Sight Unseen
By Crystal Paulk

TITLE: Sight Unseen
AUTHOR: Crystal Paulk
PAIRING: Spike/ Buffy then Buffy/Giles angst
RATING: NC-17 to be safe
SPOILERS: Through "Tabula Rosa"
SUMMARY: Worried about how he left things, Giles searches for Buffy. He finds her, but is it too late?
DISCLAIMER: BTVS belong to Joss Whedon, the WB, UPN, FOX and Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. Don't sue cause I have nothing.

"Hey English, we're here. Sunnydale airport," the cab driver announced, startling his passenger.

"What. Yes. Right. Sorry," the man stuttered. "What do I owe you."

"10 dollars even, English. Where you headed?"

"England actually. One way," the man said, handing the driver a $20. "Keep the change."

"Thanks buddy. She must be something."


"Only one thing makes a man look like you do and that's a woman," the cabbie said knowingly. "She must have kicked you in the gut pretty hard to make you fly across an entire continent and an ocean to get away from her."

The man stared into the distance. "She wanted me to stay. Begged. I made her cry."

"You certain you wanna catch that plane, English? It's kind of hard to finish business when you're on the other side of the world."

"Yes. Yes it is," he said carefully. "Could you take me back to where you picked me up?"

"That voodoo place?"

"Magic Box," the man corrected automatically as the cab pulled into traffic.

"No problem, English. No problem at all ... Hey what's your name."

"Giles. Rupurt Giles."

"Pleased to meet you Rupurt Giles. Call me Whistler."


The cab had barely pulled to a halt in front of the Magic Box before Giles threw open the door. He tossed another $20 at the driver, grabbed his single bag and rushed through the door.

"Welcome to the .. Oh it's you," the pretty blond girl at the register accused. "You were supposed to leave. Why haven't you left yet. You can't have the store."

"Bloody hell, Anya. It's not your store. How many times do I have to remind you that I'm a silent partner. oh never mind. Where's Buffy."

"Doesn't sound very silent to me," the ex-demon muttered under her breath.

"Anya," Giles said, desperately trying to remain calm. "Have you seen Buffy?"

Anya glared. "No I haven't seen Buffy. I've been a little busy cleaning up after Willow's stupid spell. There's bunny crap all over the store. Not to mention a broken window, busted table. I think I'll itemize the clean up and file it with the IRS. Do you think vampires collecting kitten debts can be considered "A force of nature?"

It was Giles turn to glare. "I really couldn't give a rat's arse. You don't know where Buffy is?"

"No I don't. She's your slayer. No, that's right she's not your slayer. You quit."

"Buffy will always be my slayer," he said to her, realizing it as the truth. "And I'll always be her watcher."

"Humph," Anya snorted. "Kind of hard to watch her in Sunnydale if you're all the way in England. But why should I be surprised. It's typical man logic."

"Whatever are you talking about?"

"Buffy," she said. "And you. How you love her and you quit on her and now you're all frantic cause you think you blew it."

"Anya," Giles said, exasperation evident in his voice.

"What," she snapped.

"You're absolutely right," he agreed, walking out the door.

"Well of course I . Oh gross," she looked at the mess on her shoe. "Cute and cuddly my ass."


Giles grudgingly paid the large bouncer his last tenner and entered the Bronze. He'd called the house on Relleno Drive and briefly spoke to a sobbing Dawn. It appeared that Tara was following through with her promise and was packing. He could hear Willow pleading with her lover in the background.

No, Dawn didn't know were her sister was, but wasn't Giles supposed to be on a plane?

Something came up he explained. He needed to find Buffy. Dawn suggested The Bronze and that was why he was standing on the balcony searching the crowd for a glimpse of his slayer. A random memory surfaced of a 16-year-old Buffy and himself standing in this very spot.

"Hanging out with the high school kids. Isn't that a little skanky?"

Giles smiled, despite himself. Buffy had been nothing he'd expected in a slayer. Independent, rebellious and passionate. Not qualities encouraged by the council, but ones he recognized within himself. From that first moment in the library, when she'd met his eagerness with disdain, Giles had been swarmed with conflicting emotions. Frustration certainly. Pride definitely. Compassion. Protection. And then somehow love. It was quite possible that he had always loved his slayer.

But it was only within the past year or so that he realized he was in love with her. It was when she became star struck by the Initiative's high tech gadgets and handsome, young soldier boys. When she stopped dropping by after patrol for biscuits and tea. When she stopped needing him.

No, loving Buffy would never be simple or easy. Partly becuse she gave so much of herself to the world, that she tended to be a bit selfish in regard to her friends. And following her resurrection, the situation had only worsened. It was as if she was sucking the life from her friends and family to replace an emptiness in her soul. Once again Giles wondered exactly what dark magics Willow had channeled to rip Buffy's essence out of Heaven and thrust it into a decaying corpse.

Giles' reflections were cut short, by the object of his wandering thoughts. Buffy was sitting at the bar nursing a drink. Her shoulders were slumped. She looked beaten. Giles knew this time the blame for her misery lay at his feet. He had done this. He moved to go to her, but stopped when he spied Spike approaching the empty seat next to his slayer.

The blond-haired vampire said a few words. Buffy looked at him angrily and her words were obviously harsh because the demon's cocky grin turned into a grimace. He stalked away and Giles took the opportunity to slip away from his lookout and venture downstairs. Caught in the crowd he lost sight of his slayer. She was no longer at the bar. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw the bright sheen of blond hair captured briefly in a spotlight. He turned for a better look and felt the blood drain from his face.

