Giles Taught Me
By Gibberish

TITLE: Giles Taught Me  1/1
AUTHOR: Gibberish
DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no money, please don't sue.
RATING: PG-13     B/G
SUMMARY: Strip Poker Challenge from Holly.
TIMELINE: After high school and the start of college.
SPOILERS: Don't think so.
DISTRIBUTION: Solo, Jessica, Sai. Anyone else, just ask.
FEEDBACK: Does wonders for my disposition  :-)

             "Please?" Anya asked the group, which at the moment consisted of Xander, Willow, Oz and Buffy. They were researching in Giles' living room.

     Buffy looked at her wide-eyed. "Are you crazy?"

     Willow looked at Buffy. "Duh."

     "You aren't even a little curious?" Anya asked, surprised.

     "Curious enough to get me back in a frat house again?" Buffy asked. "As Giles would say, Not bloody likely." She looked at Xander. "I can't
believe that you would go along with this."

     Xander shrugged. He wasn't sure himself how Anya had talked him in to it.

     "Look," Buffy said. "I like poker, I'm even pretty good at it, but I am not going to play it at a college fraternity. Especially not strip poker."

     Willow nodded in agreement.

     Anya pouted. "If you're really good at it, you could win the prize money."

     Xander sat up, "Prize money. What prize money?"

     "Five hundred dollars." Anya said.

     Buffy rolled her eyes. "Not for a thousand." She narrowed her eyes at Anya. "Why do you need us anyway?"

     Anya looked at her. "I don't. I just didn't want to go alone."

     "Hey." Xander said.

     "Do you even know how to play poker?" Buffy asked.

     "Sure." Anya said. "I got a book with all the rules."

     Buffy rolled her eyes again. "A book? Why don't you just go and take your clothes off for them?"

     "What?" Giles asked as he came back downstairs with a book in his hands.

     "Anya wants us to go to a frat house strip poker party." Willow said, she saw no reason not to, they all told Giles everything.  Even Oz confided in him.

     "Why?" Giles asked, surprised but not shocked.

     "Why not?" Anya asked in return.

     "You don't even know how to play." Buffy pointed out.

     "We could teach her." Xander commented.

     "You want us to teach her how to play poker?" Giles asked.

     "Not just poker, strip poker." Xander said. They all looked at him. "What? She's curious. Maybe if we teach her, show her, she won't feel the need to go to that stupid frat party."

     "And I should care because ...?" Buffy asked.

     "At least here she would be safe." Giles commented.

     Buffy looked at him surprised. "Giles."

     "What?" Giles returned, but there was a devilish glint in his eyes.

     Buffy knew that look, although she doubted that any of the others did. "You playin' then?" She asked him.

     "Is there some reason why I shouldn't?" Giles asked.

     Buffy grinned up at him. "Actually, you're probably wearing more layers than the rest of us put together." She eyed his typical suit.

     Giles nearly grinned. "Then I'll get the cards."

     "You have cards?" Xander asked.

     Giles gave him a look and went upstairs for the well worn deck of cards. The others had the table cleared when he returned. He placed the cards on the table.

     Buffy picked them up and shuffled them expertly. "Let's make it simple. Five cards, no betting, losers of each hand ante up an article of clothing. Okay?" She looked around the table. The only person that didn't look intimidated was Giles. They all nodded in agreement. Buffy dealt the hand.

     Buffy then had in her possession; Xander's shirt, Willow's shoe, Oz's shirt, Anya's shoe and Giles' suit jacket.

     Xander dealt next.

     Giles then had; Five shoes. He glared at the group.

     Anya dealt.

     After an hour it was clear that Buffy and Giles both had experience at the game. She still had on her bra and skirt and panties. She only lost three rounds.

     Giles was bare to the waist, but he still had on his boxers and slacks. His feet were also bare.

     Buffy and Giles had the others to leave the game while still in their underwear. The only one not embarrassed was Oz. Three mornings a month he woke up without clothes and he was never certain who would be there.

     So the others all redressed quickly and left. They had a little trouble meeting each others eyes. So they missed the looks exchanged between Buffy and Giles. They also didn't think to ask why *they* hadn't rushed into their own clothes.

     Buffy and Giles looked at each other. "What do you think they'd say if they knew that you taught me to play poker?" She tilted her head flirtatiously. "Want to finish this game upstairs?" Buffy asked.

     "What's the point?" Giles asked in return. "If you lose one more hand, I won't be able to concentrate anyway. Never can. Why don't we go up and play another game?"

      "Like what?" Buffy walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

      Giles drew her closer with his hands on her bottom. "How about a game of wrecking the bed?" He leaned down and kissed her thoroughly.

       Buffy sighed happily as Giles picked her up in his strong arms and headed upstairs. "Yet another fun game that Giles taught me."