general permission. Others please ask first.
SPOILERS: none (Angel and Buffy slept with each other and Buffy is frustrated because of that)
FEEDBACK: Love it. Especially if you like the story ;-)
SUMMARY: Ethan puts a spell on Giles that makes him Ripper. Only Buffy can break the spell… a hard way to go.
DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB Television Network, and whoever else may have a hold on them. I do not mean to infringe upon any copyrights.
DATE: 15/02/2001

DEDICATION: Sönje, Marie, Helga, all my friends I forgot here and all B/G shippers!!!

"Buffy! Wait!"

But Buffy didn’t listen. She ran away, out of the library, out of the school, almost out of Sunnydale. Only two more streets to cross and she’d left town. That was when Giles caught her. He knew he had no chance to compete with his Slayer’s strength and condition, though their training also worked on him, but only to be sure he’d get her he took the car.

She sat on a bench, breathing heavily, tears running down her face. Giles stepped near her without a sound and sat down beside her. Not too far away, but also not too near so it’d seem like… He sighed. <Stop that, Rupert. It won’t lead to nothing.>



"Why do you do that?"

He breathed in with a slight hiss. "Do what?"

"Always taking care of me. You know so much about me, even things I myself don’t know." She paused. "You said ‘I’m not going anywhere’ when the Council fired you. Why? There is no reason for you to stay." She stopped. Why was she talking like that? What was she setting at?

Giles’ mind was swimming. There were so many things he wanted to tell her, the reasons why he’d stayed. But one look into her sad eyes showed him that would kick her over the edge. She couldn’t take no more, not after what’d happened to Angel. He cleared his throat. "Buffy, as your Watcher I have a responsibility for you. This is why I stayed."

She knew he lied. His eyes were so… so not his own. She wondered what he was thinking.

They sat there, looking at each other for the time of five damned minutes. Then Giles cleared his throat. "What about training? Tonight?"

Buffy shrugged shoulders. "Shouldn’t I go patrolling?" She wasn’t very enthusiastic. Neither for patrolling nor for training.

Giles shook his head. "You’re still too… emotionally involved."

Buffy smiled sadly at this. "OK, then training. 8 pm at yours?"

Giles nodded. "And tell your mother you’ll stay over night."

"I will?"

<I’d kill to company you. And we both need it.>

"Yes. I’m sure you can need someone around now."

Buffy half nodded, half shrugged shoulders. "Then at 8." She stood up to go home, then looked at her watch. She turned to Giles. The bright smile on her face showed she wanted something. "Giles, you’re going back to school, or not?" He nodded. "Cool. Could you take me back with you? I still have lessons to go to."

<I’d take you everywhere you want me to.>

He nodded and smiled. She gave the smile back. Then they drove off for school.


Buffy was at Giles’ place just in time. Quiet unusual for her. She normally was late.

Giles gulped as he watched her push the furniture away. Her training suit was tight. Too tight. At least too tight for him to be able to take it any longer than 10 minutes. He cleared his throat. The Slayerettes all were busy with something else, mostly with dating each other, so the couple was on his own.

They started slowly, giving the other the chance to warm up a bit before the real training begun. After ten minutes, Buffy started to go faster, to hit harder and to get trickier. Soon, Giles was breathing heavily, sweat glittering on his forehead. Buffy panted slightly. "Already done? Too heavy for ‘ya?"

He smiled. "Not at all." His following attack was perhaps the heaviest ever. And he knew he had to bring up all his strength because Buffy was putting all her anger and pain into it, even if it was just training. Before it got serious, he stopped her. They both stood there, panting.

Buffy tried a smile. "Not bad. Best ever I think."

Giles gave the smile back and headed for the kitchen. "Want some soda?"

"Hmm." Buffy lay back on the couch, her breath slowly regulating to a normal level. She closed her eyes, hearing Giles work in the kitchen. She sighed, totally relaxed now. Then she heard him come back and put a glass on the table, suddenly hesitating a bit. Again she could hear his footsteps on the carpet. Then soothing music filled the room. Buffy opened her eyes and saw Giles stand near the window. "Giles?"


"Is something wrong?"

He turned, a glass of scotch in his hand. "No, Luv."

Buffy stopped. He’d never called her Luv. And something in him had changed. She could see it. His whole body seemed… younger?

"What’s with you? You don’t seem to be so ok."

