Slayer in Need
By Jack Caynon and Nikki Dutton

Title: Slayer in Need
Author: Jack Caynon and Nikki Dutton
Rating: NC-17; warning - graphic sexual content (X-rated)
Pairing: Buffy/Giles sometime in the near future when they live together
Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters. No money shall be made from this story
The lyrics for the song Bitch were written by Merideth Brooks, Bluring the Edges, 1997.
Distribution: Gileswriters,
Spoilers: Earshot
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"Hurry, Buffy!" Giles barked.

The Slayer sprinted even faster, her carry-on bag pounding against her back. She skidded to a halt right at the gate and nearly bowled Giles over. Hardly winded, she peeked up at his face. He looked extremely annoyed.

As they handed their boarding passes to the ground attendant, Giles snapped, "Where in the world have you been? Didn't you hear the boarding calls?"

"Er . . . uhm . . . I must have missed it while I was in the bathroom," she mumbled. She chewed on her lip as they strode through the boarding tube. Although that had been true, she had left something out. While she had been in the rest room, Buffy's spidey-sense had gone off like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

She quickly searched for the source of her alarm and saw two pairs of legs in one stall. She slammed open the door and happened on a vampiress trying to feed on an unlucky passenger. After making a pun about airport food being lousy, Buffy separated the intended victim from the vamp and proceeded to beat the crap, so to speak, out of the bloodsucker. Just as she tried to deliver a spin kick coup de grace, the Slayer slipped on a puddle of something and fell to the slick tile floor. The vamp knew a lucky break when she saw it and skedaddled. Buffy, one of the greatest slayers in history, was embarrassed that her prey had escaped simply because she had slipped. Forlorn, she checked on the injured passenger. Just when she determined the woman was all right, she heard the final boarding call for their flight to the Caribbean. Then she raced for the plane. If she had caused them to miss the flight for their first romantic trip together, she knew that Giles would either kill her or bore her with a long-winded description of her tendency to be late. Even death was preferable to that.

They found their seats in the coach section and settled into them. After they had fastened their seat belts and the flight attendants had begun the preflight safety demonstration, Buffy began to squirm. She started to feel aroused and . . . frustrated. She hadn't completed the kill and the prey was on the loose. She wanted to pop but couldn't. The sensation reminded her of something Faith had said when they were sister slayers rather than mortal enemies. "Doesn't slaying make you horny?"

Buffy groaned. Maybe she could get Giles to take her into one of the rest rooms on the plane after they were in the air so he could initiate her into the 'Mile High Club.' She smiled. Now that she had a plan, she could relax a bit. She reached for her lover's hand, hoping to soothe his nervousness during the plane's departure.


Buffy was a very grumpy bunny during the trip from the Dominica International Airport to the resort. Her frown deepened. Eight bloody hours in the air and no relief in sight because Watcher-boy's fear of flying shook him so badly that he couldn't be naughty in the air. Thus, she still hadn't gotten what she had needed.

When the courtesy bus pulled up to entrance to the resort's lobby, she stepped off the bus and sighed. Well, they'd soon be in their room where Rupert could ravish her and solve her little problem. Her motivation now renewed, Buffy grabbed the heaviest of their bags from the porter and toted them to the front desk. After a few minutes, the registration clerk asked them, "May I help you?"

"Yes," Giles said. "We are the Summer-Giles's. Is our reservation in order?"

Buffy smiled up at her Watcher in all things. She appreciated that he respected her so by insisting that they use her name with his wherever they went as a couple. She also understood the significance of his putting her name first.

With him, she always came first. After they had checked in, the porter immediately took them to their room. He opened the door and Buffy gasped. Inside she saw a spacious room with teak furniture, a wicker sofa with plush pillows, and a massive, king-size bed. In the rear of the room, there were large sliding glass doors that opened onto a balcony. As she looked to her right, she saw a large bathroom with marble tile floors and marble counters. It was beautiful and she knew that this had cost Giles a pretty penny. Although she would take a closer look at the palatial surroundings soon, she had something else on her mind now.

Buffy twitched with impatience as Giles tipped the porter, hoping he'd quickly usher the young man out. Once he closed the door behind him, Giles turned and smiled at his lady.

"Luv, I'm so glad that we're here! I didn't get a wink of sleep on that bloody aeroplane. I need to lie down for a bit of a nap."

She couldn't believe her ears. "A nap? We're in a romantic room on a tropical paradise and all you want to do is sleep?"

