It was a dark and stormy night...

AUTHOR: Gabriele Schulz
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SUMMARY: Basically PWP: A storm forces Buffy and Giles to stay at an abandoned warehouse... B/G
DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB Television Network, and whoever else may have a hold on them. I do not mean to infringe upon any copyrights.
NOTE: I lay awake at three in the morning, listening to the storm outside and thought: What would Buffy and Giles do in such a night...
DATE: 7/14,17/99

The rain poured down. And the alley they had sought for shelter did little to protect them from the harsh wind. Every other minute the night was lit with lightning closely followed by thunder.

Buffy looked at the door behind her, then at Giles to seek permission to break in. They had no choice. It didn't look as if the wheather would change anytime soon and though his coat could protect him quite well, Buffy's jacket was meant to warm her at night - not to keep her dry in a storm.

One kick and the door was open. They hurried inside and closed it behind them pushing pieces of wood against it, so that it stayed closed.

The little room was obviously not used any longer, as were many buildings in Sunnydale in that area. Floor, walls and ceiling were all uncovered concrete. Must have been a warehouse.

He looked out of the window, the rain clashing against the glass. The place was dark and dirty, but at least they would stay dry.

He turned around to Buffy, who was standing in the middle of the room, her back turned to him. She had her arms wrapped around herself and was shivering. He got out of his coat and jacket. He put the coat on the ground and the jacket over his arm.

He approached her and put his hands on her shoulder. She jumped in surprise.

"You should get out of your clothes."

She turned around staring at him.

"Th-they are... wet. You'll... ca-catch a cold."

She nodded. Turning her back to him again, she removed her jacket. It was soaked and he could see that the top she was wearing underneath was wet through as well.

"I... I guess, you should remove that, too. Wait a second."

She turned around to him. He had removed his tie and started to undo the buttons of his shirt. When he was done, he got out of it and handed it to her, turning around, so that she could put it on.

"Maybe we could create a fashion trend."

He turned around carefully. She was wearing his shirt, and nothing but his shirt. At least as far as he could see. It was long enough to cover her as much as her usual skirts did. She turned around in front of him, lifting her arms to show off, which caused the shirt to move up and let him know, that she did still wear her underpants.

When she stood still again, he walked back to the window and looked out. Then he sat down on a few pieces of wood and removed his shoes. Then his socks. When he wrung out the bottom of his trousers, the water formed a little pool.

"Maybe you should get out of them, too."

He looked up at her, then down at his trousers. She was right. He got up, unfastened the belt. He was slightly irritated by the fact, that Buffy apparently wasn't planning on turning away from him. He lowered the zipper and stepped out of them, putting them down on the pile of wood, that lay scattered next to the window. He looked out again. How long could it possibly take till it calmed down.

Buffy joined him at the window.

"I hope the others are okay."

"I think the worst that could happen to them, is that they can't sleep."

He felt uneasy. He wondered how Buffy (or other girls for that matter) managed to walk around in next to nothing without feeling embarrassed.

After an hour of pacing the room and looking out of the window once in a while, he could no longer hold back the yawn. Buffy answered in kind.

"It's three now. Do you think we should keep on waiting for it to get better or just try to sleep here?"

He looked outside once again. It didn't look as if it would stop anytime soon.

He handed her his coat.

"I guess that'll be okay if you put some of the clothes underneath as a pillow."

She took it and went to the middle of the room. She formed a small pile with her scattered clothes and placed the coat on top of it. Then she lay down on the half of the coat that was further from him. When she realized that he didn't think of joining her she waved him to her.

"Giles, come over here."

He hesitated, then did as told.

When he stood next to the coat looking down at her she held up her hand, taking his, and dragged him down onto the coat next to her.


"Giles, we both need the sleep. Shut up and close your eyes."

With that she turned her back to him. He stared at the ceiling not quite daring to move. He was aware that between his arm and her back was nothing but his shirt. Even though he wore nothing but his boxers, he felt warm. When Buffy shifted around a little he removed his arm and turned to lie on his side so that they lay back to back. He looked at the window and after a short while fell asleep.


When Buffy woke up, her arms were wrapped around Giles. She was lying half on top of him and when she realized, what the hard thing pressing into her thigh was, she blushed. A smile crossed her face and she carefully removed her arms and legs and got up. Giles moved around, reaching out for something. Then he mumbled "Buffy."

