This I Know
By Megan

RATING: a big 'o G
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Buffy and the gang, Joss, god of all things BtVS, does.
NOTES: Based on the movie "Some Where In Time". ( If you haven't see it, you'll still understand the plot ect. ) Everything in season 4 has happened up to and not including "The I In Team". <Riley's there and Oz is still gone ect.> except the small ( Okay not so small ) fact that Giles was never Buffy's Watcher. Instead, Miss Anna Weaver is.

~ Betaed by Solo84

Buffy paced her dorm room. Miss Weaver wanted her to go and talk to the Watcher's Council. She felt Buffy didn't know enough about all the Watchers and Slayers who came before her. It was a chilly thought. Learning about all the people who had died as Slayers didn't strike her fancy. She respected them, but reading their journals was like knowing them all personally and feeling their deaths all personally. She felt their death from the point of view of someone who knew they were reading their owns lives. It scared her. She could die just like all of these young girls had.

Finally she stopped pacing and flopped down on her bed, exhausted from the day's events.


"Good morning Buffy. I wasn't expecting you so soon. Don't you have classes today?," Anna called from her kitchen.

"No, I don't. Teacher inservice or something. I was wondering; how long would the trip be? I mean I couldn't just leave Willow all alone here, it wouldn't be right. Anna you understand my hesitation, don't you?" Buffy still, after all this time hadn't gotten used to calling her Anna, though she was like the sister Buffy never had. She understood everything from Parker to vampires. She was a constant source of information not only on demons, but on college life and the like. Anna was young, a mere 29 years old and Buffy loved it.

"Of course I understand Buffy. Willow could come along if she wanted to."

"She could? Can I call her now? What are the dates for our flights?"

"Yes. Yes. April 14 to May 20."

Buffy stored this information and began to dial Willow.


Willow smiled in her sleep. She was in that wonderful dream stage right before you wake up and you can control your dreams.

She was strolling through a beautiful garden in the moonlight when Angel appeared before her. He knelt down and took her hand in his and.... he made a loud beeping sound at her. <What the hell?>

Willow's eyes fluttered open and looked beside her. <Damn, the phone.> Wearily she picked it up.

"Hello," she said groggily.

"Guess what! Wait, no. Scratch that." Willow rolled her eyes at the phone. <Hi Buffy, had your coffee yet?> "Wanna come with me to England? To the Watcher's Compound? It'll be fun, you... me...England."


"It would be.... Oh God! It, it's today. I mean we leave today and get back here on May 20th."

"And what do I tell my parents? Oh yeah, sorry mom and dad. Gotta go to England with Buffy. Can't tell ya where or why, bye. Sure, that'd go over well. They'd send me off to some all girls school to finish college. Not that I have a boyfriend right now. Well, in a way I do. But my boyfriend is off somewhere getting in touch with his inner Spot. Oh Buffy." Willow heaved the last words out in a desperate attempt to show her friend just how much she really wanted to go and just how much she needed to get away from Sunnydale for a vacation.

"You'll tell your parents that it's a school fieldtrip for the gifted. You'll tell them that the school is paying for your way to England 'cause you're such a value to the school."

"Yeah, that'd work. But I can't pay for plane tickets."

"Anna already bought tickets for she and I and even bought an extra seat in case I wanted to bring you or Xander along. So you'll come?"

"Yeah. What time should I meet you guys and where."

Buffy covered the phone with her hand.

"Anna? When and where?"

"Tell her to meet us outside her dorm in two hours. We'll pick her up from there."

Buffy uncovered the phone.

"Willow? She said to meet us outside your dorm in two hours. Do you need any help with your parents?"

"No, I think I can handle it. Thanks Buffy, bye."


Willow looked around her room. "I think I packed everything," she said to no one in particular.

Lugging her three big suitcases into the hallway of her dorm house, Willow groaned. The suitcases were heavy and pulling them down the stairs was not going to be fun.


Buffy opened her door and peered out. She had already called her mother to tell that she was going to England for a month and had packed her things very quickly.

