Slow Burn
By Lily2332

TITLE: Slow Burn
AUTHOR: Lily2332
SPOILERS: All Season Four
SUMMARY: No fair having a mentor like Giles if he isn’t going to teach you absolutely everything, right?
My first, and probably last, song fic. Inspired by the song "Slow Hand" sung by the Pointer Sisters.
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DISCLAIMER: They’re not mine, don’t sue. Everything belongs to Joss. Except the song, which belongs to RCA records & BMG Entertainment.

**This is for Lost, my wonderful beta reader. He not only made the fic that you’re about to read much better than it would’ve been, but also put up with my impatience.**

Buffy pulled the covers up over her chest and stared up at the ceiling. Beside her, she heard the sounds of Riley’s heavy breathing returning to normal.

"Oh, Buffy. That was incredible." he panted, putting his arm around her.

She tried to force her lips into a smile. "Mmm." she said flatly. <I wonder how long I should lay here before I can go?> she wondered.

It was official. The kind of fabulous, satisfying lovemaking that she’d seen on TV (and read about in the occasional romance novel) did not exist. Or, if it did, it was set on eluding her for the rest of her life.

After Angel and Parker, she’d logically concluded that the first time with a guy was a little awkward, and left a lot to be desired. Things like this needed time to…improve, she’d thought.. And she’d held onto that notion until today. This was her fourth time with Riley, and here she lay, wondering why she’d even gone through the trouble of taking her clothes off. For those few minutes of minimal pleasure, she could’ve just hiked up her skirt. He probably wouldn’t have even noticed.


Buffy gave her punching bag one last kick before stop-ping for a drink. She wiped the sweat from her face with a towel, trying to ignore the giggles coming from the corner of the room. Xander and Anya were snuggled together on the same chair, alternating between watching Buffy’s workout and making out.

She scowled in their direction. "Hello? This is my workout area, not a petting zoo," she snapped, slamming her water bottle back down on the table.

They looked up, startled by her tone. Seeing that she meant business, they climbed out of the chair, not breaking body contact even as they rose.

"What’s a petting zoo?" Anya whispered into Xander’s ear as they headed for the door.

He grinned. "I’ll show you later."

Buffy frowned even more ferociously at that last comment. Disgusting, that’s what they were. Enough was enough, all the smooching and groping…ick. <Fakers!> she thought viciously.

She attacked her punching bag with renewed vigor, hoping to release some of her pent up frustration. Instead, it only made her more agitated. As she attempted a particularly hard kick, her emotions distracted her, and she missed, kicking a hole in Giles wall. She pulled her foot out and brushed the crumbly plaster off of her shoe.

She looked up at Giles, who was watching her with curiosity. Her cheeks were bright red and strands of hair were plastered to her face. He didn’t think he’d ever seen her work so hard during training, or act so agitated without reason. Something was wrong.

"Take a break, Buffy." he suggested, pulling out a chair from the folding table they’d set up in the basement.

She paced around a little more, eyeing some weapons, trying to decide which one to pick up now. "Don’t need one." she said.

"Do you really think that Anya and Xander deserved that?" he asked, giving her a disapproving look.

"Well, the way they’re always…it’s gross." She grimaced. "And, come on…like it’s really that…never mind." She looked away, unable to believe that Giles didn’t feel the same way.

"What?" he asked, curious. He had a feeling that Buffy had been about to reveal what was on her mind, or at least share something personal with him. Possibly the thing that was bothering her so much.

Buffy wasn’t planning on telling him, but he looked so interested, leaning forward like that, and she really wanted to talk about it. And they did have some privacy down here in the basement.

"Well…it’s just. Xander and Anya. They act like…sex-" she faltered on the word, hurrying on. "Like it’s the most important thing in the world. Like it’s really this big thrill." She shook her head in disbelief.

He didn’t understand, but kept the same neutral expression. <Oh, dear God, she wants to talk about...this.> he finally realized, still maintaining the stoicism, outwardly at least.

