Rose Tint My World
By Gileswench

Title: Rose Tint My World
Author: Gileswench
Date: 11/6/00
Spoilers: A few very general ones up through Season 5
Summary: A midnight screening of Rocky Horror leads to absolute pleasure.
Rating: NC17, pure, unadulterated smut. Oh, and a couple dirty words.
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Distribution: Gabi if she wants it. UCSL. All others, ask and ye shall receive.
Feedback: Constructive criticism always welcome. Praise abjectly sought.
Disclaimer: It all belongs to Joss, Mutant Enemy, etc., etc., etc. I just let them have all the fun Joss won't. I own nothing except my twisted mind which you really don't want. Please don't sue.
Notes: This one comes to you courtesy of Belinda's challenge. The entire gang (in costume) attends a screening of Rocky Horror, leading Buffy to see Giles in a whole new light. Any Riley fans would do well to turn back now. I'm gleefully mean to him in this one.
Dedication: To Belinda. She knows why. Here's your chocolate covered Ripper.

Riley grimaced in discomfort as he tried to decide whether to pull the tiny gold lame briefs up or down. "You're kidding, right? You don't really expect me to wear these in public, do you?" He searched Buffy's eyes for any sign that this was a joke.

"You promised. Anyway, if Giles has to dress up, so do you."

"Yeah, but I think Giles actually likes dressing up. Remember that stupid wizard get-up he put on for his grand opening."

"And then there was the infamous sombrero of great festivity at Halloween last year." Xander reminded her.

"Okay, so sometimes he goes a little overboard on the theme front, but this has got to be a little strange for him. And even if he backs out, it still doesn't get you off the hook, mister." She poked Riley in the alarmingly exposed ribs.

"But why do I have to be this Rocky guy? I'd rather wear what Xander's wearing."

"Proving there's a first time for everything, you mocker of my civilian pants. I already explained it: since my girlfriend is the one who decided we have to do this, she got first choice of character. Anya chose Janet. Since I am Anya's boyfriend, that means I am, by default, Brad. Willow and Tara were with us when we concocted the scheme, and they chose to be Riff-Raff and Magenta. Buffy is the pert little one, which makes her Columbia, and you are the blond, Tuetonic boy-toy, which means you are Rocky. There is no escape. Submit to your fate."

"I would never have agreed to this if I'd known what it was. I thought we were just going to a movie."

"We are. Just it's a movie where people dress up and throw things at the screen" Buffy explained patiently for the fifteenth time. Honestly, Riley had done nothing but complain the entire time. When she asked Giles to come along to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, all he'd done was ask which night, and would they like him to dress up. Much more cooperative. He'd even seemed to enjoy the idea.

As they approached Giles' door, Xander pulled his pale blue kimono a bit tighter. Riley hesitated in the courtyard.

"Look, if anyone sees me in this, they'll have me arrested. This is indecent."

"Come on, party-pooper! You look great. Nobody will have the heart to call the cops." Buffy batted her fake eyelashes at her reluctant boyfriend as she dragged him to the door. "Anyway, more people can see you out here than if you're inside Giles' place."

Buffy and Xander trooped in as Riley shuffled in behind them, trying to pull the briefs up and down at the same time. It did no good. He was still woefully close to naked. How the hell did Buffy talk him into these things?

Once inside, they found Anya, Willow and Tara waiting. Anya was wearing a white bra and torn half-slip, Willow a maid's costume that showed an alarming amount of leg and was unbuttoned far enough down to show the edge of her black lacy bra. She also had acquired a frizzy wig and high-heeled black ankle boots worn over fishnet stockings. Tara wore a ripped black tux, one shoulder of which was built up into a hump, one spat, and a bald wig with her own blond tresses hanging down below. Buffy looked around quizzically.

"Where's Giles?"

"In the bathroom. He said he wanted to make a grand entrance once everyone was here." Willow sounded tolerantly amused.

"Is that Buffy?" a voice floated from the bathroom.

"Yes it is. Get your British butt out here!" she called.

A vision appeared in the doorway.

>From the top of his curly dark wig, to the open toes of his high-heeled platforms, the sweet transvestite exuded power, confidence, and a perverted, feline sexuality. The corset stopped just above the black lace garter belt that held up his ripped fishnets, and the black bikini briefs left even less to the imagination than Riley's gold ones (And looked a lot better filled, Buffy realized).

