Silence is Golden
By Cap

Title: Silence is Golden
Author: Cap
Distribution: You want it, It's yours
Disclaimer: Joss owns everything, Don't sue
Rating: G
Spoilers: Prom is a pretty safe bet.
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Note: Mandatory prom fic. Someone Emailed me and said I had to do a prom fic because everyone dose a prom fic. She also say's I do to much dialogue.

Buffy danced with Angel. This was sweet of him. It didn't help, he was still breaking up with her. Leaving her. She hated it. How was she supposed to live without his.... damn without his what. Tenderness? He could do tender okay, but hadn't really mastered that, he should talk to Giles he had a very gentle touch. His sweetness? Angel wasn't very big on sweet. He wasn't at all this attentive. She looked up at him suspiciously. He looked to the side uncomfortably. "So? What was it? Flaming sticks?" He looked at her frowned then gave her a embarrassed grin. "Holy water bath, guy has gallons of it." She nodded her head. "He said if I wasn't here by midnight, he'd be at my place at 12:01." She smiled. "That's so sweet!" Angels eye's nearly bugged all the way out. "Sweet! I swear that guy is a borderline psycho sometimes." She wasn't smiling now. "Your one to talk! As I recall you were the one with murderous tendencies." He gave her a cold glare. "He keeps a crossbow in the kitchen for god sakes." How could she talk like that about his curse, and over Giles. He had expected her to get mad at her watcher for threatening him. Instead she thought it was sweet. "I keep sharp wooden objects and big knives in my hope chest. Excuse me for not seeing your point." He could tell by the look on her face that she wanted to argue, but he wasn't about to get into a fight with her here. "Let's go into the hall."

Alone in the hall she crossed her arms waiting for him to start. "How can you say it was sweet?" Her eyebrows narrowed as she glared at him. "He was just trying to give me a nice prom. That's sweet." Angel looked at her dumb struck. "He threatened to torture me!"

"Can you blame him? You tortured him. Besides it's Giles we're talking about. He couldn't be that callous or cold." He walked over to her. "Yeah cause real sweethearts get nicknames like Ripper." She took a step forward. "No, just real men. You wouldn't know anything about that Angel." He was beginning to get red in the face. "Well at least I don't get knocked out on a weekly basis!" She locked her eye's with his. "You couldn't take that kind of punishment." He glared. "Hey I fight an inner demon everyday of my life, how's that for tough."

"Oh! You can take a demon, but wanting me is too much for you. I never see him breaking down trying to commit suicide on Christmas over it." She yells.

"Well he doesn't have to worry about wanting you!" He yells back.

"Yes he dose! Do you think it's any easier for me and him then it is for you and me!" Angel and Buffy both stop stunned.

Angel looked over her shoulder to see the entire scooby gang and Giles standing there. Buffy turned her eye's went to a stunned Giles. Angel turned and left. Buffy runs out another door. Giles turns around walking to the other side of the dance floor and out the exit there. The gang stand stunned.


Buffy stands in the parking lot, confused as to what to do now. She turns around knowing he's there. He stands just looking at her hands in his pockets. She takes a step forward. He looks away, the expression on his face is pained. He then gives her a pleading look, as she takes another step coming to rest in front of him. She looks up at him scared. Giles face softens and his hand gently covers hers. Her breathing becomes slight as his other hand brushes a strand of hair behind her ear, his thumb rubbing her cheek. Buffy's hand slides up along the outside of his lapel coming to rest on his shoulder. His hand moves smoothly around to rub at the back of her neck., as the other one comes to rest at the small of her back. She moves the hand at Giles shoulder around his neck as the other slides around him. Her cheek presses to his chest. His head leans forward till his own cheek is resting against the top of her hair. The couples eye's close at the same time, they stand frozen and silent, except for the sound of there breath.

Buffy slowly tilts her head up as they both move in slowly, the movements hesitant as their lips finally touch. Then they simply melt into one another. His hands gently rubbing along her back as her own hands clutch desperately. The kiss lasts minute after minute till finally they brake apart. Their eye's only now opening. The look exchanged expressing so much want, pain, joy, and sorrow. Then Buffy simply leans her head back into his chest as he holds her gently swaying.

Angel wonders why he never saw it before. He had caused more pain for these two then any human should be allowed to feel. He looks back at the couple standing silent in the dark. He tries to picture his place in this picture. He can't find it. He decides to leave. This is a privet dance.

"I think everything will be okay" Oz say's from the exit of the school as he takes Willows hand walking back into the dance with the others.