Time of my life
By Gabriele Schulz

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SUMMARY: Buffy and Giles leave a boring Halloween party early. But things get better from there... B/G
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NOTE: Hey, I combined two Challenges: Cap's 14th challenge: "I want a B/G Halloween fic where Buffy and Giles wear complimenting costumes." and Dria14's 2nd challenge: A line from Bif Naked's song "Lucky": "(Remember) the time we made love in the roses, and you took my picture in all sorts of poses."
Also part of it came after watching the video "Time of my life" by H-Blockx. (The last sentence is a quote from that song.) I always like stories about that special night were everything goes right (even if it goes wrong). Sometimes life is just great even if nothing as special as in this story happens...
DATE: 10/31/99


When Giles opened the door he stared at Buffy, who stared back at him. Willow stared first at Giles then at Buffy, then pouted.

"Why didn't you tell me, you were doing matching costumes? We could have gone as the five... I can't think of anything right now, but it would have been-"

"Giles, why are you wearing a costume?"

"It's Halloween."

"I know, but you never did anything Halloweenish. So why now? And why a toga?"

"Why not? Besides you are wearing one yourself."

Xander came up to them.

"Hey, Buff. Oh, didn't know you were doing a couple thing."

"We are *not* doing a couple thing. I didn't know Giles would wear a costume. It's not *my* fault, he chose a costume that's matching mine!"

"Now, Buffy. Why did *you* chose the same as I did?"

"I didn't! Why do you become costume guy suddenly in the first place?"

"I thought he'd like to join us at the Halloween party."

Buffy frowned and grumbled.

"That's a great idea, Xander. It'll be fun. Come on, Buffy, it's not so bad. It's cute and you really look great. Both of you. Stop making a face."

"All right. Let's just go."


"What else?"

"I'd like to take a photo of all of us. Since this is the first Halloween we really celebrate together, I thought it might be nice."


Xander was the first to strike a pose in his Indiana Jones costume.

"Maybe you could all stand over there."

Giles put the camera on the counter and set the delayed-action shutter release. He rushed to the group, standing between Buffy and Xander. Everyone was smiling into the camera (except Xander who did his ain't-I-handsome face), only Buffy was still slightly miffed.

Giles leaned down to her and whispered into her ear.

"I'm sorry, Buffy."

She looked at him trying to frown, but couldn't help smiling at the sincere regret in his face. He smiled back, so when the camera went off the two were looking at each other instead of the camera.

"Let's do another one."

"Giles it's already..."

At the pleading look in his eyes she stopped. She sighed then stood smiling. He set the camera and the second photo shot five happy people looking into the camera.


"Giles, don't you think that is enough?"

"Hey, let him! It's fun to have some memories."

"He already took about 3 dozens. Besides we're not 5 anymore."

"My parents never took any photos of me."

"Okay, but this is the last. I don't want him taking photos of us when we're inside. It's bad enough, he's coming with us."


Willow and Xander looked at her shocked. Oz watched Giles, who tried to hide his hurt.

"Maybe I should let you go alone."


Xander, Willow and Oz pulled him back.

"Come in. We'll have fun. All of us."

Willow looked a little threatening at Buffy.



Buffy pushed away a Tarzan.

"Okay, Will, that's it. I'm out of here."

"Oh, no, Buffy, I mean it's not so bad, it's... kind of boring and not fun, but the dingoes..."

Buffy kissed her on the cheek.


"No, wait Buffy, you shouldn't be alone today."

"No problem. I'm a big girl. Hey, I'm even a Greek goddess. I'll manage."


"I'll walk her home."

They turned to Giles.

"If you don't mind that is?"

"No. I don't mind."

"Good-night, Willow."

Willow watched them go, frowning.


They were walking in silence for a while, when Buffy spoke without looking at him.

"I'm sorry."

"It's all right."

"No, I... I'm not in the best of moods lately and when I saw you in your toga, I just freaked. Although you look pretty good in it."

She looked up at him smiling.

"As do you."


