Researching Frustration
By Sha

Title: Researching Frustration
Author: Sha
Rating: ?? Strong R? Possible NC17
Disclaimer: Sorry, not mine. *damn!*
Spoliers: Season 4 vaguely season 5 strongly.
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Notes: Woohoooo. That's all, just a lot of woohooooo. Thanks to my beta reader, Nancy, for making this so much better! You rock.

Buffy looked up from the text she was studying and glanced at Giles again. Ever since she had asked him to be her watcher again, they had got closer and closer. Their relationship even better than the previous one they had shared. She had done a lot of growing up in the past year and she thought he had come to a better understanding of his place in her life and Sunnydale in general as well. She watched as he gave a small frown to the page he was reading, before licking the tip of the pencil with his tongue, in slow tortuous motion before- whoa! There she went with the weird thoughts again. She wasn't sure what was bringing them on, but they had been becoming more and more frequent.

Giles could feel Buffy's gaze on him again. Ever since she had asked him to return to his duties as her watcher, his hope that she could see him as a man grew as their relationship grew. In the past few weeks, she had even taken to staring at him when she didn't think he was watching. He enjoyed the way her eyes got big and her breath came in near pants as he would stick out his tongue to lick a pencil or caress the tabletop with his hand. She had really given him hope when she broke it off with Riley last month. Giles didn't like to say anything, but the boy had been becoming more and more possessive as of late.

If the heat was turned on in the shop she wished like hell Giles would turn it down. Buffy glanced sideways at her watcher once more before fanning herself as casually as possible. She really needed to tell Giles to quit wearing that damn earring. Not because he was so sexy in it she couldn't concentrate, no, that sure wasn't it. But because she may accidentally rip it off of him while training or something.

Casually, ever so casually, Giles reached up and lightly tugged the gold hoop at his ear. Buffy's eyes had become fastened to it a lot lately and if he correctly judged the look in her eyes, she liked it. He barely held back a chuckle as she fanned herself again. She hardly wore any clothing as it was, but he had turned the AC on and the weather outside was a nice sixty degrees. He wondered what was going through her mind as she stared in near rapture at his pencil again.

He would die if he knew what she was thinking about. That damn pencil and the way he held it. He practically made love to the damn thing. Which is what she was imagining right now in true Anya fashion. Him, taking that pencil in those wonderful fingers of his and then laying her naked body back on the tabletop, spreading her thighs wide and then running it along her....-

"Good lord, Buffy! What on earth is wrong?!"

The Slayer looked up at Giles in horrified confusion. Oh dear heavens, surely she hadn't.... "Umm, what?"

Taking in her flushed cheeks and over bright eyes, Giles thought again he would give her a quid for her thoughts. "Y-you moaned and it rather sounded as if it formed my name. Did you find something in the book of great importance, perhaps?"

Buffy could swear he was gloating and knew damn good and well that she hadn't found a damn thing in the book. Glaring at him, she merely shook her head and turned her attention back to the tome.

Giles stifled a laugh and tried to act concerned. "Well, something is wrong. You must admit it's rather unusual for one to suddenly moan out another's name for no reason."

"It.Was.A.Mistake. Leave it be, no big, okay?" Glaring at him impatiently, she made sure he saw the threat in her eyes before turning back to her research again.

This time, he was unable to hold back the chuckle. When her head jerked up again, he turned it into a cough and they both went back to their books.

Jerk. He had to know. He just felt sorry for her, or worse, found it amusing that she wanted him. Sighing, Buffy tried to stay the morose feeling, at least until the others showed up. God, it was still another hour before they got there. Now he was looking at her again. She could get so horny from just a glance. He smoldered when he gazed at her. Damn him.

Hmmm, perhaps he had teased a little too much. After all, she still hadn't found the courage to tell him anything, and he felt it improper, given their age differences, to 'make the move'- Or so the younger set called it. Maybe it would benefit him to ogle a bit and make her feel...dear lord! She was doing the ice across the chest thing again. Giles swallowed hard and watched in jealousy as she took the piece of ice and ran it across her chest and down the valley her breasts made at the top of her shirt. Forgetting himself, he groaned silently and began to fan himself.

