Stormy Revelations
By RenZach

TITLE - Stormy Revelations
AUTHOR - Renzach
SUMMARY- Buffy and Giles discover they have more in common than they thought
SPOILER- season 5
SETTING- somewhere in season 5 imagining that Riley doesn't exsist.
DISCLAIMER - Joss owns the characters I only own the insesant ramblings of BG smoochies in my head.

They strolled through the cemetary more at peace with their surroundings than most would be in a graveyard. This was a normal occurance for them however. Sometimes it concerned Buffy that she felt more at ease here than places a normal girl her age should hang out. Here she didn't need to pretend though, most of the things lurking here after dark knew who she was and if not, they would soon find out. Her companion was a large reason for her calm also, she had begun to feel increasingly at home by his side. Just knowing that Giles was there made everything worthwhile, he gave her a reason to fight the shadows at night and to drag herself to college each morning. She knew she wouldn't be alive today if not for him, she also knew that she needed to show him the gratitude he deserved on a far more regular basis.

Patrolling again with Buffy had been a dream come true, how terribly sad he thought, what kind of man dreams of strolling through an old graveyard at night? But he knew it wasn't the surroundings that were the cause for his good mood. Things between Buffy and himself were better now than they had ever been. He had watched her mature from a strong willed, brave and beautiful girl to an amazing, courageous young woman. He looked over at her and smiled to himself, he admired everything about her. He had to admit that the things that made her such an adept slayer were also the things he looked for in a woman. She was strong yet vulnerable, pure of heart, she wore her heart on her sleeve which in the hands of some were a fault but to him was a precious gift. His smile widened when he noticed her smiling back and he had to force himself to tear his gaze from her.

She wanted to reach out and hold his hand, the need to touch him was becoming overwhelming but she was scared. Every relationship she had had with a man had gone horrifyingly wrong she didn't know if she could survive if things weren't ok between her and Giles. She also knew however that she didn't see him as merely a friend anymore, nor in the role of father as so many were quick to place him. But he had smiled at her, the smile that made her weak in the knees, surely that meant something. She allowed her fingertips to gently brush against his hand as they continued to stroll between the tombstones. He was startled by the feeling of her hand breezily touching his but considered it no more than an accident. She tried again this time more boldy as her fingers reached around and took hold of his. He looked down at their touching hands then up to her face, she had the most adorable expression, one of fear and hope. He smiled reassuringly at her as he grasped her hand tightly and continued to hold it as they moved on.

They began to talk of everyday things, school, the magic shop, things a normal couple would discuss. A couple, she liked the sound of that to describe her and Giles. In some ways they were a couple, lately they spent most of their waking hours together, whether they were researching, patrolling or training, she had even helped him out with the store a number of times. They were interupted by a fledgling vamp but he was swiftly turned to dust by a one two punch and a good old fashioned staking by Buffy. His heart swelled with pride to watch her, his beautiful slayer, his Buffy and make no mistake about it she was his. Before the cloud of dust had dissipated she had returned to his side her hand nestled once more in his.

As they moved on she could feel the song of sleep calling to her as she tried to stifle a yawn. "Surely my company's not that boring is it?" Giles said with a smile on his face and a joking tone of voice. Any other time Buffy would have laughed and made some smart remark in return but tonight was different. "Why do you do that?"
"I'm sorry Buffy do what?"
"Why do you always put yourself down like that?"
"Well why should I let you lot have all the fun?" Again with a smile which seemed to make Buffy even more upset. She realised he was right, they had stolen his confidence with remarks like ewww, your very very old and its gross. His hand whipped out to wipe away the tears that had begun to fall from her eyes.
"Oh Buffy luv, I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you cry. Whyever are you crying?"
"Because you're right Giles, we did this to you, correction I did this to you. Please forgive me Giles I never meant any of it, you've never been anything but a wonderful man in my eyes. I'm so so sorry that I made you feel anything less than that."
His heart mourned to see her in pain but her words filled him with such joy, he had never dreamed she saw him in that light. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped her face gently with it, she moved into his touch which caused him to smile tenderly.

They stared into each others eyes for what seemed like eternity until they slowly began to move towards one another. The feeling of a raindrop on her nose caused her to jump and before they knew it they were being drenched. It seemed as though the sky had just opened up and covered them with all it had. They made a mad dash for his car and were relieved when they entered its dry interior. He made his way back to the flat carefully as the conditions seemed to be getting worse, he could swear that was thunder he could hear. A block from home a bolt of lightening struck the ground in front of them and caused him to swerve dangerously. He managed to resume control of the vehicle and make it the rest of the way without incident. The made a run for the door and sighed with relief when they made it inside. He noticed Buffy for the first time since they had made their escape and he had to suck in a breath of air at the sight. Her clothes were clutched tightly to her figure in an almost indecent manner, he forced himself to turn away. Buffy at first discouraged by this was thoroughly embarressed when she looked down and discovered the reason for his discomfort.

"Ummm Giles do you think I could borrow something of yours to change into, I'm kinda getting a little cold here."
"S...s..sure B..b...buffy, you know where everything ahhh is." He chastised himself for turning into a stuttering old man at the sight of her.
"Thanks." She moved upstairs and began to riffle through his closet until she came across an old shirt of his she had always liked seeing on him. She then moved to his chest of drawers and grabbed a pair of red satin boxers which she was pleasantly suprised to find, guess that answered that question. She moved back into the hallway and yelled, "I'm gonna take a shower to warm up ok Giles?"
"Certainly, B..Buffy whatever you need." The thought of her just a room away using his shower was almost the end of him. Groaning he had to force himself to sit down and breathe for a while. When she returned to the lounge room he thought he would die at the sight of her in his clothing but chose to recite latin in his head instead.
"I..I..I'll just ah go take um my shower now, alright?" he had to force himself not to run from the room.

