Show Me
Gabriele Schulz

TITLE: Show me
AUTHOR: Gabriele Schulz
DISTRIBUTION: Everyone who has my general permission. Others please ask first.
SPOILERS: Buffy vs. Dracula (see notes)
FEEDBACK: Love it. Especially if you like the story ;-)
SUMMARY: Buffy confronts Giles about his plans to leave her. B/G
DISCLAIMER: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Sandollar Productions, Kuzui Enterprises, 20th Century Fox Television, the WB Television Network, and whoever else may have a hold on them. I do not mean to infringe upon any copyrights.
NOTES: Based on the following spoilers: Giles tells Willow about his plans to go back to England and also that she should not tell Buffy. After Buffy tells him she needs him, he decides to stay. In this fic I assume that Giles informed Willow that he would stay and that no one told Buffy about any of it. Thanks to Bantam for the quick beta :)
Blame the extent of sex to the promo shot of Buffy and Giles. This *was* going to be a regular quick sex scene... ;)
DATE: 09/19,20/2000

Buffy was going through some of her books, when she noticed that Willow was looking at her in a weird way.

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

She checked her face, but couldn't find anything.

"No, it's... I don't know if I should tell you. I mean I promised not to tell you, but that was before he changed his mind, so I don't know if I still can't tell you."

Buffy gave her a look.

"Maybe he'll be mad."

"I'm threatening to do physical harm to you."

"Okay, that'll do. Giles wanted to leave."

"Leave what?"

"Sunnydale. The US. You."

Willow had expected her to be shocked, instead she got an irritated Buffy.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Giles told me that he wanted to go back to England, because you don't need him anymore."

"Because I...?! That's totally ridiculous!"

"Is it?"

"Of... what do you mean 'Is it?'?"

"Well, last year we kind of only went to Giles for books and a little research. And he told me that we could still call him anytime and that he would tell Wesley to stay in t-"

"Wesley? Wesley?! What the hell did you tell him? Didn't you tell him that we need him? I... what am I supposed to do without Giles?"

"I... of course I told him that we would miss him and... Buffy, it's his decision, isn't it? Wouldn't it be unfair to ask him to stay, just so that he is here when we happen to need him?"

"You don't get it, do you?"

"Buffy." Willow was surprised at her friend's anger.

Buffy got up, grabbed her coat and went out without saying another word.

Willow wasn't sure, what she had expected from telling Buffy about Giles' plans, but it was certainly not this.


Giles opened the door after a few seconds of frantic knocking.

"Buffy! Is everything all right?"

She stormed past him then turned around to face him.

"Don't you want to close the door?"

He did and turned back to his Slayer, who obviously was upset about something.

"Okay, first of all, I threatened Willow, just so that you won't be mad at her."

Giles sighed.

"She told you."

"As I said, I forced her."

"And she didn't happen to mention anything to make you do that?"

"You think that's funny?"

Giles was taken aback. He had meant to be sarcastic, but Buffy was obviously angry at him and that was something that he couldn't really understand.

"Not at all. But I believe you didn't simply come here to tell me that Willow told you about my plans."

"Your plans. Exactly. Why not talk about your 'plans'?"

"I discarded them after realizing that you do... that I can still be of help to you."

"How lucky for me."

Giles couldn't remember that her voice was ever this cold. Certainly not when she spoke to him. Not even on her fateful 18th birthday.

"Buffy, I don't quite understand wh-"

"That's right. I don't think you understand. When were you going to tell me? Or would you just have left a note?"

"Buffy, I..."

"Yes? You...?"

"I... would have called you from England."

"Oh, how gracious. It's nice to know that after 4 years I'm worth a call. Long distance even."

"Buffy, I didn't want you to know to... to make it easier for us."

"Now *that* really is great. Thanks a lot. You know I gave up on men a while ago. With Pike, well, we moved here and he didn't want to come with me, which was okay. I could understand. And Dad, well, he just didn't come as often and I didn't go to LA as often and that kind of happened and it wasn't only his fault, it was mine, too. And he loves me, he's not the greatest Dad in the world, but I think if I really needed him he'd come any time. Then of course we have Angel. Now Angel wasn't as pretty. Breaking up with me right before the prom and all for my own good of course. That... that really hurt. I didn't think anyone would hurt me like that again. But oh no, Buffy's wrong again. After all there's still this one guy, who was always there for her, who *promised* to never leave her. But guess what? Time's up. No more being there for Buffy. I better get home to England."

Giles listened to her in horror, but also a steadily growing anger.

"And you wouldn't even have told me. Giles, how could you even consider leaving me? And if you were thinking about it, why didn't you tell me?"

