Tenderly Ripped Apart
By Cap

Title: Tenderly Ripped Apart
Author: Cap
Distribution: You want it, It's yours
Disclaimer: Joss owns everything, Don't sue
Rating: I Really suck at this I figure solo will go with an R to NC-17
Spoilers: Yup, First, second, Third season. It also acknowledges the existence of the forth season but that's basically it.
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Note: A couple of things. One, in a sealed air tight room the more you breath the hotter it gets. This is because of the buildup of carbon dioxide in the air. Two, I've dated three Biters in my life, so I know some of you do this, don't flame. For some reason when I wrote this Buffy struck me as being a Biter. Three, I was doing a major dose of caffeine from hour 6 to 9 so I might not have been to coherent. I know I will miss something while this is safe in my comp. But the minute it gets posted I'll spot a million mistakes. (This always happens to me.) So please don't rub it in. Thanks.

1ST Hour: Tick Tack Toe

Buffy paced in the confined tomb blaming herself for her stupidity. She had been lured into a trap. She was now locked in some kind of ancient vault underground. What was worse was the others were out of town. They had gone to LA to see Oz play a gig there. There would be no help on the way. She looked at her watcher leaning against the wall. That was what really hurt. He was trapped with her. If she died he would die too. No! She would escape. Giles can't die. She stopped short as she realized if it were not for his presence she would have given up long before now.

Giles stood watching as she paced. Buffy didn't respond well to being locked up. He had to get her out of here. There had to be a way. He closed his eyes. They could be stuck here for hours, he would not even let himself think that she would not be rescued. He was sweating. Buffy had deposited her jacket because of the sickly heat of the room. Giles couldn't pretend not to notice that she wore no bra under her tank top. He had closed his eyes afraid to look at her. He could still smell her perfume. As the minutes ticked by it slowly mixed with her sweat. He had to get out of here.

She studied him. He looked like he was in pain. His eyes were closed, and he was sweating profusely in his tweed suite. "Giles you have to take off your jacket or something, the heat will kill you." She felt her stomach twist as desire pooled in her belly as she moved close to him. His skin was slick. She could smell the familiar masculine scent of him. When he opened his eye's the desire was so strong in them that it made the heat in her stomach flow down between her thighs.

"I'm fine for now Buffy." His voice was harsher then he meant it to be as he watched a bead of sweat slide down her neck. When it reached her collarbone he forced his eyes shut. "Okay, if you say so." Buffy said weakly as she settled in next to him. He could sense her gaze on him. He couldn't look. He was hurting. His eyes open. The look in Buffy's eyes is enough to cause his heart to stop. She looks at him her mouth open slightly as her breath comes in soft breaths. Her eyes are lost in a war between desire and duty. He knows the feeling.

Buffy was quiet. She knew this was a place they both agreed not to go. They could tear down everything. Their life balanced on maintaining this one relationship. She thought about Angel. Her security blanket. Her obsession was basically gone. It was hard to make yourself love someone when they weren't there anymore. She had to make herself feel anything for Angel beyond lust and friendship. It was still safer then going with the feeling's she was covering. That night in the car had been the hardest. She had cried in his arms. The only thought in her mind was that she had chose the wrong man. She just didn't want to admit it. She didn't know how he felt then. They had to stay away from those feelings or they would go insane.

He knew what she was thinking. She shouldn't. This was the wrong place for it. He almost felt like laughing. This was the wrong lifetime for it. He was her watcher. Even if the council disagrees, he was her watcher. He was born with one single purpose, to serve Buffy. He felt the weight settle on his heart again as he concentrated on his breathing. Listening to it. Willing it to slow. He felt more control now. At least outwardly. That was what mattered. He could see from the corner of his eye that she kept casting sidelong glances at him. She had too much time to think. He had to distract her. Buffy and too much deep thought was something he knew was painful. She would guilt trip herself into insanity if he let her. "Do you want to play a game." She looked at him in surprise. "What kind of game." He looked around him. He used to enjoy word association with his mates when he was bored. He really didn't want to play that with Buffy, to many doors that didn't need opening. He took two pencils from his pocket. "Tick tack toe?" She took a pencil from him. "Okay." He began to trace a game of tick tack toe in the dust of the floor.


