Rayning Ethan
By Heir to Shadow

Title: Rayning Ethan
Author: Heir to Shadow aka hayll528
Rating: Mild NC17
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Disclaimers: Not mine and never will be
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Spoilers: None
Summary: Ethan sets out to break up the scoobies and Giles and Buffy

"Giles, I'm sorry to have to say this, but I want a different watcher. I don't feel that this relationship is working for us, and it's putting both of us at risk. You may make any excuse you wish to the Council, but I want my new watcher within a week." With that, Buffy turned and left the library leaving a devastated Giles and a furious scooby gang behind.

They watched Giles walk slowly, like an old man, to his office and shut the door, but they couldn't shut out the sobs they could hear through the thin walls. Xander burst out "just who does she think she is. Giles has been the only thing that has kept her alive and sane many times and now she decides it isn't working? We need to go have a talk with Ms. Super Hero."

Although they looked all through the school, called Buffy's house and checked all of her usual hang outs, there was no sign of her. That was because she was in a seedy hotel at the edge of town with Ethan Rayne. "Did you do what I told you to do to Ripper" he asked. "As if you gave me a choice' Buffy replied. "Good, good, the next thing you have to do is to get rid of those friends of yours. When Buffy began to protest, Ethan said "just remember, it's just like Ripper, either you get rid of them, or I get rid of them permanently" Sadly Buffy agreed.

That evening the scoobies finally found Buffy at home and prepared to blast her for her treatment of Giles. Before they could enter the house, she forestalled them by speaking first. "I appreciate your help in the past, but it's over. I understand that my new watcher is very traditional and will not allow any civilians to be involved in the slaying. By the same token, if the monsters know you are my friends you will be targets, so I think it best that we say good-bye and end our partnership. With that, she shut the door in their stunned faces.

"OK, what just happened here" Xander asked. He turned to Willow and Tara to ask if they felt any magic at work but there was none. "We need to get Giles and figure out what this is all about. He is always the man with the plan, and if anyone can get to the bottom of this it's Giles

When they arrived at Giles house and entered, they were stunned to see that he had been packing to return to England. "Giles, you can't go, there is something wrong with Buffy and we don't know how to fix it" Willow said. "According to Buffy the only thing wrong is with me and I'm fixing it by leaving" Giles replied. "No, you don't understand. For the last few weeks there have been several unexplained absences, then firing you and tonight she fired us, implying we were a liability to her slaying. If you weren't so hurt, you would realize that Buffy would never behave like that" Willow replied.

"Oh God, you're right she loves all of us. Only two things could make her do this. One being some type of spell, and the other is that someone has threatened our lives if Buffy continues to work with us. How could I have been so blind" Giles said. Tara noted "Willow and I detected no spells on Buffy, so someone must be threatening her. Who can it be and what do they want?"

"My guess would be Ethan, and that he has been hired by the demons to isolate and depress Buffy so that she would be easier to kill or turn." They all agreed that Ethan was the most likely perpetrator. He would be capable of casting such subtle magic that not even Tara and Willow could detect it, and he was quite as capable of convincing Buffy that her friends would be demon fodder if she didn't get rid of them. They decided to perform a locator spell for Ethan, which would eventually lead them to Buffy.

When they had located Ethan, they loaded up with weapons and headed for his motel. Ethan was just checking out as they arrived and the witches threw a stasis spell at him to keep him in place while they questioned him. Ethan admitted that he owed a debt to a demon and the only payment the demon would take was the slayer. Ethan placed spells in her dreams showing Giles getting her killed over and over, and she getting the scoobies killed again and again also. "Sorry Ripper", because he definitely was Ripper now. "it was my neck or hers and mine always wins!"

"Where is she Ethan" he asked, and when Ethan refused to answer, Ripper beat him until he was willing to talk. Normally that kind of thing made the scoobies squimish, but today they were rooting him on. "All right, just stop hitting me. She is at the Acme Warehouse on Valley Road, but save yourself the trip. The slayer was alone, afraid, and warned that if she lived you all would die. Just go home and prepare for the funeral". Before Ripper could react, Oz of all people knocked Ethan out with an extremely powerful right hook. "Gods that felt good. Let's tie him to this chair and spell the ropes, because if something has happened to Buffy, he is going to die." They all stared at him in amazement but jumped to do his bidding.

Then they all took off to the warehouse. As they crept up to the door of abandandoned building they heard voices inside. They all appeared to be jeering at the slayer for her lack of fighting spirit and bemoaning the fact that she didn't appear to care if she died. What fun is it to kill a slayer that doesn't care. They peeked around the door carefully and were stunned to see Buffy surrounded by demons she could normally take easily. This time, she was on her knees, her head bend, making no slayer quips and no attempt to escape

"Kill me" she said. "Do you think I am stupid enough to believe that Ethan hasn't already killed my friends and the man I love? What do I have left to live for - one dies and another one is called, so you will get rid of this slayer, but there will always be another one, go ahead get it over with unless you plan on talking me to death". The leader of the demons picked up a large axe and swung it over his head to get the feel of it. "All right slayer, meet your death." When Buffy felt nothing, she looked up in puzzlement and saw the arrow protruding from the demon's heart and Giles cutting it's head off.

