Pleasant Realisations
By Mick

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Summary: This is an extremely belated response to Cap’s One Night Stand Challenge at Watching Me Watching You.

I want you to write a B/G fic where the Scooby Gang catch Giles in a one night stand, and Buffy throws the

mother of all temper tantrums revealing more about her feeling then she wanted too.

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By the by I am well aware that my cast is hardly accurate at this point but I can’t claim to care much for I’m far too involved in trying to write the damn thing with some semblance of skill.

After Buffy finished a spat of knocking at the front door of Giles’ apartment for the third time in as many minutes, the knowledge that this situation was not at all the norm began to sink in amongst the various members of the Scooby Gang. They had headed to Giles’ place to fill him on a new breed of demon. They had encountered it just outside the Bronze after wrapping another session of teenaged socialising, earlier that evening. Now they were all beginning to worry about Giles’ lack of response for they could all see the sliver of light emanating from underneath the door.

"That’s it! I hereby declare this a freaksome occasion, I never have to wait for this long for Giles to come to the door no matter what the time." Buffy burst out in response the various nightmare scenarios involving one messily dead Watcher that her imagination was producing in rapid succession.

Cordelia, Oz, Xander and Willow all exchanged frowns and troubled glances as Buffy dug into her purse franticly and produced a silver key with which she proceeded to unlock the front door of Giles’ apartment. She then flung open the door and entered the apartment to greeted by the last sight she would have thought to have seen in any residence occupied by Rupert Giles; Watcher, librarian, Englishmen and all around fuddy duddy (or so the common consensus of opinion ran in the Scooby Gang).

As Buffy stood, staring in shock, the Slayerettes entered the apartment and came to flank their Slayer before they too froze in place as one highly unusual element of their surroundings registered. A rather sizeable portion of the apartment’s resident’s customary tweed suit ensemble (including the jacket, shirt and tie) seemed to be scattered in a particularly chaotic beeline towards the staircase. By the time the Scooby Gang had overcome the shock and regained the ability to form coherent thoughts again, the man at the heart of the controversy came rushing down the stairs at a high clip. His stride quickly transformed into a full stop as he realised the presence of five previously unknown guests. As Giles stood on the stairs, sans his dress shirt and suit jacket, gazing down on them, he quickly became aware of the five pairs of eyes settled upon him with a palatable and intimidating force.

Rupert met their eyes each in turn starting with the Slayerettes and ending with Buffy. In Cordelia’s eyes beneath the surprise he saw a degree of curiosity which surprised him somewhat and caused him to blush slightly. In Oz’s eyes he saw only calm and a sense of acceptance that had always characterised the boy in Giles’ mind. In Xander’s eyes Giles saw a large amount of surprise and the desire to make a witty comment being kept in check. Good, Giles thought, the boy is finally learning a sense of tact. In Willow’s eyes he saw only shock and embarrassment for both herself and for him. Finally when his eyes met those of his Slayer he started, and almost lost his own emotional control, feeling a sense of pain and unaccountable sense of shame at his actions. For in his Slayer’s clear blue eyes he saw a great deal of anger, a surprising amount of jealousy and intense pain.

As Buffy tried vainly to keep her raging emotions in check, and to disregard the pain she felt at the thought of Giles, her Giles, with another woman in any way muchless the way his apartment indicated, her body reflected the awesome internal struggle taking place within her. Her back was ramrod straight and her hands were balled into fists trembling with the forced with which she clenched them.

"Oh, h-h-h-hello! I was just coming down to uh … uh that I was g-g-going to…" Dammit, Giles had hoped to get at least one sentence off without stuttering but the extremely embarrassing and awkward situation he was in appeared to preclude it. The fact that the feelings of guilt and shame inspired at the sight of Buffy’s anger and hurt were rather intense, did very little to improve the situation.

When it became apparent that Buffy was too occupied with her internal battle to respond quite yet and that Giles was apparently stuck in a loop Willow spoke up weakly. "We were … we were heading back from the Bronze when we ran into some green scaly demon thingies and we came here…" She trailed off uncertain as to how to continue.