2END Hour: Chocolatey Goodness

Buffy traced a line through her three Os. "I win!" She smiled at her watcher. She was really tired of playing this game, but had long ago realized it was strictly for her peace of mind. Giles gave her a soft smile. She marveled at her watcher. This was as absurd as it got. She wondered what the first game he had thought of was. She could read his mind pretty well. He had disregarded an idea before going with this one. She couldn't help but be curious. Especially after seventy-two games of tick tack toe.

Giles smiled to himself. Mission accomplished. He watched her as she worked thoughts through her mind. It didn't matter, it wasn't the worried guilty thoughts of a slayer. They were what Buffy called 'happy non-thoughts'. She chewed on the end of her pencil as random musings filtered this way and that. Sometimes she would laugh to herself. He couldn't help the warm feeling when she did that. He felt his stomach had grown and wondered when the last time Buffy had eaten was. He searched through his pockets finding a sweet. He handed the candy bar to Buffy. She lit up unwrapping it making an ‘mmmmh’ sound as she did. Then she stopped. She looked up at him, broke off a hunk then held it out to him. He shook his head, she needed her energy and this was not the healthiest of meals anyway. She just got that determined look on her face. She took the hunk she had broken off and started eating it. She wrapped the rest up in the wrapper sitting it on his leg saying "Yours" as she continued to eat her piece.

She was hungry. He had to be. She hated when he did that. That's right Buffy here is everything for you, no I don't need anything. He was probably starving, and the only food they had was for her alone. She knew it was a sweet gesture, but it pissed her off! He could take a moment for himself every once in a while. God, he always made sure she did. The chocolate was all gooey and she started to lick it off her finger tips. That's when she noticed him watching her intently. She didn't know what possessed her she reached up to his mouth. She stuck one finger to his lips covered in chocolate. "Taste." It came out as a command, but she knew he picked up on the feeling behind it as he sucked the chocolate from her fingers. She felt herself becoming aroused and the danger signal went off in her mind. She took her finger away just saying "See, you do need to eat." She wanted him. She knew she had loved him. She had even wanted him for some time now. She could fight it. Even though she knew that he felt the same, they were watcher and slayer. They had to hold onto that relationship. If they allowed themselves to give in they would regret it. Fate would not let them off the hook because they were in love. The heat and the situation though was making it harder. She knew already. She just had to hear him confirm it. Just once. "Giles, please tell me, just this once. What Quentin said about you loving me like a father. He was wrong, and I was right. What I knew when I came back and saw you is true."

He stared at her. He didn't have to ask what she meant. He had felt it. She had known his feelings for her were love the minute he had opened the door and said 'welcome home Buffy’; he had known when he looked in her face then that she felt it too. It was the cause of the pain when she had hid Angel from him. It was what had caused the tears the night of the test when he had cleaned her wounds. They knew even then. They would never be able to have this thing that had grown between them. It just was not possible for watchers and slayers. She had asked him. She had broken the silent agreement between them, and he found he could not deny her even this. "Yes." She stared at him for moments after that then quietly said. "Thank you." Then she started to sob. She leaned into him. He took her in his arms rubbing her back and stroking her hair until she cried herself to sleep in his arms.


3RD Hour: No Release

He sat cradling her in his arms, his hand rubbing her back. His comforting strokes had long become the caress of a lover. He knew he had to stop. He couldn't, she was his even if just for this moment. He couldn't let go. He knew the second she woke. She sat still. He felt the hardening of her nipples through his own shirt. He moved to take his hand from around her, but her own clutched at his upper arm holding it in place as her breath became pants.

His shirt was wet against her cheek. His hand at her back was sending tingles through her spine. She felt her heart brake and melt all at the same time. She needed to get up. She just didn't want to. Her hand flexed at his arm, and she noticed he still wore his jacket. She looked up at him suddenly. He hadn't shed any clothes yet. He was drenched. She started to shove the jacket off his shoulders. Her hand then came up to his forehead as she ignored his protests. He was too hot. She started unbuttoning his shirt dexterously avoiding his own hands trying to stop her. "Your too hot Giles. You need to..." She stopped as her chest brushed against his while she shoved his shirt down his arms. She left it around his wrists as her hands came to his bare chest. She ran her fingers through his his hair and over his nipples. She could feel his body react as his head involuntary leaned back. His eye's closing. His skin was slick and warm, before she knew what she was doing she had leaned down her mouth meeting his bare flesh as she licked a bead of sweat into her mouth.

