Ripper's Girl

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Summary: This is a belated response to the Hallowe'en costume challenge on Watching you, Watching me.

Spoilers: Up through Fear Itself

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Please note: I took a few liberties with the original challenge to make it fit with a wicked idea that I had. Also this is set for Hallowe'en 2000.

Buffy stood with her Slayerettes outside the pub. "Why are we doing Hallowe'en here, instead of at a frat?" She asked for the third time.

Xander sighed. "Because it's suppose to be the party this year. Be glad we were able to wrangle invitations. And, you and frat parties don't mix well."

Buffy frowned, then pouted. She really didn't even feel like going to the party. She thought back to the frat party last hallowe'en, when Giles had come with that big old chainsaw, cutting through the walls to get to her. And the others of course. She smiled. He had looked kind of Ripperish standing there with the chainsaw and a dangerous look on his face. She once again fought down the tingle that it gave her to think of him all Ripperish. 

Her costume tonight was actually kind of a tribute to that. Even though she had told the other's that she was a "biker chick", the black leather mini skirt, blue tank top, black boots and the black leather jacket reminded her of Ripper. Xander had looked at her one time, smiled his appreciation, and was done. Anya hadn't even frowned at him. Buffy couldn't help but think that Xander and Anya were an oddly well-suited couple.

She grinned at their matching costumes, a saloon girl and a gunfighter. They looked very cute together. Willow and Oz earned a similar smile in their matching gothic costumes. While Buffy was distracted, the Slayerettes had been leading her towards the pub, and now they were at the doors.

As her friends all but dragged her through the doors, Buffy quickly scanned the room. It was pretty much the way she expected it to be. Dark, smoky, and full of people in strange costumes.

Her eyes were drawn to a trio of people sitting at a table. There were two women sitting on either side of a man.  One of the women was dressed as a cat, the other as a sexy witch. But it was the man who held her attention.

He was wearing a white T-shirt and faded blue jeans. Over the jeans he had on black leather chaps. Resting over his right thigh was a black leather jacket. The chair he was straddling was turned backwards, giving her an excellent view of his nicely rounded butt.

As she continued to watch him, he rubbed the back of his neck and darted glances left and right. Fearing that he could feel her eyes on him, she hastily faced away, missing the appreciative once over he gave her rear view.

By the time she had gotten up the nerve to turn back around, he had moved to the bar. The first thing that she noticed was how tall he was. Then she allowed her eyes to wander from his broad shoulders, down his back, again admiring the combination of blue jeans and chaps as the emphasized his rear.

Just then he turned. Her eyes widened. <Oh my> was the first thing that popped into her mind. Then, <I wonder if that's all him>. Then her eyes went up his broad chest, finally stopping at a pair of familiar green eyes.

Her jaw dropped. Without a thought she took a step towards him, but he shook his head "no" at her. She stopped. He gestured with his head towards the other side of the bar. She casually moved in that direction. After dropping the three beers off at his table, and a quick word to the two women, he followed.

When they finally met in a dark corner, she was fairly bursting with questions. Why was he dressed like that? What was he doing with those two women? For that matter, what was he doing at this party? She started with, "Giles, what's going on?"

"What do you mean? It's a party." He replied calmly.

"Ha ha. I'm talking about your presence here. And what's the sitch with the cleavage sisters? Are they demons or something?"

He found himself with a perverse desire to shock her. "I certainly hope not; that would rather put a damper on my plans."

She looked at him blankly. Then her jaw dropped as she figured it out. She closed her mouth with a snap. "That's disgusting. And what makes you think you can handle the two of them, anyway, at your age?" She knew it was a mistake even as the words left her mouth. Even if it weren't for her mother's memories, unwilling shared, of "Ripper", she knew better. He worked out with her; of course the man had stamina.

His eyes narrowed, then he replied angrily, "You're the last person who should be lecturing on sexual proclivities."