Buffy smiled tiredly. "The whole thing’s kickin’ me off. It’s been so much…"

Giles stopped her with a move of his hand. He made a step towards her and Buffy felt the impulse to back away from him, could stop herself soon enough. He smiled at her and this smile was most stunned her. It wasn’t Giles’ warm, father-like smile, it was the smile of a young, not-caring-about-anything man.


The thought crashed into her like a lightning. Now she did step back.

"What’s wrong, Luv? Don’t you trust me?" The cunning smile on his face grew even bigger.

Buffy started to feel strange. What was that he caused in her? He made one more step and stood so close now she could feel his warm breath on her hair.

"I must have been an absolute idiot to let you be with me and never try to fuck you."

She looked at him, shyly but also shocked. What was that? Inside her, two little voices fought for her attention. The first one told her she couldn’t have those feelings for Giles because he was her Watcher. The second voice told her to send the rules of society to hell and just to have fun. She blushed at the thought of it. She looked into his eyes for any sign of Giles, but he wasn’t there. There was just Ripper.

A knock on the door stopped her train of thoughts. Ripper made a grim sound and went to open the door. Buffy sank on the couch, sighing in relief.

<Lucky me. Whoever you are, thank you.>

The thought vanished from her mind as Ethan stepped in, followed by Gi… Ripper. Buffy froze.

Ethan grinned. "Hey sweetheart. How ‘ya doin’?"

As she didn’t react to his hello he shrugged shoulders and sat down next to her. Ripper took place at the bar.

"What’d ‘ya want?" His voice was as cold as ice.

Ethan made himself comfortable. "Just stepped in to check on you two." He turned to Buffy. "He changed."

Buffys eyes widened. Then she nodded.

"Thought so. He really has a big problem. And only you can solve it."

Buffy chuckled in amusement. "Me? How could I?"

Ethan stayed as serious as before. "Fuck him."

Buffys jaw dropped.

"What?" Ripper jumped off the bar and stepped towards Ethan. "What’r ‘ya talkin’ about?"

Ethan ignored him. "Buffy, you know he cares about you. But not in the way he wants you to believe he did. He loves you, Buffy, more than his life. So much his only solution to get you was to become Ripper."

Ripper made a sound of deep anger, that also showed he didn’t understand what they were talking about, and sat down between Ethan and Buffy. Then he laid one arm around her possessively.

"See?" Ethan grinned.

Buffy pushed Rippers arm aside and stood up. "I don’t know what you want me to do. I mean… I-I can’t fuck him! He’s Giles, after all…" She was more confused than ever before in her whole life. Even more than when the Angel thing happened.

Ethan nodded. "I understand. But that is the only way to break the spell."

"You’re kiddin’ me!"

Ethan cocked his head and laid his hand on where his heart was (supposed to be). "Would I ever lie to you?" A cunning smile played around his lips.

Buffys look wandered from Ethan to Ripper and back to Ethan. "What’s my goal?"

"You have to give him everything he desires from you. That should break the spell."


"I’m quite sure."

Buffy sighed again and looked at Ripper who seemed to be totally confused from what he’d heard. Buffy gave Ethan a look that said more than 1000 words. Ethan took the hint and left the house. He smiled.

That he’d put the spell on Giles kept his secret.


Buffy still stood where she had when Ethan’d left. Ripper had left for the kitchen to get another scotch.

After a few minutes Buffy followed. She leaned against the doorway. Rippers hand shook so heavily Buffy was afraid he’d let the glass fall, so she went over and took the glass away. Their fingers touched slightly.

Ripper stared at her. "Is it true?"

Buffy didn’t look at him but nodded.

He sighed and took his hands in front of his face, realising he wore glasses. He stared at them unbelieving, then left the kitchen.

Buffy followed, a puzzled look on her face. She found him in the bathroom upstairs. He was staring at his reflection. Buffy cleared her throat.

He didn’t turn. "I’m… old."

Buffy smiled wryly. "You’re 45."

"The last thing I remember is when I was 27." He laughed slightly. "Ethan’s still the same old dagger he’s always been." No he turned. "Can you really?"

Buffy nodded half-heartedly. "If he says I can…"

Ripper suddenly got his self-confidence back. He laid the glasses on the bathtub and walked towards Buffy. "Follow me."

Buffy looked at him. His eyes’d turned into dark green. She knew how Ripper was so she decided it’d be better do give in.

He led her into the bedroom, sitting down on a chair near the door. "Ethan said everything I desired from you."

That made Buffy shiver. He could see that, she knew. His eyes darkened, if that was even possible.

"Get that off." He pointed on her training clothes.