"I have to, darling or I won't be any good to you for the next day or so. I'll just rest for a little while," he said as he pulled off his jacket and shoes. Then he rolled onto the covers of their bed, removed his glasses, set them on the nightstand, and closed his eyes.

Buffy wanted to pout, rape him, or do something to make him deal with her problem. But, he looked tired and she knew he hadn't gotten any sleep during the flight. "Rupert," she whined, "what am I going to do while you get your forty winks?"

"Why don't you go down to one of the secluded warm springs, Buffy," he mumbled. "I'm sure you'll find it quite soothing."

"Okay," she said in a little girl's disappointed voice. Then she brightened. "Do you want to come to the water with me?"

The only answer she received was his light snoring.


After she had put on her bikini and tied a turquoise sarong loosely around her waist, Buffy left her room. She walked among the tropical flowers of the resort's Floral Gardens until she found a warm spring in a secluded spot behind some tall rubber plants. She set her towel on the ground, placed her trashy novel next to her and began to rub her suntan lotion over her body. As she smoothed the cream onto her skin, she began to feel the warmth of her desire flood her body again. Although she wanted it to subside, she continued to cover her body with the lotion so she would avoid any chance of getting sunburned.

Her prudent course of action, however, did nothing to quell the heat that now began to pool between her legs. She looked carefully around and assured herself that she was alone and hidden from casual view. Then she removed her bikini top and began to smooth the suntan lotion over her breasts.

The heat from both her touch and the bubbling sulfur springs that surrounded her brought a tiny whimper to her lips. Exotic tropical birds filled the air with their lilting voices and enveloped her inside their wild calls. She poured more liquid on her palms and swirled the cream onto her chest above her breasts. Then she swept her hands along her rib cage, careful to avoid her globes. Buffy brought her hands to her stomach before slowly reaching up to take her breasts into both hands. She fondled their weight and let the cream warm between her hands and her firm, young tits.

After a minute or so, she began to rub the palm of her right hand over her bikini-bottom clad Venus mound. She removed her hand for a moment to dip her fingers into the steamy water of the spring to wash off the remnants of the suntan lotion. Then she brought her fingers back to her mound, eased her hand under her bikini bottom, and began to rub herself.

"Aaaaaah," she moaned. She moved her index and middle finger against her engorged clit in tiny circles, increasing her speed until she shivered with her imminent release. As her excitement reached a crescendo, she saw the vamp that had escaped her at LAX in her mind. The creature taunted her, distracting her from achieving her release.

Buffy groaned. She felt her juices pooling at the entrance of her pussy, teasing her with the possibility of an orgasm. She took two, shortly followed by three of the middle fingers on her right hand and began to piston them into the clutching flesh of her sex. At the same time, she rubbed her clit with the fingers of her left hand, imagining the female vamp was fucking her with its fingers.

She spread her legs wide barely aware of the sweat that beaded on her overheated brow. She tossed her head backwards and came hard. However, she was unsatisfied and felt incomplete.

Suddenly she heard a sound in the bushes to her right. She slowly opened her eyes, uncaring whether it was an animal or a person who had intruded on her privacy. Then her blue eyes met sea green ones.

"Buffy! What the devil are you doing?"

She stared into his eyes as she started to rub herself again. "Unless you're here to fuck me, go back to the room. I don't want a lecture."

Giles approached her as a mongoose would a deadly cobra. "Luv," he said, slowly and deliberately, "What's wrong?"

"I don't want to talk. I want to fuck or . . ." she hesitated.

"Or what?"

She glared at him. "Nothing."

"Buffy," he said with a sigh, "This isn't like you. Talk to me. No more secrets, remember?"

At that, she swallowed a lump that had just formed in her throat. Her secrets had nearly killed him before. She recalled how her world had crumbled when he had found out about her concealment of Angel during her senior year in high school. His look of disappointment still haunted her dreams at times.

She moved her hands to her sides and looked down at the ground. "Or to kill something," she muttered.

"Kill something?"

"Yeah. I almost missed the plane back in L.A. because I ran into a vamp in the ladies' room. Before I could finish it off, I slipped on something and fell down. Vampy got away; then I had to run and catch the plane."

Giles stared deeply into her eyes. "And now, you're very aroused."

She stared back for a moment and looked away in shame. "Uh-huh. Am I sick or what?"