Giles could feel her mouth on him. He was lost. His strength rapidly diminishing. "Buffy!" She ignored him instead choosing to fasten her lips and tongue onto his right nipple. Her hands tracing through his chest hair to his shoulders and down his arms. "B-Buffy, you have too stop!" She continued her actions. On of her hands splayed out on his stomach moving down as her mouth started a wet trail across his chest to his left nipple. "Please."

She stopped. One word, but it had been filled with so much pain, longing, and suffering. He had said it so softly, begging her to release him. She stood, she could no more release him then he could release her. She felt herself getting ready to cry. The emotions were too intense here. It was just getting hotter, and no one was coming to rescue them. She couldn't move the stone from the door and there was no way to get out. She paced trying to clear her mind. She was not going to cry. She wouldn't do that to him. Instead she went to work on the stone. She punched, she kicked, she pushed, she pulled. She hadn't done anything. It hadn't even moved a little. She sat in the sultry heat. She sat on the opposite wall from him.

He watched her. She was running thought after thought through her head. Trying to find clarity in a situation that was best not dwelled upon. He couldn't think of a damn thing to say to her. He leaned his head back against the wall. His breathing wouldn't even out on him. His heart was still beating fast. He accepted it he was not going to regain control after this. He just had to sit. Try to find some thought in his mind that would replace the feel of her. He would simply wait for her to sort out her thoughts. The territory in here was too dangerous for him to tread at the moment.


4TH Hour: Quotes

The silence was killing her. The heat was just making it worse. She could feel him. Hear his breath from across the room. "What do you think this place was." She said trying to make safe conversation, unable to stand the silence anymore. "Fall out shelter maybe." She looked around. "A little small. Plus I don't think they come with huge boulders for doors." He looked around adjusting his glasses. They had started to fog on him. "Well, whatever it was it clearly hasn't been used for many years." She looked around trying to come up with something to talk about. "I miss the library." He looked at her. "Do you?" She found his reaction of surprise almost insulting. "Well yeah, I mean it was our place. It was where I had a lot of happy memories. You know what I would love to be doing right now. I would love to sit at the old table. While you poured me tea out of that thermos of yours then sat on the other side of the table. We used to talk. You would always look so tired though. I really worried about that. When Wesley showed up part of me was kinda’ happy that he could maybe lighten your workload. Unfortunately he was completely incompetent." She realized she was rambling, but she was sure he still worked himself to death. The realization that she hadn't been around as much as before hurt. She couldn't help it. She couldn't just go to his place and sit alone with him the way she had in the library.

Giles couldn't help laughing. She had the most remarkable way of saying something. She would hit him rapid fire, going from angry to nostalgic to concerned to insulting Wesley in one breath. He smiled remembering all the times she had spent sitting there on the edge of the table swinging her legs watching him work. She would try and start a conversation. Boredom was another thing Buffy didn't handle well. He laughed again. She gave him a smile and a look. "What?" He grinned at her. "Any demons with high cholesterol." She laughed at that as she remembered. "See I told you that you'd think about that later and laugh. Of coarse I figured it would be a little sooner then a year later." He smiled at her. "The whole nine yards. Nine yards of what? Now it's going to bug me all day." He started to laugh again. "Hey, you don't know either so there." He looked at her still laughing. "Yes I do."

She stared at him trying not to laugh, but couldn't keep it up while he was. "What is it then?" She asked him challengingly. "Cloth. A bolt of cloth is nine yards long. If you don't want the tailor to cut it then you want the whole nine yards." She stared at him in amazement. "You knew that just off the top of your head." He laughed harder. "No, I looked it up after you mentioned that. Your not the only one who gets things stuck in their head." She smiled at the thought of her watcher sitting there lost in research for the answer to the question what is the whole nine yards. She settled her gaze on him with an impish smile. Two could play this game. "Do you want me to answer that or should I just glare." He looked humbled, then said. "I bet you were still late." She looked at him. "Hey at least I showed, You were supposed to bring the weapons." His smile grew wider. "And you were supposed to bring the party mix." She looked at him giggling.

