By Christine Parfitt

TITLE: Shower
AUTHOR: Christine Parfitt
SPOILERS: Fourth season up to and including Something Blue.
SUMMARY: Buffy walks in on a wet and naked Giles in the shower which opens her eyes about her feelings for her Watcher.
PAIRING: Buffy/Giles
DISTRIBUTION: If anyone wants it, just ask.
FEEDBACK: Yes please. This is my second attempt at fanfiction,and my first attempt at a NC17 fic, so constructive criticism (or praise) would be very welcome.
DISCLAIMER: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and
WB. Passions belongs to NBC. However, any spelling and punctuation mistakes are all mine.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This fic was inspired by the wonderful wallpaper featuring ASH uploaded to bg-fanfic-adult by theCAT, and the subsequent discussion about the lack of nekkid Giles on the show, and the need for someone to walk in on Giles in the shower.

Gileswench's comments about her fic "I'm Gonna Wash That Vamp Right Out Of My Hair", where Spike walks in on Giles in the shower the morning after Pangs gave me the idea for setting the fic during Something Blue. For the purposes of the fic, some events featured in the episode never occurred, Riley doesn't ask Buffy on a picnic and is basically a non issue, and Willow doesn't cast her wacky spell.

Xander and Willow were sitting on the couch in Giles’ living room warily watching the vampire seated nearby.They were there in response to an exasperated phone call from Giles to come and watch over Spike, so he could finally get the bleached vampire out of his bathtub.

Spike was sitting firmly bound to one of Giles’ dining table chairs and raptly staring at the small television. He sat there with a smile on his pale face as the theme song for Passions began to play.

"Does anyone else appreciate the irony of a vampire having a favourite soap opera that has a theme song with the lyrics "Breathe in, Breathe Out, in it" Xander said with a smirk.

Spike glared at Xander. "I’m trying to watch, Mate"

"Yeah, well we’re trying to mock….."

"And laugh " interjected Willow with a grin.

Spike growled furiously "Either shut your yapping or turn up the telly. Tabitha the witch and Timmy are about to take their revenge on Charity!"

Willow snorted. "That Tabitha character sets wiccadom back to the Salem witch trials with all her evil cackling and cheesy spells. As for Timmy, what self-respecting witch hangs out with an animated doll? "

"Uh, Will. Remember Sid? About yay high? Dummy shaped demon hunter with the horny dummy routine down pat??"

Xander’s eyes widened as he had a thought. "Witches, animated dolls and a main character called Ethan Crane. Passions started about the same time the high school went kaboom and Giles became a gentleman of leisure. You don’t think G-man has been doing some freelance writing do ya? "

Willow mused, "Well it would explain where his money is coming from……." She shook her head. "Nah."

Spike attempted to move his chair forward to get closer to the TV. Willow glanced at his ropes nervously remembering how he’d had every intention of draining her dry at the dorm, only to be stopped by his chip. Spike mistook her glance as concern. "Don’t you worry about me, luv. It’s not like the ropes are cutting off my circulation or anything. I’ve always said that a spot of bondage never hurt anyone…on second thought there was that one time with Drusilla which was pretty painful.." Spike smiled fondly at the memory.

Willow and Xander were spared cultivating disturbing mental pictures by the arrival of Buffy. She swept into the room and only seemed to vaguely notice Willow and Xander sitting on the couch. "Hi guys" she muttered distractedly, "Where’s Giles ? "

"Hey Buff," Xander said cheerily. "He’s in the bathroom."

Buffy nodded and headed in the direction of the bathroom.

Willow turned around to call to the rapidly retreating Slayer, "He’s in the shower though" and just shrugged when Buffy didn’t seem to hear her.

"She probably heard some of Spike’s disturbing trip down memory lane through the door with her Slayer hearing just before she came in and developed a convenient case of hysterical deafness" Xander said with a grin.

Buffy gave a short knock on the bathroom door and walked in, only to freeze at the sight of her Watcher. He was standing under the showerhead in the bathtub with his back to the door and obviously hadn’t heard her come in over the sound of the running water. Water cascaded over the top of his head and down across his broad shoulders, which were glistening with the combination of water and soap. Buffy’s gaze drifted downwards to his firmly muscled buttocks and froze. WOW. She had missed several of Giles’ lectures back in the high school library when he had worn his suspenders and had punctuated a statement by putting his hands in his pockets, stretching the material of his trousers tightly across his ass, but seeing it in the flesh was incomparable. Every piece of tweed ever manufactured should be burned for hiding this. A small sigh escaped Buffy’s lips.