"I never thought that you-"

"Would care?! Giles, I don't know that we don't talk about this, but you *have* to know that there is something between us. We're friends. Watcher/Slayer. I won't even mention love, but if you even liked me a little bit you wouldn't have just left without saying a word."

"You mean like you did?"

She gave him a cold look.

"That is not fair and you know it. I had a reason for leaving. What the hell is your reason Giles? What is your damn excuse for being worse than Angel?"

He gripped her arm in his hand.

"Don't you dare! You don't understand..."

"No, I *don't* understand! I don't understand how *you* of all people could turn into such an unfeeling bastard!"

He gripped her harder.

"You want to know, why I wanted to leave? Why I couldn't stay any longer?"

She looked at him defiantly, not the least afraid.

"Because I wanted my life back! I was sick and tired of watching day in and out how you would bring one boy after another while I wanted nothing more than..."

"Than what?!"

He stared at her for a moment. Then he kissed her. Not at all gently, but with a force he never thought he's use against Buffy. She was struggling against him, but he didn't care. He knew that he wouldn't be able to stay after this and if he was leaving her he might as well take what he could.

At first he didn't notice that she stopped struggling, but suddenly he became aware of her hands around his back. She moved one hand into his hair while her tongue slid into his open mouth.

He ran his tongue along hers and his arms stopped their violent grip. Instead he let them roam through her hair and down her back. Their tongues were still sensually entangled when his hand reached her butt and pulled her a little closer, so that she could feel his hardening penis.

Abruptly she pulled away, breathing heavily.

He was panting and for a long moment they just stared at each other.

Then she ran out not even closing the door behind her.


When she entered her room, she didn't switch on the light.


She quickly undressed and got under her sheets.

"Buffy, are you all right?"

She stayed motionless.

"Have you talked to Giles? What happened?"

Buffy didn't say anything and eventually Willow stopped asking and went back to sleep. Only then did Buffy allow the tears to run down her cheeks silently.


The next morning they were all at Giles' door. Nobody noticed how apprehensive Buffy was after Willow had knocked. Then the door opened.

"Willow, good morning."

He let her pass and his gaze fell on Buffy. His wide smile became smaller, but also softer.

"Good morning Buffy."

Buffy couldn't say anything instead she gave a barely visible nod. Then Xander and Anya pushed her in and they began to research.

They were looking for more about Dracula and other historic vampires and also their encounters with Slayers.

Research was uncharacteristically quiet.

A little later Tara joined them and was surprised to see that even Anya and Xander weren't talking. She looked at Willow, but her girlfriend seemed just as clueless.

Willow was worried about whatever it was that had happened between Buffy and Giles the night before. And she was sure that something must have happened. The tension between them was almost palpable. But she wasn't sure what kind of tension exactly it was and whether it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Giles looked over at Buffy quite a few times, but she stubbornly kept her gaze fixed on a book in front of her, even when he was talking to her.

Finally he went to the kitchenette to make some tea and fix a little snack for all of them.

"Buffy, would you mind helping me a bit?"

She looked up at him and when she saw that his gaze was friendly, neither pleading nor demanding, more of a polite suggestion, she said 'okay' and followed him.

Giles began taking out various biscuits and chips and dips and Buffy arranged them. When she realized that he wouldn't say anything about last night she spoke.

"You didn't leave. I mean after last night..."

"After last night I will never leave you."


"Buffy, the reason why I wanted to go, *had* to go, was because I knew that I would never be able to love someone else as long as I stayed here. I don't know if I could stop loving you at all, but I'm sure that I can't while I'm around you. And I needed hope. Hope that I would be able to find someone, to love someone who loves me back. And now I don't have to leave to get that hope, because it is right here."


"Buffy, I don't expect anything from you right now. I can wait. And I will, no matter how long it takes. I have kissed quite a few people in my life and the way you kissed me last night... You can love me, Buffy, even if you can't see that right now."

"I can see it."

He looked a little surprised.

"I haven't kissed all that many people in my life, but I know a *real* kiss and when it's more than just a kiss. But that doesn't mean that I... I cannot love you Giles."

"And why is that?"

"For once you're over twice my age."

"And not even half Angel's."

"I lo... I'm with Riley. An-and you are my Watcher, my friend, my father-figure."

He glared gently at her. Then he became serious when he saw Buffy struggling with the words.

"I... Giles, do you know what it means, if I love you? It means we have wasted so much time. So much pain all those years. How *could* I love you?"

"Do you want me to show you?"

Buffy took a deep breath and answered in almost a sob.


But her pleading eyes were betraying her.

Giles bent down until his mouth was almost touching hers. He needed her to make the last step.