Her mind was swimming. This was too weird. She was strippin’ in front of Giles! Giles! That was the weirdest thing in this.

But… was it really so weird? There had been something between them, she knew it from the moment she’d entered the library. More like the normal non-verbal communication between people, a deep bond that made them think the same thing at the same moment, that caused the deep trust between them. He’d always been the father she never had.

But when she looked at her calm Watcher now, he had turned into a young, energy-filled man. The best proof for that was the bulge in his pants. Buffy blushed and looked away.

She was in her bra and panties now. Ripper gave her the sign to come to him.

She obeyed and stood in front of him. The tension in her grew, if that was even possible. She looked down at him, her eyes held by his.

Suddenly, something in his eyes flickered. It seemed to Buffy like they had their normal colour back. Perhaps it was just a hallucination, caused by the dim light.

Ripper shook his head, as to clear his mind. Then he smiled again.

Buffy gulped.

His fingertips wandered over her arm, barely touching her skin, causing her goosebumps.

Ripper grinned and let his hands move to her back. His fingers played with her bra, causing the tension in her to get unbearable, then opened it. Her firm breasts fell freely now. Ripper grinned again, as he noticed she’d stiffened like a door. He stood up and looked at her. "Are ‘ya frightened, Luv?"

She nodded half-heartedly. Her heart pounded so hard she was afraid it’d break through her skin.

He smiled at her, his fingers playing with her hair. "Don’t have to be." He bent down and brushed her lips with his, giving her a chance to move back. She didn’t. His hands played over her back, giving her goosebumps again. Then he kissed her, fast deepening the kiss.

Buffy was completely at his mercy by now. She did no longer care about rules, what her mother and friends would say. Without thinking about it, she pushed herself towards him, feeling his growing erection against her.

Ripper grinned in the kiss and raised his hand to her left breast, softly teasing her by twitching the nipple with his nails. She moaned into his mouth, still pushing herself towards him.

He let go of her and stepped back. Then he sized her up.

Buffy was panting slightly, her mind still covered from the intense stimulation his nails’d caused.

He still looked at her, a tiny smile on his face. "You’re beautiful, you know that?" Buffy blushed and smiled. Ripper took her hand and led her to the bed, where she lay back, drifting in his dark green eyes. He held her beneath him and smiled at her.

"You have to need him back badly. Don’t think you’d do this for anybody else."

Her answer was kept by a deep, passionate kiss. Then she let out a tiny moan as his hands wandered over her whole body, softly touching her hot centre through her panties with his fingertips, but never more.

Soon, the whole teasing-thing started to piss her off. So she took over initiative. Without warning she grabbed his shoulders and threw him on his back. At first, his face was a big question, then he smiled. "Not bad, Luv."

She straddled him, grinning, and ripped his shirt, sending buttons flying through the room. The sight she got was breath taking. Their training had done fabulous work on Giles’ body. His chest could easily compete with Angels. The only difference was the light shadow of hair Angel’d never have.

<Honey, you’re already comparing the two! How far till you compare their cock sizes?>

She hesitated for a second. Almost immediately, the little voice in her head was back.

<Stop that! Go right ahead or you’ll miss the greatest fuck of your life!>

She grinned at the possibilities that came into her mind. Her fingers played with his nipples, softly twitching them like he’d done before. A soft moan from him made her fingers travel down. She already sat on his erection, now it pressed hard against her leg. She shifted a bit before sliding down and starting to open his pants. He still wore boxers, dark green. She smiled. Ripper pulled her head down to his, kissing her passionately while getting rid of his pants. They deepened the kiss, then Buffy slid down and let her tongue twirl around his nipples, first the right, then the other, till they were as hard as hers. She soon joined his groans, caused by the stimulation his chest hair caused her nipples. The second reason was his erection pressing and rubbing against her.

She soon was near to climax, breathing heavily. Now it was his turn to take things into hands. Literally. He got her on her back again, kissing, nibbling and licking at her nipples. She moaned loudly now, biting her lips and softly grabbing his hair. He moved down further, grabbing her firm bottom with both hands and pulling her towards him. He didn’t pull her panties down, but softly licked over her clit through them. She groaned, pulling his hair a bit harder, lifting her hips off the bed a few times. Her panties were dripping wet by now. Ripper made her let his hair go, then pulled her panties down. She was as ready as could be.