She drew her breath in with a hiss. Her eyes widened then swam with tears. "So now I know," she said, her voice filled with pain. She turned away, but his warm hand on her shoulder stopped her.

"No, Buffy. I know you to be a fine young woman, and a lady. I do not now, nor have I ever thought otherwise. I swear it." His voice was quiet; nevertheless it rang with sincerity. She nodded her acceptance, and his hand slipped from her shoulder after a gentle squeeze. "I think it best if we keep our distance this evening. Tensions are running high, feelings easily hurt. Also," he said and she could hear him smile, "I wouldn't want to shock you."

"Yes," she replied briefly, also smiling. When she turned, he was walking away. She gasped as she realized that knowing it was Giles did not hinder her appreciation of the view. "I so need therapy," she muttered to herself. She moved to re-join her friends at the table that they had staked out. As she got there, the others were moving off to dance.

Buffy sat alone for awhile, trying not to watch Giles and the two women, with limited success. Finally, she quit pretending, and just sat, chin in hand, staring at the other table.

The "Cat-woman" put her hand on his thigh, and he wrapped his arm around the "Witch", pulling her closer. Buffy's eyes narrowed and she stood up as if ejected from her seat. She actually took a step towards their table, before catching herself. She took a deep breath, then another. As she stood there, caught between fight and flight, a guy dressed as Don Juan approached her and asked her to dance.

With a furious glance at an apparently oblivious Giles, she accepted. Just before the boy took her hand to lead her onto the floor, she saw Giles shoot a quick glance her way. <Not so unaware after all> she thought smugly. The look she gave the boy was flirtatious.

Any of the Slayerettes watching Buffy dance would have been reminded of her dirty dance with Xander three years ago. It was clear that she was feeling extremely reckless.

Willow stopped in the middle of the floor and gawked at Buffy. "What is she doing?" She asked Oz with great concern.

Oz looked at where Giles was discreetly watching Buffy and almost smiled. "Looks like she's dancing. Sort of," was his response.

"Do you know that guy?"

"Yeah, Jeff. Not Buffy's type." He didn't add that he was a friend of Parker Abrams, a name not safe to mention in the Scooby-Gang.  Willow continued to watch Buffy, although, Oz did get her to dance as she did so.

Jeff had manipulated their dance so that they were in a relatively dark corner. As they slow danced, he slid his hands down to cup her butt. She reached both of her hands behind her to move his hands away. He grabbed her wrists.

"Come on, you little tease. We all know that you're not that much of a challenge."

Buffy stiffened in anger, then pushed away from him. Before she could stomp off, she saw that several of his friends had formed a loose circle around them. But just to her left she saw Xander and Anya just waiting for her to signal that she needed or wanted help. Then she saw Willow and Oz move to stand with them.

"You don't know what you're talking about," she finally replied, her words bitten off angrily.

"Sure I do. We all know about you. Don't we guys?" He asked his friends. There were affirmative noises from all of them.

Buffy's eyes were wide, and she swallowed past the lump in her throat. Give her something to pummel or slay and she was in her element. But this. how was she supposed to fight this?

Giles shot a regretful glance at the "Cat-woman" and the "Witch" from where he "just happened" to be standing near his Slayer. His ladyfriends had been joined by two men and were chatting away. He sighed and moved to his Slayer's side. He wrapped an arm around her waist, pulled her against him and dropped a kiss on the top of her head. "Sorry, I'm late, Luv. Hope you weren't bored."

Buffy looked up at him, startled at first, then grateful. "Not too bored," she finally said.

He gave her hip an approving squeeze at her deceptively calm voice. Then he made a big show of looking at the gathered people. "Is there a problem?" When no one answered, he looked down at Buffy again. "Have you been flirting again, Sweetheart? You know that I don't like it." His tone was playful, with an edge to it.

"Actually, Old Man," said Jeff. "She's been putting on quite a show." His voice fairly dripped with insinuation and venom.

