By Jae Kayelle

TITLE: Snugglies 1/1
AUTHOR: Jae Kayelle
DISTRIBUTION: my site eventually.  If you want it, please ask.
DISCLAIMER:  the characters belong to 20th Century Fox and WB.  Joss Whedon possesses the genius, the vision and the annoying tendency to drop storylines mid-stream.  ker-plunk! feedback:  Yes, please! No flames.  Thanks so much for thinking of it, though.

Before he opened the door, Giles looked out through the security slot.  All he saw of his visitor was the top of a shiny blonde head.  He twisted the doorknob and pulled, clearing the way for her to enter. 

Buffy sprang forward, launching herself from a standing position into his arms. He rocked backwards but managed to stay on his feet. His arms were full of hot, squirming Slayer who was apparently attempting to smother him with a wet, Hooverlike kiss.  He staggered back against the wall, belatedly remembering to shut the door.  Then he wrapped his arms around Buffy and held her to him while she wound one leg around his calf.  Her hands were pulling his shirt out of his waistband while she relentlessly ground her pelvis against his.  

Giles twisted his mouth to the side, and kissed her on the neck just under her left ear, trailing kisses to her shoulder.  Reaching down, he grasped her buttocks and pulled her even closer, encouraging the contact.  He was rapidly becoming aroused under her insistence.

Buffy began to rhythmically hump against him while, in her great need, simultaneously trying to climb up to a point where her center was resting against the top of his erection.  She ripped his shirt open, sending buttons skittering across the room and covered his neck and collarbone with hot kisses. 

His hands slid under her skirt, tugging at her panties.  She edged away only far enough so that he could pull them down her legs and then she kicked them off, immediately returning to her former position.  His fingers shoved their way into her from behind causing her to gasp in surprise and then she bucked against the pressure taking him with her to a higher level of arousal.

A massive buildup was starting and Giles knew he was not going to last long under her assault.  He reached between them and fumbled with the button and the zipper on his pants, jerking it down and hurriedly freed his penis. Then he and Buffy fell to their knees, still voraciously attacking each other.  Buffy sank all the way to the floor and lay on her back taking Giles down with her so that he lay between her legs.

Shoving her skirt up past her hips and out of his way, he wasted no time in sliding in as deep as he could go, his hands underneath her, bringing her hips to meet his. He held still for the space of half a breath and then began to rock in and out, faster and faster, Buffy meeting his thrusts with just as much urgency.  Lifting her knees until they rested just below his shoulders she opened herself up to him completely.  He watched her face as she came and was rewarded when she got a surprised look on her face.  Then she shuddered violently and went limp underneath him. 

Unable to hold back any longer, Giles' own eruption of volcanic proportions shook him to the core then, resting on his forearms, he hung his head with his hair brushing against her chest, breathing hard. 

Buffy started to shake.  Giles lifted his head and looked at her questioningly.

She was laughing.  He smiled at her.

"Hello to you, too," he said.