Giles spun around holding a small washcloth over his groin. Buffy gulped as she realised that it wasn’t so much that the washcloth was small as that parts of Giles’ anatomy were well…..impressive.

Giles stammered exclamation "B Buffy" forced Buffy’s eyes up to his face. Buffy shook her head to clear it from her lust induced daze and quickly blurted, "I came to ass, uhmn, ASK you a question about a demon I came across on patrol last night,but…. " she paused, mesmerised, her eyes drifting down his body once more as a droplet of water rolled down through the light sprinkling of hair on his broad chest "You seem to be experiencing a pretty severe case of nakedness, so I’ll just leave." Buffy fumbled behind her for the door handle without actually taking her eyes off Giles. The stubborn handle finally turned and Buffy backed out of the bathroom "Um, Bye". She shut the door behind her and leaned heavily against the closed door, trying to slow down her breathing and rein in her rampant mental review of what she had just seen.

She returned to the living room and flopped bonelessly onto the couch between Willow and Xander. Xander and Spike were heatedly debating the merits of daytime soapies and didn’t notice her return. Buffy looked up and saw Willow looking at her flushed face quizzically."You took awhile to work out that Giles was in the shower, Buffy."

Willow turned back to the argument in progress. Xander was soundly denouncing any and all soap operas, particularly Passions.

"You’ve seen Passions before Xand?" Willow questioned.

"Well Anya is totally addicted to it. She got the idea that watching television would be good for developing her socialisation skills. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that daytime television wasn’t the best example to go by.You gotta face it , just not that many people end up with amnesia, or end up marrying a sibling in reality. "

"You’re forgetting Jerry Springer," Willow said sagely.

"Believe me I’m not. After watching Jerry Springer, An kept on picking up chairs and trying to start arguments with me. As for soapies, you know how characters make dramatic declarations when they’re by themselves? I came back down to the basement the other day to find Anya making a dramatic monologue to the basement wall."

Willow smiled and then looked thoughtful. "So, she’s trying to learn human interaction from TV. Does, Anya happen to watch a lot of Sex and the City by any chance? "

"She loves it!" Xander paused. "Well that explains a lot actually."

Willow was startled when without warning Buffy used her Slayer strength to haul her off the couch and into the furtherest corner of the kitchen. Spike saw them go and yelled out, " if you’re peckish pet, there’s a packet of tiny marshmallows in the kitchen cupboard there behind you."

At Willow’s questioning look, Spike grinned. "Well they float just as well in warm blood as warm cocoa, Red."

Willow shuddered and looked at Spike in disgust.

Xander grimaced. "I may never toast marshmallows again." He shrugged. " On the other hand I usually have to toast them over the hotplate in the basement, so it’s no great loss."

Willow opened her mouth to tell the Slayer off for her rough treatment of a mere mortal, when Buffy frantically whispered " I just walked in on Giles in the shower naked. Will.Aaand forget Jaguars for English craftsmanship, Giles’ bod was magnificent. His shoulders, his butt, his……" Buffy broke off her ramblings and started to pace around the small kitchen.

Buffy looked anxiously at her best friend for a reaction. Willow grinning slyly and saying "His legs are pretty nice aren’t they?" was definitely not what she had been expecting. Buffy felt a hot streak of possessiveness at the thought of another woman checking out her Giles. Her Giles?? Where had that come from?

Willow looked at the glare on Buffy’s face and smiled. "Relax. I came around for a spell book one morning and Giles had just come back from a run and was wearing shorts. His legs are pretty nice though right? "

Buffy flushed guiltily as she realised that she didn’t know, as her perusal of her naked Watcher hadn’t gotten past his thighs. "All I know is that all the running, jumping and frolicking he did over the summer, really paid off."

" That good, huh?" Willow asked with a grin.

" Remember how Miss Calendar used to call Giles England?" Willow nodded, a bit confused at the apparent change of topic.

"Well you know the old fashioned advice they used to give women of lying back and thinking about England during sex? Let’s just say if they thought of Giles there would have been a hell of a lot of extremely satisfied housewives." Buffy said with a dreamy smile.

Any further conversation they might have had was interrupted by Giles entering the living room fully clothed. He went to sit in his armchair, glanced curiously at the two girls huddled in his kitchen and then determinedly focused all his attention on the television. Buffy and Willow went back to the couch and Buffy sat on the end nearest to Giles’ armchair. She noticed that he was studiously avoiding eye contact with her. She was startled when he cleared his throat and said "You ah, mentioned a demon in the bathroom, um before, Buffy. What exactly did it look like?"

Xander was puzzled. "There’s a demon in the bathroom?"