She continued. "I-it’s just…well, I don’t get it, Giles. What’s so great about it? Don’t get me wrong, it always starts out fine. When we’re…kissing, and stuff." She wasn’t sure exactly what she could say in front of Giles, or why she was even telling him this. "But that stuff always promises a lot more than it delivers. It’s never…’wow’, you know?"

Giles made a kind of "Hmm" sound, and she kept talking, sitting down across from him at the table.

"With Parker, it wasn’t so bad. Not at first, at least. We spent a long time in his bed, we were both undressed, just feeling each other’s bodies, we both couldn’t wait for it to happen…" She stopped for a moment, remembering. "But once we finally- you know. I couldn’t believe that was it, I mean, I was just getting started!" She blushed a little at this admission.

Giles took his cup of tea, now cold and tasteless, and brought it to his lips. He wasn’t sure why he was going through the motions, other than needing a distraction. He was intrigued by the images she was describing to him, and a little appalled. He had tried so many times to keep from imaging his slayer in that way, and now here he was being given permission to not only think about it, but to give her direction as well.

"Sooo. I thought it was just him. Or me. I don’t know." She sighed, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. "And then Riley. The first few times, I thought that we just needed to get used to each other. Now I’m starting to realize that it isn’t going to get better. But he gets me all…" She dropped her voice to almost a whisper, "Hot" She locked eyes with Giles, startled by the intensity she saw. But he was listening without judging, which was what she needed. She finished all in one breath "…and then, blahdy blah, it’s over."

She looked down, having laid out her most personal feelings, and waited nervously for him to show a reaction.

He knew he was supposed to say something. If he said the wrong thing, it could be terribly awkward. <Could be?> He gulped, then used his tea as a diversion again. When he put the cup down, he asked, "And with Angel?"

He hid the cringe behind a clenched jaw. <Oh, bloody wonderful. Do you really want to know?!> he asked himself. But she looked relieved.

"Well…he hadn’t been with anyone in a really long time." She defended him, at the same time telling her watcher all he needed to know. She smiled as she saw the corners of his mouth turn up slightly. When he saw her face, he gave her a full grin, and Buffy giggled, covering her face with her hand. Were they really talking about this?

"So…you can just call me ‘Sister Buffy’ from now on because I quit." She said glumly, obviously disappointed. "It’s probably just me. A slayer’s curse or something. Can’t even get off-" She stopped abruptly, remembering who she was talking to.

Giles looked away, a little shocked by her candid, if somewhat sketchy, explanation of her troubles. "Buffy-" He didn’t know what to say.

He was trying to find some bit of advice or encouragement. But all he could focus on was what she’d told him. In a way that he didn’t understand, or want to examine, he was happy about what she’d told him. Glad that no man had made her scream out his name as she came. He shook his head, noticing that she was watching him anxiously.

"What?" she asked, imagining how uncomfortable he must be. She bit her lip, trying to find a way to take back the whole thing.

"Ah, no." He said in a rush, recognizing her expression. "It’s fine. I just don’t know what to say. All I can say is" He took a deep breath and pretended that it wasn’t Buffy he was talking to. "It’s not you, it’s them. Someday you’ll find a man who-" He took another breath, noticing that Buffy was leaning across the tiny table, listening intently. "Who will be able to-to-that is. Damn it, Buffy!" He took off his glasses, examining them before adding more gently, "I’m sorry. I can’t do this."

Her face fell, but she quickly hid it behind a mask of indifference. "Sorry." She jumped up. "Let’s just forget this whole thing." she said shakily, avoiding eye contact.

"Buffy, wait."

She stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

"Thank you for trusting me." he blurted. She appeared a little disappointed. Perhaps she had still been hoping for some advice on the matter. But she did give a little wave as she ascended the staircase.



Late that night, after patrol, Buffy poked her head in Giles’ front door. He hadn’t answered when she’d knocked, which was strange, since he wasn’t normally in bed at this time. She went into the kitchen and poured herself a drink. On the way back to the living room she noticed something on the floor. A suitcase. Olivia’s suitcase.

