Post Ascension Library Fic
By Cap

Title: Post ascension Library fic
Author: Cap
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Rating: PG
Spoilers: Third season.
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Willow,Oz, and Xander walked in the library with a look of amazement and wonder on there face. "Okay, we blew this place up didn't we? Cause I seem to recall big booms and no more school." They looked at Xander. "Well, I think it's great!" Now the boys were looking at Willow. "Yeah Will, cause destroyed libraries reappearing over hellmouths fully stocked with no sign of damage whatsoever is a sign that Christmas is right behind the corner." Willow glared at Xander. "Well, maybe it's like a dog that you lost but he finds his way back home, and it's the library. Our library, What could be sinister about our library."

Oz cleared his throat. "Okay, um hellmouth." Willow looked at him. "Okay there is that, but I just want it to be back, you know ours again. Anyway Buffy and Giles are sure to be here anytime. I mean if this place means so much to us think about what they'll feel when they see it. Except that they said that they weren't going to be here this weekend because of their watcher/slayer bonding trip."

The group turned suddenly as the door opened. "Okay, this is freaky. I hope this is a temporary thing, cause if it's not someone owes me an explanation of why I had to move so many books graduation day." She looks around. "Still, kinda nice though."

"Cordillea, what are you doing here." The Scooby gang exchange greetings and embraces with there wayward Daphine. "I'm just in town for the weekend. I was driving by when I saw the library. So, we did blow this place up didn't we?" They began throwing theory's back and forth as they unconsciously moved to the table taking their seats.

Grabbing some books from Giles office they start to research something to help them figure out what's going on. Xander stands grabbing his keys. "Pizza or doughnuts?" He asks. "Pizza and doughnuts." Everyone says at the same time. Willow looks up at him. "Oh, and remember Buffy and Giles Jelly's. We don't need a repeat of the Valentines fight." Xander nods his head then stopped at the door turning to remind Willow that Buffy an Giles were gone. He takes in the scene before him and smiles. <God I missed this. Maybe Will's right. This is great.> He heads out to grab the food.

When Xander returns everyone eats, research, and trade theories and wise cracks back and forth. Suddenly Oz looks up. Thinking about how easy this is. How much it feels like home. "Cool." Everyone looks at him. He just gestures at them working at the table. They all exchange glances. "Did we ever really leave." Willow says. "Xander shrugs. "Maybe a part of us will always be here. This is where we learned who we are." Cordillea smiles at him. "Well, there's your quota of deep thought for the century." Xander smiles back. "Damn straight."

"It's too bad Buffy and Giles couldn't be here for this." Willow say's casting a nostalgic glance at the office. "Has any one noticed a certain..... tension about Buffy and Giles." Cordillea say's. "The Buffster and G-man, No! They get along like pepperoni and pizza." Oz hands Xander the box marked pepperoni. He begins to devour it as Oz says. "I think she meant sexual tension." Xander looks around the table as he seems to be the only one who didn't catch that the first time. "Um, He's older then her. I think that means she can't have a thing for him." Cordillea smirks at him. "Oh. What about your crush on Ms. Summers." Willow turns to Xander dropping her doughnut on one of the Black Chronicle. "You had a crush on Buffy's mom!" Xander gets red and say's. "Thanks for sharing Cordy." Oz just looks at him. "She isn't bad. Very attractive. I can see where you’re coming from." Xander smiles at Oz, happy for a little vindication.

"Yeah, but what would Buffy see in Giles." Cordillea glares at him. "You mean the man who's totally devoted to her, extreamly intelligent, and in great shape. Yeah, cause girls never go for that." Xander glaring responds. "Well there is that, but I meant besides that." Cordillea decided to get into it with Xander about this. She was really annoyed at him. Also it was making her excited. "Lets see, hum, Maturity, experience, mysterious past, nice accent, and tall. No, nothing sexy there." She said sarcastically.

"Well then, Why wouldn't Giles be into Buffy." Willow added knowing what this would do to Xander. "Yeah right, Will, Giles doesn't even feel comfortable around the pizza delivery guy. He has a big anti social streak in him. He loves us like family, but he is never going to let down his hair all the way with even us. Buffy has a way of bringing him out though, and what ever it is that makes him comfortable around her, it works. If Giles is going to have a moment or confess his inner most thoughts to anyone it's going to be Buffy. She's the only one who can reach Giles. He orders us to stay out of it when he has a problem we do as told, at least in front of him, behind his back we'll do whatever we have to for the G-man. Buffy on the other hand can take him at his Ripper worst. She won't get intimidated by him if she's worried about him." Xander had started this to defend Buffy, but now that he thought about it, it rose some interesting questions.

"Come to think about it. If anything happens to Giles, Buffy hits the roof. Remember when he went on that watcher retreat. She kept joking about him not coming back all day, but you could tell she was nervous about it. She also asked him about a hundred times how long it was and when he would be back, and who knows what they talked about when she went in to show him her S.A.T. scores. And just why did she have to show him alone, instead of doing it when the rest of us did. She made it clear she wanted to show him on her own. She also trained all by herself that night. Well until me and Will were kidnapped." Xander knew he was on to something. He didn't do the detective thing very often with Will and Oz being better at it. He some how felt he had something in his head just on the verge of forming that they hadn't got yet.

Willow looked at Xander impressed. He was onto something. She exchanged a look with Oz that said he hadn't picked up on any of what Xander had so easily pointed out to them either. It was all true though. The whole group stopped working as one. Willow took out a clean pad grabbed a pencil. Everyone looked at each other asking the silent question 'are we going to use all the detective and problem solving skill we've gained from being slayerettes to find out how Buffy and Giles feel about each other.' Oz answered for all of them. "With them gone this might be the only chance we got."

