Renaissance Faire
By Sweetdoggie

Author: Sweetdoggie
Title: Renaissance Faire
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Characters are owned by many other people, none of whom include myself. This story is written just for fun and enjoyment and is not meant in any way to intrude on copyright or legal ownership of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and any associated characters.
Distribution: Ask me
Summary: Buffy and Giles attend a Renaissance Faire and have some fun.

Buffy and Giles wandered up and down through the booths and stalls of the festival, stopping periodically to watch a show or check out a display. It was kind of interesting in an embarrassing way, Buffy admitted. She thought the people speaking in the fakey historical talk was way bogus, but Giles seemed to get a kick out of it.

He had seen the ad for the Renaissance Faire in the entertainment section of the Sunnydale Explorer and had pestered Buffy till she agreed to accompany him. His trump card had been the lure of exotic shopping. Buffy agreed at once.

Truth be told, some of the things they watched were neat. She liked the glass blower and had bought a tiny bird for Dawn. The weaponsmith was also totally cool. Giles had purchased a matched pair of broadswords for a princely fee. He said they were worth it. She had secretly agreed, especially since it was his money and she would get to use them for free.

They ate lunch and strolled around a bit more. She purchased a fantastic beaded leather purse for herself at Giles insistence. She also thought the trained raptor demonstration was interesting and wondered briefly if she could train a bird to attack a vamp.

Soon, they wandered over to watch a display of sword fighting. Buffy thought it was totally lame. These guys moved so slow, Xander could have taken them.

"They aren't very good, are they, Giles?" she commented with ill-disguised contempt.

"Well, Buffy, not everyone makes a career out of fighting, you know." Giles soothed.

"Yeah, well, if I was going to be showing off my skill to a bazillion people, I'd want to make sure I was a little better at it."

At her comment, one of the fighters waiting to perform turned to her. "Hey, it's not as easy as it looks, you know. Those swords are heavy and the guys have to be careful not to really hurt each other."

Buffy glanced at him. "Huh, my friend," she indicated Giles, "and I could do better with our eyes closed."

The reenactor looked them over, clearly unimpressed. The old guy looked like a librarian or something, and this stupid blond was just a dumb bimbo. He decided to have a little fun with them, maybe teach them some respect.

"Oh, yeah, well, if you guys are so tough, why don't you go a round in the ring with a pair of broadswords? I can arrange it!"

Buffy looked at Giles and he back at her. "Your choice," Buffy said with a smile.

"I don't see that it would hurt anything," he agreed smiling happily.

Buffy turned to the man in costume. "We'll be glad to give you a demonstration of proper techniques. We even have our own swords." She smiled. Suddenly, the role-playing swordfighter was a little concerned. He had expected them to back down, but they were eager to try their skills.

He signaled to one of his friends who came over. "Hey, Mike. This couple thinks that sword fighting is easy and they want to show us how it's done. Do you think we could give them a few minutes in the ring?"

Mike looked at the disparate pair. The old guy would probably have a heart attack and the girl, well, he'd be surprised if she could lift a sword, let alone swing one.

He grinned. "I guess that would be OK, as long as you sign a consent form saying you accept full responsibility for any injuries that might occur."

Giles and Buffy both nodded. Giles set his packages down on a nearby table and took off his jacket. Buffy laid her purchases next to his and began doing some stretches. When they were both limbered up, Giles removed his new broadswords from their package, handing one to Buffy. She looked it over. "Nice."

The first swordfighter stepped into the now empty ring and lifted his hands to catch the wandering attention of the audience. "Ladies and Gentlemen, today we have a special treat for you. We have two members of the audience who believe that our fighting skills are not up to snuff and they have kindly agreed to show us how it's done." His voice was thick with sarcasm and humor as he shared his joke with the audience. There was mild laughter and a few catcalls.

"Please welcome Buffy and Giles." He stepped aside as the pair entered the ring.

Both swords came to the opening position. "En garde." Said Giles.

The blows started slow, but soon became a rapid whirring of lethal blades. Up, back, block, slice, the action never ceased. The two combatants, initially viewed as fools by the crowd, moved with such grace and speed that a wall of silence spread over the observers. The metallic singing of the swords soon drew an even larger group around them as they continued to fight.

Finally, the pair locked swords, looked deeply into each other's eyes and disengaged. The surrounding crowd watched in awe as the young girl congratulated the older man. "Lots of good moves there, Giles."

He grinned, totally ignoring the mob surrounding them. "Oh, yes, it was a good fight, but I think you might be telegraphing your swings a bit. We'll have to work on that."

The swordfighters approached them with looks of complete hero worship. "Wow, man, that was like totally fantastic. You guys must be like professionals or something."

Giles looked at him. "No, not at all. In fact, I'm a librarian and my companion is a high-school student. Nothing special." He grinned his Ripper grin and wrapped up the swords.

They ignored the onlookers and the SCA members who tried to engage them in conversation and made their way out of the Faire.

"We really shouldn't have done that, you know, Buffy." Giles sighed.

"Oh, I know. But it was such fun. How much fun do we actually get in our normal gig after all? Besides, we're a four-hour drive from home, nobody knows us here. It was harmless and those SCA geeks are now totally in worship mode." She looked at the man walking contentedly next to her. "That's as it should be. I like it when people see how fantastically cool my Watcher is."

"You think I'm, er, 'cool?'" Giles murmured, surprised.

"Well, Duh! You are the neatest guy I have ever known in my entire life. You can do just about anything! You're super smart, speak and read all kinds of foreign languages, you're caring and compassionate, you actually listen when I have something to say, you are solid, dependable, sweet, tough, strong, and handsome. Of course I think you're cool. The only way you could be better is if you came wrapped in chocolate!"

Giles blushed a deep red. "I, I had no idea that you thought so highly of me, Buffy. I'm deeply touched."

She turned to him and spoke earnestly. "Giles, I may not say it, but I love and respect you more than anybody else on earth. That is never going to change. I think you need to know that."

He felt so humble. He loved this girl with his entire heart and soul. "Buffy, I love you too. You are so brave, so wonderful, that I hardly know how to express my feelings about you. I'm not much good at talking about these things, but you are special to me and I never want you to forget that."

She reached over and took his arm in hers, looking up at him with a smile. "I will never forget, Giles."