A Thing of Evil
By Arkin

Title: A Thing of Evil
Author: Arkin
Disclaimer: Joss and Co. owns all.
Spoilers: None
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Well, it's best to just read on. I'll just go with mindless giddiness.

Buffy looked at her watcher. He seemed worse for wear, dark circles under his eyes, his hair a mess, and he kept robing the bridge of his nose, never a good sign.

'Giles, when was the last time you slept?'

'What? Ho, um, I don't know. When did you first tell me about the demon?'

'Three days ago!'

'Ho, then, that answers your question.'

'Giles, you need to sleep.'

'I'm fine.'

'No, you're not. Look at you, you're...'

'I said I'm fine, Buffy.' He raised his voice a little.

Pouting, Buffy sat on the couch. 'I'm sorry Buffy.'

'It's all right.'

She looked at him as he went back to his book. He wasn't about to go to sleep on his own, that much was sure. It was time for blackmail.

She got up and approached him. Her hands ran to his shoulders, rubbing a little before they slid down his neck and under his shirt. 'What are you doing, Buffy?'

'Nothing.' She was practically purring.

'Buffy, we don't have time for this.'

'Make time.'

'Buffy...' his last argument flew from his mind as she found a nipple and scraped her long fingernails over it.

Giving up his fight, he turned to her, sweeping her of her feet and onto his lap. They started kissing and undressing, which proved to be a tad complicated.

Giles picked her up, still kissing her, one hand supporting her, the other taking off her bra. He staggered up the stairs into his bedroom, and dropped them both on the bed.

They kissed a little more, then Giles moved his head to her breasts, and his hand to the night stand. His mouth did not leave her breast as he arched his body and rolled the condom on.

He moved a little, positioning himself at her opening,

and she crossed her legs.


'Promise to get at least seven hours of sleep?'

His head peeked at her over her left breast 'What?' he panted.

'When we're done, you are going to get at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. If you don't promise me, I'll get dressed right now and get back to researching.'

He moved his hand to her thigh, trying to push her legs apart. 'Buffy, please...'

Buffy moved her hand slowly along Little Ripper. Giles moaned.  'Promise me...'


She scraped her nails on his balls.

'I promise!' he nearly screamed.

Buffy spread her legs, and he plunged in, sighing in relief. 'You, my dear, are a thing of evil.'