"Welcome to the new world." He said a smile on his lips as he looked off into space. He glanced at Buffy as she sat with a confused look on her face. He could still see her saying that. It was amazing how much she had changed since then. Her face cleared of the confusion as comprehension dawned. "You remember that. I said that to you when Jesse was captured." He smiled slightly surprised in a way that she remembered at all. "You wore a black shirt, black slacks, a gold cross, and your hair was styled differently but still long. It was darker in color too." She blushed turning away from him. "Well, you were wearing tweed. You really do make this too easy for me. You also had your old glasses then. You know they were bigger frames then the ones now and brown." She nodded her head triumphantly at him. He remembered for a second the event of their destruction: Angel stomping them under foot as he tortured Giles. She noticed the change in his look at once.

She got up walked across the room and kneeled down in front of him. A soft smile played at her lips. "I told one lie, I had one drink." She said to him. He smiled at her remembering the frat party. "And you were very nearly devoured by a giant demon sna..." He never finished the sentence. She had leaned in suddenly kissing him. His arms automatically came to her back pulling her close. He flicked his tongue across her lips. She opened her mouth for him. Her own tongue exploring. Finally Giles broke away. "May-- May maybe we huh should find something else to do." She simply nodded her head panting. She sank down all the way to the floor sure she couldn't get back on her feet at the moment


5TH Hour: Dangerous Words

The quiet stretched unbearably between them. She sat next to him studying his profile. He could see her when he closed his eyes: Her smiles, her tears, her laughter. He felt he had spent a lifetime with the women next to him. He couldn't imagine his life without her in it. What would happen. What would she say if he just stopped fighting. He just wanted to share his life with her. Wasn't that what they had always done. Would this really be such a small step. He had promised never to hurt her again. He had made so many mistakes. He had come up short so many times. She deserved more then he could ever give her. She deserved more then him. Her hand slid into his. She entwined her fingers with his. The look on her face was a mirror of the way it had looked when he had first knew he loved her. He smiled seeing her standing there saying 'apart from being a little weird, is kinda okay'.

She looked at him smiling proud of herself. "I really hate when you do that whole lack of self confidence thing in your head Giles." She leaned against his shoulder looking at him as he blushed. She had made him think a happy thought when she had taken his hand. This was good, he would soon be in complete self loathing mode if she hadn't done something. Between her guilt and his confidence nosedives they made one hell of a couple. She giggled at that. Willow had told her the other day that it was strange how she always referred to her and Giles as a couple. She really didn't know any other way to describe them. <Two people with a deep emotional bond that hung around each other all day, went out at night together, fought and made up, knew each other better then anyone else, and after today I guess I could add serious smoochies to that list. Yup sounds like a couple to me. > Well, would it be that big of a jump? Really if they made the move from slaying to dating who would really notice.

Buffy was introspective. Giles let her move along her train of thoughts, as she didn't seem to be on one of her guilt trips. He leaned into her as her arm curled around his arm. She gave him a lazy smile as they sat quietly enjoying a moment of peace. It wasn't the best circumstances for it, but in their life you learned to take what you could get.

She gave a slight sigh then asked. "What was the first game Giles?" He looked at her confused. "What?" She smiled rising enough that she could look him in the face, but still lean against him. "When you were thinking of a game to play you had an idea then you dropped it. That's when you said tic tack toe. So, what was the other game?" He sighed. He thought about not telling her, but she nudged his arm and gave him a look. "Word association." She furrowed her brow. "What?" He shook his head. "It's a game from when I was in collage. I say a word and you say the first word that comes into your mind then I say the first word that comes into my mind from your word and you go back and forth till someone goes blank." He wasn't about to tell her that they used to play this game after passing around Ethan's bong.