In addition to the masses of teal eyeshadow, there was blood red lipstick and matching nail polish daubed at the ends of both fingers and toes. A string of pearls around his throat and a gaudy rhinestone ankle bracelet along with a pair of netted mitts finished off the look.

Buffy frankly gaped in appreciation. Then came to a startled realization.

"You're not wearing your glasses. How are you going to drive without them?"

Frankie/Giles sauntered over to the tiny blond and trailed his fingers across her cheek. "Contacts, luv. Ever heard of them?" He raked predatory eyes over her form appreciatively. She looked adorable in her yellow sequined tailcoat and top hat, black shorts, blue ankle socks, fishnets, and tap shoes. But his gaze was held longest by the sequined black bustier from which her surprisingly full breasts were threatening to tumble. "Have I mentioned how divine you look this evening?" He waggled his eyebrows suggestively at her as she giggled and flushed.

"Now just a minute..." Riley began.

Giles turned and grinned, running one blood-red fingernail down Riley's bare torso." Jealous? Don't worry; I've got plenty for two." Riley turned an interesting shade of crimson as he leapt back.

"That's it! You people are sick!"

"Riley, he's just playing. Giles, tell him you're just playing."

"Not playing, Buffy, getting into character."

The other four stood back and watched the melodrama playing out before their eyes. Oddly, while none of them wished the former commando harm, none of them seemed particularly interested in coming to his aid or comfort this time. They were all tired of explaining their every move to him. He'd been a pain ever since they'd decided to do this. Anya frankly enjoyed his discomfiture.

Giles dropped the Frankie act immediately. "I do apologize, Riley. It's just I used to be rather fond of acting at University, and I thought it might be fun tonight to...well, obviously, it makes you uncomfortable. I won't do it anymore." He looked hurt.

"Don't do that, Giles!" Buffy was furious. "You don't have to stop having fun just because Riley can't deal. Listen, Riley, you have a choice. You can make up your mind to enjoy yourself and let us have some fun, or you can go home. You're not spoiling our good time - especially Giles'!"

"Then I'm going home. This is the last straw, Buffy. I put up with lesbian witches, a guitar-playing werewolf, a sex-obsessed ex-vengeance demon with a bad attitude, being forced to wear Xander's clothes, hiding out in a school building you people blew up, not being allowed to kill Hostile Seventeen, and having my butt kicked by my girlfriend on a regular basis, but I will not put up with a freaky English magic shop owner putting the moves on me! It's over, Buffy. I'm going home. To Iowa."

"Iowa? You're just going to run away?"

"Yeah, Buffy. Another thing I had to get used to with you."

The girl faced him with blazing eyes and a determined chin.

"Yeah, well I'm tired of your intolerance and macho shithead attitude. I've had my share of problems to deal with in this relationship, not the least of which was you sleeping with Faith. You've never been able to accept me or my friends, and I'm tired of it. You want to leave? Leave. I don't ever want to see you again."

Riley turned on his heel and stomped out the door.

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather go after him?" Giles was all concern.

"No, Giles. He's made fun of you for the last time. So, Frankie, need a groupie?"

"Always, my dear."


Riley had gone nearly half a block before he realized he was wearing only gold lame briefs and equally gold lame wrestling booties. For a moment he considered going back and asking to borrow Xander's kimono, but decided against it. He didn't notice the police car until it pulled up beside him.


The group had great fun at the movie. Between the admiring looks their costumes received from other moviegoers, and the amusement of throwing bread, toilet paper, and rice publicly without consequences, all six felt carefree in a way that usually eluded them. Buffy and Giles, in particular, found a release they usually couldn't. They laughed with one another, playing their characters to the hilt. Several people asked to take pictures of them, and they had great fun coming up with outrageous poses.

When it came time to do the Time Warp, Giles objected, but Buffy's pout convinced him to dance in the aisles with the rest. When they sat down again, she impulsively rewarded him with a quick kiss, which somehow developed a spin-off, then several more. Finally both pulled back, somewhat shocked, but thoroughly delighted.

"You're some kisser, Frankie" Buffy whispered in his ear.

"That wasn't Frankie" he nuzzled into hers.

Buffy shivered with antici....pation of what would happen when they left the theater. They spent the rest of the movie flirting, unable to keep their hands and lips off one another.

When the movie ended and they filed into the lobby, Anya looked at the two critically. "How did you both smear your lipstick so much?"