"You okay Giles? Did you find something that...upset you?" She didn't even try to disguise the gleeful tone of her voice. He thought he was so smug and smart. Seeing his face turn a dull shade of crimson made her feminine pride take a boost back up.

"Fine. I'm just a bit...warm is all." Little tart. She knew exactly what she was doing and the reaction she was causing in him. Honestly, why she didn't just put them both out of their misery was a mystery to him. He was beginning to rethink his rather backwards notion and just grab the girl and throw her down on the tabletop then - Shit. Running a finger along his collar, Giles wished the others would come save him from this torture of being alone with Buffy but unable to touch her. This was getting rather maddening.

This was getting maddening. Why the hell didn't he just take her in his arms and throw her on the tabletop and then- great, now she was wet. Her thighs would probably swish with a wet sloppy sound when she walked. She was about to just make the move herself, the whole 'if I do, he will freak' thing be damned. She should have known better than to not wear underwear around Giles.

They sat there for another half hour, neither researching, though, to the naked, *blind* eye, they appeared to be. Buffy refused to get up and get another drink, she was afraid to put that thigh swishing theory to the test and Giles had gotten up so often, she was about to offer him frequent flier miles for his trips between the little bar across the room and the table they sat at.

He was starting on the pencil thing again. Lick, roll, lick, roll. God, how he could make rolling a pencil between two fingers so sexy was a mystery to her but she was starting to have that fantasy again. The one where he used the pencil to tease her nether lips apart and then, holding them open with the now wet pencil, lean down and run his tongue along her slit. Then, just has her moans escalated to near screams, he would- Fuck this! Slapping her hands down on the table, she shook those thoughts from her head. Just a few minutes more and the others would be here.

Giles jumped when Buffy slammed her hands down. He had been so lost in his fantasy of what he would do to her once he laid her out on top of the table that the intrusion sounded like a gunshot. He had just gotten to the part where he dipped his tongue in her warm tight hole and inserted his pencil into her b- No, that wasn't the place he needed his thoughts to go right now. Shooting his Slayer a dirty look, he tried to concentrate on the book in front of him. The others would be here any minute and with the state his pants were in, he wouldn't be able to hide his arousal from them. He should have known better than to not wear underwear around Buffy. He glanced up, catching Buffy's wide hazel eyes as he did.

They stared mesmerized, breath coming in shallow pants, mouths slightly open. Buffy unconsciously licked her bottom lip, causing Giles to lick his top. Slowly, without a thought, they leaned in to each other. Feeling his hot breath on her face, her heart skipped a beat, then tried to race out of her chest. Moaning, she brought her hands up and tangled them into his hair, bringing his mouth crashing down on hers.

Heaven, her mouth was pure heaven. Her lips so soft and full caressed his, teasing him with their plumpness. When her tongue reached out and sought entrance to his mouth, he nearly came.

Bliss, his mouth was pure bliss. His lips were so soft and wonderful, teasing and tempting her into seeking entrance inside his mouth. When her tongue peeked out to get it, she nearly came when he opened the sultry, seductive cavern to let loose a groan from deep within his chest.

He picked her up and dragged her skirt up with his hands, bringing it to her waist. He sat her on the table; never releasing her mouth and let his hands wander from her hips to waist. That's when he noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear.

She could have cried when he put her on the table, she had day dreamed of it for so long. She reached around his body and cupped his ass in her hands, pulling him in tight to her center. She fondled his back side, it was then she noticed he didn't have an underwear line through his jeans. He must not be wearing any.

Giles became impossibly hard at the thought. Stepping back a bit, he groaned yet again when he saw her curls peering out at him from her skirt. A bit of pre cum wet the front of his pants and he crushed her body to his again.

Buffy became impossibly wet at the thought. When he stepped back, she looked down and moaned again when she saw the circle of dampness on his jeans. As he crushed her to him again, she bit his neck and ground her heat against him.

Nearly mindless, Giles slipped her shirt down her shoulder and let his lips follow the descent it made. He lightly bit her collarbone, smiling against her skin when she drew a sharp breath. Licking along her neck, he slipped the other side of her shirt of its shoulder and kissed his way to the valley of her breasts.