Giles stared at Jeff, until the boy took a step back. "Name's Ripper. A word," he put a hand on Jeff's shoulder and herded him into the men's room. Xander and Oz exchanged a look then took up positions outside the door. Willow and Anya moved to Buffy's side.

From inside the men's room, everyone could just make out Ripper's growly voice, "How dare you speak that way to my girl?" And, "so much as smirk in her direction.," punctuated by thumps and banging sounds.

Then there was a flush and Ripper strolled through the door. He moved towards the Slayer's table, gathering Buffy back to him as he passed her.

Buffy could feel the warmth of his large hand through the leather of her skirt, where he once again cupped her hip. He led them to the table. They were joined a few minutes later by the Slayerettes. They had waited for Jeff to come out of the men's room. When he didn't, a couple of his friends had gone in after him, only to come out a few minutes later supporting Jeff between them.

Jeff had a bloody nose, swollen lip and a large bruise forming on his right cheek. He was wet from the neck up, and his right arm limply at his side.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, everyone uncertain of what to say. Finally Buffy broke the awkward quiet. "Thanks, Gi-Ripper." She flashed him a shy smile.

"You are most welcome, Luv." Her cheeks tinted pink. Between his low growly tone, calling her "Luv", and his arm along the back of her chair, she was getting a warm feeling low in her stomach.

The others had exchanged puzzled looks during this exchange, but finally decided to just go with the weirdness. "Um, Ripper," said Xander tentatively. When Ripper looked at him with a friendly grin, Xander continued. "Have you been here long?"

Buffy and Ripper exchanged a long look, silently agreeing that earlier was to be kept private. "Long enough," he finally answered.

"I see," said Xander, although it was clear that he didn't.

They sat for a few more minutes, adjusting to the situation, finally relaxing enough to chat normally.

It was Oz who mentioned what they had all noticed. "Nice costumes. Very coordinated." He indicated Buffy and Giles' matching black leather.

Xander eagerly picked up the thread of the conversation. "Yeah. What are you guys suppose to be anyway? Ripper and, what, Ripper's girl?"

Buffy felt the heat rise in her cheeks. Then she felt Giles' hand at the center of her back and relaxed into it. "Weren't you surprised?" She asked perkily.

"Well, yeah," Xander replied. He wasn't sure that he believed that the matching costumes were intentional. But Anya leaned towards him, displaying quite a bit of cleavage, and he was distracted. After a little more conversation, Xander and Anya got up to dance.

Willow shot concerned looks at Buffy. Buffy, however, was shooting sideways looks at Ripper, and didn't notice Willow. Feeling ignored, Willow frowned, but she perked up as she realized what was going on. She looked at Oz, who had his usual inscrutable expression. But he winked at her. She practically bounced in her seat, until Oz took her to dance.

Buffy and Ripper sat at the table in an uncomfortable silence. "I'm fine, if you want to go back." She rested her hand on his knee and looked up at him, her green eyes wide with sincerity.

"It's all right, Luv." His hand moved from where it rested in the middle of her back up to the nape of her neck. She felt a shiver work it's way up her spine. As his hand cupped her neck, his thumb drew light circles on the back of her neck, just below her hairline. The warmth of his hand on her bare skin was radiating through her entire body, causing a melting feeling that while pleasant, was a little strange.

Her hand on his knee tightened a little and his hand moved to cover hers. "Ripper?" She asked hesitantly.

"Yes, Luv?" There it was again. That low growly tone, doing strange things to her insides, And if he called her "Luv" again, she wouldn't be responsible for her actions.

She leaned towards him. "Can I ask you a personal question?"

He couldn't help but be intrigued. "Of course, Luv."

She opened her mouth, but, before she could say anything, the others returned to the table, breathless, and laughing. "Well, " Xander began. "The story's making the rounds. Getting more and more outrageous."