Xander wrapped an arm around his girlfriend's shoulder. "An, let's just leave these two alone, shall we? Will, Tara, we'll give you guys a ride." He grinned at Buffy and Giles. "Have fun, you wacky kids, you."

The Slayer and the Watcher looked at one another in slight confusion.

"You guys don't have a problem?"

"No way, Buffy" Willow assured her. "I think I speak for all assembled when I say your taste in men is definitely improving."

"H-have fun" Tara told them smiling. "This is a good."

Anya shrugged. "I bet Giles will give you more orgasms than Riley did. Anyone could see that from their costumes tonight."

"Well, thank you all. We'll see you later, then?"

"Much later, I'm guessing." Xander couldn't repress his grin as the two hurried to Giles' car. "Step right up, folks, for the betting pool on how much later." The three girls pulled wallets from various strategic hiding places in their costumes.


On the way back to Giles' apartment, he insisted on stopping at a convenience store, but wouldn't tell her what was in the bag, merely stating that she would find out if she hadn't changed her mind by the time they got back to his place.

As soon as they were in the door, they turned to kiss one another. Unfortunately, between her flats, and Giles' platforms, he had to stoop comically to reach her. Both ended up giggling helplessly until he scooped her up in his strong arms and carried her over to the sofa where he sat Buffy on his lap.

They kissed passionately, their tongues performing a mating dance. They clung to one another, lips fused, hearts beating wildly for long minutes until the need for oxygen forced them to pull back. Buffy opened her eyes languorously only to start laughing when she saw Giles' face smeared with her lipstick and his combined.

"Okay, I think the first thing we need to do is wash our faces, or the sheets are gonna end up looking like a pair of clowns wrestled in them."

"Let's get cleaned up, then, shall we?"

Giles reached into the bag and pulled out a jar of cold cream.

"Good call. We'll need that."

After they had cleaned the makeup off their faces, they started for the loft. Giles stopped on the way only to lock the door and pick up the bag from the convenience store on the way.

"So what else is in there, anyway?"

"Well, Buffy, it's been some time since I've had anyone...spend the night. I wasn't prepared for this."

"How many you get?" she grinned at him.

"Enough so we won't have to leave our bed for a very long time."

"Our bed? Is it?"

"If you want it to be."

She couldn't resist teasing him. "Let's see if Anya's right before we make any long-term plans."

"Well if that doesn't stir me to Herculean efforts, I can't imagine what will." He replied dryly.

When they reached the loft, Buffy took out the pins that held her long hair up in its French twist, and Giles discarded the wig he'd been wearing. Buffy sat on the edge of the bed and held out her foot. Giles immediately knelt before her and removed first one shoe, then the other, then relieved her of the blue anklets as well. The girl, meanwhile, shrugged out of her tailcoat. Giles went to sit and take off his shoes when Buffy stilled his hand.

"Leave 'em on" she said in reply to his confused look. "I like them."

The Englishman raised an eyebrow inquiringly.

"Hey, you're not the only one who gets to have hidden depths" she told him.

Giles rolled onto the bed, holding Buffy to him as they kissed and petted one another. Soon Giles had his face exactly where he'd wanted it to be all night; nestled between Buffy's breasts as his hands moved to her back to unfasten her bustier. Once it had fallen from her, there was no hesitation as he took one rigid pink nipple into his mouth and suckled hungrily at it, his hand teasing the opposite bud mercilessly.

Buffy cried out in delight as Giles continued his delicious assault on her nipples. The wetness flooding between her thighs soaked her shorts as she ground her hungry womanhood against his muscular leg. She could feel his generous cock pressed against her and longed to draw him inside.

Finally, Giles left her nipples and began to move south. Buffy lifted her hips to help him pull down her shorts, fishnets, and panties. leaving her completely naked before him. For the first time, she felt entirely comfortable as a man viewed her form. The look in Giles' murky green eyes was so appreciative, so joyful, that she took a wanton pleasure in being bared before him.

For his part, Giles was trembling with excitement at the sight before him. He had waited so long, so hopelessly, for this moment. Now it was here he could scarcely believe it, but her warmth, the smooth softness of her touch, the sweet, musky scent of her sex, and the sound of her breathless cries of delight proved to him that this was no dream.