"I think I overdid it with the pictures. I realized a short while ago that I only have very few pictures of all of you."

They walked on, then Buffy suddenly stopped.

"Is something wrong?"

"You want pictures? I know the perfect place."

She took his hand and dragged him off their path past the green to a little park situated near her dorm. It was a rose garden, with several squares of differently colored beautiful flora around a pavilion built to resemble the entrance of a Greek temple.

When they reached the pavilion, Buffy let go of Giles' hand and took the few steps to stand near a column and leaned her back against it. Since she stood sideways she had to turn her head to look at him.

For a second Giles couldn't speak or think. She looked so beautiful. Her smile lighting up her face. Her hair was beautifully plaited to a ring that looked like a crown. Golden strands and a few perls and jewels completed her perfect look. A few locks of hair framed her face.

"Uh, Giles?"

"Oh, sorry."

He looked around then remembered the camera in his hand. He took a photo and she changed her pose. Another shot. Another pose.

Nobody disturbed them as Buffy switched between very sophisticated and downright silly. She really enjoyed herself and made Giles laugh quite a bit.

"Now you."


"Pose. I want some memories, too."

"Of me?!"

"No, Giles I just like that little plastic crown or whatever it is on your head. Of course of you Giles."

She took the camera away from him.

"Okay, go and pose, no wait, how does this work?"

He turned around mid-track.

"Where do I have to press?"

"Here, but before you do that you have to make sure that I'm in focus."

"This is not just hold and click?"

"I'm afraid not."

He got behind her and put his arms around her showing her how to change the sharpness. He decided it wouldn't be necessary to explain depth of focus. She turned her face up to him smiling.

"All right. I think I got that. Now you can pose."

He went up the stairs and stood.

"Giles... posing."

"I... er... how..."

"Do something with your hands."

He hesitantly lifted one hand and held it in front of him.

"That's Napoleon."


He put his hands behind him and looked at her. She shook her head but took a photo. Then she waited. He put a hand on the column next to him, then he lifted his head slightly and looked at her quite arrogantly.

"Uhm, better."

She took another photo.

"I'm afraid I can't think of anything else."

"Aww, Giles, try! It's easy. I did it."

"I'm just not sure if that will look good with me."

He struck her first pose, leaning against the column, looking at her over his shoulder a bright smile on his face. She couldn't help laughing.

"I thought so."


She quickly got the camera in place and took the shot.

"Oh, Buffy, please. That's not fair. I'll look like..."

"... a gay Greek god. What's wrong with that? You know gay used to mean happy."

"I know."

He sighed and buried his face in his hands. Click.

"I think that's enough memories."

"We still need one of the two of us."

He looked around. There was no one they could ask (a fact he was glad about, because the possibility that someone had seen him was more than frightening). And the only place to put the camera was one of the four stone benches surrounding the pavilion.

He walked to one of them, put the camera and looked through it. Before he could ask her to Buffy lay down on the stairs.

"Can you see me?"


"Then do that thing and hurry up. It's cold and hard."

She saw him hurrying towards her and lying down on a step behind her. He couldn't find a place to put his hand, so she just grabbed it and put it around her waist.


He stared at her and she looked up at him.

"Giles, the photo. Smile."

He turned to look at the camera but couldn't replace his shocked look with a smile. Click.

"Giles you didn't smile. We'll have to take another one. But this is too uncomfortable. Let's move."

She moved her body up, which caused his arms to brush her chest. He took it away immediately, but lost his balance as he did so. They tumbled down the few steps and ended up with Buffy lying on top of Giles.


"Giles, when I said we should move I didn't mean this. Are you all right?"

She looked at him, not trying to get up though. His back hurt, but more than that he was afraid that the thin fabric that was between them couldn't hide what was about to make an appearance if she kept lying on top of him.

"Eh, Buffy...?"

"Oh, get up. Right, of course, we're not doing *that* kind of photos."

She got up and he groaned in part because of her words, in part in relief, but mostly because she had pressed her body into his groin in the progress of getting up.

"Does it hurt a lot?"

She knelt beside him.