"Oh, no." Buffy wailed.

But Willow rushed to reassure her. "No, Buffy, it's fine, really. The way it goes now, is that your large, and might I add jealous, boyfriend, defended your virtue from some boy trying to force his attentions on you. You are coming across very well. Jeff is not. It seems that he assaulted a girl once, and.." Here Oz interrupted her.


"Whatever. No charges were ever filed, but people remember. And when he tried that with you, well, Ripper showed him what for." She grinned at Giles impishly. "Yay Ripper."

"Yay Ripper," Buffy echoed. She processed what Willow had said. "Really?"

"Really. A lot of the others have seen Giles. They can guess what kind of man he is. You know, Tweed, yadda, yadda, yadda. So, the costume really come across as a 'costume'," Willow stressed the word. "Which umbrella's over on to yours. They're all saying how they knew you weren't that kind of a girl, and so on. It's very cool."

Buffy's smile lit the room. She turned her glowing eyes on Rippper. "Thank you." She said past the lump in her throat. Impulsively, she kissed his cheek.

"It's always a pleasure to assist a lady." His cheeks were pink now. Buffy smiled to see that, and at his words.

Further conversation was forestalled by the arrival of Ripper's two lady friends.

Buffy felt her body tense as she looked at the two women. Xander and Willow just stared blankly at them, Anya was oblivious, and Oz, well, Oz looked mildly interested.

Ripper stood up as the women stopped at the table. "Laura, Karen." He greeted them, nodding at each in turn. The two men that they were leaving with stood several feet away, as the women smiled warmly at Ripper.

Karen (the witch) spoke for the both of them. "We sort of heard about what happened. "

"Exaggerated I assure you." He grinned.

"Maybe. Still, we understand that you, well, had things to deal with. We're leaving now." Her tone clearly said that all he had to do was say the word, and the two guys were history.

"I see." He could hear the loud silence behind him, and almost laughed at the situation. "I don't think I'm finished here." He said regretfully.

"If you're sure," Laura said reluctantly.

He nodded, then kissed each of their right hands, and wished them a lovely evening.

When they left, and he sat back down, Xander was staring at him in awe. Willow looked perplexed. Anya was still oblivious. Buffy was smiling one of her 1000-watt smiles, and Oz was, well, Oz. Although his non-expression seemed almost approving.

Xander tried to speak. "Did they, were you, b-both of, with, but, but, Giles?" His world was askew, and he needed Giles to fix it.

Unfortunately, Giles had the night off, and it was Ripper's wicked grin that answered him. Xander's jaw dropped. Then the awe returned. "You're my new hero." Anya frowned at him, so he hastily added. "You rocked earlier. You know, with Buff, and the loser squad."

Ripper decided to rescue him. "I counted rather heavily on you and Oz watching the door for me. Thank you."

"You did? You counted on us?" Xander couldn't keep the goofy grin off of his face. "Well, I guess that's fair, since we count on you."

Ripper put his arm back around Buffy's chair, which seemed closer to his than it had before. He frowned at her in confusion, but she just looked up at him innocently. He shook his head to clear it.

Willow spoke to Buffy. "Are you going to patrol tonight?"

Buffy hesitated before answering. "I guess I should."

"Yeah, no matter how quiet hallowe'en is suppose to be, it never is."

"Actually, Buffy, you needn't patrol." Giles interjected.

"But, Giles, there's always something." Buffy said.

"True. And that 'something' always seems to find you, no matter what. I don't think you really need to go and look for it." They all laughed, until the truth of his words really sunk in, and the laughter faded. They all sighed in unison.

There was more dancing, then Buffy decided that it was time for her to go. Despite Giles' words, she thought a quick sweep of the park would be a good idea.

Since he got up to leave when she did, she thought that he agreed with her. He put his arm around her waist as they walked to the door, and whispered in her ear. "I thought it best for us to leave together. I hope you agree?" She nodded and they emerged outside.