Parting her thighs with his hands, Giles began placing a series of soft, mouthing kisses up Buffy's legs. He went slowly, torturously, on his journey. The girl moaned, writhing in frustration as he continued to tease her. His lips and tongue would work their way almost to the center of her desire, then start on a downward journey on the other thigh. She couldn't help bucking her hips, her breath coming in a ragged sob of denied lust, until she couldn't hold back from pleading.

"Please, Giles, please do it."

"Do what?" he teased, licking her from a point where his tongue barely brushed the dripping curls, but missed her tender flesh.

"Please, Giles, please suck my pussy, I want it so bad."

Immediately his mouth engulfed her sex completely. His tongue slid along her nether lips, flicking across the hard nubbin of her clitoris as Buffy reached her first orgasm. She cried out in release only to cry out again as the second wave hit. Giles sucked, licked, and probed her with his tongue eliciting responses no one else had. He worried her entire sex with his mouth, growling low in his throat until the vibrations sent Buffy over the edge yet again. In a matter of minutes, she had come more than she had in an entire evening with Riley, and he hadn't even filled her with his cock yet. Finally, she had to beg Giles to stop and let her recover from the overwhelming sensations he was causing. Still, he continued to kiss and gently stroke her still pulsing pussy, soothing her.

When she had calmed a bit, he moved up to hold her and kiss her lips. She opened herself to him and tasted her own nectar on his mouth without embarrassment.

"That was incredible" she breathed when their lips parted.

"Mmmmmm, beyond delicious" he agreed. He pulled her close again for a deep, sensuous kiss. "I can't wait to be inside you" he purred in her ear.

"You won't have to wait much longer."

His only reply was another series of hot, hungry kisses, his fingers twining themselves in Buffy's hair while hers moved to unlace his corset. Soon it was gone and she began to amuse herself with Giles' chest. Her fingers raked through the crisp mat of his chest hair while she licked and nibbled at his throat. A chance brush of her fingertip across one of Giles' nipples caused him to groan in ecstasy.

"You like that, huh?"

"God yes" he whispered as he swallowed convulsively.

The girl smiled wickedly against his throat, nipping the exposed vein as her fingertips teased the erect buds. His response emboldened Buffy to lean down and suck one into her mouth, swirling her tongue around its hardness.

She took her time, suckling first one, then the other nipple as Giles squirmed in wanton delight below her. Buffy decided she liked taking the lead in bed; something she'd never been offered the chance to do before.

When she felt she'd had enough fun with his nipples, for the moment, Buffy imitated her lover by kissing and licking her way down his belly until she reached the barrier of his garter belt. Looking a little further south, she could see his straining - and extremely large - erection desperately trying to poke its way out of the silky briefs. All she could think of was that she wanted to free his willy in the worst way.

Unfortunately, Buffy was faced with a problem: she wanted to leave Giles' stockings and garter belt on, but the briefs were on below the garter belt. There was nothing for it.

Placing her hands on his hips she asked: "Giles, do you plan on wearing these undies again anytime soon?"

"Not especially" he panted.


The sound of ripping nylon rent the air, along with one surprised English gasp.

"That's better" she purred as she saw his penis freed from its confines. Her eager hands immediately reached for the prize, rubbing up and down its firm length, and toying with the foreskin.

Giles gasped and moaned at the delightful sensations Buffy's small, soft hands caused in him. He sucked in a deep breath of surprise as her mouth engulfed the head of his manhood, teasing it mercilessly with her velvet tongue.

"God, that's wonderful" he managed. "Look in the bag, darling."

"We don't need those yet." She went back to her task with great enthusiasm.

"Not that; something else" he gasped as her tongue explored the vein on the underside of his shaft.

Buffy reached into the bag and was surprised to find, in addition to the expected pack of condoms, a squeeze bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup. She raised an eyebrow at her lover, grinning.

"I like your hidden depths."

She took the syrup and poured it generously on his tip. Then, holding the lower part of his shaft in one hand and, and cupping his balls in the other, she bent her head and sucked him back into her mouth, licking the syrup off as she applied as much pressure as she could. The hand on his shaft pumped slowly as she toyed with his scrotum with the other. Giles was certain he couldn't take much more; already his hips were beginning to thrust of their own accord.

Still, Buffy continued to lick, suck, and fondle him exquisitely. Giles was writhing on the bed bathed in sweat, his heart beating madly as the girl drizzled another helping of chocolate on his balls and ducked her head to clean it off of him.