Cordelia then spoke up filling the void. "Seeing as how disgusting and icky things are your area of expertise we came here." Cordelia was so pleased about getting that off calmly in such an emotionally charged atmosphere she continued. "Sorry ‘bout interrupting but come on! Now really, how were we to know you had a woman in here? Its not like its happened before…"

Cordelia was cut off sharply by the impact of Xander’s elbow on her ribs. She turned to glare at him but Xander ignored her and spoke up for the first time. "Sorry G-man but we’re just gonna go now so…" But Xander was cut off as Buffy finally broke in and took charge of the conversation.

"What is going on here?" Buffy demanded softly seething, finally resolving her inner battle for the moment and glaring at Giles challenging him to defend himself.

But before Rupert could form a reply a soft feminine voice drifted down from upstairs saying angrily "Rupert? What is going on down there? Come back up here!"

Buffy’s glare immediately shifted from Giles to the source of the voice with such force that one could almost believe her Slayer powers had expanded to seeing through walls. Seeing their opportunity Xander and Oz acted quickly, quietly and efficiently grabbed their respective girlfriends and got the hell out of the extremely tense situation. Neither of them had any particular desire to watch a extremely possessive Slayer defend her claim upon her Watcher.

"Do I really have to tell you, Buffy?" Rupert asked quietly while bending down to collect the scattered clothing on the staircase. And then continued speaking "If you’ll excuse me a moment I’m going to return Helen’s clothes to her and allow her to dress so she can leave with some sense of dignity."

Buffy managed to keep silent while Rupert hurried up the stairs and disappeared from sight only through an exercise of will. Her mind raced with disturbing imagery as she fought down the desire to turn that … that … trespassing little bitch into a bloody smear. Buffy was somewhat frightened by the fact she could hate a woman she had never seen muchless spoke to with such passion, but all her fears seemed small and insignificant when set against the knowledge that that woman had been allowed a chance with her Watcher before she herself had. Buffy’s rage was alternately fuelled and calmed by the fact she had never heard the name Helen before so Giles could not know her well at all. The calming effect was brought about the fact Giles couldn’t possibly care for this hussy as much as he did for his Slayer. While the fact that a woman who had known Giles for such a short time could bed her Watcher while Buffy had never received more than a hug after three years only enraged her more. Thus the conflict between her raging emotions and her desire to regain rationality became a stalemate that resulted in an extremely long five minutes.

Buffy continued to struggle for calm as Giles, once again fully tweed equipped, descended the stairs followed by an extremely irate redheaded woman. Buffy quickly examined the Bitch, as she had come to be known within in confines of Buffy’s thoughts, and was relieved to note that while quite pretty she was no competition for herself.

"What is the meaning of this Rupert!?! Shucking me out! I’ve never been more rudely treated. What the hell is going on?" The Bitch demanded in, in Buffy’s admittedly biased estimation, an extremely shrill and nasal voice.

Giles, however, did not reply and silently led her down the stairs until all three now stood on the main floor of the apartment. The Bitch then glanced at Buffy dismissively and said "Hasn’t your daughter ever seen you with a woman before? I hardly think you should let her run your life for you…"

Buffy gave the woman a piercing a glare and angrily stepped closer to her stating definitively "I am NOT his daughter!"

"Then what are you, exactly? A student where he works? Rather presumptuous of you to come bursting in here and interrupting a PRIVATE occasion. What, do you need help for a school assignment or some such triviality? I hardly see why you should believe yourself entitled to such attention!" She sneered in way of rebuttal.

At that Buffy’s expression became even more enraged at the Bitch’s questioning of her right to be there, if such were possible, and took a step closer while involuntarily raising her hand in what seemed to be a prelude to a blow. Giles quickly interjected himself both physically, coming to stand between the two, and verbally saying "Buffy, please. We’ll speak in a moment."