He reached for her left hand and gently held it within his larger ones. "No, luv. You're not sick. Part of being the Slayer is the thrill of the hunt, the kill. The longer you are the Slayer the more that aspect of your calling will rule your heart. Sex is a primitive drive on par with the urge to kill. For Slayers, those drives are linked."

She frowned. "So, I'm sexually frustrated because I didn't make the kill?"

"Yes." She nodded and flashed a thin smile. "But there isn't anything to kill here."

"No, there isn't. But I'm here and I can give you what you need, luv. Just tell me what you want."

She felt the blood flow into her face. "I can't . . . you'll think I'm a skank--"

He hugged her to him, shushing her. "No secrets." Then he kissed the top of her head and said in a husky voice, "You can tell me anything, Buffy. Tell me what you need."

She hesitated for a long moment before she drew a long breath, held it, then let it out slowly. "I want something that you've never given me before. I want it to be wilder and better than what Ripper did to my mother on that police car after you had the band candy. I want an experienced Ripper to take me now."

She lifted her head off his chest and looked up into his eyes. He stared into nothingness. She knew that war raged between his sense of self and her need to have him unleash the dark part of him that he had fought so hard to hide. Then he tilted his head down and regarded her with the eyes of a wild animal. "What do you want Ripper to do to you, Elizabeth?" he asked, a smirk forming on his handsome face. She smiled. If she could use a name that made him uncomfortable then turnabout was fair play . . .

Her gaze never flinched as she stared into his wild eyes. "I want you to fuck me." She brushed her hand against his cock through his Speedo. "I want it hard-and-fast and deep. I want you to take me and make me powerless under you, feeling what you want me to feel, telling me what you want me to do. I want to hear your smooth and silky voice talk dirty to me. I want you to make me beg for it and to turn me into your slut." She squeezed his cock through the slippery material and continued. "I want you to punish me for not slaying that vampire bitch and I want you to make me like it," she rasped.

His smirk spread wider on his handsome face. "I'll try to remember all of that," he purred. Ripper gently twisted her torso, snaked his head under her arm and took her left nipple between his lips. Buffy gasped as his teeth gently nipped it. As her nipple grew and throbbed, he flicked his tongue over it. She shuddered and sighed. Then her fingers curled around his cock. She felt him batter against the confines of his briefs. She eased their tight band down and felt the silky hardness of his helmet.

"Your mouth feels so good, Ripper," she sighed. He grunted. His mouth was too busy moving over her skin for conversation. He swooped down on her other breast, taking its nipple into his mouth, teasing it to match the throbbing hardness that she felt ripple through his cock. Soon, he began to lay butterfly kisses down her abdomen, over her hips, kissing, licking and sucking the flesh along her thighs, past her shin. Then he reversed course. He gently spread her legs apart and licked a trail along the inside of her calves up to her inner thighs. When he had reached the curly hairs that guarded her pussy, Buffy was squirming against the moist earth.

He drew in her fragrance and drawled, "What is that lovely scent that I detect here, Elizabeth?"

"Uhm , well, I just couldn't help myself, Ripper. Pussy's been eating fingers, while you were resting." When his cock peeped over the waistband of his briefs, she smiled coquettishly and purred, "Isn't that painful, Ripper? It looks so swollen . . ."

"A little pain adds to the pleasure, little Slayer. Though, I am jealous of those fingers of yours. You need to be punished for that as well, my dear. I think I shall eat you till you cum hard for me. Then I believe that a good spanking is in order while I fuck you silly." Before she could say another word, he lifted her calves onto his shoulders and buried his tongue inside her wet pussy.

Buffy felt his tongue caress her interior walls for a minute or two before he began to twist it within her steaming channel. Then he withdrew his tongue from her dripping hole and traced it along the edge of her nether lips in search of her clit. He curled it around her little nub and tickled it slowly. Soon, he picked up his pace and began to vibrate his tongue rapidly against it.

"Cum for me, Elizabeth," he commanded. Although she almost never went by that name, Buffy was so far gone that she couldn't have complained if her life depended upon it. "I want to taste what your fingers stole from me, little Slayer. Cum for me!"

She heard his words and her pussy responded. She vibrated with the resonance set up by his questing tongue. Her hips lurched toward him and she ground against his mouth. As her body shook with her impending release, she held her breath. When her orgasm ripped through her, she bucked and screamed as wave after wave of electric liquid cum flooded from her channel and engulfed the lovers in her sweet release. All the while, Ripper moaned against her sex. When she rested he gulped down her nectar, sucking her, causing small ripples of pleasure to throb through her body.

