To Keep You Company
By Savage

Author: Savage
Title: To Keep You Company
Pairing: B/G
Rating: R
Disclaimer: All belongs to Joss and everyone that isn't me ;-) Don't sue, please!!!
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Storm clouds hovered over head as Buffy made her way to her Watcher's home. Lightning struck near by, lighting up the nights sky as rain threatened to make an appearance. As the Slayer walked towards Giles' home, she saw something that caught her attention through his window. She went to investigate.

It was then that Buffy saw him. Giles was shirtless and walking through the living room towards his record player. The home was lit completely by candles, in which the soft glow highlighted the hairs on his chest. The power must be out she thought. Then, her mouth felt dry.

She swallowed hard. Giles was beautiful. Tall, toned, tanned. Masculine. The muscles played in his back as he reached over to grab a record, then put it on the player.

Walking to the door, she saw Giles pick up his glass of scotch from the coffee table, and sip the drink slowly. He looked deep in thought. The wrinkle between his forehead, now standing out as it was obvious to those who knew him, he was worried about something.

She knocked on the door softly, though by the way he jumped, she would have thought she banged the hell out of it.

His warm, tender, smile came across his handsome features as he sat his drink down.

"Buffy? Hello." The warm liquid had made his voice seem raw and raspy.

"Hi." She managed as her mouth suddenly felt like the Sahara desert. Though she knew he could tell she was staring at his chest, she couldn't seem to draw her eyes away from him.



"What are you looking at luv?"

"Oh, um, uh..." Taking a deep breath, Buffy decided this was it. Tonight was the night she would tell him. Yet, somehow she couldn't quite bring herself to say anything. So many things ran through her head.

And all of them were of how badly she had treated him in the past. And how desperately she wanted to make all those things right.

An awkward silence fell between them as they locked glances. Giles always found himself lost in her eyes. So beautiful. So open to her soul. Everything about them charmed him so.

Then Buffy giggled as Giles joined her. The silence was too much and this was ridiculous. They always knew what to say to one another.

"Um, was there something I could do for you tonight?" Giles asked softly, his head turned slightly, just the way she knew he always did when he listened, really listened to her. Smiling, Buffy walked past him and took a seat on the couch.

"Actually, I was thinking there was something I could help you with this time?"

"Really?" Frowning, he turned and walked to her. His hands slipped in his pockets as he stood next to the chair across from the sofa and watched the light from the candles, dance through her golden locks.

"And what might that be?"

Grinning, she sat back and sighed.

"Well, when I was standing at the door, I noticed you had worried face."

Chuckling, Giles shook his head. "You amaze me sometimes, Buffy. Well, that's not entirely true."

With a wounded look on her face, Buffy whispered...

"It's not?"

Approaching her, Giles removed his hands from his pockets, and sat across from her on the coffee table. He was terribly nervous and his hands began to sweat.

"No, it isn't."
"Oh." She sounded and looked so hurt, it nearly did him in.
"You always amaze me Buffy. Everything you do. Everything you are. Everything that is in you, amazes me."

Blushing, Buffy lowered her eyes. Giles couldn't help the grin that formed on his face. He found the courage he needed and reached for her hand. When his touched her, something passed between them. Buffy smiled as she felt his hand close around hers and squeeze.

"Yes, Giles?" Her voice was low.

*Knock* *knock*

Every four letter word known to man and beyond was uttered under his breath as he gave her a lop sided smile and went to the door.

When he opened it, it was with force and a tad bit of annoyance. He was about to tell the woman of his dreams, the woman whom he had loved for so long, that he, well, loved her. And not as a father, not as a mentor, but as a man.

"Uh, Mr. Giles ?"
"Yes, that's me"
"Well, then, this is for you. Enjoy sir." The messenger smiled as he handed him a large box with a red bow tied to it. The box had air holes all around it, and something inside it was very much alive and moving.

Giles, being this was the hellmouth and all, kept the box at arms length as he approached the desk and laid it on the surface.

"What's that?" Buffy asked as a smile played across her lips. Lips that had Giles always in a trance when he shouldn't be.