Buffy, restraining herself, gave him a curt nod and backed off. Giles nearly sighed in relief, for a moment he had feared Buffy would resort to physical violence in her emotionally addled state. "I’m sorry Helen but…" Rupert died off as he realised that there was really no appropriate reason he could share with Helen why Buffy should be taking priority over her. But as he quickly searched for something, anything, to say that would sound even somewhat reasonable without claiming a blood connection with Buffy, which for some reason disturbed him greatly. Buffy resolved his difficulty for him by taking charge of the situation decisively. She did so by stepping forward and rather roughly seizing Giles around the waist pulling him towards her and into a tight, possessive one-armed embrace and saying "But now that I’ve regained my senses and come back to him, he simply can’t do with a lesser substitute." As she spoke Buffy allowed the satisfaction she was feeling to show on her face.

Helen’s, a.k.a. the Bitch (a.k.a. the trespassing hussy and so forth) facial expression grew dark and stormy as she realised that the girl before her was taking such enjoyment from her humiliation. But found herself unable to come up with anything to counter the girl’s claim of ownership on the man clamped to her side, so she decided to switch the target of her attack and leave this abominable dwelling on a high note. Casting a remarkably acidic glare the girl - Bunny or something equally ridiculous - Helen directed her attention at Giles once more and swung her attack up a notch by lashing out and landing an open handed slap across his right cheek. The sound of flesh on flesh resounded loudly through the room and Giles stood motionless and expressionless knowing that it was the least he deserved for trying to escape his inappropriate inclinations towards Buffy by distracting himself with another woman. Buffy, however, did not take it in quite such an accepting manner and strode forward towards Helen. Once within range she gripped her by the shoulders and, using her superhuman strength, propelled her towards the door while verbalising the various insultive nicknames she had come up with through the course of the evening. As she reached the door she released one shoulder and used her hand to yank the door open forcefully, she then replaced her hand to its previous position and ensured that the Bitch’s path through the door was unimpeded. Having assured herself of that Buffy then proceeded to deliver a sharp push to her backside and sent her speeding out into the cold night air.

As Helen regained her balance after some initial difficulties, owing to the unusual strength of the irritating little thing who had embarrassed her so, she prepared to tear into her, figuratively for the most part. She then spun around with a more than a few choice words on her lips only to find the heavy front door slamming shut into her face. Helen than proceeded to rage at the door for several moments before sniffing loudly and storming down path away from the horrible duo within the apartment. As Helen raged away she thought that those two … those two horrible, horrible people deserved each other.

Meanwhile inside the aforementioned apartment Buffy had returned to where Giles still stood in a sort of dazed shock and both were engaged in a vigorous competition concerning who could manage to remain silent longest. Buffy, being the more unconventional sort of the pair, decided that playing the silence game was no fun at all and that as long as she was on an assertive kick she might as well go with the flow. So she stepped towards Giles reaching out and claiming his right hand with her left pulled him closer to here and looked up at him. Starring up into the green eyes that were involuntarily locked upon her own she said "Giles … I’m so sorry about what happened tonight. Well mostly, anyway. I gotta admit I did kinda enjoy giving that B … uh that is Helen the heave outta here. But I am sorry for embarrassing you so much."

As Giles opened his mouth to speak, Buffy was still gazing into his eyes and noticed something that surprised her, but really shouldn’t have, and filled her heart with joy. It was evident from the warm look in her Watcher’s eyes that he had already forgiven her transgressions of earlier that night. As that realisation sunk in another followed quickly upon its heels. Petty possessiveness or juvenile jealousy had not motivated Buffy’s actions of that night but rather her genuine and heart-felt love for the man who had always proven himself dedicated to her above all and any others on innumerable occasions. So absorbed was Buffy with her realisation that she had not realised that the subject under consideration had begun to reply to her previous statement.

"I know you are, my dear but…" Giles never got any farther for Buffy, in her new-found spirit of assertiveness, had wrapped her right arm around the back of his neck and pulled his lips down to hers. As Buffy gently slid her tongue across his lips he automatically granted her some small access which she exploited greedily sending her tongue past the barrier of his lip into the depths of his mouth to taste him and tangle with his own. What felt to the pair to be an hour later Buffy disengaged from the kiss and pulled away breathless to once again stare into his eyes trying to let him see what she was feeling through her eyes.