She gulped in much needed air and relaxed a bit, letting the warmth of her orgasm flood her body. He twisted his body so her face was next to his crotch and took his Speedo off.

"Your turn," he growled. "Suck me, Elizabeth."

His swollen cock bobbed before her eyes. Hungering for it, she opened her mouth wide and sucked him inside. Her lips formed a tight band round his cock head as she swirled her tongue round and dove for that elusive taste of pre cum. It tasted thick and creamy and rich. She sighed around it and bobbed down a little further, her cheeks hollowing as she followed the deeply veined column to its verdant root. She then buried her nose in his springy pubic hair and dragged in his scent.

Ripper sucked in his breath and whispered harshly, "Jesus Christ!"

Her hand drifted down to his balls. She caressed and jiggled them gently in their sac, her tongue and lips rushing up his length once more so she could play against his silky, domed helmet. Then she drew it out of her mouth to seek out the fold of flesh on the underside of his cock. She concentrated the tip of her tongue there, teasing and running it along the sensitive flesh. Then she ran her tongue over his cock head down into its slit before she closed her teeth in small bites down on his shaft once more. Her fingers scratched his balls lightly and she tugged softly at the loose skin causing them to tighten against his body. She listened to him as he uttered unintelligible sounds and she smiled inwardly.

She rose up again and increased her suction until she reached his tip. He fought to get back into her mouth, lunging, actually. But she moved away and placed her hand tight around the base of his cock. She gazed up into his face and smiled with wicked intent. "Ready?" she asked and dipped her head to his balls to nudge them with her nose before slowly savoring them with her mouth.

He answered her with a growl. He pulled her up and gripped her shoulders firmly. Then he spun her away from him. "Like this, Elizabeth. I want you like this," he hissed as he pushed her down onto her hands and knees with her ass nestled against his crotch. She gasped as he ripped her legs apart and pressed his hand into her dripping pussy. "That's it, luv," he purred, twisting his fingers inside her until she craned her head back and let her blonde hair spill across her back. "You make me so very hot, do you know that? You look so vulnerable, so ripe for the taking." Then she felt and heard a smack against her right ass cheek that made her yelp in surprise. "Do you want me to take you now? If so, I'm afraid you'll have to beg me for it."

Words failed Buffy as the sting from his spanking focused her attention on the wonderful things that his fingers were doing to her. "Uhhh . . . "

"What was that, dear? I didn't quite make that out," he purred in that controlled, soft voice that drove her wild.

She tried to regain some semblance of control by giving his fingers a squeeze with Slayer-powered inner muscles. When he groaned, she waved her ass seductively and smiled back at him over her shoulder. "Take me now, Ripper! I'm so damn hot! Let's see you make me cream again. I want your cum dripping out of me, lover. And keep spanking me, you bastard. I've been a bad Slayer, remember?!? "

Ripper returned her wanton smile with a wicked grin. "I have forgotten nothing, Elizabeth. You've been a very naughty wench today." He slapped her right ass cheek with his right hand, causing her to grunt with the pain and the burning pleasure that filled her hungry cunt. "Very naughty! You risked wasting your nectar for me by using your fingers, you know." Then he smacked her left ass cheek, a little harder than previous one. "We come to this beautiful tropical paradise, where you and I are supposed to shag like rabbits and you risked wasting your nectar by playing with yourself!" He struck her right ass cheek even harder. "Well, I suppose I need to give it to you nice and hard since you almost had your fist inside you. I suppose that is fortunate because it prepared the way for this!" he said with a grunt as, without warning, he shoved his cock home.

He gave her his all, thrusting into her hard and long, occasionally banging into her cervix with such force that Buffy shuddered from the indescribably sweet pain he inflicted upon her. As her inner walls attempted to restrain him, his shaft continued to elude her pussy's attempt to capture him as he pistoned in and out. She arched and thrashed against him, trying to swallow him whole. She was babbling now from the wonderful pleasure he bestowed upon her. "Oh God! Giles," she moaned, her game forgotten as her primal self called to him in the name it had first associated with her beloved. "Aahahah! So big . . . hard and hot -- faster, Giles! Please take me over!" she gasped, her walls swelling slick and turgid with blood, enlivening every nerve-ending with orgasmic potential.