Buffy just looked at Xander and then turned to Giles. "I was near the end of my patrol last night, when this funky blue coloured demon, ambushed me behind a crypt. It was powerfully strong and had claws about eight inches long. I only just managed to avoid getting sliced and diced, before I used my good ol’ Slayer strength to skewer it with it’s own claws."

"Ouch. Remind me to never get on your bad side, Buff." Xander said wryly.

"Anyway, it made me a tad curious as to what sort of demon had tried to rip out my entrails. You know, closure and all."

"Anything more descriptive about its colour other than funky?" asked Giles with a small smile. Buffy smiled back, glad that he had gotten over his initial awkwardness with her. "Nope, Just this really bright blue."

Giles got up to consult his books. " The claws and blue skin are indicative of a Gavrun Demon. Particularly fierce and difficult to kill." He looked at Buffy as she beamed proudly. He selected a book from the shelves and walked back to his chair. He turned several pages until he reached the one he was looking for. "Would you say that this was the demon in question?" Without thinking Buffy moved over and perched on the arm of his chair and leaned over Giles to look at the book. She flushed slightly as her body brushed up against Giles and said in a slightly breathless voice, "that’s Big, Blue and Ugly, allright". Giles had noticed the slight catch in Buffy’s voice and turned to look at his Slayer. She was so close that he could smell her fragrant blonde hair and a slight hint of a subtle perfume. Buffy jumped. Had Giles just smelt her hair? She turned her head towards him and found herself staring into gorgeous green eyes. A mental picture of Giles naked in the shower flashed through Buffy’s mind. Giles was mesmerised, surprised at the desire he thought he could see in his Slayer’s eyes.

Willow silently witnessed this exchange and quickly said, "Well, it looks like Buffy and Giles have lots of Watcher, Slayer stuff to do. Xander, it looks like you and I are on Spike sitting duty. I think your basement is dank and dark enough to ensure that Spike won’t burst into flames. We’ll have to go through the sewers though." Xander turned openmouthed from Giles and Buffy acting like poster children for sexual tension and nodded mutely.

As Willow bent over to untie Spike’s ropes, the bleached vampire chuckled. "You’re no fun, Red, things are just getting interesting between the Watcher and his bleeding Slayer. I can smell the pheremones from here, they’ll be shagging in no time." Spike laughed again at Willow’s expression. " What? The little witch doesn’t like to watch? "

"Bite me, Spike." Willow said through gritted teeth. "Oh, that’s right you can’t, can you? Sorry for bringing that up," she apologised with patently false sympathy in her voice. After a quick goodbye to the oblivious two in the chair, between her and Xander they managed to cover Spike with his trenchcoat and shove him out the door.

In the sudden quiet of the apartment, Giles broke eye contact with Buffy and cleared his throat. "Well I might as well broach the subject. This isn’t the reaction I expected you to have to walking in on me in the shower earlier. What with me being very very old and gross, I would have thought that you would have been more traumatised than stimulated " he said self deprecatingly.

With a sigh, Buffy moved back until she was perched upright on the arm of the chair. "God, I’m never gonna live down saying that, am I" she queried with a soft chuckle. "Cmon Giles, you’ve been in my life for over three years. In that time you’ve stood firmly by me and offered unconditional loyalty and friendship. You’ve saved my life countless times through tirelessly researching what I need to know to stay alive and even tried to offer your life in place of mine with the Master. You’ve been my touchstone, my constant. Then at the start of college I come to you and find Olivia here wearing one of your shirts and having the audacity to call you Ripper. Then you waltz out all manly in your robe and tell me I have to learn to be more independent" She ran her hands through her hair in frustration. "After Angel left, I started to have an inkling of what you could mean to me, only to be beaten to the punch by a shirt clad hussy. I was so damn jealous I could have scratched her eyes out, and I lashed out at you in a really immature fashion. I convinced myself that I was feeling possessive in a purely professional Watcher Slayer capacity and tried to continue on with my trainwreck of a lovelife. Then there was the whole Parker fiasco…" she paused, unsure whether or not Giles knew about her ill-fated night with Parker.

Giles eyes glittered dangerously and he nodded. " I know all about that pillock Parker. If Cave Buffy hadn’t got in first with a few blows to the head, he would have had Ripper to deal with"

"Even during my post Parker depression I couldn’t help notice you. After you burst into that frathouse wielding a chainsaw looking so sexy, I was worried that I was developing some sort of power tool fetish" she laughed.

"Basically, what I’m trying to say is that while I have to admit that seeing you in the shower was definitely an eye opener to say the least, it’s not like it’s the first time I’ve had warm fuzzy feelings for you. Not to keep fixating on the shower part of that speech, but WOW, Giles. I don’t know how to put this without sounding rampantly sexist, but it should be made illegal for you to wear clothing."