She looked down at him. She wasn't really surprised. After all the time they had spent together it was probably natural that they dreamed about each other. Even in that way. She did so herself once in a while. She blushed again, thinking of one of the more vivid dreams of Giles she had had.

She went over to the window. It was just another warm, bright day in Sunnydale. Nothing to remind of the storm of the night. She should better get dressed before Giles awoke.

She unbuttoned her < his > shirt. Then she realized that her clothes lay under the coat.

She walked over to Giles and knelt down next to him. She held the shirt together with her left hand and shook him with the right.


He suddenly put his arms around her and pulled her down into a kiss. She put her hands on the ground in resistance, thereby letting the shirt open up to reveal her bare chest. He rolled around, taking her with him, so that she lay on her back and his torso was on hers, while he kissed her. Her arms were at her sides.

She was too stunned to do anything but let him kiss her. How gentle his kiss was. She found herself responding. Then one of his hands wandered to her breast - and froze.

He lifted his torso slowly from hers.

"Oh, my god... Buffy, I'm so sor-"

He was interrupted by her lips on his as she pulled him down again. Her hands ran through his hair while she kissed him passionately. Any attempt to resist was futile. He kissed her back. Slowing her down. Tracing her lips with his tongue, then pushing it into her mouth as she opened it further for him.

She wasn't exactly sure, what she was doing or more precisely *why*, but the tingly feeling in her body told her that she should go on. He tasted so good. And the hand that had begun to caress her breasts was sending bolts of pleasure through her body, specifically to the part of her body, that was rapidly getting wetter and aching for his touch.

She moved her hands down his body into his boxers, cupping his cheeks and pushing them toward her center. She opened her legs and he moved between them. She squeezed his buttocks and he pushed his hard penis into her sex.


His mouth was now on her neck, travelling further down to play with her nipples. Licking and sucking. Kneading them with his hand while he did so.

She moaned. She moved her hands to his boxers and started to push them down. He stopped his ministrations to get out of them, then kneeling between her spread legs he looked down at her.

"God, you're beautiful."

At the same moment she lifted her torso and he bent down and in mid-air they met for another searing kiss. Ravishing her mouth, he lowered her onto the ground.

Then his hand wandered past her breast over her stomach. He stroked it, then moved to kneel beside her before plunging his hand into her soaked panties.

She screamed into his mouth. He kissed his way to her neck, then whispered into her ear.

"Oh, Buffy."

Then he started rubbing her clit.

"Aaah... God, Giles..."

She trailed on hand along his chest to his straining member. When she started stroking him, he quickly pulled down her panties and positioned himself to enter her.

He looked into her eyes for confirmation.

"Please, Giles."

He plunged into her. She wrapped her legs around him, trying to push him as deep inside as possible, arching off the ground.

They both moaned. Then they started to thrust in a quick rhythm. His hand found her clit again and rubbing it, he pushed her over the edge.


He kept pumping in and out of her as she spasmed. She came down only to find herself nearing a second climax. She suddenly cupped his buttocks, holding them still, and turned them around, so that she was on top.

She started riding him, closing her eyes and moving her head, while her breast stood out. She was still wearing his shirt and that somehow made it all even more erotic. He moved his hands to her breasts, gently touching them.

He had waited for this so long. And though he was very aware that there had been no word of love, he was overwhelmed. He pulled her down into an embrace.

"Oh, Buffy..."

She kept moving on him and kissed his neck.

"You taste so good, Giles."

She nibbed his ear.

He put his arms around her and rolled her on her back. Then he started pounding into her.

As she moaned his name over and over he felt his control vanishing and when she convulsed around him in her second climax he emptied himself into her in one final hard thrust.

She pulled him down into her arms.

He lay on top of her and they were both panting.

"I love you, Buffy."

She took his face into her hands and lifted it up, so that she could look into his eyes. Then she smiled the loveliest smile he had ever seen.

"I love you, too, Rupert."

Then she kissed him. Very gently. Pure tenderness and care. After long wonderful minutes of this, he felt himself harden inside her. Then he felt her clenching her inner muscles around him and taking it as the signal that it was, he started pushing in and out of her again. Very slowly.

They kept kissing, only deepening the kiss, when the rhythm of their thrusts increased.

She came first, spasming beneath him. He kept on thrusting and as his release streamed into her several seconds later, she had yet another orgasm.

He slid out of her and they lay arm in arm, cuddling.

"I'm so glad we went patrolling yesterday, inspite of the weather forecast."

"Who would have thought..."

"A storm in Sunnydale?"

"That too."

He kissed her again...