His reaction to her entrance caused her to blush but also filled her with hope that maybe he saw her as more than a daughter afterall. She had begun to suspect there was something there for some time now, the looks she sometimes caught from him, the smiles reserved just for her. She settled down on the couch and before she knew it sleep had overtaken her. When Giles returned to the living room, he was much colder from his shower but far more at ease. He smiled when he saw Buffy's sleeping form curled up on his couch, he moved over to her and covered her with a blanket. She stirred slightly and mumbled his name but did not wake up. It touched him deeply that it would be his name she had said in her sleep. He decided it wasn't fitting for a gentleman to allow a lady to take the couch whilst he slept comfortably in a bed so he scooped her into his arms to carry her upstairs. She nestled her head into his shoulder and he chuckled at the cooing noises that seemed to be coming from her. When they entered his bedroom he lay her gently under the covers and moved to make his way back downstairs. His arms ached from the emptiness they now felt, holding Buffy even for a few moments was the most wonderful feeling.

The storm outside seemed to be rageing, the thunder claps were coming closer and closer together now and he could swear he heard a tree fall from a lightening strike across the street. A particularly loud clap of thunder caused Buffy to bolt upright and scream. The terror in Buffy's scream caused Giles to bolt up the stairs and race to her side. She threw herself into his arms as he soothingly stroked her back to stop the shaking. When she had finally calmed down a little he pulled back but did not let go. "Buffy luv whatever is the matter? Was it a nightmare of some sort?"

She hung her head too embarrassed to tell him the real reason for her outcry. His fingers slipped beneath her chin and raised it till she was looking him squarely in the eye. "Buffy whatever it is you can tell me I promise, you trust me right?" She simply nodded her head not yet ready to open her mouth.
"Then please tell me, everything will be ok, I'm here for you."
She sniffled and began, "I'm afraid of storms, the sound of the thunder scares me, I know it's stupid but I can't help it, I've always been this way" He pulled her to him once more and began to stroke his hands through her hair. "Oh my darling Buffy, that's nothing to be ashamed of, we're all afraid of something."
She looked up into his face but refused to allow him to pull back. "Giles, why did you call me darling just now? Was it purely meant to be soothing or..?"
"Or what Buffy?" It was barely more than a whisper.
"Or is that how you think of me? As your darling Buffy? I may be wrong but to me it felt like earlier, in the cemetary there was something there, between us. I don't know if you felt it too but it overwhelmed me." She looked so vulnerable sitting there in his shirt, in his bed and he too was overwhelmed by what he felt for her. He could see no hint of mischief in her eyes, only love and doubt. His hand gently stroked her cheeks and he placed a featherlight kiss on her forehead.

"No luv, it's not just you, I felt ...feel it. I feel it everytime I look at you and it takes every ounce of strength I have not to grab you and kiss you senseless, I want to get lost in you Buffy, you're the only woman that has ever made me feel this way." Her tears began to fall freely now and she leaned towards him to place a kiss on his cheek. "Oh my Giles, my heart. I know what it's like to be around you and want so desperatly to crawl into your embrace, the air between us feels like a traitor and I just want to shove it aside until theres nothing there but your skin against mine. I love you do you know that? I love you."
"Oh Buffy say it again, never ever stop."
"I love you Rupert Giles and I'm yours as long as you'll have me, but if you don't want me then tell me now because a second more and I'll be lost forever."
"Buffy my dearest, I want nothing more in this world than you, I want to share everything with you including my life, marry me and show the world that you're mine and mine alone."
"Giles I am yours now and forever and of course I'll marry you I'd die without you."

She pulled him down onto the bed and showered him in kisses. He kissed her lips gently but it soon escalated into a passionate embrace, he began to nibble on her lower lip and knew that he could truly lose and find himself in her. She moaned his name and the sound of it drove him wild, but he had to pull back. He was the sensible one even if he wanted nothing more right now than to forget about responsibility and morality and just let her take him over. He pushed her away slightly but kissed her lips tenderly once more at her look of confusion and hurt. "Buffy don't for a minute think I don't want to do this because it is taking every ounce of will I have right now not to claim you as mine. But I'm old fashioned, I know that I have lived a wild youth and I will tell you anything about it that you wish to know, but I have never felt this way for anyone before, I've never been so totally consumned by a woman that I couldn't breathe without her in my world. You do that to me Buffy, you mean that much, I want our first time to be everything it should be and I want it to be on our wedding night. Please understand Buffy, this is special, it's everything to me, you're everything to me, know I ask this because I love you so very much."

"Oh Giles, you're a gentlemen to the core aren't you? Yes I'll wait even though I know it will do me in, this had better be a short engagement Mr or you are going to have a very frustrated slayer on your hands." She smiled and kissed him softly. "We will wait but I need you here with me ok? Fully clothed and everything I just need to feel you holding me and wake up in your arms."
"Luv, it would fill me with joy to do that, come here." With that he pulled her close and wrapped his precious bundle into his embrace, she slept more peacefully that night than she could ever remember and when she woke to his kisses on her face, she knew that fairytales do come true, you just have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get to the prince.