In the living room four Scoobies watched interested but only mildly surprised at what was going on.

Buffy tried to resist. Tried to fight what she knew since last night. That she loved Giles, had loved him for ages and that she needed and wanted him more than anything she had ever wanted all her life.

But that was a fight she couldn't win. She closed the gap between them and their mouths met in a gentle but passionate kiss.

She put her arms around his neck and on his back to pull his body closer to hers. Then she felt him step a little aside and down, before he scooped her up in his arms.

He kept up the deep kiss and the sensual play of their tongues while he carried her upstairs into the loft.

He laid her gently on the bed and she pulled him with her not wanting to give up the contact of their mouths. They kicked off their shoes and moved up the bed together kissing all the time.

Their legs entangled, arms around each other they just kissed for over 10 minutes, revelling in the intimacy they had been denied for so long.

Finally Buffy pulled slowly away, her eyes closed, her mouth half-open in bliss.

"I love you."

It was a mere whisper, but when she opened her eyes, she knew that he had heard her.

"I love you," she repeated.

"And I love you."

He pulled her on top of him and they started kissing again. After a few minutes Buffy slowly started kissing her way to his right ear. While she did so she stroked his cheek and he turned a little so that he could suck on her finger.

Buffy chuckled a little at that.

"Does it taste nice?"

"Wonderful, but perhaps not as good as the rest of you."

She looked at him part in wonder about this new side of him and part in pure happiness that she had finally seen this other side.

"Why don't you find out?"

He pulled her closer and kissed her cheek and nibbled on her ear.

"Nice," Giles commented.

Buffy could only sigh her agreement.

He moved his hand to her front and cupped her right breast. She arched into him and they began kissing again, while he started to unbutton her white blouse.

When he was done, he slipped it from her shoulders. Buffy got out of it and threw it on the floor without stopping the kiss.

Giles pulled away and kissed her neck and then the valley between her breasts as far as her top and bra would allow. She straddled him to make it easier for him and held his head in her hands.

He took hold of her top and together they pulled it over her head and let it fall to the floor. For a moment he simply stared at her chest, now only covered by a satin bra. Then he used his thumbs to stroke her nipples through the material.

Buffy sighed happily. Her nipples hardened even more than they had already. The feeling of his warm hand through the soft material was wonderful, but she knew that she wanted to feel him without any barriers, so she reached to her back and undid the bra. She pushed it forward until it was only held by his hands on her. He kept stroking her like this for a few seconds.

Then he licked his lips and pulled his hand away. The bra dropped down and his breath caught as he was faced with the two perfect globes of creamy flesh that had been the object of so many of his fantasies. He carefully held them in his hands, not stroking just feeling them for a moment.

Then he quickly kissed her mouth again, before descending on one of her breasts and taking as much of it in his mouth as he could. He let his tongue glide over her soft skin and heard her make the sweetest noises he'd ever heard.

He concentrated on the nipple and suckled on it before letting his tongue roll around it.

"Oh, Giles."

Her grip on his head tightened. He bit her gently.

Buffy gasped surprised.

"Call me Rupert."

She looked at him astounded, then smiled.

"Go on, Rupert."

Then she directed his head to her other breast.

He repeated his actions on her left breast and Buffy couldn't keep still and squirmed on top of him.

Just when she thought, that she couldn't possibly ask for more in her life, she felt his erection beneath her.

The feeling of his hard length made her lust for more and she pulled his head up to kiss him again, then pushed his upper body away.

Before he could ask, what she was up to, she had pulled out his shirt and undershirt. He helped her dragging it over his head and together with the discarded bra it soon joined her blouse and top.

She ran her hands through his chest hair and carefully rubbed his nipples with her fingers and he moaned. Her eyes lit up and she did it again.


"You like that?"

Not waiting for an answer she bent her head down and suckled on one of his nipples.

"God, yes!"

Just like he did before she let her tongue roll around the nipple before turning her attention to the other one. She began to slowly rub herself on his growing erection.

Giles moaned quietly, but Buffy didn't plan on spending too much time on his nipples. She kissed further down (scooting a little away from his erection in the process) and dipped her tongue into his navel.

Giles put his hands on her head to hold her softly.

Buffy licked around the navel and at the same time undid his belt and zipper. She lifted her head and put her hands on his pants. He lifted his hips obediently.

She pulled his pants down and took his boxers with them. His erection sprang free and for a second Buffy just looked at it. Then she licked her lips and quickly moved backward, divesting him of his pants and boxers. She did the same with his socks and then looked at him in his naked glory.

