Summer Games
By Kat_the_Vampyre

TITLE: Summer Games
AUTHOR: Kat_the_Vampyre
SPOILERS: Begining of season 4
FEEDBACK: Yes please.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Nobody's mine unfortunately. They're all Joss's & Fox’s etc.

Summary: From a challenge at Cap's site, Watching me, Watching you. Buffy is visiting home when she get's locked out in nothing but a towel, she goes to Giles to get some workout clothes when Olivia comes in to find a naked Buffy in Giles apartment, Buffy decides to give Olivia the wrong idea about her and Giles....or is it the right one?

Buffy whistled as she got out of the shower, it was the warmest day that they'd had so far in the year and the sun was shining in through the bathroom windows, it warmed her as she wrapped a towel around her. She had to go out later but there was no rush so instead of getting dressed she went downstairs to make herself some lunch.

She went through all the cupboards and had eventually decided on a cheese, peanut butter and grape sandwich with cookies dough icecream from the tub for dessert. After all what's the point of your Mum being out of town, if not to pig out on stuff she'd never let you eat? Outside Buffy could hear a cat wailing, she ignored it while she ate her lunch. Finally she couldn't take it any longer, what right did this cat have to upset her good mood anyway?

So she went out side to see what the problem was. No wonder it was so loud, the stupid animal was lying on her doorstep, there didn't seem to be anything the matter so she shoo'd the cat down the path. Even that short time outside had heated her up and now she was dying to get back to that lovely tub of icecream sitting on the table but as she turned back to the house she realised that she'd shut the door behind her when she came out. She ran back up to the door and pushed, nope definatley locked, she looked under the doormat, there used to be a key there she knew there did, but not anymore, no, that would be way too lucky.

Buffy however decided not to worry, the sun still had her in a good mood, there hadn't been any supernatural trouble for ages so she was unlikely to run into any trouble. She'd just walk to Giles', it wasn't that far and she could shortcut through the graveyard so no-one would see her and then she could wear her spare clothes from Giles'. He wouldn't mind if she showed up, he never had, well there was that one time with her - Olivia, but they'd gotten over it and Buffy hadn't seen her since so had blocked the unfortunate incident out of her mind.

Buffy stood on Giles door, his car wasn't here so that would save some embarrasment. She looked for the place where Giles left his spare key, he shown her as a sort of apology for his behaviour with Olivia, he gave her her own key as well, but due to the total lack of clothing she didn't have that on her. She turned the key in the lock and quietly let herself in to the familar surroundings of Giles apartment. After walking all the way over here Buffy was really overheated so she decided clothes could wait and went to find something other than tea to drink in Giles house, at the back of the fridge she found a bottle of coke, probally completly flat but it had to be better than earl grey . She poured herself a glass and sprawled down on Giles' couch, she started to doze off.

Buffy was suddenly awakened by the slamming of the door, Buffy pannicked thinking that it would be Giles home and she was lying practically naked on his couch, but it wasn't Giles' voice that called out, it was Olivia.

"Giles, are you here?"

Buffy realised at this point that she had 2 options she could tell the truth and have that bitch think that she was a complete ditz or...

"Hi Olivia, Giles didn't tell me you were coming over, I'd have gotten dressed earlier."

"What are you doing here?" Olivia asked confusion showing plainly on her face, Buffy decided not to eliviate this fact.

"Oh I'm just waiting for Giles, he went out for something, I forget what."

"Well, Why did he ask me round if..?" Olivia's confusion was rapidly changing into anger.

"I don't really feel that it's my place to tell you, I think he wanted to talk to you himself. Maybe he wanted to tell you something. "

"I don't believe you. I'm going to wait for him." Olivia sat down in the furthest chair from Buffy she could find. For several minutes the two sat and stared at each other, Olivia with aprehension and Buffy with growing pleasure as she watched her enemies discomfort. When Olivia could stand it no more she left the room and went to make herself a cup of tea.

Olivia was about to re-enter the room when Giles came home.

"Hello Buffy, is something wrong?" Giles asked as if he always came home to Buffy lying on his sofa with just a towel on. Buffy suspected he hadn't infact noticed the lack of clothing yet as she couldn't imagine tweed man being so calm about something like like.

"No. Nothing wrong, oh Olivia's here. I don't think she's particually happy."

"Oh right. Uh Hello Oliva." He greeted her when he saw her standing in the doorway.

Instead of greeting him in turn Olivia walked up to Giles and slapped him hard round the face, it didn't appear to make any impression on Giles as he barely flinched. Must be due to all those hours he spent with me beating him to a bloody pulp, Buffy thought.

"If I may ask what exactly is it that I have done to offend you?" Giles asked, looking sideways at Buffy as he had a feeling this must have something to do with her. She was afterall lying on his sofa in nothing but a towel, which wasn't one of her normal past times he must admit, no matter how nice it was to come home to.

"If you didn't want me here you should have had the decency to tell me yourself rather than letting this little slut do it." Olivia responded

"Buffy.Is.Not.A.Slut." Giles growled back, staring at her with the full force of the Ripper glare.

"If that's what you want to believe." She retorted stalking past him and out of the house.

Giles turned to Buffy still glaring, "would you like to tell me what the bloody hell that was about?" He asked her still in the stilted tones he'd used with Olivia.

Tears welled up in Buffy's eyes to hear him talk to her in that way, "Nothing. I didn't do anything. She just got the wrong idea that's all."

"An idea which you chose not to dispute. Are you trying to fuck up my life? Well?" He asked her stepping forward and grabbing her shoulders when she didn't reply. Buffy still didn't reply and just looked at the floor in shame, trying desperatly not to let him see how much it hurt to see him cross with her. "Maybe Olivia's right." The shock in Buffy's face when he said that made him alter his words. "Ok not a slut, but definatley a tease."

"What? I don't.."

"You don't understand? no you wouldn't, you can't see beyond your life. You come here wearing next to nothing, give my girlfriend completly the wrong idea and now you'll leave thinking nothing of it. " He told her. Although the words hurt, he had moderated the tone he no longer seemed cross with her only resigned.

"I don't think nothing of it. I know I hurt you all the time. I know I'm horrible to you but I just couldn't stand you being with her." the tears welled up in her eyes and she turned away from him in order to wipe them away as inconspicuously as possible.

"Oh Buffy, I'm sorry." He apologised sitting down on the sofa next to her and putting his arm round her and Buffy rested her head on his shoulder "I shouldn't have shouted. I don't know why you don't like Olivia though, she's very nice if you'll give her a chance."

"You just don't get it do you? I don't care how nice she is. She gets to spend time with you, time I should be spending with you, we never do stuff together anymore."

"You don't really think I'd ever choose anyone over you do you Buffy?"

"But you did, You'd rather be with her than with me, I know you think of me like a daughter, yada, yada, yada. But it still hurts."

"Buffy, I don't think of you like a daughter I've never said that, other people have for me. If I could have my way I'd spend every minute of the day with you but.."

"No buts mister, leave it at that and I'll say ditto."

"What? But.."

"No buts" and Buffy lifted her head from his shoulder and kissed him, he didn't respond.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have. God, now I'm embarased."

"Don't be love." And he bent down to her level and kissed her.

Buffy sighed when they finally pulled apart. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that."

"Can't be as long as I've wanted to."