Nearly dying of sexual tension, Buffy threw her head back as Giles kissed and licked the crease between her breasts. Her nipples were so hard; they hurt as they poked against her bra, begging for release. Reaching down, Buffy grabbed Giles belt and unfastened it, pulling it free of his pants as she did. Inserting a finger into the waistband of his blue jeans, she undid the button and pulled the zipper down, freeing the tip of his cock.

Giles gave up the pretense of this just being a groping session. Breaking free of Buffy, he tore his shirt off and kicked his shoes across the room. Smiling rather naughtily, he placed his hands on either side of his open jeans and raised an inquiring eyebrow at his sweltering Slayer.


A primal growl erupted from Buffy's lips as Giles pulled his jeans down to his ankles then bent down to remove them. She leaned over a bit to admire his backside as he finished removing the offending article. Grinning as he righted himself again, she crooked her finger at him.

Giles moved to lose himself in the embrace of his Slayer when the bell above the shop's door singnaled the arrival of someone. Cursing, Giles grabbed Buffy from the table and hurried into the storage room in back.

Buffy opened her arms to lose herself in the embrace of her watcher when the bell above the shop announced the arrival of someone, most likely her ~in oh so much trouble~ friends. Before she could react, Giles grabbed her from the table and threw her over his shoulder with a grunt. Breathing heavy for a different reason now, he hurried them into the storage room and shut the door.

"Uh, Giles? I'm not naked, technically, I can go out there and keep the others from freaking. I can also send them out on a mission long enough for you to gather your clothes and get dressed." She hated to break free from his embrace, and the delicious things he was doing to her ear was so erotic, but she didn't want the others to catch her and Giles in the act. At least not until they came out of the to speak.

Giles cringed and nodded before he remembered that she couldn't see him all that well in the dark. Clearing his voice he told her, "Yes dear, that would be best. I'm s-sorry, I guess I got rather excited."

She laughed and hugged her naked watcher to her before righting her clothing and smoothing her hair as best she could. "Yeah well, I was pretty excited myself. In fact, I was thinking that later, when we're alone...say at your place, we could both get 'rather' excited again?"

The relief he felt at her hopeful suggestion had him laughing and hugging her at the same time. Giving her pert nose a kiss, he shooed her out the door. "Of course Buffy, but if you don't go out there now, they'll get worried. Then they'll try to find us, then-" Shuddering, he all but pushed Buffy out the door. "Go, dear, I'll come out when you give the all clear."


"Should we tell them that we could see them through the window?"

Xander looked around at the seemingly empty shop and the clothes strewn about. "Nahhhh, he took off with her so fast, I'd hate to let them know it was all in vain. Besides, I want to see the excuses they make." Kicking Giles shirt and pants out of the way, Xander headed to the table and sat down.

Willow shrugged casually, though her face was a bit red at what she had witnessed, and took the seat across from Xander. Both had avoided the chairs Buffy and Giles had occupied.

Anya and Tara followed suit and sat back, waiting for the real show to begin. Something told them this would be amusing.

They all watched as Buffy came in the room at a near run, breathless, red faced and very mussed. Nobody said a thing, they just stared and waited. "Hi guys! Giles and I were! And now he's in the back and ...Hey! We skipped lunch, would you go grab something at the pizza parlor for us?"

Everyone looked to Xander. Smiling, he nodded at Buffy and stood. Walking over to the phone, he picked it up and dialed the pizza places number from memory, ordering enough pizza for them all. Turning, he went back to his seat and sat down. "They deliver for free."

"Oh, yeah. Great I had forgotten that." Trying to pass her glare off as a smile she thanked Xander and sat down in the chair Giles had sat in. "So, what have you guys been doing?"

Unable to hold back any longer, Tara broke into giggles only to be followed by Willow. They tried to control it, but just when they would start to wind down, they'd look at each other and burst out laughing all over again.

Anya gave them a strange look and kicked Xander under the table. "I want to go have some fun of our own Xander. Can we go now that Giles is stuck in the back naked?"

The three college aged kids jumped up from the table and, the only boy grabbing the rather dense girl, they all made a run for it. Calling back over his shoulder at the fuming Slayer, and in a voice loud enough for the embarrassed watcher to hear in the closet, Xander told them, "We gotta go. You two looked kinda busy and all anyway. We'll see you two tomorrow. Try to stay clothed Giles."