"Cool, lets play it." Giles looked at her hesitant about the idea. She gave him a look saying she wasn't about to let it drop. He nodded his head giving in, she smiled sitting up and turning where she could face him. She still held his hand though he noticed. "Okay you start." He thought for a second. He pictured Buffy on prom night and smiled. "Dress."







"Me" She froze after saying it. He was also looking very awkward. "I guess that means I win." He gulped and nodded. She sat trying to think of anything to say finally saying. "Well let’s go again." She sat looking at him so he thought about her last word and said. "You"



"Hospital" She said with a giggle.



"Together" He screwed his eye's shut in embarrassment at what he had just blurted out. He looked at her. She was looking very awkward and stunned. She had a hand on the front of her tank top pulling it back and forth fanning herself. "Um...Uh maybe I....maybe I should start this time." She said at last. He just mutely nodded his head. " Okay, um....Red"











"Yes. Oh! wait...I meant...I..I..." He trailed off blushing. She was blushing too. They were both breathing hard and when she noticed there hands still intertwined she pulled back hers like she had been shocked. "I...I think I'll go over there for a while." She went to the other side of the room wishing the moisture between her thighs would just go away.


6TH Hour: Wall's Come Tumbling Down.

Buffy sat on the opposite side of the room from him. She gave him the time he needed to compose himself. She studied him. He looked around the room trying to find any means of getting her out. She could read his mind through his face. He was embarrassed. <Why wouldn't he be, he had basically admitted that she gave him a hard on. > "Giles, you want me." He started. "Buffy, we need to concentrate on escape at the moment." She watched as he looked anywhere, but at her. "Don't care." She said tonelessly. "Giles, you want me." He just got quiet and stared at her. She got up walked over to him, then kneeled in front of him. "You look at me, and you want me." she said matter of factly. She stared at his eyes intently. "All you ever had to do was let me know." She remained unmoving waiting for him to react. When he didn't she said. "Just grabbed my hand when I was at your place. Taken me to your bed. I wouldn't have stopped you. Just a kiss in the library, and I would of been yours. You try and hide from me. You can't fool me. I don't even remember why we started pretending in the first place, but I am tired of it. Tired of duty. Tired of watchers. Tired of slayers. Tired of vampires. Tired of destines. Tired of fighting." She looked at him so intensely that he could feel her gaze prickling his skin. "I love you, Buffy." She was stunned. Then she jumped to her feet punching the wall with her fist. "Damn it Giles, why couldn't you just leave after you stuck me with that fucking needle! Why can't you just give up! You’re free! Why couldn't you just go be happy!" She screeched at him. She was trying to fight the thumping in her chest. She wanted him out there happy. She didn't need him here dyeing slowly with her. She needed him happy. She needed him in her arms. The last thought nearly broke her on the spot as he started to yell.

"What else is there for me! Where would I go! How the bloody hell am I supposed to live without you! Tell me!" He stood, his breath coming out in short quick pants. He was shaking with rage, and his hands were around Buffy's wrists. She looked at him. She stared in amazement at him. He was scaring himself, and was sure he had scared her. He sank to his knees. "I'm sorry." She dropped down next to him. Taking his head and placing it in her lap she began to stroke his hair.

Buffy had felt no fear when he had grabbed her. He was screaming and enraged, but when she looked in his eyes, all she had seen was love. She had seen passion in his eye's before. This had been more though. Their had been no restraint. She felt happy somewhere inside. She was the one. His one. He had loved before, but Buffy had seen it in his eyes. She was the one, the one true love of his life. She had brought all that passion to life in him. All that emotion was for her. No one else could be what she was to him, and it made her happy inside to know this. She smiled softly stroking his hair. He's the one, her one.


7TH Hour: Finally

Buffy and Giles lay on the floor in the heat. Exhausted emotionally, and physically. She was holding him so tight he thought he would stop breathing. The heat and sweat had plastered her top to her body, and he stroked her back holding her like she was the most precious thing in the world. She was to him. He closed his eyes. She raised her head looking at him. "I love you." With that said she rose up to a sitting position and pulled the top over her head. Throwing it to the side she moved on top of him and began to kiss him tenderly as his hands caressed her body.