<Again?> she thought in wonder. Shrugging to herself, she walked to the couch and sat down with some homework. Maybe he’d forgotten that she was coming over, she thought. He’d told her they were going out of town for a couple days so he could show her some culty demon thingys. Although that wasn’t exactly what he’d said. Maybe she was mistaken, and it wasn’t today.

It was quiet in the house. Too quiet. She had just decided to turn on some music, when she heard something. She cocked her head, trying to figure out what it was, when she heard it again, louder. Her heart actually stopped for a second and her eyes grew wide when she realized the source.

It was definitely a woman’s voice, moaning in satisfaction and saying things that Buffy couldn’t quite make out. She stopped short of the stereo, postponing the music. She could hear Giles, too. He was talking, but not in his normal manner. Every few seconds he’d utter a string of urgent words, in a husky, gentle voice that Buffy couldn’t believe was his.

Oh, great. She’d almost gotten over obsessing about her crummy luck with men but listening to this just brought all of the longing back to the surface.

Buffy felt the need to sit, and went to perch on the edge of the couch, feeling guilty but irresistibly curious. She listened for a few more minutes when suddenly there was a crashing sound, followed by spontaneous laughter. It was quiet for a while, then Olivia’s words filtered down to Buffy.

"Rupert, yes. Ohhh yes." She heard Giles ask a question, which elicited more pleased sounds from Olivia.

<This is so not right.> She thought. <Must leave. Must leave now. This is beyond ‘Eww!’> But her legs didn’t obey.

Now Giles was making himself heard, softly at first, a sensual, low sound coming from above her. Then his cries turned more animal, and Buffy recognized the sound of the bed squeaking under their combined weight. She realized that she was holding her breath, and when she exhaled, she did so shakily.

At first she’d been more interested in listening to Olivia than to Giles, fascinated that she seemed genuine in her appreciation, unlike Buffy, who had become quite a pro at feigning enthusiasm. But hearing her watcher in the midst of such delicious pleasure started a slow burn throughout her entire body. Knowing that he was capable of creating the same reaction in a woman did so even more.

<God, is that the headboard?> she thought, in reference to the rapping sound that mingled with their voices now. She could hear Giles grunting now, rhythmically, with every thrust. The sounds above her became more frenzied, when suddenly, afraid of what she might hear, she grabbed her bag and hurried out, not even worrying about the slam of the door. There was no way they would hear it anyway.

Buffy trudged back to her dorm. <I knew it!> she thought. So it could be like that. Not everyone left the bedroom feeling frustrated and in need of a cold shower. And who would have thought that her watcher, of all people, knew how to…she didn’t know what it was that he’d done, but it was obviously the right thing.

The phone rang three times before she noticed and picked up.

"Buffy?" Giles. It seemed weird to talk to him now, so casually, after what she’d heard such a short time ago. It made her wonder how many other times he’d spoken to her in that calm, civilized tone after indulging in uncivilized things.

"Yeah." she said guiltily.

"Did you forget our trip?" he asked, worried.

"Um, I thought you might not want to leave until later." she told him.

"I’m ready now." She could hear the frown in his voice. <Yeah, Giles, you’ve just been sitting there waiting for me.> she wanted to say.

"Okay. I’ll be there in a sec."



"So, tell me again what we’re going to look at?" she asked Giles, not having paid attention the first two times he’d explained it to her.

He sighed heavily. "Are you going to listen this time?" She nodded quickly, giving him a sheepish smile by way of apology.

"These particular demons live in…colonies, of a sort. They’re nomadic, and they leave very specific markings and trails. A group of them just left this area." He pointed to a spot on the map, "And I want to show you. You’ll be well off to know what to look for, when they inevitably come to Sunnydale. They’re dangerous, but they left a week ago, so there’s no need to worry…did you get all that, or shall I launch directly into a recap for you?"

"Why, Giles, is that sarcasm I detect?" She feigned shock.

"It depends on your answer." he said lightly.