He departed her pussy lips with the tip of his tongue, softly pushing his tongue inside her. She groaned again what made him smile. Never a girl’d been ready so soon. He crawled up so he could look into her eyes. "Do you really want this?" Her answer was a passionate kiss. So he got rid of his boxers and softly pushed his tip inside her. He had to stop himself from thrusting into her when her hot tightness closed around him.

She groaned, lifting her legs up so he could penetrate her much deeper. He started slowly, though he knew he couldn’t stand against the need to thrust wildly. Her nails suddenly clashed into his back, pulling him down to her, deeper into her. His thrust got harder, her groans louder.

Buffy had to stop herself from screaming. This was incredible! She’d never thought he was so… so… she found no words for it. Instead she pulled him towards her and kissed him passionate. Their eyes met and Buffy hesitated for a second. They had their normal colour back. His thrusts, now going faster and harder, made it impossible for her to think. Though she knew he was Giles again.

They both felt the hot wave of climax go through their bodies, slowly beginning down in the belly, then moving through the whole body. Buffy was frenzy, unable to control herself. Giles thrust only faster, his mind frozen by the stimulation. Two more hard thrusts. "Buffy!"

He collapsed on her, then rolling off.

They both stared at the ceiling, breathing heavily. Buffys mind was still clouded when he leaned over and looked at her.

"You regret it, don’t you?"

She looked into his eyes. Giles’ eyes. Then she turned her back on him. "I don’t regret it. I’m just not sure if I… should have done this."

He stood up and went over into the bathroom. The door slammed closed.

Tears ran down Buffys face. After a few minutes she stood up, took her clothes and left his apartment.


The next morning the whole Scooby gang met in the library. Buffy was unusually quiet. Giles acted similar.

"I wonder if they’re ill." Willow was a bit frightened.

"Ah, no. Perhaps they had a rough sex adventure last night." Xander laughed.

He didn’t see Buffy jerked slightly as he said that. Willow saw it.


After lessons’d ended Willow went over to Buffys house. Buffy was still quiet.

"Buffy, you know I’m your friend and that you can tell me everything." Buffy nodded. "Xander was right, wasn’t he?"

Buffy jerked again. "What… what do you mean?"

"That you and Giles…"

Buffy raised her hands. "Please, I just want to forget it."

"Than it’s true." Willow grew silent. "Finally," she said after a short while.

Buffy stared at her. "What do you mean?" A little panic was in her voice.

"I mean that it was only a matter of time till you two got together." Buffy stared at her with a puzzled look on her face. "Buff, you have to be quite blind not to see it. He LOVES you. More than his life. Why do you think he does all these things for you? Why did he go against the Master? Why did he stay here when they offered him to go back to England? Because you’re more to him than anything else." Will ended with a teacher-like look on her face.

Buffy was shocked. After a few minutes she stood up from the bed and got her jacket.

"Where do you go?" Will smiled.

"I have to meet someone." Buffy didn’t look at her friend. She also smiled.


"Giles! Open up!" Buffy knocked against Giles’ door.

After a few minutes the door was opened. Giles stood there, a tired and sad look on his face. "Buffy… what’d you want?"

The harsh sound of his words did hurt Buffy. Tears wanted to come up. She fought them down. "We need to talk." With that she stepped in, didn’t look at him. She sat down on the couch, arms crossed in front of her chest.

Giles sighed tiredly. Then he closed the door and sat down on a chair. "About what?"

"Is it true? Willow told me."

He looked at her, confused for two minutes. Then he nodded.

Buffy sighed, kind of in relief. Now she could be sure. "Why did you never say anything?"

"Buffy, I’m the Watcher, you’re the Slayer. I have the responsibility for you. My feelings are not to be into work."

"But they are. The Master, everything!" Now the tears ran freely.

The sight of her crying hurt him so much he couldn’t help but take her into his arms. She sobbed, the tears falling on his shirt, leaving dark marks on it. He could feel the slight cold on his skin. His hand caressing her back, his chin resting on her head. "It’s ok."

She couldn’t stop sobbing, the smell of his after-shave clouding her mind. So familiar to her. "Giles… Please, never leave me. I… I love you, too."

He froze. He didn’t consider this could happen. "What?"

She raised her head. "I love you."

He smiled. "Buffy…"

They kissed, so passionate as not even in the hot night before.

After minutes they departed, fighting for breath. They smiled.

"But why did you never say anything? The whole I’m-the-Watcher-thing won’t work."

He smiled. "I guess… I was too shy."

She smiled back. "Yeah. You’re still too shy." She leaned forward for another kiss.