"The box Giles." Buffy giggled. "What's in the box?"
"Oh, the, eh, box. Right." He laughed nervously as he thought she almost caught him staring at her.
"Um, well, I-I don't know. It doesn't say, and there's no return address"
"Well, maybe you should open it then? Hmm? Could be a good idea to see what's in there, ya know!"

Glaring, Giles removed his glasses and reached across her, as she stood next to him. He sat his glasses down on the desk, as his arm lightly brushed her breast. Drawing a gasp from the slayer at the friction that passed between them, set her on fire.

"S, sorry. Buffy, I-I'm sorry."
"Why? Eh, well, I , uh that is to say that I-"
"Giles, open the box. I don't think there's much air left in there, and I can't take it back if it dies. And it better NOT die cause it's cute! And cuddly, and ... just open it. Please?"
Now, more worried than he was before, Giles sighed.

"Buffy, what did you do?"
"Open the box and see."

He couldn't help the smile that spread across his face at the thought that his slayer had bought him something. Something that was just for him alone. And nothing to do with the hellmouth.

Opening the box, he stepped back a little, almost afraid to see what she put in there, when he was meet by large brown eyes, staring at him, happily. Then the rough, wet tongue started on his fingers as laughter escaped him.

"Buffy. You didn't?"

Grinning, Buffy reached into the box and pulled out a small, adorable, puppy.

"To keep you company when I can't."

As the puppy licked at the slayer's hands affectionately, Giles swallowed the lump in his throat. No one had ever gotten him a dog before. Not even his own father when he begged for one for a whole year as a lad.

"You don't like him?"

Letting a deep breath out, Giles gathered his courage once again and approached his slayer. He took her face in his hands, and gently took her into a mind blowing kiss.

Tongues danced, hearts beat against their rib cages wildly, as the puppy began to lick their chins enthusiastically.

"Uh, I think someone likes you." Buffy laughed as the watcher looked into her eyes and whispered "I love you."

"I love you too." Buffy giggled as Giles wrapped his arms loosely around his slayer and kissed her tenderly. Taking his time, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

Once again the puppy interrupted them while licking their chins. Laughing, they pulled apart as Giles sighed.

"I think he's jealous?"

"It's a she." Buffy giggled as Giles patted the dog's head lovingly.

"Oh dear. Sorry girl."

Grinning Buffy put the puppy on the couch and was greeted by Giles as his arms wrapped around her waist, and held her close.

"You know. You never told me why you were upset earlier?"

Holding her tight, Giles leaned into her, and placed a soft kiss to her ear.

"Not upset Luv. Just, thinking" He continued to place soft kisses along her ear, neck and shoulder as she leaned her head back against him and sighed continently.


"About how I could tell this special, wonderful lady in my life that I was completely, and totally in love with her."

He felt her laugh from the shaking of her belly against his hands. He grinned against the side of her neck as Buffy purred.

"And have you?"
"Hmm, I hope I have. But just in case there's still any doubt, I'm going to show her."

Placing one arm under her knees and the other behind her back, he lifted her into his arms, and held her close.

"Thank you, Buffy."
"For what?"
"For being you."

He placed a kiss to her lips before she could argue. The puppy on the couch made it very clear that she felt she was being ignored and barked her opinion. Chuckling, watcher and slayer pulled apart and looked at the dog.

"Luv, do something about your dog."
"My Dog? Or that's how it is huh? When she's bad or irritating she's mine?"
"Well, yes, all right. That seems fair."

Buffy playfully smacked her watcher on the arm as he kissed her again and started upstairs with her. The puppy thought this was simply not going to do. She wasn't going to be left alone down there.

Running up the stairs, she jumped on the bed and started with the kisses to her owners as they started laughing trying to push her away from them.

"Rupert! Tell your dog to get down." Buffy giggled as Giles paid it no attention and continued his exploration of her chest.

At a knock on the door, the dog stood at attention. When another knock came and then the door opened, the dog shot off the bed and went downstairs barking. The only thing Buffy and Giles heard before the door slammed shut was Spike yelling,

"Ahh! Bloody hell! Get off me you mangy mutt! GILES!!"

Laughing, Buffy sighed....

"I love that dog."