"Got it." She grinned, turning on the radio. She glanced over at Giles, catching a glimpse of him every now and then as oncoming headlights flickered across his face. Her thoughts once again drifted to what she’d overheard earlier.

She continued along that train of thought as they drove in silence. A song she thought she recognized came on the radio, and she turned it up, louder than she knew Giles would prefer. The sultry music filled the car, adding only to Buffy’s fixation on what she’d been thinking about.

Darlin’, don’t say a word, ‘cause I’ve already heard, what your body’s saying to mine,

I’m tired of fast moves, I’ve got a slow groove

On my mind

I want a man with a slow hand,

I want a lover with an easy touch.

I want somebody who will spend some time,

Not come and go in a heated rush.

I want somebody who will understand,

When it comes to love I want a slow hand.

Buffy turned to her watcher. "That’s it." she complained. "That’s what I was talking about the other day in the basement, Giles."

"What?" He had been lost in his own thoughts and was thoroughly confused by the turn in conversation. She turned up the stereo, the bass vibrating throughout the car.

"Listen." The second verse was just ending, and she stopped talking so that he could hear the chorus. The singer had the kind of throaty, sexy voice that Buffy had always wanted to have herself.

‘Cause I’ve got a man with a slow hand,

I’ve got a lover with an easy touch,

I’ve got somebody who will spend some time,

Not come and go in a heated rush,

I’ve found somebody who will understand:

When it comes to love, I want a slow hand.

Giles knew he was in trouble. She wanted to talk about this again. He tried to put Buffy’s feelings before his own discomfort. It wasn’t like he could stop her, once she had her mind set on something.

She turned the radio down as the first notes of a new tune began. "That’s what I was trying to tell you, Giles. That’s exactly the kind of smoochies I want. It always feels like that when we start out, but none of them follow through. They just get all rushed, and forget about me."

"They probably don’t know any better, Buffy." Giles volunteered, kicking himself mentally for encouraging this discussion. Hearing her immature jargon mixed up with such an adult topic made it even more confusing.

"It doesn’t matter," she complained. "The woman who sang that song, she knows what I’m talking about. I can tell by her voice. Then she found what she was looking for…someone to make her feel…everything. Someone to take her all the way. Didn’t she sound completely satisfied.?" Buffy said wistfully, looking to Giles.

"I don’t know. It’s just a song." he pointed out. "And you’ve obviously been thinking about this for a while now. Perhaps…perhaps you’re expecting too much. Have you thought that possibly your standards are too high?" He knew this wasn’t true even as he said it.

"No," she said firmly, pulling a hairbrush out of her bag, beginning to brush through the long locks as she talked. "I wish. Believe me, I’ve tried. But I know it exists." She thought of the way Giles had made Olivia feel. "It does." She stated again, softly. She felt self-conscious as Giles alternated between studying her and looking at the road.

"Does it?" he said idly. He truly felt for the girl, but unfortunately, this was something he had no control over. Damned if he was going to take Riley aside and describe a few better methods he might employ next time.

"Sorry." she mumbled, positive that he knew what she had been thinking, and had seen her thoughts about his and Olivia’s lovemaking. "It’s not really important."



By the time they’d arrived at the hotel, it was already morning. They both showered and dressed quickly in order to get straight to work. They both wore casual woodsy type clothes, perfect for spending the day traipsing about in the forest.

Despite Giles insistence that this would be a piece of cake, Buffy couldn’t seem to detect any of the traces left by the demons. Her difficulty could have been because the tracks were so well camouflaged by the wilderness, but more likely, her lack of success was due to the way her eyes, and thoughts, kept drifting over to her watcher.

It had started when they’d stripped off their outer layers of clothes as the sun got hotter. She realized when he stood before her in a t-shirt, that this was very…new. When he’d given up the tweed, he’d traded it in for layers of bulkiness, usually sweaters.

Well, to be honest, it had started in the car on the way here, when she had been faced with the reality that he had something she wanted.