They hit the cemeteries and the park, finding only two vampires. Buffy dusted one and Ripper took the other one. That was the only sign of unlife they found.

After they had finished, Buffy found herself looking for an excuse to go back to his place with him. She finally preyed on his Watcherness. "I'm too keyed up to sleep."

Her Watcher kicked in. "Perhaps a cup of tea would soothe you?" He offered.

"That's a great idea, Ripper." She had continued to call him Ripper, trying to reinforce it in his mind. She was fairly sure that Ripper would be willing to explore some subjects that she was certain Giles would not. 

Buffy waited as Ripper unlocked the door to his condo. Once opened, he herded her ahead of him with a casual hand to the small of her back. He hung up his leather jacket and held out his hand for hers. She slipped out of it, and handed it to him. She stood, suddenly chilled in the absence of her jacket.

He turned to face her, his eyes dropped to her chest; he blinked and swallowed, quickly averting his eyes. Buffy looked down to see what had disconcerted him. Her nipples stood at attention, showing clearly through her tank top.

She knew that she should be embarrassed, but couldn't prevent the smile of satisfaction that her Watcher was not unaffected by her body. He moved to pass her, heading for the kitchen. She boldly put her hand to his chest to stop him. "I really am sorry about your, um, 'friends'." She was trying to show him her maturity and open mindedness about such matters.

His hand covered hers. "It's quite all right, Buffy. Some things are much more important."

"Thanks. But that was probably a lifelong fantasy for you. And it got ruined." She pouted. Then cocked her head to one side at his expression. It was not quite a smirk. It puzzled her for a few seconds then the proverbial light bulb went on over her head. "Oh. I see. You've already, oh." She felt like an idiot. Her faced flamed.

"Buffy," he began, his hand once more holding her hip. "Don't be, er, embarrassed. There is no way that you could have known. Nor, in fact, have given the matter any thought whatsoever."

"And yet." Was her breathless response.

He felt the heat rise on his neck. "Y-you've thought about.? Why?"

"Ripper." She replied simply, thinking that would be adequate. But his perplexed face said otherwise. "I wondered what sort of naughty things that he would have done. Pretty strange, huh?"

"Perhaps." He replied, still a little confused. He couldn't fathom why Buffy would give any thought to his past, to Ripper. The only thing that he could come up with was that she was interested in his wicked past, because it gave them some common ground. He knew that she felt that she was not the model of virtue that she thought she ought to be. That was why his comments earlier had bothered her so. "Back in my Ripper days, there wasn't a hell of a lot that I wouldn't do." He said flatly. Surprising her with his bluntness, and by not referring to Ripper as if he were another person altogether.

"You don't usually do that. Say 'I', instead of 'he'."

Green eyes stared into green eyes as he contemplated his reply. "No. I've spent far too many years attempting to distance myself from what I was. But, I know you. I trust you. I can be honest with you, if no one else."

"Yes." She breathed the word, inching closer to him. "Honest is good. So, what sort of naughty things did you do? Nothing, you know, painful."

His hand tightened on hers. "Such as? What do you want to know, Luv?"

She bit her lower lip, not wanting to shock him. But the glint in his eyes reassured her. "Where's the most daring place you ever, um, you know?"

"Shagged?" She nodded. "Let's see, daring, um a pub."

"A pub? A bar?" Her eyes were wide when he nodded. "Was it crowded?"

"Very." The glint in his eyes was more pronounced.

"Did you, um, were you sort of in the back, or in a hallway or something?"

"No. Sitting in a chair by the pool tables."

"Sitting in a, huh?" He raised his eyebrow at her. "How?" Both of his eyebrows were up now.

"Well, I was sitting, and she straddled my lap."

"Oh." She said, her voice small. She frowned, trying to work it out in her mind, not quite able to.