Now as she looked out over the hall, at how desolate the place had become, she sighed in relief. England was going to be fun. With Willow at her side, hopefully loosing her mousy attitude, they would go clubbing and shopping and all the other 'ings' that she could think of. That is, there would be no staking, killing, draining, or Slayer-ing of any kind. Only research on old Watchers and Slayers.

She dragged her suitcases down the stairs to find Anna already waiting for her. They walked to her car, a very new looking blue convertible, and after fitting Buffy's things into the rather small trunk, drove the block to Willow's dorm house.

Willow squinted in the morning sun and looked at her watch. It was 10:15. Buffy had told her meet them here at 10:00. Finally a blue convertible pulled up.

"Hey Willow! Ready to get a happy?" Willow blushed at the comment. "No," Buffy said, her eyes wide. " I mean ready to be happy? Sometimes Willow I just don't know about you. You're not as sweet and innocent as we all think you are."

Willow ignored Buffy and asked, "So what airport are we leaving from?"

Anna looked up after placing Willow's suitcases in the back of the car. "Los Angeles. Here Willow, will this be enough space for you? It's going to be about an hour." Willow nodded her head and climbed in. Anna had cleared a space just big enough for Willow to squish in.


Once they arrived at the airport, Anna dropped them off and parked the car, promising to meet the two friends at gate 42. An older man of about 50 approached Buffy.

"Can I get that for ya, ma`m?"

"Oh, that's okay. We'll manage," Buffy explained and shot a look at Willow.

"Yeah, we don't have far to go." Willow hoped that helped.

"That's okay." The man moved closer to Buffy, cutting Willow off from interfering. He slowly began advancing on her. "I don't mind at all." With that he pushed Buffy into a storage closet that was handily right behind her. <Damn!>

"And you think what, I'm going to be deathly scared of you 'cause you're old and wrinkly and you want to rape girls? Hah!" The man pulled a knife out of his pocket.

"No, I was thinkin' you'd be more afraid of this," he said shaking it at her.

"Oh." Was all Buffy could manage. She took a deep breath. <You've fought vampires and demons and you're afraid of some old man? Pull yourself together Slayer!> <Okay, play along...> The man approached her and grabbed her arms. With a shout, Buffy kicked him hard where it hurts. He went down hard on the floor and Buffy casually stepped over him and to the door. She was greeted by a round of applause.

"What the...?"

"Oh, Buffy! Are you okay? Wait a sec, you're fine. And I'm guessing that guy is really not?" Willow pointed at the man security was now handcuffing.

Buffy nodded. "Come on, let's go. I've had enough fun at the airport." As she said this, Anna came running up to the two girls.

"What happened?"

"Oh, some old guy tried to mess with the Slayer," Willow responded.

"Yeah, can we get going? We don't want to be late for my little study date with the Council," Buffy said wearily. Anna nodded and motioned for them to follow her down the long corridor of the airport. When they arrived at gate 42, the flight attendant was calling for final boarding.

"Kinda’ cut that one close, didn't I?" Anna asked.

"Hey, at least we made it on the plane. On time..." Willow began.

"Uh, Wills? Can you save the stories for the plane trip, please?" Willow smiled sheepishly and handed the flight attendant her ticket. Once they had boarded- and Willow and Buffy fought for the window seat, finally coming up with the solution of Buffy having the seat now and Willow getting the seat on the return trip- Anna had fallen asleep and Willow settled in with a good book, leaving Buffy to either sleep, daydream for 10 hours or watch some movie that was in French. <French?> She decided on the movie and tried to figure out what was going on.

From the very little French she knew, and from the gesturing the actors did, she came up with a woman trying to hatch a Christmas tree, but getting bored and deciding to dance around it with elves. <Weird.> Then they showed "The Wizard Of Oz" one of her favorites, and normally, she would have tapped Willow on the shoulder and they would have sung along with it, but after Oz had left, Willow had deserted that particular movie. Buffy sat and watched alone, not wanting to stir up old, mean, nasty, wiggins-y feelings for Oz. <Poor Willow.>

At some point during "The Wizard Of Oz", Buffy must have fallen sleep, because when she woke up, another French movie was playing, and Willow was snoring next to her. In all her years of knowing Willow, she had not once ever snored. It was kind of a cute, Willow-y snore. Nothing but the cutest for good old Willow. Buffy noticed that Anna too, now was awake.