At that moment, she felt him spread her cheeks and press the wet tip of something fleshy and blunt against her anus. She flung her head to one side and saw that he had pressed his thumb against her. She looked up at his face and found his eyes begging the question.

"YES!!!!!" She roared and launched back at him, leaving him flabbergasted. "Do it!"

"As you wish," he said. He pushed against her muscular ring and forced his digit inside. Buffy uttered a low, guttural sound that made his cock harden even more. He matched the motion of his thumb with the motion of his cock inside her. She began to revolve her butt back into him, soaking his balls with her juices as they slapped against her ass.

She was almost there when he reached up with his free hand and grabbed her hair. He gently pulled her head toward him and sucked on the artery that ran under the skin of her throat. He twirled his hand in her hair, tugged even harder, and hissed in her ear, "Your punishment isn't over yet, Elizabeth. Ask me what you shall do to satisfy me." She hesitated for a moment, lost in the glorious sensations running riot through her nervous system. "I need to hear you ask me, lover!" he barked.

"What do I need to do to make it up to you, baby? I've been such a slut today, with dirty, skanky thoughts. Tell me what you want your fuckslut to do . . ."

He emphasized every word with a deep, penetrating thrust. "You can't cum, until I cum. And when I cum, you will wrench every last drop of it from my cock and balls with your cunt. Then when I finally pull out, I want you to take those naughty fingers of yours, dip them inside, draw out every last drop of our cum, and suck your fingers dry. Do you think you can do that, little Slayer? Tell me, are you my slut and can you do what I command?"

"I'm your fuckslutwhore! Fuckslutwhore! Please, don't stop, I'll do as you command," she said disjointedly as she shuddered under his jolting thrusts. "Will you share the feast, Ripper? " she asked with a grunt.

"I'll take it from your tongue as we share a kiss. Now, moan for me, Slayer. I love when you moan, it makes me even harder!"

"Mmmmm," she groaned. "I feel you stretching me . . . ahahaa so good . . . so fucking good! Keep going faster and deeeeeprrrr," she purred as he banged against her cervix now on every stroke.

Finally, he pulled his thumb out of her anus and curled his body against hers. As she flung her head back and her mouth fell open in pure lust and release, he sank his teeth into her neck and spurted his hot seed inside her clutching pussy. When she felt his cum jetting inside her, Buffy felt her orgasm blossom with the force of a nuclear explosion as she soaked him with a rapid discharge of fluid and screamed, "Gi-iles!"

After several minutes of heavy panting and breathing, followed by a slow arduous return from the heights of Olympus, he reluctantly pulled his semi-rigid member from her quaking body. He watched as she snaked her hand down to her satiated pussy and dipped in four fingers like a scoop. She collected their juices in the hollow of her palm, closed her eyes, and noisily slurped their essence from her hand. She lapped at the excess and opened her eyes to look into his deep green eyes.

Her fever had broken. She moved into his open arms and he pulled her into a loving embrace. "I love you, Buffy."

She smiled. "I love you, too, Rupert."


(Six Months Later)

Buffy slammed the vamp headfirst into the gravestone. Stunned and badly injured, the creature dropped to one knee. She grabbed the collar of its jacket, whipped it around to face her, and launched a devastating series of jabs and punches. Finally, she leaped to one leg and threw a spin kick that knocked the vampire senseless.

She reached for a stake with her right hand, dropped her left arm, and prepared to strike. In a wildly desperate move, the vamp lashed out with its right leg and struck the Slayer's right thigh. She flew over a nearby headstone and disappeared from view. When she didn't pop up, the surprised vampire pulled itself up off the ground and stumbled off to lick its wounds.

When she felt she had "played dead" for the proper amount of time, Buffy stood up, brushed herself off, and chuckled. The fledgling had been such a poor opponent that she had to work hard NOT to kill the fangboy. She was certain that she had pummeled him so badly that he'd go into hiding to recover. In the morning, she'd track him down with the tracer she had planted in his jacket during the fight and finish him off. But right now . . .

She had blown a kill and that was very naughty. So naughty that she hoped Ripper could come out and play tonight. She smiled, knowing that was a safe bet.

With him, she always came first.

Buffy vaulted over the cemetery wall and landed like a cat on the sidewalk. As she started for the Summers-Giles's home, she had a bounce in her step and began to softly sing:

I'm a bitch
I'm a lover
I'm a child
I'm a mother
I'm a sinner
I'm a saint
I do not feel ashamed

I'm your hell
I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way . . .