Ripper was at a loss. On the one hand, this entire conversation was highly inappropriate. On the other, he couldn't help but be thrilled by her interest. On the first hand, he was standing far too close to her to have this conversation. But, he couldn't make himself move away from her.

She looked up into his eyes. "I don't think I understand. S-show me?"

Ripper felt all of the blood in his body move south. He couldn't have heard her correctly. "W-what?"

"Could, would you show me?" She licked her lips, and moved closer, so that their still joined hands brushed against her chest. She felt his sharp intake of breath. "Or, would it be inappropriate, because you think of me as a daughter?" There, she'd brought it out, now it was up to him.

"Ah, B-Buffy.."

"Don't you want to, Ripper?"

He just stood there and stared at her, as the words by-passed his brain and went straight to his groin.  He wasn't certain what the correct answer was. His hand on her hip tightened, pulling her closer still. She saw Giles struggle for a few seconds, conscience and desire at war. Fearing that conscience would win, she played her trump card. She looked up him, green eyes wide, lower lip in a full pout, and said, "please?"

He could only nod, as he moved away from her and searched for an acceptable chair. He took her hand and led her over to the dining room table. He pulled it out, and sat down. He turned her to face him. "She sat facing me." He finally said, looking up at her. Not quite suggesting anything, leaving it totally up to her. Buffy spread her legs a little and moved over him. Her skirt making it impossible to sit, causing her legs to be flush against his.

"This doesn't seem to be right." She said with a reassuring smile at him.

"N-no, not quite." He moved very slowly, as if afraid that he would frighten her. He put his hands once again on her hips, then slid them down to the edge of her skirt. He carefully inched it up, until she could straddle his lap. He gasped as she did so, and he could feel her warmth above him.

She moved tentatively on his lap, working through the logistics of this. She could feel his penis stirring to life beneath her, and didn't even try to deny the answering thrill within her. She had wanted this for a long time. Even longer than she would ever be willing to admit. "Like this?" She finally asked, her voice husky.

"Of course, yes more or less like this."

She grinned at his slip, then scooted a little further towards him. "More or less like this? What else?" Her breathing and heartrate were both speeding up, and she could hear his breath pick up. He swallowed convulsively, then seemed to snap out of it. His gaze on her steadied, now totally on control.

He shifted lower in the chair and she felt his erection pressing firmly against her. She felt a tightening down low in her stomach, and she knew he could tell how excited she was getting. He started to move against her, slowly, teasingly, his hands on her hips steady, holding her as he brushed his hard length against the entrance to her body.  She rested her hands on his shoulders, feeling the muscles there shift as he did.

"This is still not quite right, isn't it?" She asked, her tone no longer teasing, her voice very low.

He looked at her, trying to gauge whether or not she was trying to drive him crazy or if she was serious. Her eyes met his, desire, love and the tiniest bit of fear plain for him to read. "Not quite, Luv. There are a few bits of clothing in the way. For a thorough, um, demonstration, they would need to be moved." Again he left it up to her.

She moved so that her mouth was right next to his ear, and breathed, "show me."

His hand on her right hip moved so that it was between them, sliding under the edge of her skirt, between her thighs, under her panties. She gasped as he touched her intimately, his long fingers caressing her, eliciting moans and sharp cries from her throat. One finger entered her and his thumb circled her clit. She was moving against him, her head thrashing from side to side, lost in the pleasure that he was bringing her. She knew that she was getting close, but she moved her hand to stop him. Her eyes demanding that he show her the rest.

He nodded slightly, then moved his hand away from her to his jeans. He unzipped them and carefully eased himself out. Buffy's eyes widened when she saw him, and then she swallowed. She reached out a hand to touch him, her eyes darting to his for permission. He clasped her hand and guided her to encircle him.

