Primal Need
By Sha

DISCLAIMER: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are Not mine. This is...a bit odd but just kinda poured out and begged to be wrote.
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The girl raced through the streets, primal need fueling her feet into greater speed. Need, so white hot that all thought fled her mind but one. MATING.Her center ached with emptiness. She could feel the want burn up from her core, split it's way through her stomach and come bursting through her throat. Her journey continued a little faster.Her destination was near, she *felt* him. Her mate, her true love. He would end this pleasure pain. He would help make babies as they learned each others bodies.

As she made her way to heaven, she felt the approach of an interloper. Someone to challenge?

Whirling about, she saw the red head. Watching, the girl waited for Red to make a wrong move. As Red moved to pass, the two growled a low guttural sound. Just a warning, there was a mission to achieve. No time for a fight if there was no real threat.

The girl watched in almost motherly approval as Red's journey brought her to a tall blond man dressed in war clothes. He protested lightly, but Red clubbed him before dragging him off. Her mission almost complete.  

Stepping over a pair doing the mating dance, she tried to open the door to her mates domain. She frowned when the lock prevented her entrance. Hmmm, that wouldn't stop her mission. This was the call of the wild. Mother nature joining human nature and bound by Wiccan power.

Breaking the door open, she stepped past the threshold, sniffing her mates wonderful scent. The fire in her loins spread. She was nearly mindless with it now. Then, he was there, staring at her. She keened. Soon she would be in sweet release. "B-Buffy? Now listen to me dear. There has been a mistake. Willow did a spell and it got out of hand."

Ignoring his speech,the girl ripped her shirt off, followed closely by her pants. "No-now Buffy, please hear me.You are under a mating spell. You aren't yourself and you'll hate us both in the morning. Please see reason." Licking her lips, she removed her under clothes, standing naked before her man. This was ordained. There was no escape."Oh dear God. Please Buffy, don't come any closer. Don't you get it? This isn't just to claim your true love, this is about procreating. Furthering the species. Making babies! I am very elated that I'm your idea of a perfect mate but we must wait until the spell lifts. If, then, you feel the same then-" The girl cut his speech off by reaching down and picking up her pants, inside the pocket she found the square foil packet and threw it to him.  

She may be under a spell, but she *was* the Slayer. She'd be damned if she would be a slave to her inner desires.   Fairly growling, Giles opened his arms. He may be her mentor but he'd be damned before he looked a gift horse in the mouth.