Sleep Over
By Omega h

TITLE: Sleep Over 1/1
AUTHOR: Omega h
DISCLAIMERS: I don't own them, *sigh*...
COUPLE: Buffy/Giles
RATING: NC-17 -and for once I'm not hesitating at all...
DISTRIBUTION: You want it, take it, just lmk
DEDICATION: To Odie, you should know better than to dare me... <> indicates thought (though there isn't many)

"Look, I still can't understand why you can't stay at Willow's." Giles threw a questioning look at Buffy who leaned to the door frame and watched the man change the sheets at his quest bed room. <There's nothing sexier than a man doing household chores.>

"I told you. Willow's folks are in town, and her mother has been giving me these funny looks ever since I had that little incident with that vampire in front of their house two weeks ago. And I really don't want to stay alone while Mum is in that conference in LA."

Giles still didn't seem quite sure about the situation but let the conversation drop and took a spare blanket from a closet.


"Giles, the shower's free now", Buffy shouted from the bathroom door. The Watcher walked up the stairs but stopped on top of them when he saw the girl. She wearing only a towel that hardly reached half way her thighs. He attempted to swallow as he followed a bead of water run along her neck, down her chest and between her breasts. Ripping reluctantly his gaze from her skin Giles faced an obvious question in Buffy's eyes. Opening his mouth he noticed that nothing was coming out, gulped and tried again. "OK." His voice was hoarse and filled with emotions but Buffy only walked past him. <Now that was intelligent.> The librarian walked to the steamed bathroom, straight to the odor of her perfume intensified by the moist air. A suffering moan raised from his throat.

Giles sat on a sofa with a cup of hot tea in his hands and watched TV when he heard a voice from the door. "I just wanted to say good night."

Buffy was wearing a white silk night gown but the moonlight shining behind her made it almost transparent so that the curves of her beautiful body were totally visible. Once again Giles tried to swallow because his throat felt suddenly like it was closing in. "Good night", he muttered and stared at the girl legs as she walked out of the door. <Good God.>


A blood-chilling scream echoed around the house. Giles jumped out of bed, where he had lied sleepless, his heart beating at the speed of a tornado. There was something wrong with Buffy. He rushed across the corridor to her room only stopping to put a pair of pajama trousers on. He barged through the door waiting to find something hideous and dangerous and hoping that he hadn't come too late.

To his surprise the room was empty and the moonlight revealed only the sleeping figure of the Slayer in the bed. The Watcher walk silently closer to make sure everything was all right when Buffy screamed again. This time her voice was filled with pure horror and she started tossing around the bed.

The man sat on the bed and took a good grip of her arms trying to hold her down so that he could wake her up without scaring her half to death. "Buffy! Buffy! Wake up! You're dreaming." The girl opened her eyes slowly, staring at the face in front of her. Then panic struck her again. She wrapped her arms around Giles's neck and pulled his head closer so that the man was practically lying on top of her.

"Oh Giles. It was terrible. They were everywhere and I screamed and screamed..."

"It's all right. It's all over now."

The librarian could feel Buffy's heartbeat slowing down and her breathing ease as the nightmare began to loose it's grip. Then the atmosphere of the room changed. Giles was suddenly very much aware that he was in Buffy's bedroom and that she was wearing only that little silk night gown. Just a thin layer of garment separated their skins. Every time she took a breath her breasts swept across his chest leaving almost a burning sensation after them.

He lifted his head determinated to get up. The girl resisted his motion, shook her head and pulled his head so that she could place a hot kiss on his lips. The librarian forced himself to pull away a few inches so that he could look her into her eyes. "Buffy we can't do this."

The girl answered by kissing his chin. Giles could feel her tongue slip from between her lips and touch his skin. His five-a-clock-shadow felt rough and Buffy couldn't help letting out an pleasurable moan. The man used every drop of self control he had and tried to pull away from her tight grip. Her lips and tongue began to travel along a wet trail down his neck. "Buffy... Aahhh..."

The Slayer continued to move her lips down his chest leaving little bite marks along the way. She felt his heart pounding as she took his left nipple to her mouth and sucked. And then the initiative changed. Giles pulled Buffy up so that he could possess her lips with an intensive kiss. They breathed straight into each others mouths as their tongues fenced and parted.

The man looked at Buffy's flustered face and lowered his head to another kiss. This time it was slow and sweet. He moved his tongue slowly across the sensitive place on the side of her mouth at the same time slid his hand inside her cleavage cupping her breast. She responded to the caresses by lifting her upper body so that his touch was almost painfully hard. Giles could feel her nipple harden against his palm.

The girl moaned disappointedly when the man pulled his hand away from her body. A self-confident smile flickered on Giles's lips as he grabbed the front of her gown pulling down rapidly. The straps snapped making little sounds and the slick garment slid to Buffy's ankles. She laid there wearing only her panties and the moonlight making Giles's mouth dry. His gaze caressed her smooth skin.

The Slayer lifted her hands and yanked the man's head to her breasts needing more than just his look. His mouth was wet and eager as it closed around her right nipple. Buffy sank her fingers to his hair pulling him even more closer wanting everything he could give.

She could feel his erection hard against her thigh. With a enchanted look on her face she moved her leg ever so slightly getting her reward as Giles groaned. The sound came deep from his throat and told the tale of his primordial instincts being in charge now. 

In Buffy's eyes fire was burning and she felt like the heat they created together was enough to set the bed on fire but as that didn't happen she took a hold of the waist of Giles's pajama pants. Pulling them down she pressed hot kisses on his perfect body. Returning from his ankles, she placed a kiss on the tip of his cock laughing as she saw how his hips responded to her touch. In her brains pounded only the need to give him ecstasy so she moved her tongue up and down his manhood tasting and enjoying the salt of his skin. Her delicate movement made the man gasp for air. His hand took a hold of her neck at the same time urging her to continue and begging her to stop.

Wanting to give some of his pleasure back to her Giles pressed Buffy under him and slid his hand down her body and letting it slip inside her panties and between her thighs that opened to allow him free access. When his finger first touched her clit Buffy arched up. It felt like a huge electric tension had run through her. "Giles!" The cry left her parted lips as the man removed the last piece of clothing from her body and then moved his hand downwards slipping a finger inside her, moving it in synch with the movements of her lower body. She panted hard but wanted more. Looking deep into his eyes she whispered: "Giles, now!"  

With on fierce move Giles was on top of Buffy and filled her, grunting from pleasure. The girl responded his every skillful maneuver lifting her hips not wanting him to leave her body, delaying their act of love. They were both whispering sweet nonsense encouraging each other as the man pulled back and rushed forward again and again.

Giles's tongue dived deep into Buffy's mouth suffocating her scream as they finally touched the sky together. Silence crawled to the room when they cuddled together and fell to a deep, satisfied sleep.


Buffy stretched and watched her lover to try to free himself from the tangled sheets. She felt fulfilled and loved. As Giles turned around she was too late to hide her sly smile. The man stared at her for a moment and then looked astounded as he realized what it meant. "You little seductive devil." His smile was uncertain. "You planned this whole thing." The Slayer couldn't hide her happy expression  anymore so she only pulled him back on top of her and whispered coyly: "Aren't you glad?"