"No, it's okay."

He moved to a sitting position. He felt slightly dizzy. He put one hand to his head. Worried she leaned forward. She took his head in her hands and took a close look giving him a good view of her...

He gulped.

"Giles, I think we should go home now. I'll walk you to your house. No arguments. I know that you are used to getting hit on the head, but still."

He smiled at her last comment. She helped him up.

"Everything okay? Is the world spinning?"

"No. Buffy, I'm really fine. Just a little thirsty."

"Didn't you drink at the party?"

"Not after I saw the second guy pouring something into the bowl. That bottle didn't even have a lable."

"I see. How about a hot chocolate?"

"That would be fantastic. You will join me, will you?"

"I'll even let you pay."

She smiled at him and wrapped her right arm around his left. He smiled down at her and patted her hand before they started walking.


Buffy didn't realize that she looked at him almost dreamily. They were sitting at a small table sharing their hot chocolate. Giles enjoyed the way their straws pushed against each other and now he was fascinated by the distant smile on her face.

He had just told her a story from his youth: How he and Ethan had ended up frightening and old lady an her poodle while wearing nothing but swimming trunks. Buffy had hung on his every word then laughed a wonderful laugh. Now she was looking at him in a way that warmed his whole body.

Suddenly she blushed and looked away.


"Nothing. I just... I just tried to imagine what you would look like in only trunks now."

God, she couldn't believe she had said that. Her cheeks got even redder and she concentrated on drinking.

Giles couldn't help a slight blush himself, then tried to get something of the rest of the chocolate as well. They fought for the last drops, their straws touching at the ends. For some reason that made Buffy blush again and she stopped sucking and got up and went outside.

He looked after her not sure what to make of it and if it could possibly be that she had felt that tension, too.


They walked next to each other, when Buffy shivered.

"It's cold, isn't it? We should get somewhere inside."

He couldn't bring himself to tell her to go home. He would rather take her to a restaurant, but he didn't have enough courage to ask her out yet.

"Let's run down the block. That'll make us warm."

She ran off and he sprinted after her. She waited for him at a corner and when he came he was panting.

"Jogging didn't do too much for your condition."

"I'm fine. And I wasn't far behind. You are still the slayer and half my age as I might add."

She put her hands on his shoulder. This act didn't exactly serve to slow down the beating of his heart.

"Breathe in and out. In and out."

"Thanks a lot. Care to carry your old man home?"

"Is that an invitation?"

Before he could say something she put her hand on his forehead.

"At least we're warm now."

They stood like that for a moment, Giles almost breathing normally, Buffy having one hand on his shoulder, the other against his forehead.

He took her hands in his.

"Buffy, I... would you like to-"

He was interrupted by a scream coming from a nearby alley.

They sprinted off.

"So no demons on Halloween, huh?"

"Maybe it's not a demon."

Giles was right. They were greeted by the sight of a human (a man dressed as a monster to be exact) pressing a woman to a wall. She wore a very tight and short dress and the whole scene was a fairly good imitation of a B-horror movie. But the fear on the woman's face was real.

Buffy tapped the guy on the shoulder, ready to give him one of her witty remarks, when he turned around and slapped her across the face.

"Oh, you're a girl."

For a second she could only look at him, not because he had hurt her, but because she was kind of insulted that he had dared to do this. Before she came out of her stupor, Giles stepped in.

"Damn right you are. *MY* girl."

Before Buffy could tell him, that she could take of him herself, Giles' fist made contact with the guys chin. Then knee met groin, elbow back and foot his stomach as the guy lay on the ground.

"You won't touch *any* girl without her invitation. Have I made myself clear?"

The guy was in fetal position and just nodded.

"Are you okay?"

The girl just nodded and ran off.

"Ooh, Giles, my hero."

She put her arms around him and went on dramatically.

"Whatever would I have done without you, you strong, handsome, brave, gay Greek god."

"Haha, very funny."

Her face changed from mocking to smiling genuinely. She was still pressed against him.

"Thank you," she almost whispered.