Except for his interjection about Parker, Giles had been sitting there quietly listening to Buffy’s impassioned speech.

He reached over slightly to brush his hand along Buffy’s cheek. "Only in my wildest dreams have I ever dared hope that you would see me as more than your stuffy old Watcher, Buffy." Buffy trembled at his gentle touch and at the emotion shining from his eyes. She leaned forward to meet him halfway as he brushed his lips over hers. The tentative kiss slowly deepened and became more passionate. Giles’ hands slid into Buffy’s hair and Buffy moved one hand to the back of Giles’ head to intensify the contact. Buffy broke the kiss to trail soft kisses along Giles’ jaw as she trailed her fingers down his neck. Giles brought her head back up and initiated another mind-blowing kiss. As Giles’ hands wandered down her back, Buffy slowly slid off the arm of the chair and came to rest with her knees straddling Giles legs and her arms twined around his neck. She moaned as this brought her breasts in contact with his firm chest and as she felt his burgeoning erection press against her. Giles wrapped his hands around her waist to bring her in tighter against his body as their lips and tongues met increasingly more frantically. With the need for oxygen intensifying, they both broke away panting and searched each other’s eyes. When Giles saw nothing other than desire and acceptance in Buffy’s eyes he trailed a string of open mouth kisses down her neck and gently bit at the juncture between her neck and shoulder. He smoothed his hands down the sides of her shirt which she wore open over a tight white tank top and kissed along her collarbone as he drew the shirt down her arms and off, flinging it onto the couch.

Buffy brought her arms back around her Watcher and ground herself against his lap as she kissed and licked at the sensitive skin behind his ear and then sucked his earlobe into her mouth. Giles groaned as she gently nipped his earlobe and reached up to brush the sides of her breasts through the thin cotton of her tank top. He was dismayed when she clambered off lap and stood as though to leave.

"I’m sorry, Buffy. Have I gone too far too fast?" he queried.

Buffy looked at him cheekily. "Au Contraire, Watcher Mine. I actually want to speed things up a little. Besides, in that position I can’t really reach that delectable ass of yours that I saw in the shower." Giles grinned broadly, never having expected to hear his Slayer talk about positions and his ass in the same sentence.

She offered him her hand and used her Slayer strength to pull him up and out of the armchair and into her arms. "Couch or bed" she demanded huskily. Giles sense of propriety slowly surfaced from beneath his desire for the woman before him. He looked at Buffy and asked "Are you sure, Buffy? This is a bit sudden after all and….."

Buffy’s mouth met his in a brief hungry kiss and stopped him mid sentence. She pulled back to meet his gaze. " I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life" she said cupping the side of his face with one hand and gently stroking the smooth skin of his cheek. Giles turned his head to place a soft kiss on her palm. "Now as I was saying before, couch…..," she reached up to nip his full bottom lip and trailed her hand down to his caress his ass. "…….or bed?" Her hand slid across his hip and around to stroke the hard heated length of his desire.

"Definitely bed." Giles growled, as he wrapped his arms around her waist and started to walk her backwards towards the stairs, kissing her and divesting her of her tank top and bra as he went. The next thing Buffy knew she was pressed up against the wall by the base of the stairs with Giles’ hands and mouth exploring her half-naked body. He sucked and nibbled on her neck as he ran one of his hands down across her collarbone to caress and massage her breasts. The other hand cupped her ass and brought her flush into contact with his erection. Buffy groaned and rubbed herself against him. She placed her hands on his broad shoulders and used the leverage to wrap her legs around him. She moved her hands down to his waist and ran her hands under his sweater and over his back. Giles moved his upper torso back just long enough for her to pull his sweater over his head and toss it over his shoulder, and then moved back immediately to kiss her, Buffy gasping at the first contact of their naked torsos. Grasping her around the waist, Giles slid Buffy up the wall until her breasts were level with his mouth and caressed her soft curves with his lips, swirling his tongue around her nipple and bringing one large hand up to massage her other breast. Buffy tossed her head back and moaned as he scraped his teeth across her breast and sucked gently on her. She groaned and then urged his head away and slid back down his body, relishing the friction of his chest hair against her overheated skin, and the sensation of wrapping her legs around his hips once again.. "Upstairs " she said breathlessly, running her hands over every inch of his skin that she could reach.

