Tonight We Dance
By solo84

TITLE: Tonight We Dance
AUTHOR: solo84
SPOILERS: Living Conditions
SUMMARY: Repressed passion and desire breaks free. (Yes, The Queen of Cheese. I know).
RATING: Umm, let’s go with an R
FEEDBACK: Yes please…. Please yes…. Really, it’d be so nice of you…. C’mon dag nab it! Help me out here!
DISCLAIMER: They're all the property of Joss Whedon. *Sigh.* I’m just trying to help Buffy and Giles get to where they so desperately (in my humble opinion) want to go.

NOTE: How does she do it? Where does she get the time? I don’t know. Don’t ask me. I get motivated. I guess that’s it. The song (damn it! I like this song!) is Enrique Iglesias’ "Bailamos." It’s kind of fun to play when that part comes along. I only say this because I had it on repeat while writing. Hope it’s not too weird. Writing this new Giles is… different.

Buffy was feeling weird. Weird and kind of wired as she walked through Sunnydale cemetery. After Kathy and that down-home All-American family of hers, the Hellmouth seemed rather quiet, but not eerily so. The quiet was frustrating her, however. Buffy needed something to pummel. Angel was no longer there to dampen the shock of the changes that were steadily being thrust into her life. Nor was he there to influence any himself. He just wasn’t there. She’d told Eddie that she had no security blanket, but she quite obviously did. It was time to let go… but she didn’t quite know how.

Hearing a twig snap to her rear, Buffy didn’t even bother to turn around. Her face became a mask of merciless cynicism.

"My God! Can’t you guys think of anything new? Wanna’ maybe come at me from a tree sometime? At least that would be different." Feeling the presence get nearer, Buffy slowly slid the stake from her inner pocket. She let the creature almost touch her before whipping around poised for the unsuspecting, pummeless kill. "Giles! Wait a minute. You’re not a creature."

"I’m not, am I?" He replied, smirking ever so slightly.

"Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?" She asked, retracting Mr. Pointy.

"Nothing." He replied, regretting his words already.

"Nuh uh, Giles. Spill it. Don’t think I can’t see that something face. What are you doing out here anyway? Was your day not as fab as expected?" < Jeez, Buffy. That sounded harsh. >

"My face shows no evidence of something because there is nothing, and I’m out here to keep you company."

"Sweet, Giles, but I don’t buy it. What’s up?"

He sighed. Was she the only one to which he was so transparent? "I’m… I’m just a little bit fatigued."

"You’re tired and so you decided to come on patrol? Okay, yes, it’s been quiet, but I wouldn’t include patrol in my plans for a night of leisure."

"I’m fatigued, Buffy. Bored… with the day, of the house. I just needed to get out. If you mind me being here, I have plenty…"

"No, no. It’s fine. Just… odd is all."

"Odd? And how is that?" Giles asked as they began to walk.

"Must there always be questions? It’s just odd. You never do this, so that makes it odd."

"Well, then I suppose we’re even. You never ask me about my day and I never seem to agreeably come anywhere with you."

"I didn’t say that." It was Buffy’s turn to sigh. "Look, Giles, it’s just new." < Understatement of the century. >


Buffy stuck her arm out halting them both. "What now?"

" Just ‘mmm’"

"Mmm’s mean things. They can be very telling, so tell."


"Yes, oooo, aren’t we excited? Buffy’s in college now." Giles laughed. And a good hearty non-Giles laugh at that. "Who are you and what have you done to my ex-watcher?"

"He’s standing right here."

"No he’s not. Where’s the tweed?"

"In the closet."

"Then I don’t believe it, you imposter! Honestly. Since when did jeans become an acceptable item in the Gilesean dress code?"

"Since I decided being comfortable was far more important than looking neat. It’s not like I was able to keep the lint… or dirt, or blood, or slime off the tweed for long. Less expensive, less constricting, much, much more practical."

"Let’s have a round of applause for the award winning oral presentation on clothes and their effect on the life of an ordinary watcher-man."

Giles stared at Buffy, an expression of mock exasperation playing on his features. "Ha, ha, how very funny. I can barely contain my mirth." Buffy giggled. This was new, but she was slowly discovering that this new was of the good. In fact it was of the very good. When had she ever talked like this with Giles? Never. She hadn’t even talked to Willow like this in awhile. It was certainly something she needed very much, but it was shocking that Giles would be the one to fulfill that need.

"Well, I was just about to head home actually…," she tested, "not that many baddies out tonight as you know. What are your plans for the rest of this crazy evening?" That sounded strange the moment the words escaped her mouth. < Nice attempt at subtle. > What precisely was she asking?

Buffy’s question threw him a little. No matter how playful, he could tell she was genuinely interested. "I… well, I thought I might go out. I’m not quite ready to head back to my flat."

< Flat. Ha! How cute. > < And what’s up with you tonight? > "Where were you going to go? You do realize there’s really only one place."

"Yes, I suppose I do."

"You’re going to the Bronze?"


"You’re going to the Bronze?"