Only 24 hours ago anyone suggesting Giles was sexy would have probably earned an "Eeew" or at least a "Huh?", but now he was a man that she desired more than any man she had ever met. That thought was a little frightening, but she was so sure of her feelings that the only thing that mattered was that they would finally be together. Even in that last step that they hadn't taken so far. And she could hardly wait to take that last step.

Her hands shook a little with anticipation and she licked her lips again, her gaze fixed on his manhood, standing proudly erect waiting for her.

Giles noticed her look, that could best be described as greedy. When she licked her lips again, his penis twitched and he moaned quietly.

He saw how she reached out and encircled him. His heart skipped a beat at the feeling of her soft skin on his shaft. She didn't move at first simply holding him as he had done earlier with her breasts.

Then she started to squeeze him experimentally. He moaned a little louder. She ran her thumb along the ridge of the head, while her hand began a slight up and down movement.

"Oh God."

She increased the pressure on him and precum began oozing out of his slit. She stopped pumping him and used her thumb to spread the cum over his head. Giles gripped the sheets of the bed and bit his lower lip to stay in control.

Then she moved her hand further down and bent down.

Giles couldn't help the deep moan that escaped his mouth when she licked the precum away.

His eyes were closed. Then he felt her taking the tip of his penis in her mouth. She closed her mouth around him and began to suck very carefully. When he felt her move her tongue along the underside he knew that he would have to stop her, if he didn't want to come in her mouth.

He opened his eyes and the sight of her beautiful mouth filled with his own penis almost made any efforts futile. But he managed to take her face in his hands and pull her heavenly cavern away from his straining manhood.

He pulled her on top of him and kissed her again, faintly tasting his precum in her mouth.

Buffy could feel his hard penis and the need to have him inside her became so urgent that she pulled away to get out of her pants,panties and socks.

When she wanted to straddle him again to take him inside her, his arms gently pushed her on her back.

"Giles, I need you."

"Didn't I tell you to call me Rupert?"

"Rupert, please."

He bent over her and gave each of her nipples a quick suck before moving downwards, staying only shortly at her navel.

Buffy opened her thighs up for him and he moved between them.


He carefully began to lick along her slit. She was totally wet already from her arousal and her juice tasted like the most precious nectar one could think of. He could have just lapped at her juices for hours but Buffy squirmed beneath him and tried to pull his head further up.

He gave her clitoris an experimental lick and she moaned loudly.

When he started to roll his tongue around her clit she couldn't wait any longer.

She pulled his face up to hers and kissed him roughly. His penis found it's way to her mound and he ran it along her slit to coat it in her juices.

"Rupert, please. I need you *now*."

He placed the tip of his shaft at her entrance and ever so slowly pushed it inside her. When the head was fully inside, Buffy couldn't control herself anymore and thrust upwards until his whole penis was filling her.

They both moaned and slowly settled down on the bed again, not yet thrusting, just enjoying the connection they had longed for, for such a long time (consciously or not). Giles fit her perfectly, his large shaft stretching her, but not uncomfortably so. She thought that if she would concentrate on it she would feel every vein, every nook. He was hardness encompassed by softness in a perfect combination.

They looked at each other and then kissed, more sweetly now than before.

Then they both started a slow, but determined rhythm.

Soft moans escaped their lips, when they weren't sealed in a kiss.

In and out. In and out. They thrust again and again, their bodies melting into one. As the tension in both of them rapidly grew they increased the speed and the strength of their thrusts.

Their moans grew louder and Giles pushed her thighs up so that he could penetrate her even deeper.

Faster and faster they moved and when they couldn't go any faster they tried to thrust harder. Buffy's legs were spread wide and pressed close to her body as Giles leaned against her so that he could keep kissing her between moans.

He was pounding into her, faster than Buffy would have thought humanly possible. She was far beyond any normal orgasm. She was riding on a plateau higher than anything she had experienced and she hadn't reached her climax yet.

He pushed into her again and again, filling her so completely that she felt that a part of him would stay in her forever.

Finally he took her hands in his and they entwined their fingers.

"Buffy, I love you."

Then he pushed into her one last blissful time and climaxed. Buffy could feel his hot seed filling her even more. She crossed her feet below his head behind his back and began to convulse uncontrollably as she reached heights she wouldn't have dared to dream of before.

She was so engrossed in her experience that she didn't even notice that she screamed his name at the top of her lungs. "Rupert."

She only learned this later from the ever-tactless Anya.

The others had stayed during their lovemaking and had kept researching in silence (safe for the noises that came from the loft).

Shortly after they had heard the earth-shattering scream and after the rhythmic banging had stopped Xander looked up to his friends.

"Do you think they'll let me tell Riley or Angel about this?"