He gulped then moved a strand of her hair behind her ear.

He slowly bent his head down to her face, when the guy stirred.

"Let's go somewhere else."

He took her hand and walked along the alley, trying to think what would be the best next move.

"That was fun, wasn't it?"

He could sense her nervousness and he eased up a little. She felt the same.

"Yes. Maybe we can find another guy who is trying to put a damsel in distress."

"Yeah, or we could go and throw eggs at houses or do other bad stuff. Hey, what did you do when you were young? Besides frightening ladies in your swimming trunks that is."

"Nothing we should do right now."

"Too bad that breaking into cars and hot-wiring them is against the law. I never got to see you do it."

"Well, it wouldn't be against the law, if it's *my* car."

She grinned.

"Let's go, Ripper."

"Please, don't call me that. It reminds me of..."

"You're right. We don't want to think of *that*."

They walked more quickly, still hand in hand.


When they stood in front of the citroen, Giles looked around, then into her hair.

"May I?"

"Yes, you *may*."

He carefully removed a pin out of her hair. He fussed a little more with it.

"We don't want to mess up your beautiful..."

He trailed of as he saw the look on her face. She watched him with big eyes and he could do nothing but turn around and start working on the lock.

God, he looked sexy, trying to break into his own car. The costume seemed somewhat ridiculous, but still... she suddenly had to think of Snyder, who always thought she was a juvenile delinquent. She felt like one right now. Like a leather-wearing tough girl, who's boyfriend was about to steal the principal's car. Of course this wasn't the principal's car and Giles wasn't her boyfriend...

"I knew I could do it."

He opened the door for her and she got inside. He followed and closed the door. He leaned forward towards her and she closed her eyes opening her mouth slightly. Then she felt his hands in her hair where they put back the pin. She waited a few seconds, before she let total embarrassment wash over her, when he didn't kiss her. Her cheeks became so red, that he could see it although it was quite dark in the car.

How would she ever be able to look at him again. When she finally managed to open her eyes, he was just dropping his gaze. Damn! She had just been able to catch the look in his face and it said he would have kissed her had she opened her eyes a second earlier.

He started to pull out some wires.

"Show me."

He placed the correct wires in her hands and then holding them moved them together. Sparks flew. Not only between the wires.

Buffy dropped the wires and took his face in her hands and turned it towards her. She looked at him for an endless moment. Then she removed his crown and threw it onto the backseat, before closing the space between them.

There was less than an inch between their lips, when a flash light brightened the inside of the car. Click.

They looked at the source and a young man grinned at them then ran away. Buffy turned back to Giles intending to finish what they started.

"Oh God, the camera."

"Not now, Giles."

She got closer and her warm breath was almost his undoing.

"Buffy, it's a 400 pound camera. Besides we could finish this at a nicer place."


"Oh, yes."


"Thank God, it's still here."

"So am I," she said seductively.

He turned around to her. She was standing beside a square of roses that was hidden from the view of the park by a large tree. She was slowly removing a long piece of white fabric, that lay over her shoulder. He gaped at her open-mouthed.

"I think the film is not yet full."

The piece of fabric, that was only decoration flew into the roses. Then she moved the knot that was holding the hole costume together slightly away over her shoulder and leaned forward smiling at him seductively.

He gulped again.

"You want me to take photos of you?"

"You'll soon find out what I really want, right now photos will do."

With trembling hands he lifted the camera and took a photo.

She turned around, so that her back was to him and pushed the knot a little further down her shoulder. Click.

She moved it totally down her arm and held the costume so that it didn't expose her lower body. But her back was bare now and she hadn't been wearing a bra. She looked over her shoulder and looked at him. Click.

"Giles, maybe this would be the moment where you put down the camera and show me that you are in fact not a *gay* Greek god."

He carefully placed the camera on the stone bench, then stepped towards her. He stood behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. She turned her head towards him and their lips finally met. She fully turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck. He heard her costume dropping to the ground and could feel her hard nipples through the thin material that was still covering him. She opened her mouth to him and his tongue plunged in tasting and feeling her. Then she moved her body away a little and his costume fell to the ground as well. She jumped up wrapping her legs around him. He held her tightly and staggered a few steps until he was standing between the roses and the tree, a spot that should guarantee relative privacy even if someone decided to walk through the park.

