Quite Rituals
By LynneMarie

Title: Quite Rituals
Author: LynneMarie (SkiSkiGirl@aol.com)
Disclaimer: Everything Buffy belongs to Joss and his pals at Fox, ME, and all those other TV folks.
Spoilers: Not really
Summary: Giles decides to share a very personal and private family ritual with Buffy. Will she be able to cope? Or will she succumb to temptation?
Rating: G B/G
Distribution: Solo, anyone else just ask
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Like a caged animal, he paced back and forth across the room. From time to time he would peek out the front window, searching the darkness for any sign of his slayer. She was more than half an hour late returning. It had been a simple mission he had sent her on. His instructions were explicit. There was no way she could have misunderstood them.

"Bloody hell! Where can that girl be?" Giles bellowed as he returned to the kitchen to make sure everything was ready for the ritual. Everything was in place. Now all he needed was for Buffy to return with the one missing and crucial ingredient.

Giles had decided that Buffy was finally ready to submit herself to this life changing experience. He knew it had changed his life when he first learned of this extraordinary ritual. It was so powerful. It still amazed and astounded him whenever he performed it, even after all of these years. Giles rarely let himself indulge in this ritual.

He knew that if he let himself enjoy the pleasures of it he could easily become addicted. The days he had spent with Ethan had taught him the folly of over indulgence. Giles had promised himself years ago to never go down that dark path again.

A twinge of worry pestered him as fought off his impatience for his Slayers return. Would Buffy be able to control herself? Would she succumb to the desire this ritual had the potential to create? Would she be able to see the glory and power it had to offer? Would she respect how special this ritual was to him?


His Grandmother had taught him this ritual as a young boy. He remembered it as if it were just yesterday. Giles let his mind drift back to the first time he had partaken of this quite ritual as he waited for Buffy to return.

At eight years old Giles had been a precocious boy, always under his grandmothers feet as she tried to work. On this day he was unusually subdued. His Grandmother attributed it to the fact that it was raining and he was upset because his cricket match had been cancelled.

Grandmother’s house always smelled of fresh pine and eucalyptus. There were always a wild variety of herbs and plants drying in the little bay window in her kitchen. This day was no different. The potions and concoctions that she cooked up in her little kitchen always fascinated Giles.

It was that day that Grandmother chose to share with him a mysterious treasure. The way the scents blended together, the textures so different yet so perfect together amazed and intrigued him. She had told him that he was the only one of her grandchildren that she was sharing this secret and magical creation with. It was to be special ritual that only the two of them would share. The warmth of her kitchen and her gentle words of praise as he successfully completed the ritual for the first time flooded his senses.

Giles was yanked violently out of his memories by the sound of banging on the front door. His heart was racing as he scrambled to the door trying unsuccessfully to regain some semblance of composure. Through the security peep hole Giles spied his wayward Slayer.

"Buffy, I was starting to worry about you. Did everything go alright?" he asked trying to hide the anticipation in his voice. "Were you able to get the ingredient we are missing?"

"Giles, you worry too much!" Buffy said as she shrugged out of her jacket. "Everything went just fine."

"Marvelous!" he replied as he took the bag from her and headed to the kitchen. Halfway there Giles stopped in his tracks and looked long and hard at the bag. A small frown crept across his face.

"Before you say anything, I know you said to get the smallest bottle I could, but they didn’t have any little bottles left. You seemed to have your heart set on doing this ritual tonight, so I thought better to get too much than to disappoint my favorite Watcher" Buffy explained as she followed him toward the kitchen. "See, you’re all ready to go. All we have to do is… well, do!"

"It’s just that it’s a tad on the dangerous side to have too much of this in the house. It could lead to overindulgence. I shan’t speculate on how you would react to the after effects of …of, well, of too much!" Absentmindedly, Giles took off his glasses to clean them before he continued. "Hedonism is deplorable. You know that you must remain in control at all times."

"Giles, on such a special occasion, lecture mode is not of the good!" replied Buffy as she took the bag and headed into the kitchen. "OK, what do we do first?"

With that, Giles and Buffy began the ritual. Buffy followed Giles’ every move. He had told her time and again that this was a time honored family ritual. As they finished mixing all of their ingredients together Buffy looked to Giles for reassurance.

"Did I do ok?" she asked in a quite voice.

Giles reached out and took Buffy by the hand and led her into the living room. Both were careful to insure that they did not disturb their individual creations as they walked. As Buffy settled onto the sofa next to her Watcher, he smiled at her and caressed her cheek.

"You are the only one I have ever shared this with. I hope you enjoy this ritual as much as I do." He said with a voice filled with affection.

Buffy looked down at the plate sitting in her lap, picked up the concoction and took a bite. The expression on her face changed from apprehension to pure delight. When she had swallowed Buffy let out a long contented sigh.

"Oh Giles, this is…it’s, well, it’s wonderful! Thank you for sharing this with me." She crooned. As she stuffed another bite into her mouth she asked, "What do you call this thing again?"

The amusement Giles felt played across his face. His green eyes twinkled as he said, "With the toast, peanut butter, and marshmallow spread it is called a Quintessential Fluffernutter"

Buffy snuggled closer to Giles as they indulged in this little guilty pleasure. She now understood what he had meant about how too much of the marshmallow spread in the house could lead to overindulgence. If she ate too many of these bad boys she would have to do aerobics all day for a week just to burn off half the calories.

Slayer and Watcher enjoyed this quite ritual, one they would celebrate over and over again in the years to come.