She thought about this while they stopped for a rest. Buffy sighed heavily. Why in the world was she even bothering fantasizing about it, anyway? It wasn’t as though she could just say. "Hey, Giles, you’re good in bed, wanna show me?" Besides, things between them had felt strained lately. They hadn’t gotten much alone time with Olivia at Giles’ place. She missed their late night bonding sessions, but was pretty sure that he wouldn’t consider a roll in the hay a legitimate substitute. She couldn’t bite back a snort of laughter at that thought.

"It’s good to see you so amused." Giles said dryly. "I don’t suppose that your outburst of good cheer is because you’ve suddenly discovered the location of the last nesting area."

She made a face, and stood up, tightening the arms of her sweatshirt tied around her waist. "I get it, Giles. I’m slow."

"No." He shook his head. "I think you’re distracted." He almost asked her what was on her mind, but remembered where their last two discussions had led, and decided against it.

"Never mind." he quickly added, standing with her. "Ready to try again?"



"I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired." Buffy moaned, falling backwards onto the bed. Giles heard a startled ‘oof!’ when the mattress proved to be much harder than she’d anticipated. But the day had taken just as much out of him, and the most he could muster was a tiny smile.

He eased himself down onto his own bed. "I thought you’d never track it down." he told her. "I don’t mind admitting now, that I was on the verge of bloody killing you."

"Oh, you thought you were hiding that not-so-subtle annoyance?" She retorted, not even lifting her weary head. "Please. You showed more patience with Spike when you were trying to teach him your frighteningly obsessive housekeeping routines."

His reply was a weary mumble, and Buffy closed her eyes, allowing herself to drift off to sleep.



Buffy woke up to the sound of Giles’ heavy, peaceful breathing. It was actually more like snoring than breathing, but he’d deny it if she ever brought it up. It was the middle of the night, and she was still wearing her jeans, so she crept over to her bag and found her pajamas.

She slid off her jeans, kicking them off her ankles, and lifted her top over her head. Shivering in the chilly room, for just a second she allowed herself to stand there, clad only in her bra and panties. She turned toward her watcher, laid out on his back, asleep.

She knew she shouldn’t go there, but again she let herself remember his groans of desire, and this time she imagined herself in Olivia’s place, benefiting from his experience and expertise. Although she knew this was a dangerous game, she stole over to where her watcher lay and stood next to the bed quietly. She watched him breathe, and fought the temptation to touch him. Her eyes roamed over his body, noticing things she’d been afraid to before. She was struck with the fear that he would actually be able to feel the heat radiating from her body. He could wake up any second, open his eyes, and…then what?

<You know what.> She told herself. <He’ll wig out, and you won’t even have an ex-watcher anymore.> That thought prompted her to hurry back over to her pajamas. Still feeling a little naughty, she put on only the top, stuffing the pants back in her bag.

Pacing a little, Buffy tried to calm herself. This was ridiculous, she thought. She had never in her life been so hot and bothered, and the fact that it was Giles that she wanted was not only absurd, but sort of embarrassing, too. She took a deep breath, willing her body to forget what it wanted.

Giles raised himself onto his elbows, a bit groggily. He squinted, confused. Buffy wasn’t on her bed. He followed the quiet sounds to where she stood, zipping up her bag. She was bending over slightly, causing her shirt, which would, when standing, just cover her panties, to ride up. He received a full view of what was underneath, the softly rounded cheeks just barely covered by pink satin. He knew he shouldn’t be watching, but couldn’t look away. She normally wore revealing outfits, but they didn’t reveal this much. He drew a sharp breath as she bent even further, placing her bag on the floor. There was a shimmer of pink as she straightened, and then she was walking to the sink.

He continued to watch as she turned on the cold water, letting it run over her hands for a while. She sprinkled a bit of the water on her face, and rubbed a little on her neck and chest. She shuddered a bit at the feeling of the frigid water on her skin, then sighed when it didn’t have the desired effect. As if a little cold water could quench what was burning inside her.