Not willing to rely simply on that Buffy spoke once again and said, "I know this must be shock to you but how finding that woman here made me feel made me realise just how much I care for you. In fact, if its not obvious, I more than care for you Watcher mine I-I love you more than I could ever say." Suddenly nervous at the end of her statement Buffy once more forcefully stared into Giles’ eyes willing him to accept the truth of what she said.

Giles, however, was as self-absorbed as Buffy had been before their kiss and was busy attempting to figure just what, exactly, had happened. At Buffy’s confession of love however he tuned back into the reality taking place around him. That, along with the confirmation the eyes boring into his eyes provided offered all the details of what had happened that he would ever need.

While Giles did not respond to Buffy’s statement verbally right away the huge grin inexorably spreading its way across his features did much to allay Buffy’s fears. When Giles finally replied it was exactly what Buffy had hoped of hearing in a voice of such sincerity and passion that she nearly broke down and cried with joy "Oh, Buffy. You’ve no idea just how long I’ve been dreaming of you saying that to me. I love you too."

The very moment the words ‘I love’ passed from his lips and into Buffy’s ears her body moved of its own accord. She leapt into his arms, wrapped herself around him using all her limbs and holding him tightly pulled him into a kiss of such intense passion that it left their previous kiss in it’s passionate dust. After long intense moments of exploration and tasting each other Giles finally collected himself to a degree that he had the presence of mind to begin navigating his way towards the staircase all the while blessing his ability to makes his way without using his eyes or halting the kiss. As they reached the staircase and Giles began heading his way up they were forced to break the kiss due to lack of oxygen. Buffy, however, was not dismayed and began kissing and licking her way down his neck until she reached his collar. She then nuzzled her mouth down under it and began the process of marking her man by sucking forcefully while enjoying the shudder it sent through the flesh surrounding her.

At this point Giles began to severely doubt his ability to make it all the way to the bed in the current situation. So he proceeded to pick up the pace, using his long legs to great effect, and attempted to distract Buffy from her activities by drawing her mouth back up into a kiss. Some time later, their respective ability to keep accurate time long since gone they arrived beside the bed. Buffy then slid her way down Giles’ body enjoying the feel of his erection pressed against her. Upon her feet reaching the floor they stripped each other with such a devotion to efficiency that they completely the various buttons on their clothing and effectively ripped them away from the sights they were both so eager to see.

Now revealed to his gaze, Buffy grabbed hold of Giles’ shoulders and fell back onto the bed pulling him with her. She then flipped them so she was on top and inched her way up his body so that her breasts were presented, point blank, to his eager eyes. Giles eagerly began ravishing the sensitive peaks with his lips and tongue enjoying the moans his actions provoked. After some time of this delightful enterprise Buffy began grinding her lower body against him, realising that she was growing somewhat impatient Giles reluctantly halted his worship of her breasts and returned to her mouth, slipping his tongue inside to duel with hers. As they did so he flipped then over once more and positioned himself close to her entrance. He then broke the kiss and stared deeply into her eyes. Seeing only love, passion and outright lust there he plunged into her relishing her soft moan and the tightening of her legs around him as they established a hard and fast rhythm.

Buffy buried her face into his shoulders moaning her approval of his actions. Managing to remember her previous desire to mark him as hers she opened her mouth, took his muscular shoulder blade between her teeth and bite down gently. After a few moments of that she released him and kissed and licked the now red mark of her teeth.

The fierce tempo of thrusts and counterthrusts continued on and on for a seeming eternity until Buffy finally cried out ‘Oh God, Giles. Oh God!’ and came explosively. But Giles continued to thrust in and out her provoking her to come twice more before he allowed himself to succumb to his body’s need to let go and join his beloved in bliss.

Rupert then collapsed down upon Buffy with a hoarse and wordless shout of pleasure. Ever considerate he remained there for only moments before collecting Buffy to himself and rolling them, reversing their positions so that Buffy was once again on top. Languidly he planted a gentle kiss upon her lips before withdrawing himself from within her smiling at her whimper. He then gently kissed her again, pulled her closer and shut his eyes. Buffy snuggled closer into the slick mass holding her and smiled, content at last now that she had her Watcher where he had always belonged, by her side.