By Eaglewolf

Title: Sunrise
Authour: Eaglewolf
Date: 25March 01
Spoilers: Nope
Summary: Buffy and Giles watch the sunrise. Short and very sweet.
Rating: G
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Distribution: Please take it.. and tell me where it's living
Feedback: It's my first happy B/G fic.. Should I go back to Angst... or try and keep them happy?
Disclaimer: *clenches teeth* Not mine.. It's belongs to Joss and all his playmates.
Dedication: This one is for Sam who in a few years (30 or so) might justcome around, and for Merwin because he demanded a mention.

He turned as the sun rose as it had every other day for a million years, and looked into her sparkling eyes, that were always either blue or green depending on her mood. Right now they were the same deep blue the peaceful ocean. She smiled up at him as the wind whipped her blonde hair around her face and slowly reached out to take his hand in her own. They both turned back to face the scene in front of them. They were standing on the top of a cliff facing the ocean, wondering if this was the last peaceful time they would have together.. If today was the rest of their lives. It was a thought that ran through their mind every day, living on the hellmouth.

The could smell the sea air, and somehow it gave them the strength to go on and fight their never ending battle. Every day they lived they knew it brought them both just a little bit closer to death. They took what seemed like a never ending strength from each other. Both of them felt the gentle shocks that went through their solar plexus as they stood their holding hands, both believing that the other was immune to their own touch, and wishing by some miracle the other could return their love.

They had an affection now that they hadn't had when she was younger, and they both thanked god for that. There was just something reassuring about knowing it was okay to touch the other. The wind was cold and biting and unconsciously Giles pulled Buffy into a warm embrace. She leaned her head against his chest, and smiled as she heard his heart beating.

'I love this man so much.' she thought, 'I would lie my life down to save his.'
Giles looked down at the top of her head and was overcome with a feeling of joy, he was holding the woman he loved in his arms. He wanted to protect her from everything that would harm her. Sending her out to patrol every night killed him just a little inside, it would have been worse though, if he hadn't been the one who trained her. He knew she was ready to face whatever was thrown at her. He let out a sigh, and looked back at the view.

Buffy felt him sigh, and turned to look into his green eyes. She was startled for a second by the amount of love and devotion she saw in them. She closed her eyes and inhaled his scent, before looking back into his eyes. He smiled down gently at her as he felt her eyes on his, and he wondered if he was just willing himself to see the love in her eyes. He smiled a little because he knew deep down, that he wasn't, he knew the love he saw there was real.

Years later neither would be able to say who had moved first, they had decided as with everything else they were simply in sync, and had both moved at the same time. Giles lowered his head as Buffy raised hers. Their first kiss was gentle and full of longing. Gentle as the brush of butterfly wings. When they drew back again, they looked into each others eyes and just knew. There were no words that needed to be said, neither felt insecure, they could see just how the other felt. They just smiled gently at each other before leaning back into each other for another kiss, this one deeper and more passionate.

They broke the kiss and leaned their foreheads against each other.
"Mmm.." Buffy mumured.
"Mmm indeed." was the reply from her gentle watcher.
Buffy turned and Giles wrapped his arms around her, as they both watched as the sun continued to rise.