Buffy turned, intending to go to bed, but instead found herself face to face with her watcher, who’d come up behind her. She startled, stepped back, then gulped. All of her boldness went right out the window. "Uh…"

"Buffy, are you-" He had been about to ask her if she was feeling all right, but now that he was next to her, he could see what had her up so late. Up close, he could see the arousal in her face, hear it in her erratic breathing, and had a feeling that if he leaned in closer still, he would be able to pick up the scent on her skin. For a second he was tempted to do just that.

She brushed past him on the way to bed. "’Scuse me." she mumbled.


She stopped.

"Are you all right?" He couldn’t believe that they were about to have this conversation for the third time. He didn’t sound angry, but there was a note of confrontation in his voice. "It seems as though you’ve been extremely preoccupied with…what we talked about earlier."

<Damn> she thought. He’d noticed. Of course, that was his job, what he’d been trained for. To watch her, and notice every detail.

"And you don’t think I know it!?" She burst out, and Giles, for the first time really understood her angry frustration. "God, all I want is…to know that I can feel that way, even if it’s only one time." She peeked up at him through her lashes. "I know this sounds selfish, but…don’t I deserve it?!"

He knew what she meant. What she would never say. "I’m the slayer, and I save the world on a daily basis. I’ve given up my whole life, given up many personal relationships, and I deserve something!" He had thought it himself before. About Buffy, and about himself.

He started back towards his bed. "I-um, yes, Buffy. You do. But perhaps if you just thought about something else for a while, then you won’t feel quite so…"

"So what?" she asked softly.

He swallowed hard, suddenly needing a drink of water. "So…unsatisfied."

A long silence passed as Buffy struggled over whether to continue.

"I don’t have to be." she whispered. All she had to do was step forward a few feet.

"What do you mean?" he asked in his own whisper.

"I mean…I know that you wouldn’t leave me that way, Giles. Unsatisfied…right?"

He didn’t answer.

"You could…" She wasn’t going to say it, and knew that she didn’t need to. He was Giles, and he would either say no, or he’d allow her to convince him. He wouldn’t say yes.

She saw his outline in the dark room, standing very straight and still. "I could…" he prompted her to finish.

"You could give me what I need," she replied, purposely using "need" instead of "want" playing on his sense of responsibility.

She approached her watcher slowly, stopping when she stood directly in front of him. "Please, Giles?" she asked. "Just show me."

When he still didn’t respond, no doubt trying to find a legitimate argument, she put her fingers on the top button of her pajama top. He didn’t move to stop her, though she was sure by the tension in his body that he knew what she was doing. She unfastened the button, and moved her hands to the second one.

He still didn’t move, but his eyes were fixed on her, so she undid that one, and the next one as well.

When she reached the last button, Giles grabbed her hand. "Exactly what do you want me to show you?" He asked in a tone that was impossible to read.

She knew what he was doing. He didn’t want there to be any confusion, any misunderstanding. She was going to have to say it, to state her request openly to him. While she was trying to form the words, his hand went around her, pressing on her back, bringing her up against him.

She was a little embarrassed about how aroused she already was, and felt sure that he was fully aware of everything she was thinking and feeling. "I want you to make me feel the way you make Olivia feel." She thought maybe that was the wrong thing to say, but he didn’t seem to mind. She grew a little bolder, leaning onto her tiptoes so that she could whisper into his ear. "I want you to finish what they’ve all started. I know you can, Giles."

Her last word was what ultimately decided the matter, she leaned in further, breathing onto his neck.


Buffy felt him concede, and undid the final button on her nightshirt, allowing the silky material to slide to the ground. Insurance, just in case he tried to change his mind.

Giles pointed to the bed, still showing no expression at all. She obeyed, and sat down in the middle of the bed, changing positions several times before she settled on one that seemed acceptable.

He stood, looking down over her for a while, walking around the bed a bit. Just as she was starting to feel uncomfortable, he reached for his belt buckle. Maybe it was just because of Buffy’s intense longing, which was beginning to feel almost unbearable, but she thought it was maybe the most erotic thing she’d ever seen. Her watcher, whom she’d never even seen shirtless, was about to take off his clothes.