"About how much longer?" Buffy asked in a whisper.

"Another two hours, I think," Anna muttered, clearly not really awake. <Ooops> Buffy sat back and watched the French movie, which she appropriately titled "The Guy With an Itch". There was a guy running around this little town, knocking on everyone's door and begging people to scratch his back. At first it was funny, but then the poor guy ran into the woods and took out a knife. He carved his name into a tree and threw the knife into the water, killing a fish. The guy felt so bad for the fish that he knelt down and started petting it. Then ate it whole.

"Whatever works," Buffy found herself mumbling.

"Yeah, that guy needs a back scratcher," Willow said brightly. Buffy looked over that red head next to her and started to laugh. Willow found herself joining in. Hearing that the girls were both awake, Anna decided to stop daydreaming and do some waking up of her own.

"You know, if you look out the window right now, you'll see downtown London," Anna told them. Willow moved towards Buffy and the girls looked out the window with occasional gasps and oooo's and aaahhhh's.

"Please fasten your safety belts, we will be landing the plane in fifteen minutes," a flight attendant announced.

After they had gotten their many bags -9 between all of them- Buffy spotted a limo driver holding a sign that had "Summers" written in large black letters. Anna wandered over to the driver. He wore a name tag that claimed that he was ready to please the customer and that his name was Philip.

"Philip? I'm going to call the Council to make sure that's where you're from, okay?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I'd rather you did that with the current Slayer and all under your care." Nodding, Anna opened her small brown shoulder purse and took out her cell phone. From where Willow and Buffy were standing, about ten feet away, they could see the driver watch Anna pull her phone out and dial. He didn't seem apprehensive in the least for her to be checking him out and verifying who he was. There was only one Slayer and right now that Slayer was Buffy Summers.

"Yes, a Mr. Philip... Philip, what is your last name...? A Mr. Philip Bennings. Oh okay, thank you for your help Sarah." Anna turned her phone off and placed it back in your purse. "Shall we ladies?" Anna called to Willow and Buffy. The girls both hurried towards her. Philip opened the trunk and placed the bags carefully inside.

Turning to Buffy, he said, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I've never met *the* Slayer before. May I shake your hand?" Philip was young and quite handsome and Buffy smiled, pulling him into a hug.

"I've never been a hand shaker, too formal," she whispered into his ear and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Philip blushed. Willow giggled. Buffy smiled. Anna sighed and the moment was over, leaving Buffy and Philip to untangle themselves. If they had been back in Sunndydale, she would have given Philip her number. He didn't seem any older than 25, and 25 was a nice age for her. But they were here, in London, and Buffy probably would never see him again. So much for a nice vacation romance. Sighing, Buffy followed Willow and Anna into the car. She turned to look at Philip's face. "If you're ever in Sunnydale, California, look me up and we'll have a date sometime. Okay?"

"Yeah, I'll make sure I go there," he replied and smiled warmly at her. Buffy felt a tug at her shoulder and sighed. For some reason, she really, truly believed that someday Philip would show up at her door. The car ride was long, an hour or so, but the entire way, Buffy sat right up next to the driver's window, telling Philip about all her experiences as the Slayer. She had even told him about Angel, and he had comforted her by covering her hand with his. <Why are the ones I'll never see again, always so sweet?> Willow watched, jealous of the her best friend's new companion. But, reminding herself how few Buffy had ever really had, she felt ashamed. She, Willow Rosenburg, had for a time been jealous of the one and only Slayer. The one person in the entire world who, daily, had to fight demons and vampires and other things most people only saw in their nightmares. She had to go against all that, and for once, a handsome guy knew she was the Slayer, listened to her, liked her, could have even maybe been boyfriend material. Even with all that, he lived in London or somewhere close.

