Problem Solved

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Rating: NC-17 PWP, very pointless. Perhaps even *beyond* pointless
Pairing: Buffy/Giles Other/Other, can't tell, it's a surprise.
Summary: Response to the handcuffed Naked Giles challenge.
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Buffy had come back from patrol, stripped, hopped into the shower and was just getting ready to fall into bed, when the phone rang. "Yes?" She answeredwearily.

"Buffy, you'd better get over to Giles' right away!" Willow's tense voice said.

"Will, what's wrong?" Buffy asked even as she started pulling on her clothes.

"Just hurry, Buffy." And the line went dead.

Buffy finished dressing in record time and ran out the door and towards Giles' without stopping to consider why Willow would have called her that way.

Buffy burst through the door of Giles' place, breathless from the run and fear. She heard a sound from the loft and bound up the stairs stake in hand.

At the top of the stairs she stopped dead in her tracks, dropped the stake and simply stared. Her Watcher was handcuffed to the bed. And he was naked. Oh boy was he naked. He was struggling to speak around the gag, which was the sound she had heard from downstairs.

Behind her she felt *something* that set her Slayer instincts off. She whirled but there was no one there. There was however a shimmering wall. She put her hand out to touch it. Solid. It wouldn't let her pass. <Trapped? By who? And Why? > She turned back to her Watcher.

"Giles? Are you all right?" She asked as she moved closer to the bed. 

Giles nodded. His eyes widened in horror as she drew closer to the bed.

Her eyes raked his body and she licked her lips. When he saw that the blood in his body fled towards parts south. He closed his eyes. Her gaze stayed on his increasingly hard penis. All thoughts of the fact that they were basically trapped fled her mind.

"I had *no* idea, Giles." She pointed at his erection. "Is this for me?" She asked as her hand closed around him. His eyes flew open in shock. She squeezed gently. "Is it?"

He could only nod.

She managed to remove the gag. "Is it, Giles?"

"Y-yes," he rasped out.


"Prom?" He asked more than told; very conscious of her warm hand still holding his erection.

"Giles? The truth." She gave another gentle squeeze.

"I don't know, Buffy, truly. I don't know when, or even how. Please stop torturing me?" His tone said that he was at the end of his rope.

She released him and moved off of the bed. "Okay, I will."

She stood next to the bed and started pulling off her clothes.

"Buffy!" Giles said in a strangled voice as he screwed his eyes shut.

"Giles." She responded in a husky voice. He felt the bed give way under her slight weight.

"B-Buffy?" He asked as he hesitantly opened his eyes. Buffy sat next to him on the bed. Her face descended on him.

"Shh, Giles," she said as she closed the distance to his mouth. Her lips captured his, and he had no fight left him.

Buffy's mind shut down when Giles kissed her with everything he had. All she could do was feel. When his tongue traced the outline of her lips she opened immediately for him. His tongue swept in and explored her warm mouth. Buffy's tongue moved to meet his.

She moved until she was mostly laying on top of him, her breasts pressing against his firm chest, his chest hair rubbing against her in the most delightful way.

She moved so that she was even more on top of him, straddling him at the waist. She could feel his warm arousal pressing against her bottom, and she felt a warmth flood her core at the thought of him filling her.

She pulled her lips from his, and traced a trail down his jaw to his neck, just below his ear. She licked and nibbled until his was squirming beneath her. She kissed further down his neck to his chest, lightly biting each nipple, then sucking it into her warm mouth.  Then she kissed down the trail of hair to his groin. Then she swiped her tongue up his hard length.

His hips arched off the bed. "Buffy!"

In response she closed one small hand around the base and took as much of the rest as she could into her mouth.

Giles looked down at Buffy's blond head bobbing between his legs. How many times had he fantasized about just such a situation? He felt himself tighten and knew that he was close. "Buffy, close now," was all he managed to say.

She slowed her pace until she finally just let him slip from her mouth and hand. She crawled back up his body and covered his face and neck in kisses. He, in return, kissed any portion her that got close enough to his mouth.

After Giles had regained some of his control, Buffy moved down his body until her wet center was poised over his straining erection.

"Buffy, wait. Condom. Drawer." He glanced at the nightstand next to his bed.

Buffy reached over and opened the drawer. She took out a foil package and opened it. Then she very carefully unrolled it over his erection. Once it was in place, she slowly lowered herself onto him, sighing in satisfaction when he was fully inside her.

She began slowly, still conscious of how close he was, but she couldn't hold back for long and soon increased the pace. She could see the muscles in Giles' neck tense as he tried to hold his orgasm at bay until she could come with him.

Since he couldn't, she reached between her legs and rubbed her clit.

"Jesus!" Giles said when he saw this. He closed his eyes, trying desperately to wait for her. Finally, he felt her walls pulse and tighten, and let go his control. His hips rose to meet her thrusts, and after a few strokes, he joined her in orgasm.

Buffy collapsed on his chest, both of them breathing raggedly.

After several moments, their breathing returned to normal and Buffy moved carefully off of Giles. She got a tissue and removed the used condom and threw it away. Then, she looked at him, and finally got some of her brain cells to focus on something besides how tempting he had looked handcuffed and naked. "Giles? Just how did you end up like this? And where is the key?"

"I-I'm not quite certain how, just that I felt very sleepy, very suddenly, then the next thing I know, I'm as you found me. As far as the key goes, if these are my cuffs, then the key should be in the drawer."

"The drawer where the condoms live?" Buffy asked with a wicked grin.

"Well, er, yes."

Buffy found the key, and uncuffed him. The first thing he did was grab her in a tight embrace, then he began kissing her, his hands everywhere, starting round two.

Downstairs, the red-haired witch shot a smug look up to the loft. "I *knew* all those 'eeuw's a and 'it's creepy's' were protesting too much. Hah!" She said triumphantly.

The blond man walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist, holding her close.

"Everything okay now, Willow?"

"Yeah, Riley. Problem solved." And she turned into his embrace.