She couldn't believe how warm it was, large and throbbing in her hand. She squeezed experimentally, and was rewarded by his indrawn breath. His penis seemed to grow harder as she held it. He gently removed her fingers, cupped her face and pulled her towards him for their first kiss. Buffy felt herself melting as his lips teased and coaxed hers. His tongue probing her mouth with familiarity. She felt him lift her a little, and shift beneath her, and then she felt his tip seeking entry. She moved a little to give him better access, and felt him slide in, a little at a time, until his entire length was buried in her.

His lips left hers as he put his mouth to her ear and whispered to her. "Imagine that we're in a crowded pub, there are several people around, probably aware of what we're doing but not certain; unable to actually see anything." His words excited her almost as much as his body was. She couldn't hold back her orgasm, and let it wash over her.

He waited until she relaxed against his chest, then held her to him and stood, still within her. She wrapped her legs around him, and dropped kisses on his neck and the parts of his chest that she could get to under the edge of his shirt. He braced her against the door, and pulled his shirt over his head.

She ran her fingers through his chest hair as he began to thrust into her. She moaned as he pulled most of the way out of her, only to thrust completely back in. He did it again and again picking up speed until he felt her walls once again tighten around him. Only then did he allow himself to release his tenuous control, thrusting faster and faster until he growled "Buffy", as he emptied himself in her. He held her still against the door as he covered her face and neck with kisses.

She felt him slip out of her with a profound sense of loss. She wondered how long before he would be able to do it again. <Only one way to find out> she thought as she ardently returned his kisses, her hands cupping his butt.

His hands went to the bottom of her shirt, and he pulled it off of her and then he unfastened her bra and threw it over his shoulder. His eyes feasted on her, as his hands moved to reverently touch her warm flesh. After a few minutes, he lifted her back up. Once her breasts were level with his mouth, he sucked and nibbled on each in turn, until they were achingly hard.  Then he slid her down his body, keeping contact the entire time.

He took her hand and led her to the back of the sofa. She looked up him in confusion, but trusted that he knew what he was doing. He turned her away from him, and gently pushed her shoulders so that she was bent over the sofa. Then he slid her panties down her legs, and her skirt followed.

She saw him step out of his chaps and then the jeans. Suddenly his hardness was once more seeking her welcoming softness. "Ripper," she said as he filled her. He moved tortuously slow, one of his hands on her hip, the other on her clit, making small circles.

She pushed back against him, forcing him to increase his speed. She could hear his breath coming in gasps, just as hers was. Suddenly he stiffened inside her, and she felt him tremble; trying to hold on for her. She let go and came with him.

Several minutes later, having regained their breath, they stood looking at each other. She leaned up and kissed him. He held her to him, as he breathed in the scent of her hair. "Buffy, I.."

She cut him off. "I know that you do, Giles. I love you, too."

He snorted, then spoke. "You just couldn't stand it, could you, Luv? Letting me have my say first."

"You know me."

"Yes, as a matter of fact I do." He smiled.

Her eyes got misty. "And you love me anyway. I'll never understand. "

"Don't try. Just accept that I do."

"Yes." He held her even tighter. When she spoke, it was into his chest. "Ripper?"

"Yes, Buffy?"

"P-promise me that you'll be here in the morning when I wake up?"

"Wake up? Sweetheart, I'll still be making love to you come morning." And he swept her into his arms, and took her up the stairs.

***The next morning***

The Slayerettes let themselves into Giles' place. No one had answered their knocks, and they were just a little worried.

"Willow, I think you're overreacting," said Xander.

"Buffy didn't come home last night. I know that they were going to patrol, and since when does Giles not answer his door?" She was obviously quite concerned.

Anya spoke up. "She has a point. What can it hurt to.?" She was interrupted by Giles' voice from upstairs.

"Dammit, untie me so that I can hold you." His voice demanded of someone. Buffy's voice answered him.

"Oh God, Ripper, it's too late. Ooooohhhh GOD! Giiiiles!"

The Slayerettes looked at each other, eyes wide. They turned as one and quietly left Giles' place, locking the door behind them