"All right round robin style. Xander started us off. I'll go now, and try to add to what he's given us." Willow sat. "Buffy would have stayed at the library most of the night. She was training when she didn't have too. She was also going to patrol, and stop by Giles’ house to make sure everything was all right and alternate his lights for him so it looked like someone was home." Willow chewed on her pencil for a while. "She wanted to impress him, or make him proud. She was trying to prove something."

Oz looked up. "That she could be trusted on her own, maybe?" Willow looked at Oz her eye's getting big. "No! She was trying to show Giles who comes first." The others look at her in question. "When we were researching on Christmas she told me that I had to show Oz that he came before Xander. Buffy sounded like she was talking from personal experience. If I just replace the names Oz and Xander in what she said with Giles and Angel, it sounds right." Xander stands up, and starts pacing. "When Buffy was talking to Giles about it I was standing outside the door. She was really big on convincing Giles that she wasn't with Angel anymore. Here's the kicker. It didn't sound like a I'm not going to sleep with him because he'll lose his soul thing. It sounded like she was telling Giles that his place in her life was still secure. Why would Angel be a threat to Giles."

Willow and the rest looked at Xander impressed. He just smiled. "Hay I may not be smart, informed, or even close to perception guy. You get into messed up relationships and conflicting emotions and your standing in Xander country."

"He's got a point." Cordillea said from her spot at the table. Willow took over again. "All right, after the whole intervention thing when we found out Angel was back Buffy and Giles were here alone. Whatever he said to her freaked her big time. She did the whole Buffy is okay bit, but she kept trying to get in Giles’ good graces. She didn't mention any of us. It was "How long can Giles be mad at me" and "Do you think Giles would like it if I did this". She never talked about Angel unless I asked. Then when we got back and Giles was hurt she went ballistic." Willow wrote what they had down on a peace of paper.

"Oz?" He sat for a minute thinking. "Buffy and Giles have this whole non-verbal thing going. Has any one noticed how during meetings they tend to talk directly to each other. Even when discussing things that one of us say. They exchange these looks and generally read each others minds. Buffy, even finishes Giles sentences for him. They walk down the hall, completely oblivious to anything going on around each other. Or at least they did, ‘till we blew it up. They also have this timing thing to their walk. I mean I've seen people with a connection before, but right down to their walk. That's deep." He started to think again.

"When, Buffy was doing the confessing thing about killing Angel while he had a soul she almost talked through the whole thing to Giles. She only talked to me once about the spell. The rest of the time she had this whole look thing going with Giles. It was like this was something she wanted to share with him. She was opening up to him, not me and him. He also told me there had been no spell." The others reacted in surprise at Willows news. "I think Buffy had figured it out by then though. There was something in the way she mentioned it. Like she was saying I know and thank you to Giles." Cordillea looked at Willow. "I know what that there was no spell." Willow frowned. "No. It was more like there was more going on then I was getting." She shrugged.

"Buffy was also able to reason with Giles on the candy. I think that Ripper responds to Buffy the same as Giles. That points to an emotional bond that's strong enough to force it's self through his mind in a drugged condition." Oz said calmly. He was still trying to grasp something, he had an idea about the whole band candy thing but couldn't get a handle on it.

Cordy looked at him as if she was reading his mind and stated. "Giles slept with Buffy's mom, and when Buffy found out all the tortured angst that she felt in her relationship went poof." Oz looked at her she had just hit the nail on the head. "That's right. Her and Angel got real couplely after that. She was acting like it was a normal relationship. Then when he broke up with her it hit her hard. After the whole ascension thing though she got over it. She figured out that she was happier without Angel." Oz looked at Cordillea seeing if she had anything to add to what she said. "Giles was a real dick to her during the meeting after angel drained her. Because she had let him. She had picked Angel over him in a way."

Xander shook his head. "Buffy, didn't though. She didn't want Giles to know because he could have stopped her. She didn't ask anyone to go release him from watching Angels till she was ready to go. Cause if he would of been there he could have talked her out of going to Faiths. She sent Willow and Oz there when she left, because if she failed she didn't want Giles there, because Angel wouldn't have got near her. Giles would have known what she was planning the minute he saw her." Everyone looked at Xander in amazement.

Willow suddenly had a thought. "Oh! Oh! Buffy also always puts Giles in the least dangerous spots. She wanted him with the explosives so he wouldn't be at the battle. When we went to search for Faith after she killed that guy and Wesley had lost her she wanted Giles to go to the least likely place she would go." Everyone nodded. Then Cordillea checked her watch. "It's getting late, and I need my beauty sleep, lets go." So after one last look the scooby gang said good bye to their old home.

A few minutes later a very nude watcher and slayer came out of the stacks. "I thought they would never leave." Buffy said as she perched on the table. Giles went and locked the door. "Well, what next? It's your fantasy we are fulfilling after all luv." She looked at him seriously. "How much longer dose the spell last before the library disappears." He thinks for a second. "About two hours." She smiles leaning back to rest on her arms on the table giving her watcher a seductive smile. "Well, I say we give the table a spin, then we see how the springs in your office couch hold up." He walks up to her smiling as he leans over her beautiful body. Her hands grip his ass as they fall back on the table. He pauses suddenly. "By the way, did you manage to catch what they were discussing." She laughs. "No, I was trying to hard to hold back the moans while we were *hiding* in the stacks." He smiles leaning down to kiss her after saying. "Same here."