This Years Man
Linda B

TITLE: The unfair life of Riley Finn aka 'This Years Man'
Author: Linda B.
Rating: I'm thinking R
Summary: Thanks to Cindy B. for putting the idea in my head in the first place. Like the title says, Riley gets kinda screwed in this one. But a happy for B/G!
SPOILERS: Buffy Season four. I'm not too sure as too when exactly this would take place. But definate spoilers for "This Years Girl" and its other part.
FEEDBACK: This was just kinda a of a quicky (for me at least), since I've been battling the old writers block for over a week. Thanks soo much to Cindy again for the inspiration to get the ball rolling! Man, I love challenges!
DISCLAIMER: All belongs to Joss, Mutant Enemy, Fox and the WB. I own nothing, really. Sigh. Mabey the dialogue...

"What's this?" Riley asked, picking up the brightly glowing green stone out of its case.

"I wouldn't touch that, if I were you." Giles said, walking over to Riley.

"Why not?" He asked curiously, holding it in his palm, running his thumb over the smooth surface.

"Put it down, Riley. Trust me on this."

"OK, sorry. Didn't mean to upset-" Riley said as he held out his hand to Giles, who instinctively held out his own, unconsciously meaning to take the Contra from Riley. He realized the mistake a split second too late, as the Contra was touched by both men at the same time. Pulling his hand back quickly, hoping he was quick enough, the Contra fell to their feet. Giles bent to pick it up, when it hit him that he was staring at his own shoes. Shoes that were not on his own feet. He stared mutely up as he rose to his full height, only to find himself staring into his own jade eyes.

"Holy shit!" He watched Rupert Giles say, before bolting out the front door.

"Riley!" He called out, shocked despite his knowledge of what was happening when the voice he spoke in was not his own. He stared down at his body... Riley's body, in dumbfounded silence, his eyes wide enough to be comical. Bringing his 22 year old hands up to stare at them, he took a few moments to absorb what had just happened. The fact that Riley had just ran away with his body, hadn't even caught up with his befuddled mind. He made his way to the mirror, mouth hanging open even though he knew what he'd see.

Riley Finn stared back at him in the glass. It was just too bizarre, and Giles had dealt with plenty of freaky things, including but not alone, the day he spent as a demon. This still took the cake. This was a person he knew... a person he didn't particularly like, despite his best efforts.

Giles' thoughts were cut off suddenly by the bright cheery voice of the Slayer.

"Giles, do you always leave your door wide open? Cause its bad enough you don't lock it, but you know..." Buffy called into the room, before trailing off, spoting Giles in his new Riley persona.

"Hey, baby. Where's Giles? I was only gone for like, a few minutes."

He stared at her, speechless, as she aproached him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Your feeling pretty tense there. You ok?"

He stared down at her, unable to say a thing. His slayer was pressing her body against his. He could feel every soft curve, could smell her shampoo just below his nostrals. He could feel her heat right through their clothes. Her hand ran down his back in an intimite gesture of comfort.

"Riley, what's wrong?" It was suddenly his worse nightmare. She was here, touching him, caring that something was wrong, not knowing who he was. He pulled away immediately, shaking his head, suddenly fearing for his sanity, because a small part of him popped into life at that moment. He didn't notice her spot the glowing Contra lying on the floor because a voice in his head was telling him she didn't know it was him. That he could touch her, kiss her, do whatever he wanted and it wouldn't matter. But, worse yet, the voice that was supposed to tell him that was a ridiculous notion, that she'd find out it was him and hate him for all eternity, was strangely completely absent.

"Nothing." He heard his alien voice say. "Nothing at all." *Not even a stutter, old man. Good work* the evil voice said.

Something in his voice made Buffy pause. Something was wrong with the way he was pronouncing words. It was almost like...

She looked at him oddly before saying "Where's Giles?"

In less than a second, he replied "He went to the store. Said he was out of tea. I've never seen him look so panicked before."