She looked around in joy and amazement to see Giles and her friends alive and entering the fight. Suddenly her slayer spirit was back and just like old times the team fought together and defeated the demons. When the last demon had been dispatched, Buffy looked around dazed and passed out. Giles reassured the scoobies that it was stress and the spells placed on her being broken and that she would be fine. He asked them to retrieve Ethan and take him to the mansion and chain him up. He cautioned them to gag him so that he could not chant any spells and escape, and he would take Buffy home and make sure all of the spells were gone.

When Giles arrived home, he carried Buffy upstairs and laid her on his bed. He got his first aid kit and gently tended her physical injuries, and then began on the psychological ones. He only found one other spell - perhaps the worst of all. This spell was to convince Buffy that Giles and the scoobies didn't love her, they just stayed with her to stay alive. He was going to kill Ethan! He called Xander on his cell phone and told him what he had discovered, and that Buffy would be fine in a few days. He always warned him not to let Ethan get away.

When Giles had cleaned Buffy up and dressed her in one of his shirts, he lay down on the bed beside her in case she woke up frightened, and he drifted into an exhausted sleep. Some time later he was wakened by the sound of sobbing. When he reached over to comfort Buffy, she moved as far away from him as she could. "Buffy, what's wrong" Giles asked concerned. "You don't love me, none of you love me, you just want protection" Buffy said. "Buffy, do you remember what happened with Ethan threatening to kill us?" "Yes, but what does that have to do with anything?" "Ethan also placed spells on you showing me getting you killed, you getting the others killed, and convincing you that we didn't love you".

"Buffy, don't you know you are my everything. I live and breathe for you. When I got back to England I as going to kill myself because I have no life without you." He reached over and gently ran his finger down her cheek and stroked her silken hair with his other hand. "I want nothing more in life than to make love to you and to show you how much I love you. Will you let me do that for you". For a long moment she just stared at him and then she reached out and put her arms around his neck. "Love me Giles, I need you to love me."

Giles gently turned her to lay on her back, and slowly unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing. She had nothing on under the shirt, and his breath was taken away by the utter beauty that was revealed. "I have never seen anything so lovely in my life" he said. She blushed slightly and reached over and began to unbutton his shirt. Soon they were both naked and openly admiring each others body. Giles reached out a trembling hand to stroke her from shoulder to hip lingering on the spots that made her gasp. Burry mirrored Giles movements and soon their pace and the extent of their explorations expanded. They touched, kissed, licked and sucked every inch of each others body until they thought they would die of the pleasure.

Finally Buffy said "Giles, I want you in me now!" Knowing just how ready she was, Giles lost no time in entering her. They set a quick hard rhythm and soon were reaching the pinnacle of their desire, coming within minutes of one another. For a time they lay still intimately entwined. Finally, reluctantly Giles stirred. "Luv, we better get to the mansion and see to Ethan before he can do any further damage. Somehow they managed to get dressed between kissess and caresses and left for the mansion.

When Buffy entered the door, all of her friends gathered around her, hugging and kissing and reassuring her of their love for her and how honored they were that she chose them to fight at her side. Buffy felt the last doubt in her mind melt away and all was well with the scoobies again. As they gang talked and told Buffy what had gone on in her 'absence', Giles was drawing the pentagram on the floor and sprinkling the herbs. He also drew arcane symbols on the still unconscious Ethan. Giles entered the circle and began chanting. The magic users in the group gasped. "I didn't know that could be done" Willow said.

"What has he done?" Buffy asked. "He has taken all of his black magic and turned it to white. It will not make him a good person, but it will ensure that he can not use magic to hurt anyone who walks in the light" Tara replied. "How appropriate" Buffy said. "I can take out Ethan anytime as a white witch, but as a black one he had certain advantages over me".

"What do we do with him now Giles" Buffy asked? "We let him go. He can no longer hurt anyone magically and sublety is not his strong suit, so if he decides to harm us as humans he doesn't stand a chance. He also has half of the demon population in the world mad at him so I don't think we'll have much trouble with Ethan any more"

To the surprise of the scoobies, Buffy stepped up to Giles hugged him and gave him an extremely passionate kiss. "You always save me Giles. Believe me I have lots of plans in mind to pay you back, so lets go home and get started." They turned to say goodbye and thanks to the gang, but seeing total shock and incomprehension on their faces, they just left.

The End.