Giles carried her up the stairs slowly, their hands and mouths trying to touch every part of each other in a rush of desire. They finally reached the bedroom where Giles lowered her feet to the floor at the base of the bed. They both quickly shucked off their shoes, socks and jeans, leaving Giles clad in a pair of forest green silk boxers and Buffy wearing only a thin wisp of satin. The feverish intensity they had been feeling slowed temporarily as they stood gazing at each other. Giles reached out and drew Buffy into his arms. "Buffy, you’re even more beautiful than I imagined." he said softly stroking his hand through her silky hair. Buffy smiled up at him. "Well there was nothing left to my imagination when I saw you in the shower today, but on closer inspection you’re just as gorgeous and sexy in the bedroom as in the bathroom, albeit drier and less soapy." She grinned as she ran her hands down his chest and teasingly dipped her hand just inside the elastic of his boxers.

Giles groaned and captured her lips in a thorough kiss, easing her backwards onto the bed and following her down. Buffy used her Slayer strength to flip him over so she rested on his broad chest. She took the opportunity to run her lips over his chest, licking his flat nipples and grinning smugly against his chest when he moaned. Her hand trailed down his chest and across his abdomen and she slid her hand into his boxers to stroke and caress his straining erection, stroking smoothly up and down his impressive length. Giles let out a low groan and tangled his hands in her hair. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and knelt beside Giles to draw the boxers down his legs and off. She ran her hands back up over his calves and thighs, moving slowly back up his body, only to have strong arms enfold her. "I think it’s about time for my turn" Giles growled. Her world revolved around her and she found herself pinned to the bed underneath her very aroused and very naked Watcher. Their lips met in a tender kiss before he trailed his lips down her neck and across her breasts. He kissed, licked and nipped her soft curves until she was writhing beneath him. He strung open mouth kisses down her stomach and she gasped when he paused to dip his tongue into her belly button.

He moved lower to trail his tongue teasingly just above the edge of her satin panties, reaching up to draw her underwear down her long silky legs and off. He ran his hands up her calves and gently stroked his hands along her inner thighs. He moved his hand to her heated centre, caressing her soft folds, slipping one finger inside her, eliciting moans from the woman above him. As he brought his thumb up to rub her swollen clitoris Buffy cried out and writhed against his talented hand. When he dipped his head to trace the same path with his lips and tongue, Buffy arched her hips to grind herself against his mouth, her thighs clenching around him as she gasped, "Yes,Yes, right there, Oh God, Giles!" Giles continued his sweet torture until he felt her hands tugging shakily in his hair. He looked up in question at Buffy who whispered huskily " I want you inside me, Giles." Pausing only to grab a condom from the drawer in his bedside table and sheath his hard arousal, he moved over her and guided himself into her waiting warmth. They both moaned simultaneously at the sensation of being finally joined. Buffy ran her nails down Giles’ back as he began to thrust, her hips rising to meet his. Their moans and cries of pleasure intermingled as their coupling became more frenzied. Buffy wrapped her legs around Giles and grasped his ass to pull him even deeper within her. Giles caught her lips in a hard kiss and increased the tempo of his thrusts " Oh God, Giles, Ohmygod, Giles!!" Buffy cried, her body convulsing around him as she came. Giles let out a guttural cry as he exploded within her.

Breathless, Giles rolled over onto his side and drew the still trembling Buffy into arms, gently kissing her and stroking her soft warm skin. He then reluctantly moved away to dispose of the used condom, and returned to find Buffy stretched out languidly on the bed with a glazed and satisfied look on her face. He climbed back into the bed and hugged her, arranging their bodies so he was lying on his back with her head resting against his chest and one arm across his stomach. Buffy lifted her hand and trailed her fingers over his chest "Mmmmmm." she said. She looked up into his face and smiled dreamily at him as she asked "Did I happen to mention how much I love you in amongst all the excitement?"

Joy coursed through Giles at the thought that this woman, his Buffy, his Slayer, loved him. He grinned and feigned thoughtfulness. "Well I was a tad distracted, I recall several Oh Gods and you seemed to be awfully agreeable and said yes multiple times, but I’m fairly sure there were no heartfelt declarations of love in there." Buffy smacked him on the chest and laughed "It was pretty much a rhetorical question, smartass. I do love you though. It just took a while to get through my thick skull."

"I love you too, Buffy. More than words can say" Giles said softly.

"After this," Buffy gestured vaguely at the bed and their naked bodies, "I just wish that I walked on it you in the shower a long time ago."

"By all means, feel free to walk in on me in the shower anytime, love." Giles said huskily.

Buffy snuggled further into his arms and said sleepily, "How does tomorrow morning suit you?"

Giles chuckled as they both drifted off to sleep, safe in each other’s arms.