By this time, Giles was openly whimpering as his hips bucked wildly, seeking the denied release he so desperately wanted. He could feel it gathering, his testicles trying to draw themselves up into his body.

"Gonna come, Buffy; can't hold it any longer" he panted.

Her response was to engulf as much of his cock into her sweet mouth as she could, frantically pumping the shaft with both hands. Seconds later she tasted the first rush of semen as it burst from him. Wave after wave followed as Giles cried out in agonized bliss, then moaned softly as the furor left him, and Buffy gently lapped the remaining droplets from his still hard penis. Once she was satisfied that she'd gotten every drop of his seed, she moved up his body to kiss and hold him.

After several slow, langorous kisses, she announced: "I've decided that you, Mr. Giles, are one kinky bastard, and that I love it. In fact, I love you"

"And I love you. You know that, don't you?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Think? You think so? Do I need to prove it to you?" His tone was teasing.

"I think maybe you do, yeah" she grinned back.

In a flash, she was pinned on her back as Giles took her mouth in an openly carnal kiss. He ground his body against hers, smiling when he heard her gasp pleasurably.

The Englishman nipped, kissed, caressed, and fondled his lover from head to toe. When he brought his fingers to her sex, she was dripping with need. He softly massaged her clit for a moment before pulling back to sheath himself in preparation for the next phase of their lovemaking.

The two locked eyes as Giles sank himself slowly, inch by inch, into Buffy's waiting warmth. He took his time, knowing she needed to adjust to his size, wanting it to be as good for her as his experience and love could make it. Once he was completely nestled in her moist burrow, he waited a further moment before starting to thrust gently. Buffy's moans quickly told him he could speed up as she moved with him, rocking together in perfect rhythm.

They kissed and stroked one another as their bodies came together again and again. Both softly whispered endearments between less articulate sounds of delight and exertion. The air was filled with impassioned moans and the soft slap of skin meeting skin, broken with occasional laughter as the two became one in the only way they hadn't before.

After a time, their movements became more urgent; their cries louder as they moved toward their goal. Buffy thrashed her head back and forth seeking her fulfillment. Giles kissed her passionately and moved one hand between their fused bodies to stroke her clitoris. Within seconds, she came with a loud shout, her walls convulsing around Giles' cock. He held back to allow her the full pleasure of her orgasm before letting himself follow, ramming himself into his lover as hard and as fast as he could. He uttered a strangled cry as the first stream of seed shot forth, then another for each one that followed. His fierce pounding sent Buffy over the edge one more time, milking his cock with each pulse.

When it was over, they lay quietly in one anothers' arms. They kissed and cuddled until Giles felt his penis softening, forcing him to pull out and dispose of the condom.

"Giles?" Buffy called sleepily from the bed.

"Yes, luv?"

"This is definitely our bed."

He returned grinning, only to find his love had already drifted off to sleep. Without a word, he finally removed the shoes, garter belt and stockings, and rolled into bed, softly kissing her temple as she snuggled into his arms. Soon, he, too, was asleep.


The sun had already risen high overhead before either stirred. Giles was awakened by the shrill of the telephone. He padded quietly downstairs to answer it.


"Hey Giles, have you seen the paper yet?"

"Um, no Xander. Actually, I was still asleep when you called."

"Big night, huh? Is Buffy still there?"

Giles knew it would do no good to say it was none of Xander's business.

"Yes, she is."

"She'll be interested in this one too. Oh, and Giles?"


"Don't worry about the Magic Box. I'm off today so I'll help Anya and keep her from eating the customers. You and Buffy just enjoy yourselves."

"Thank you, Xander. That's very good of both of you."

"No prob, Big G. Don't forget to check out the front page!"

Giles grabbed his robe and picked up the newspaper. After a stunned moment he ran up the stairs and shook Buffy awake.

"Buffy, luv, wake up."

The girl sat up yawning and brushing the sleep from her eyes.

"Good morning to you, too. Any chance of a cup of coffee?"

"In a minute." He leaned in and kissed her. "First you need to see the news."

"Can't see until I've had coffee." Giles unceremoniously shoved the front page under her nose.

"Will that wake you?"

Buffy blinked. The headline remained the same. She blinked again. Same result.

Under a headline reading: LOCAL STUDENT ARRESTED IN GAY PROSTITUTION RING, there was a photograph of Riley in his gold briefs and booties.

Buffy tossed the paper aside and pulled Giles into her arms.

"And he says we're sick?!" was her only comment.