"Didn’t you just ask tha…"

"You’re going to the Bronze?!"

"Buffy" He warned.

"Sorry. It’s just… well, new."

"Sometimes new can be good." He paused, using his newfound powers of "tease" to stretch the moment as much as humanly possible. "Are you coming?"

"Well, I can’t, in good conscience, let you go alone. You might not understand the surroundings." Giles pursed his lips, flashing her a sarcastic look.

"Yes, Buffy, do be my guide. Wouldn’t want the old man getting lost. He may just fall in a corner somewhere and be unable to rise."

Buffy glared, a playful twinkle deceptively lurking in her eyes. "Alright, alright. Let’s just go." And with that they were off. Leaving the headstones behind and with them a part of their past fled as well. Some serious reevaluation would be needed.


When they entered the Bronze side-by-side, the band was just finishing a set. Buffy was unable to get over the strangeness of the whole thing. What had happened to her watcher? Like her life wasn’t complicated enough. All of a sudden her watcher has to go and morph into Pierce Brosnan. < Pierce Brosnan?! Buffy, Pierce Brosnan is sexy. What exactly are you saying here? >

"Care for a drink?" He asked in that new, low, stutterless voice of his. Buffy’s knees grew surprisingly weak.

"I… yeah, okay." < Whoa, girl! Keep it together. This is Giles and you are Buffy. Nothing new there. >

"Alright." Giles slid his hand lightly into a place at the small of her back and led her up to the bar. A chill ran down Buffy’s spine and she wobbled a bit before her legs reflexively took control, leading her now shaky body to the intended destination. "What are you in the mood for?" He inquired as they came to rest between two barstools at the counter.

Her body was getting rather warm. < God, that’s a question. > "Umm, just a little cranberry juice, thanks."

Giles was a bit distracted by her apparent discomfort. He turned to the bartender, "Rum and coke and a cranberry for the lady." The bartender glanced from Giles to Buffy and back again, a distasteful expression on his face, before setting to work on their beverages. Giles didn’t even notice, for his attentions were now unequivocally focused on his slayer. "Is there something the matter?"

"Hmm? What? Oh… no. Nothing, really, it’s nothing."


"Honestly, Giles, there’s nothing wrong. I’m just… I don’t know. Maybe the whole Kathy thing has me a bit on edge." A lame excuse, she knew, but she’d needed something and there weren’t that many straws to grasp at.

Giles sighed. "You’ll tell me later, I trust."

"Why would I do that if there’s nothing wrong." Bad move. When he looked down at her with those eyes in that way there was no arguing. She sighed, "yeah, maybe." < What was the matter anyway? > She barely even knew herself. Giles turned around and leaned against the counter, gazing out at the expanse of teenagers dancing, talking and kissing to the beat of the lucid base-heavy music. The band had stepped down for their break just as he and Buffy had entered, so now the masses were being entertained by a collection of CD’s and a rather superior sound system. Giles couldn’t, for the life of him, recognize any of the songs. In the past he might not have cared, but he found the song just starting up to be oddly appealing. It was Latin, he could tell, and the rhythm was hopelessly infectious…. Their drinks hadn’t come, but he just couldn’t help himself.

Giles turned, an inviting grin playing on his features. "Buffy, would you care you dance?"

Her eyes shot up from their fixed position on his… was she looking at his chest? Obviously embarrassed, Buffy cleared her throat. That embarrassment gave way to utter shock, however, as his words finally sunk in. "Giles… you want to dance? You want to dance to Bailamos? My God! This has got to be some sort of disease… a possession maybe?"

The grin spread even wider. "Come on Buffy. Dance with me?"

The way he said it. That accent. The look in his eyes. The atmosphere. It felt as though someone was hitting all the pleasure centers there were to hit within her body. Her stomach tingled, her knees weakened… she was swept up in it all. There was no resisting. Who would want to? < You. > A small voice whispered from within. She ignored it. "Okay," she responded a bit hesitantly, taking his outstretched hand. He led her to the dance floor.

Once they made it to the center Giles turned around, no longer grinning, as the music swelled and the rhythm became more complex. His gaze held hers as he began to dance, moving his hips ever so slightly. He was so fluid, dancing nothing like a man his age should or theoretically might be able. Her dad would flail his arms and move his hips with some semblance of rhythm, but somehow watching him move leaned towards the world of painfully embarrassing. Giles, on the other hand, moved so well you wanted… almost had to touch him. As the chorus started to ring throughout the club, Buffy tentatively acted on her reflex and reached out lightly placing one then the other hand on his swaying hips. Slowly she then started to move in time with his languid tempo. Giles smirked down at her. He looked almost dangerous. And that he was. Grabbing her around the waist, he spun them both, lifting her slightly off the ground and not even ceasing the dance movements for which he’d won such obvious praise. Buffy shrieked.

"Ahh! Giles!" She was laughing now, "God! You’re an animal." < Jesus, Buffy. You slut! > Taking this as his cue he leaned forward, brushing his cheek against hers, and let out a low, carnal growl.