Her heart began to race as he joined her on the bed, clad only in his boxers. He smiled as she obviously checked him out. It became clear that she was waiting for him to make the first move.

She licked her lips as he leaned toward her, and a second later, his mouth was on hers. After overcoming the surreal feeling of kissing Giles, she pressed herself against him, letting him know she was ready for more.

She expected him to go right for her breasts, the way Riley always did, but instead, his mouth was moving down over her neck and shoulders, causing her to shudder and whimper slightly. He raised his head, making certain that it was a sound of pleasure, then brought his mouth back to hers more forcefully, sweeping his tongue inside.

Buffy felt the heat rising in her chest, her belly, between her legs. His hands roamed gently, caressing across her collarbone, brushing briefly across her breasts before they went around to her back. She felt a snap as he unfastened her bra, and removed it.

"All right so far?" Giles asked against her mouth.

"Nice." she replied, hoping he wouldn’t notice her unsteadiness.

"Good." He moved his hand over her breast as he spoke, rubbing his thumb over her taut nipple, before moving to the other. If the sensations she felt had left room for anything else in her mind, she would’ve been embarrassed about Giles touching her in so intimate a way. Instead, she unashamedly responded, kissing him back passionately, letting him know she was ready for more.

"Lie down." he told her, and began kissing his way down her body, using his tongue to tease her nipples, then further down to her stomach. Buffy tensed, knowing in which direction he was headed. She squirmed in anxiety, since none of her boyfriends had ever done what he was about to do.



He slid a hand between her legs and nudged gently. "It would be advantageous to us both if you-" She parted her legs slightly.

"There you go." he encouraged her. Buffy felt his mouth against the wet fabric of her panties, and her hands flew to his head. It was exciting, the feel of his hair under her fingers as he probed her through the material with his tongue.

His hands, rough and warm, pulled her panties aside. Buffy moved her hips in rhythm with his tongue as he circled her clit, pushing a finger inside her. She pushed against him, panting as he rubbed her sensitive flesh.

Every stroke of his tongue across her clit sent a twinge of her impending orgasm charging through her body. His mouth repeated it’s ministrations, over and over, until, sensing her closeness, he applied more pressure, licking and sucking ruthlessly until she was out of control. She couldn’t catch her breath as she came in several waves of rapture that swept through her body. Finally, she willed the oxygen into her lungs and a loud moan escaped her.

Giles moved her panties back into place, and moved up beside her. He experienced a feeling of near awe as he looked down at her. Her body was glistening with sweat, her eyes were closed, and her breasts rose and fell slightly with every breath she took. And the tiniest hint of a smile was on her face.

"How am I doing so far?" he asked, pushing strands of sweaty hair back from her forehead.

"So far?" she asked as she sat up, eyeing his body hungrily. She stared at his erection, fully visible, even with his boxers on. "There’s more?"

"Of course." he answered, taking her hand and bringing it to the object of her interest.

She pulled back. <That’s Giles’ penis! No, no no.> she told herself, and he released her immediately.

What was wrong with it being Giles? She wondered. Physically, she wanted to throw herself on him, but emotionally…it felt really bizzare to be with him like this. She found herself staring again, at the spot her hand had just been until then she met his gaze. This was her Giles. Teacher, mentor, friend and a hundred nameless other things as well. That she had never thought of him in this particular way didn’t mean that such a thing was impossible or wrong. It just meant that this was new and different.

"Second thoughts?" He kept his voice neutral, letting her make the decision on her own.

She thought quickly. She wanted this. "No." To prove it, she rubbed her hand against his erection, pleased when he groaned and pushed against her.

He slid off the remaining garment, leaving Buffy shy again.

"You wanted me to show you everything." he said, his words a partial statement, partial question. He looked down pointedly.

She wrinkled her forehead in confusion.

"Some women find it very erotic, touching and tasting their…partner’s ah, well." He gestured appropriately, watching her carefully. "It’s up to you. You said you wanted to feel, though, and I want you to feel as good as you can."