He didn't even live in the same country as she did. Buffy never had romantic dinners like the ones she and Oz had had while he was still around. No, she had to go fight evil. Every night She had to send her latest boyfriend to hell and still keep on hoping to stay alive one more day to save the world. <Oh yeah Rosenburg, you've got it bad. A nice family, nice house, great friends, the ability to go to almost every school in the country. Boy oh boy! I sure do feel for you, the all American dream girl.>

Philip slowed down the limo as they approached a large, castle-like building. He rolled the window down and entered a code into a small padlock. The bronze gate that formerly stopped the car from entering the large expanse of property, now moved out of the way and Philip drove ahead. He finally stopped the car under a covering and got out to open the door for Anna, Willow, and Buffy. After he had helped them out, he walked quickly to the back of the limo and dragged out their bags. Buffy moved to help him and once again he flashed her a million-watt smile.


After Buffy and Willow had been given the grand tour of the Watcher's Council compound, they were shown their rooms. Buffy and Willow would not, as they had earlier thought, share a room. Willow had been disappointed, she and Buffy would have to sneak into each other's rooms for a month just to talk alone. But as Willow was unpacking, she heard a familiar voice.

"Willow, pst, hey!" Willow turned around to find Buffy in her pajamas and large bunny slippers that had been a Christmas present from Anna last year.

"Buffy, how did you get in here? My door was locked. Not that I'm angry or anything but..." Willow stopped talking when Buffy pointed to a small door in the wall by the rather large fireplace. It looked exactly like molding, but there was a small handle on it. Because the door was open a crack, Willow could see that it led to Buffy's room. Willow instantly brightened. "But how did you find it?"

"Oh, Anna told me about it after I complained that I wouldn't get to see you. Isn't she great?!?"

"Well, thank you Buffy, that's very nice of you to say," Anna said.

"Don't tell me that there's another passage way?" Willow said minorly annoyed at the fact that people could come in to her room at anytime they wanted to.

"Nope, got a key." Anna smiled fondly at the girl. "But there are many passage ways around this house. I'll point them out to you sometime, it's really amazing how many there are."

"Thanks," Willow said as Anna turned to leave. "Good night!"

"Good night Anna!" Buffy repeated.

"Good night girls!" Anna said before shutting the door. "It's kinda funny the way she calls us 'girls' isn't it?"

"Yeah, in a cute way though." Willow frowned. "Did I just call Anna cute?" Buffy nodded. "I think it's time for me get some sleep. See you in the morning."

"Yeah, bye Willow," Buffy replied before returning back to her own room to get some sleep of her own.


Buffy turned in her sleep, it felt as though some one were watching her. Finally, she opened her eyes and found Willow sitting on the edge of her bed, fiddling with her hair absent-mindedly.

"Good morning," Buffy said sweetly.

"Oh, hi Buffy. Anna woke me up at 6:00 and told me to wake you up too. I was just about to go get her and tell her I couldn't."


"Oh, about an hour ago I tried to wake you up and you punched me in the face." Willow winced, touching her nose delicately. "Then I started jumping on the bed."

"Explains my dreams about earthquakes, go on."

"Well see, after that, I kinda’ sat here staring you until I got bored and started to braid my hair. See."

Willow held up about a very short braid.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Are you okay?" Buffy felt bad, she knew what it was like to just be punched, but when she punched.... She'd started doing that, punching people who tried to wake her up. It was like a Slayer's way of saying 'No Mom! One more minute!' only it hurt worse and once, she punched her mother in her sleep. That hadn't gone over too well at all.

"Yeah, I'll live. Unlike you, if you don't get downstairs into that library."


Buffy stepped into the large library and smoothed her plaid skirt. She looked down at her white button shirt that was buttoned up all the way. Her eyes moved farther downwards to her knee high socks and then to her black and white saddle shoes. Her hands pressed against her braided hair, held together mostly by bobby pins, that was pinned tightly into a bun. She thought sadly. Anna had told her to wear a nice outfit for the Council, nice meaning sweet and overtly school-ish.