It was Buffy. Buffy and Spike kissing in the shadows beneath the stairs. His undead hands were cupping her ass and she was clutching at his bleached hair. Frozen in place, he watched his heart's desire hump against the demon and remembered another time in his apartment when he had witnessed the same act though blurring vision. But this was no amnesia-induced spell. It was real and it was happening before his eyes. Spike's hand slipped into the waist of her skirt. His slayer threw back her head in pleasure and looked right at him.

Broken from his trance, he stumbled toward the exit, not seeing the look of horror cross Buffy's face. Didn't see her shove Spike into the wall. Didn't hear her calling his name. He just had to escape. Had to breathe. Had to get the fuck out of there.


"Oh God. Oh God. Oh God," Buffy repeated under her breath. Giles had seen her. Giles had seen her kissing Spike. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." She burst through the door, ignoring the bouncer's query if she wanted a stamp to get back in the club. No she didn't want a fucking stamp. She needed to find her Watcher. Needed to find out why he wasn't on a plane bound to L.A. and then England.

"Giles!" Buffy screamed into the darkness. And then she saw a dark figure hesitate and then turn the corner. "Giles," she sobbed, running toward the fading shadow. She grabbed his arm, still sobbing his name.

He shook her off and she fell to the ground, her strength gone.

"Don't you fucking touch me," he snarled, his accent thick and rough. "Sod off."

"Giles please," she begged, swaying to her feet and clutching at his leather jacket. "Let me explain. You were gone. I was lonely and Spike was there ."

Cold and impassive, he could barely force himself to look at her. He felt like 10 thousand kinds of a fool. He'd come back to declare his love and found her nearly shagging another man. Another vampire, his mind whispered and something snapped. The part of himself Ethan called Ripper broke free and Ripper was pissed. Grabbing the wrist that still clutched his jacket, Giles whirled her against the fence. Too startled by his sudden violence to react, Buffy blinked and waited for his next move.

"Still feeling lonely luv?" he whispered, his breath hot against her lips.

"N-n-no," she stammered as one hand curled possessively around her breast. Buffy felt her nipple harden beneath his touch and the growing knot in her clenched. "G-g-giles. What . What are you doing?"

"Something I should have done a long time ago," he declared, licking at a crimson smear of blood where the vampire's fangs had cut her lip. His warm mouth closed over her lips and Buffy groaned despite herself. Kissing Spike had been an act of defiance. Kissing Giles, despite his anger, was salvation.

Anger and lust swirled in Giles' mind, clouding his judgement. Common sense said he should release her. That she was still reacting to her tryst with Spike and it didn't matter whom was kissing her. But the reality of Buffy's lips moving against his own, her breast full and soft in his hand and his near painful erection, drove common sense out the window. "And she's the slayer," his inner voice whispered. "If she wants you to stop she'll make you stop."

The kiss deepened and Giles used his free hand to hike her skirt around her waist. Ignoring the fact that they were within sight of any curious passerby, he tugged her dripping panties aside and plunged two fingers in her sopping passage.

"Urm," she moaned into his mouth, grinding her hips into his hand, rubbing her clit across his palm.

"Like that luv?" he asked, twisting his fingers into her, relishing her whimpers.

"Yes. God. Yes. Need it. Love. You. Giles," she screamed, cuming against him.

Her words were like a cold shower and Giles stumbled back. His hand pulling from her thighs with a wet sucking noise. His legs could barely support his weight and his head reeled.

"Oh fuck," she swore, her heart beating wildly as she tried to gain control following her orgasm. "Fuck it. Giles. I'm sorry. It just came out."

"Didyoumeanit?" he mumbled.


Not daring to look at her, he asked again. "Did you mean it?"


"Bloody hell Buffy quit playing with me." he said, nearly screaming. "You said you loved me. Did you mean it? Or was it something you say whenever you're bucking against a man like a bitch in heat."

"Yes I meant it you sorry Bastard," she sobbed. "I love you. I've been in love with you for years. Are you happy now."

Giles moved to hold her, but her reflexes had returned with her anger and she evaded his touch. He laughed. A mocking laugh that sounded more like choking sobs.

"Giles?" she said, touching his arm. "Are you alright."

"No," he answered, still laughing that unsettling laugh. "I'm fairly certain that I'll never be alright."

He reached for her again and this time she allowed herself to be folded into his arms. "You see Buffy. I'm in love with you too."

"Oh," she said, her voice muffled by his sweater.

"Is that all you have to say to my big confession? I missed my plane after all. Just to tell you."

Buffy looked into his green eyes, laughing with him. Pressing closer to his body, she wriggled her hips.

"Well, I did have one question?"

"What's that luv?"

"Your place or mine?"


Spike brought the Jack Daniel's bottle to his lips, muttering a curse, as he watched the Slayer and her Watcher disappear into the shadows together. Just when it looked like Spike was gonna get his chance, the old man came to his senses.

"Who needs the bloody bitch anyway," he cursed.

"That's right buddy. Women. Nothing but trouble. Spike turned to snarl at the voice. "Who the hell are you?"

"Whistler, my friend. The name's Whistler," the stranger said holding out a hand. "I've got a proposition for you William. Why don't we have a couple of drinks and discuss it over a round of poker."

The blond vampire grinned despite himself and grasped Whistler's hand. "You got the kittens. I've got the time. Besides, I've got a debt to repay and I'm no welsher."

The End.