He dropped down to his knees and laid her onto the grass, not stopping the kiss.

"This really is a nicer place."

She smiled up at him and he couldn't believe that the glowing in her face was caused by him. His eyes moved away from her face down her body to her breasts. Then further down. She looked like a real goddess to him. There were only two things disturbing him. The slip would be taken care of soon enough so he put his hands into her hair and started removing the pins that were holding it together.

"Uh, Giles, what are you doing?"

"Finishing the picture of my goddess."

He started to undo her hair. She helped him, smiling. When her hair was falling down in golden waves, he helped her to the ground again and spread it around her face.

"You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen."

She pulled his face down for a kiss.

As the kiss deepened his hands wandered over her body, kneading her breasts then moving on to her underpants. He tugged at them and she lifted her body, so that he could push them down. She helped him and dragged him until he lay next to her. She turned until she was lying on top of him.

"You know we could have made this a lot shorter. I was on top of you over an hour ago..."

"But we had a good time, didn't we?"

"The best, but I think it's getting better yet."

She ground herself onto his groin and was satisfied to hear his moan. She bent down and kissed his neck.

"Make love to me Giles. Here in the roses."

"Oh God, Buffy..."

He rolled them around until he was on top and kissed his way from her mouth to her breasts. He gently bit one nipple then sucked on it until she was writhing beneath him. He moved to repeat the act on the other nipple, when he felt her hands in his hair pushing him further down.

"Giles, please, we've waited so long..."

He wanted to ask how long *she* had waited, but figured that that could wait until after. He nibbled and licked his way down past her navel until he reached his goal. She spread her legs in clear invitation. He looked at her glowing face, before dipping his tongue into her mound, licking between her lips, then pushing forward inside her core.

"Giles, please..."

She tried to move his head up to the center of her need. He flicked his tongue over her clit. He inserted one finger into her wet channel and licked on her clit while his finger started to thrust.

"Oh God."

He inserted a second finger, then a third and began to suck her throbbing clit. She tightened around his fingers and let out a strangled moan. He let her come down slowly and took her in his arms.

They kissed deeply and soon he felt her hand wandering from his back into his boxers where they found a very hard penis.

"Giles, I think we should do something about this."

She squeezed him and he groaned. He moved his hand over hers and removed it from his erection.

"If you don't mind I'd rather finish this off inside you."

"I don't mind at all."

He removed the boxers and got between her legs.

"Oh, we should..."

"In my toga."

He rushed to get it and when he had put on the condom he looked down at her.

"You know, I love you Buffy."

"Yes, I know."

She moved her legs a little further apart.

He placed his tip at her opening then pushed slowly forward. He wasn't even fully inside her when she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper.

"God, you feel wonderful. So big and so warm."

He smiled and started thrusting. Slowly at first, but as she urged him on, harder and faster, until he pushed into her at a frenzied pace.

"Giles, oh my God, that is... ahhhhh... yes, yes... oh God... Giles, I love you."

That last statement sent him over the edge. He thrust one more time, imbedding himself as deep as he could, then he came powerfully, calling out her name. The shaking of her body told him that she had climaxed a second time, too and he kissed her before slowly pulling out.


When Buffy entered her room at the dorm she was greeted by a worried Willow.

"God, Buffy, where were you? I've been waiting for over an hour. No sign of you and Giles. I left about a hundred messages on his machine. Is everything all right?"

Buffy just smiled dreamily. They had turned on the machine once they had gotten to Giles' appartment. That had been three hours ago. Giles probably lay in his bed, sleeping like a stone - from exhaustion. Her smile widened.


"Oh, Will, yeah, everything all right, Giles and I just..."

She trailed off. Willow was relieved.

"Good. You know I'm so sorry that you had such a bad time."

"Bad time? I've got the time of my life."