Willow looked up from where she was sitting and stifled a laugh. <Poor Buffy>

"Buffy," Willow smiled a very Willow-ish smile, "Anna told me to tell you to start with Rupert Giles. You know, that guy who said that Slayers should be impromptu and use the weapons that they had on them. Chair legs, anything."

" Wish I could have known him," Buffy said and sighed. That was how she really was, impromptu and everything, but the Council hated that, they wanted her to use known methods only.

"Here," Willow said as she handed the large leather book to Buffy. Buffy opened it up. She gasped at the picture on the 3rd page.

"God, he was cute," she whispered. As Buffy paged through the book, she felt the familiar moisture begin to pool in her eyes. She didn't really have any idea why. <No, I know why I'm crying , I'm crying because this poor man, Rupert, lived his entire life not being heard. He was an outcast kinda like me.> The more she paged, the more she desperately wanted to meet this man. And that was when she knew. Buffy Summers knew that she was had to see this Watcher from the early 1900's. Then she found a date. April 13, 1903, he had come to the Watcher's compound.


Buffy, now seated in her long black skirt and a very skimpy black halter-top on her bed, smiled as Willow entered the room through the trap door in the wall.

"Willow, can you take me back to a date in time?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Don't laugh when I say this, but I want to meet Rupert Giles. I want to know Rupert Giles. I don't know why, but I have to. Will you help me?"

"Buffy-I. Do you have a specific date that he was here?"

"Yeah, April 13, 1903."

"I'll help you along only so that you won't end up in the 1200's. Boy was that a trip! But we'll have to do it tonight. Do you have a dress from the 1900's?"

"Well, no. But the museum does, and it's only downstairs. I saw one there yesterday that would fit me."

"Okay." As the two friends walked into the watcher's museum, Buffy spotted the dress and pointed it out to Willow. The dress itself was beautiful, an off the shoulders white lace gown. Eagerly, Buffy began to unbutton the 50 or so buttons down the back.

Buffy stood now, clothed in the lace dress, a matching parasol, gloves, and shoes. She looked like an angel.

"Okay, now lie down and repeat after me," Willow commanded, still in her pj's and robe. "Goddess, keep thy self safe-"

"Goddess keep thy self safe."

"Through all of time-"

"Through all of time."

"Child of Athena, wisdom you behold-"

"Child of Athena, wisdom you behold."

"Give thy save passage on thy mission of peace-"

"Give thy save passage on thy mission of peace."

"Goddess bless."

"Goddess bless." As Buffy repeated Willow's last words she felt herself swimming in a dark sea, groping for a hold on anything. Then ground below her became hard and she found herself being greeted by Rupert. <Rupert Giles?>

"Ma'am, are you alright? One moment I was looking out at an empty lawn and the next-"

"Rupert Giles? I am the current Slayer, not in this time, but in the year 2000. Do you understand?"

"What? Wait, you mean you went back in time?"

"Yeah, my Wiccan buddy helped me. I wanted to meet you, I love your ideas."

"You do? And… now wait, you said you're the current Slayer?"


"What is your name child?"

"Buffy Anne Summers. And don’t call me that," she scowled. "I'm 19 not 10."

Giles stifled a chuckle. <Extraordinary.> "Would you like to come have tea with me? It's almost 4:00."

"You know what? I would love that," Buffy replied, taking his hand in hers.


"Willow Rosenburg, what *are* you doing at this time of night in the museum?" Anna, in her bathroom, came walking toward her.

"Huh?" Willow shook her head as if waking up. She had planned this all out already. "Where am I? I just remember falling asleep and having a dream that I was walking somewhere, but got lost," she said innocently.

"Well, it's late. Back to bad." As Anna walked back out of the room, Willow ran over to gather Buffy's clothing, which, thankfully, Anna hadn't noticed.


Buffy sat across from Rupert. She was still having a hard time registering the fact that she, Buffy Summers, was now talking to Rupert Giles -in 1903!