The kiss became passionate as his hands kneaded her breasts his thumbs teasing her nipples. They rolled apart hurriedly removing what was left of their clothing. When done they embraced again Buffy rolling onto her back as Giles mouth found her breasts. Their hands moved over each other’s bodies exploring. The passion only enhanced by the fact that this first time could also be the last. Buffy moaned Giles’ name as his finger entered her at the same time he gently bit her right nipple. Her hand moved to his penis. Encircling him she ran her thumb across the tip causing him to gasp against her breast. His mouth moved down her stomach. His finger left her and even as she looked down to ask what was wrong she felt his mouth on her. She let out a shaky breath. Angel hadn't done that. She was certain she would remember this she thought as she felt the pleasure building to a head. He increased the pressure slightly and heard Buffy begin to pant as her hips bucked under him. She yelled out as she came against his mouth. "Oh god, Giles!" He moved back up her body and brought his tip to her opening. He looked into her eyes. She smiled brushing the outside of his thighs with the inside of hers.

She wrapped her arms around him as he entered her. He let out a breath as he felt her move around him. Her legs wrapping around him as he began to thrust gently. They made love slowly at first. Then started to move against each other with more force. Buffy's teeth worked Giles shoulder as she came. The tightening causing that almost painful tingling that meant he was close. Then his release came, as every nerve in his body seemed to come alive at one point.

When he could finally speak he whispered. "I love you." Buffy rubbed her hand down his back. "I love you." He rolled to his side pulling her to him. He noticed a few sets of neat little rows, he hadn't been aware Buffy had an overbite. He laughed at his thought. She saw what he was looking at. "Sorry." He smiled at her. "That's quite all right. Your not a vampire and you didn't brake the skin." She settled back in against his shoulder


8TH Hour: Rescue

Buffy heard the noise. She sat up. She could hear Xander. It was faint, but she was sure it was him. She woke Giles. They heard the sounds getting louder. They quickly dressed and stood watching as the stone blocking the door moved away. When they where finally out she breathed a sigh thankful to be out of the heat.

When they were back at Giles apartment they tried to put everything together. "Okay so there was a note telling you where we were taped to Giles door." Buffy couldn't figure that one out. Willow nodded her head. "Yup, had instructions on how to use the crane to move the rock and everything." Buffy looked at the note. Giles placed a hand on her shoulder leaning over her to look at the note. "It is the same handwriting as the note that sent me and Buffy there to face a demon." They discussed it. Finally coming up with nothing they decided to sleep on it.

"You need a ride to the dorm Buffy?" Willow asked. "No, me and Giles have some stuff to talk about. If it gets to late I'll sack out on the couch." Buffy and Giles exchanged a long look at this. "Okay, Xander, Anya." Both Xander and Anya accepted the offer for the lift.

When everyone was gone Buffy looked at Giles. "Well, what's it going to be, cause I really don't want to go back to the way things were." Giles looked at her. "Buffy, If you want to try expanding our relationship to the romantic I...would be happier then I think I've ever been." She smiled as he laid her fears to rest. "I don't know you seemed pretty happy an hour or two back." He smiled at her as she walked past him to the stairs "Coming to bed Giles." His smile grew as he stood taking her hand when he reached the stairs. "Are you sure you want me Buffy." She looked at him knowing he was talking about life, not the sex. "Giles, I'm not going into this blind. I did that once before, it ended badly. I've seen your dark side, I've seen you fall, I've seen you at your worst. I've even seen you in that green checked thing you call a shirt. I got no complaints Giles. Now turn out the lights and come to bed." With that she turned and went up to the bed room.

Giles smiled. He turned to the wall flicking the switch. He walked to the lamp by the coffee table and noticed that the notes that had started this thing were gone. He stood looking around the room getting ready to search for the missing notes when a soft voice floated down the stairs. "Giles." He decided it could wait till morning.


In the back of Oz's van Anya stared at the two slips of paper in her purse. "Worked like a charm." She said to her self, closing her purse. Xander looked over at her. "What?" she just smiled and leaned into him. "Nothing. You know you guys underestimate me to much." She said then silenced Xanders next question with a kiss.