She slowly nodded, still making up her mind. Buffy put her hand on his chest, pressing until he took the hint and lay back on his elbows. She recognized immediately that he was right, because that same slow burn in her core had returned full-force when she brought her mouth down on him. This was another first for her, and the fact that it was Giles made it even more exciting. She sucked on the tip gently, then began rubbing her tongue against him, up and down. She instinctively knew what to do, though she wasn’t thinking of gratifying her watcher.

She hadn’t even thought of it until she heard his moan. When she looked up at him, his face was contorted with pleasure. She gasped. Why hadn’t she thought of this part? Of course he was enjoying it. She moved her hand to his impossibly hard member, and squeezed slightly, moving her grip up and down slowly. When he uttered some more sensual sounds, she licked the tip, then took him almost completely in her mouth. She repeated this several times, loving his reactions.

She rose up onto her knees, sitting between his legs. "God, you’re right." she panted, growing warmer when she saw his eyes on her breasts. Turning him on was an even bigger turn-on than when he’d been touching her.

Buffy crawled on top of him, and their lips met for an endless, breathless kiss. The kiss soon turned into more, as their hands roamed over each other’s bodies restlessly. She felt his hands in her hair, on her back, and every once in a while his fingers would find their way between her legs, stroking and teasing only for a few seconds at a time.

He moved slowly over her body, not like Parker or Riley, who had acted as though they were in a race, and so ended up overlooking many sensitive places that Giles’ exquisite touch easily discovered.

She knew there was more to come, but wanted to just keep kissing her sexy watcher, and stay in his arms forever. <Oh, God, I could get used to this.>

she thought. But that couldn’t happen, because Giles was with Olivia. That wasn’t like Giles, though. If he were really with someone, he’d never be here with her, with his body pressed against hers possessively. If he were in love with Olivia, his mouth wouldn’t be exploring her skin so tenderly.

Buffy pulled back slightly. "Giles, this isn’t…it’s not just for me, is it?" As she spoke, she wiggled against him, against his erection that was pressed between their bellies.

"Oh, Buffy." He sighed deeply. "No, it’s not just for you. At first I tried to tell myself that it was, but it’s for me as well."

His answer was what she had hoped to hear, and she showed her appreciation by rolling onto her back, motioning for him to join her.

Giles pulled off her panties while she lay there, then brought his body on top of hers. She took the lead, wrapping her legs around him, drawing him closer. "Is that all right with you?" he asked.

"Uh-huh." she nodded, feeling his tip push gently at her opening. "It’s for both of us." She said fervently, lifting her hips so that his cock pushed into her. Soft cries of surprised pleasure came from them both, and Giles stopped talking and thrust the rest of the way in.

Buffy pulled him closely against her as he started thrusting into her, very slowly, until she couldn’t stand it anymore. It had been incredible when he’d brought her to orgasm with his mouth, but when she felt herself tightening around his hard length, she knew that this was going to be even better. The friction of his cock ramming in and out combined with his thumb rubbing her slick clit took her over the edge, and she came, clutching her Watcher tightly.

As she came down, she was vaguely aware of Giles increasing his speed and pressure until he shuddered against her, groaning loudly. His head rested on her shoulder, and she stroked his hair with trembling fingers. "Thank you." She murmured.



Buffy listened to the sounds of Giles finishing his shower. Snuggling into the warm bed, she replayed their lovemaking for the zillionth time.

Contrary to what she had thought, having one night of the kind of lovemaking she’d dreamed of hadn’t quenched her desire. In fact, it had pretty much done the opposite. Now that she knew the heights of pleasure , and the afterglow of fulfillment, she couldn’t ever go back to a 10 minute gropefest with Riley.

Instead of being contented with the one time, she couldn’t wait to get her Watcher back in bed, to start all over again. Buffy grinned as she thought about the many ways to break this news gently to him. She looked toward the bathroom door. <I wonder what else he can teach me?> One thing was for sure, she was going to have a great time finding out.