Buffy’s face froze. She thought she would die right there. She should be shocked. She should be disgusted, but Lord was she ever hot. Soon their bodies fused together of their own accord, swaying in time to the music, their hands now everywhere. Buffy was feeling kind of like Halle Berry from that movie "Bulworth…" except she wouldn’t do that weird tongue thing. Well, and also Giles wasn’t some sleazy politician guy. Their breathing grew ragged as a smoldering heat engulfed them both, encasing their bodies in their own private, seductive, little world. Buffy reached up and wrapped one arm around his neck and Giles slowly let her go, her body dipping as if engaged in the act of limbo, their hips still grinding together.

As Buffy dipped back she saw the outside world, if only for a moment. A lot of the people in the club had stopped dancing and quite a few were staring bug-eyed at her and Giles. As she made her way back up to his chest she realized she could care less. Pressing herself back against his hardness and his heat she realized something else quite hard was rubbing against her thigh, which she’d quite shamelessly pressed between his legs.

Tilting her head up to gaze at him she was met with an unexpectedly cool, seductive expression. From what she could see embarrassment didn’t plan on making an appearance. This man was sexy. He was sexy. That’s it.

She wasn’t embarrassed either. Nor was she disgusted. All she wanted to do now was wipe that non-expression off his smug face. Trailing her arm forward from behind his neck, she let her hand come to rest on one heated, prickly jaw. She leaned in slowly, bringing him so close that their breath mingled before them. Boldly she darted her tongue out and ran it enticingly along his lower lip. This action shook Giles to the core, but his reaction time was cut in half as she quite hungrily pressed her lips to his. They were so soft, his lips… so soft, so gentle and so strong. Without any coercion he opened his mouth to her and soon their tongues were engaged in a duel to end all duels. They attacked each other’s mouths. Giles crushed her to him, running his hands up her back, her shirt crinkling beneath the friction, and all this while they still swayed to the pulsating Latin beat.

Giles knew this was wrong. Knew this should stop, but there was no way in hell he was tearing himself away from her. Maybe he was just finally taking some of his own advice. Perhaps he didn’t have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone, but he loved this girl… had for a long time and for some reason tonight she’d decided him worthy of her affections. Whether it was the music. Whether it was just a moment of temporary insanity. Whether she would hate him tomorrow and never wish to see him again. For now he was hers. He’d waited so long. Too long. And this was just a chance he had to take.

The music faded out, but his passion remained. It always would. Buffy reluctantly tore her lips from his. They were still pressed together. Buffy pulled away a bit, but not too much, for her leg still remained between his. They were both still trying to catch their breath as she looked up at him not knowing what to say.

< It’s now or never old man. > "Buffy… I." Why was it so hard? "Buffy… God, you beautiful, beautiful creature." He mumbled the last bit to himself.

"Oh, so now I’m the creature?" She breathed, attempting to break the tension.

He sighed, frustrated with himself. < Just bloody spit it out. > "Buffy, I-I… good Lord, Buffy, I love you."

"You what me?" < Really? My God… really?! >

"I love you Buffy." What was that look in her eyes. He couldn’t read her expression and that made him slightly uneasy. That is until that 1000-watt smile lit her features.

"Really? Are you serious?"


"Giles I… you…" Leaning in, she pressed her forehead to his slightly down-turned one laughing at herself. She laughed and laughed and laughed until the laughter turned to tears.

"Buffy. Buffy, my God, I’m…"

"Shhh, no." She said silencing him with a finger to his lips. "Just no. No apologies. This was the most amazing… Giles, how could you even…" She sighed and then finally said it, "I love you too." Hearing it herself for the first time. "I love you."

"Buffy if…"

"No Giles. I love you."


"Yes." Giles searched her face for any sign. Any sign at all that her words might have been misconstrued, that she was somehow lying for his benefit (though he couldn’t, for the life of him, see why she’d do a thing like that.). There was nothing. Just… affection and Love? Giles found he was crying himself now. And soon after they were kissing again.

Buffy realized then that she’d never get tired of this. A bold statement to be saying even in your mind, but it was the truth. Finally they broke apart. And looked into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an endless moment.

"Can I just say, thank God for Enrique Iglesias."

"Be my guest." Giles said smirking down at her. "You do realize that everyone is gawking at us."

"Let ‘em gawk. This is the happiest day of my life! There should be witnesses." At that he laughed.

< The happiest day of her life. > A broad smile remained and he blushed slightly. "Let’s go." Extricating himself from her embrace Giles slid his arm around her waist and began to lead her out of the club.

"You know, you should smile more often. You look cute in it." Giles was blushing furiously now.

"Yes, well, you… yes."


Together they exited into the cool night air.


Back in the Bronze, Xander and Willow were still staring at the spot where their two friends had been. "I guess it was bound to happen sometime." Xander said, his gaze still fixed.

"Umm… yeah, I guess." She responded, still too shocked to move.




"Mmm?" She said, finally looking at her friend.

"Would you care to dance?"