Giles sat, stunned, across from the girl who claimed to be from the future. She was beautiful in every way. She was graceful, yet forceful. <Simply extraordinary.> He mused.

"So how is your tea?" Buffy looked up from her teacup, which she had been idly staring into.

"Huh? Oh yeah, the tea -it's good, thank you." She shook her head and again dropped her eyes.

"What's wrong -that is, if it's not rude of me to ask." Giles looked worriedly at her.

Buffy sighed. "I just. I don't know, I feel so out of place in this dress." Buffy looked up into Giles' eyes, they were hazel and stared back at her, intently.

"Well it is a bit-"

"A bit over dressed? A bit?!?"

"-Yes, a bit over dressed. How about we go back into the compound and you'll change."

"This is all I have," Buffy said, shocked at her own fragility as tears threatened to spill over her already red cheeks. She motioned down at her dress.

"I see. No, don't-don't cry. Please, Buffy." Giles got up and moved to bring her into his arms.

"I'm just so scared. You must think I'm a loon. I have no idea why I'm so weepy all of a sudden." Giles cradled her like a broken china doll. She was so real, so fragile for a Slayer. The Slayers he'd always seen were tight lipped, proper, and extremely arrogant. But this girl, this Buffy- was different, he could see it and he could feel it.

"You're not crazy!" Giles said with such emotion that he startled himself. "You're beautiful and intelligent and-and…" He stopped, contemplating his next move. <What now? You've got the girl in your arms.>

Buffy, shaking, put her head on his strong, secure chest. She felt so safe. Then Giles stood up, leaving a whimpering Buffy as his feet. "Come on, let's go back to my room. I may have a dress that will fit." Buffy followed innocently. She knew exactly why she was crying-she was all alone. It was enough to give a girl a major wiggins. Giles' mind went wild with thoughts as he lead the way to his room. He had reacted to this girl <yes, I must remember that she's only a girl-and I'm nearly 43> in a way he'd never known possible. She was like an angel sent from above-or rather, from the future. After only a few minutes he could feel his heart ache for her. They approached the large oak door and Giles unlocked it with a small round silver key.


Willow awoke that morning to the sound of buzzers and sirens going off. <This outto'a be good> she thought angrily and quietly stirred from her bed. After dressing in jeans and a sweater, Willow walked out of her room to a scene filled with high anxiety and frantic gestures. Seeing Anna, she waved. "What's going on?"

"I can't believe this! Buffy's gone and a new Slayer wasn't called. Her bed wasn't slept in, and we think that she's run away. I don't know why she would. Do you have any idea? Did she tell you anything? Willow, you're her best friend. If you don't know what happened to her..." Anna trailed off and shook her head. Willow frowned, Buffy wouldn't want her to say *anything* but if she didn't, the council would go insane looking for her. Probably in vain for the most part.

"Anna, can I talk to you alone?" Anna nodded, relieved that Willow seemed to know something -anything about Buffy's whereabouts. When they were alone, Willow looked up at Anna -her being 6 feet made it hard to do anything otherwise- and began talking. "Anna, promise me you won't get mad at me or Buffy." When Anna nodded, Willow continued. "Buffy was reading about Rupert Giles. She wanted to meet him and asked me if I could help, me being the only wiccan she knew, and I chanted with her. Last night, when you found me in the museum, I wasn't sleep walking. If you had gotten there a moment earlier you would have caught us. I sent her back in time with a simple spell. Have they discovered the dress she stole yet?"

"Yes, that was the other thing I wanted to ask you about. So she's safe, that's good. But the problem is that she's not dead…. No, that's not what I mean," Anna said when Willow scrunched up her nose in disgust. "I mean that another Slayer won't be called-so as long as she's in 1903, the world will be left unprotected." Willow shook her head.

"But what about the Slayer from 1903?"

"Well." Anna thought for a moment. "I don't really know what will happen. Some sort of time disruption I suppose. Whatever will happen, it won't be good, I can tell you that."