Buffy actually laughed out loud like nothing was wrong. "That's Giles for ya. The man loves his tea. It's like all of England's security blanket. I have no doubt that it's an addiction." Buffy looked at him critically. He looked at her harshly, then slipped back into relaxed mode, hoping she didn't notice the slip up. *That is absolutely Giles. Riley didn't pick up an English accent in the last ten minutes. The Contra's on the floor... what the hell is he playing at? Why wouldn't he tell me...Where's Riley and Giles' body?* A wicked glint lit her eyes of which the likes Giles had never seen before. *Two can play at this game.* "How long ago did he leave?" She asked, her voice taking on a tone he had never heard before either. Seductively playful. Giles wasn't sure, but he thought he felt his heart stop dead for a beat. Then it was back, pounding loud as ever.

"Moments before you got back."

Now his normal internal voice was back. The good one, telling him to give it up, confess what was going on. The voice telling him that this was so WRONG. Sighing on the inside, he agreed with the voice. How could he even have allowed the thought of taking advantage of Buffy entertain him for any amount of time?

Giles opened his mouth to speak, but Buffy cut off any and all of the words he had just been planning. Dragging him down onto the couch, her mouth attached to his, she kissed him passionately, her hands running up and down his body as she straddled his lap, grinding her hips into his. Giles' mind raced, torn in half as he hardened within moments, realizing he was instinctively kissing her back with all of the passion he could muster. He had lost his friendship with Buffy the moment he had said "Nothing". Why not take this final opportunity to show Buffy how he felt? His mind tried to justify his actions, while his heart screamed out in agony. This was not right. What the hell was he doing?

Suddenly, all thoughts left his mind as she whispered, "Wow. Your a lot more turned on than normal, baby." She rubbed her hand against his rock hard erection, which processed in his mind as a lot smaller than usual, reminding him harshly again that this wasn't even his body. It wasn't even just Buffy that he was violating right now. It was all three of them. Even himself.

"Just the way your kissing me tonight is enough to get me off." Buffy whispered in his ear before licking the lobe. He moaned unable to help it. "And sound effects?" She purred obviously pleased. She wanted to tell him to take her, right then and there, but she was too afraid that with the combination of being kissed with such talent (she had decided that Giles was the best kisser she had ever come across) and the fact that they were on Giles' couch would leave her blurting out something along the lines of 'oh, god, Giles, yes.' Either way, their mutual charade had to end, but she didn't want it too. Not after finding out how... incredible he was.

*Imagine what its like when he...*

"Buffy!" He managed to finally blurt, standing up in a panic despite the fact that she was in his lap. Buffy landed on the floor.

"OK, now I'm confused. Explain yourself, mister." She looked at him, trying to look far more than just annoyed, trying to get the truth out. She could justify her own actions if she didn't let him know she knew.

"I can't do this. I'm not Riley." Giles blurted out. "I-I-I... that i-i-s... this- I can't." His stutter and accent thickened in his turmoil.

Buffy stared at him, her eyes growing wide.

"What THE HELL is going on here?" She demanded. Doing a double take, she realized he was trying his hardest to not burst into tears, a look of utter desperation on his face. This took her totally off guard. "Ok, Giles, calm down. I'm not mad. I played along." She couldn't stick to the whole 'How dare he!' thing, because she had simply enjoyed it far too much. Deciding she wanted the real thing, she grabbed her coat. "Lets find poor Riley, straighten this out and continue this properly?"

He stared at her shocked. "How did you... and yet you still..."

She looked at him pointedly. "I just figured... that it was my only chance to get too... well, you know what I mean." He looked at his feet. "It just means I understand Giles. I'm a little upset, but not... I understand why you did it. And like I said, let's go get you your body back, because that's the one I want."

He looked at her awed. "You want me?" He asked in a small voice.

She smiled at him. "Is that so hard for you to believe? Giles- your sexy! Your a terrific kisser and a wonderful man. And I can't believe it took you trying to deceive me for me to realize just how much I love you." She sighed. "Life is odd." She grabbed her coat, took his hand, and lead the flabbergasted, yet ecstatic, man out the front door to find his body, which she fully planned on ravishing once breaking the news to... "How am I gonna explain this to Riley?"

The End