"So… how can we get her to come back to 2000? Not that I don’t know! Because I do… know, that is. It’s just that you might know a bit better and…"

"Can you make a 2000 penny go back in time?"

"Um… yeah, I suppose. Why?"

"The only way to reverse the spell is to send an object that has the date she left our time on it. When Buffy reads the penny she will immediately be pulled back to our time."

"Oh," was all Willow could manage.


Buffy entered Giles' room and went for the bed. She was so tired it was incredible. Giles sighed. He didn't know what to do. Here (he’d recently concluded) was the girl of his dreams, who was on his bed curled up into a ball and all he could do was stand there, staring at her like she was some sort of seraphic being. Buffy stirred and looked at him, her famous deer-in-the-head-lights expression donning her pretty face. She extended her arms to him. All it had taken was that one conversation at tea for her to love Rupert Giles. He was sweet and kind and understood her in a way that she herself barely did.

Giles exhaled a breath he hadn't known he’d been holding. Slowly, he moved towards her and sat down on the bed at her side. She lay her head on his chest like she had done before and put her arms around him. Giles looked down at the muse below him, enveloping him in her arms, and smiled. He tilted his face to hers and theirs lips brushed. Giles felt a jolt run through him. His eye's moved to Buffy's and watched her face fade to a look of pleasure filled contentment. Just as Buffy was about to kiss Giles again, she felt something in her hand. <Oh this is interesting, what now?> Her palm closed around a small cool circle. Her eyes flicked down and caught a date on the penny-2000.

Buffy felt she was being pulled harshly. She screamed and gulped panic filled air. <What is happening to me?> Then she saw Willow and Anna and knew. Knew that they had somehow pulled her away from Giles. At that moment, she hated them with all of her heart. Screaming, she called out his name....


Buffy opened her eyes to find herself in her bed and crying profusely. Her skin was slick with sweat from her nightmare. She had to see Giles, this was the eighth dream that she had had this week. Every movie she had watched with a romantic but not-happily-ever-after ending had ended up in her dreams-with Giles opposite her. Every time she had finally found love with him, he had either been shot, walked away from her, or like in her last dream, they had been separated in time. She had to see him. Buffy sat up and looked at her clock. It was three in the morning, if she went and saw Giles he would think she was insane. <Nothing new.>

She got out of bed, her mind made-up. She needed to lay her head against his chest, feel his strong arms around her. She needed him to love her. Putting on her bunny slippers, she opened her window and slipped into the night. When, after about 30 minutes, she arrived outside Giles' house, Buffy stopped in her tracks. <What was she doing? Oh, she knew what she doing. But would Giles know?>

"Hi Giles. Me, your Slayer, whom you think of as a daughter, would like you to take me in your arms and-" Buffy stopped, unsure of herself. Why was she going to waste his time like this? Better to just leave now. Tears she had not known were there began to fall down her cheeks. <What would Giles want with me?> Buffy thought she heard a voice and craned her neck to look. Giles’, head poked out of his door. He was calling her name. Without thinking, Buffy ran into his arms. Giles awkwardly embraced her and brought her into his home, closing the door behind her. "Giles I-I."

"Buffy sshhh. It's okay. What happened to you?"

"I had a dream. I had never met you and then we fell in love. But you were in 1903 and I wasn't. I was pulled from you. It was so horrible!" Buffy said in-between sobs that she now freely let travel down her bright red cheeks.

"But we'er... I… I'm here now Buffy."

"Giles I love you. You were always here for me when I needed you."

"Yes Buffy, I care for you a great deal as well," Giles said hesitantly, not daring to say 'I love you too! Kiss me now Buffy!' that might have come out if he hadn't been so good at controlling his emotions. After all, he had had years of practice.

"You care for me a great deal." Buffy sighed. "It… that’s… that’s nice but I-"

"But that's not the truth and I know you know it. Slayer's instincts, yes?"


Giles looked at her, a mischievous gleam in his eye and answered by capturing her lips in a searing kiss.

"Um, I'll take that as a yes?"