A Plague on Both Your Houses
By Renee

PLOT - Similar theme to a certain Shakespeare play. Warning, suicide a major theme.
AUTHOR - Renee
TITLE - A Plague on Both Your Houses
SPOILER - Set during Bargaining.
DISCLAIMER - Joss Whedon the great, owns all characters herein.

He held her lifeless form tightly in his embrace. She still felt warm, surely then she couldn't be dead. That's it, it had all been some unfortunate mistake, she was really alive just fatigued. She would awake at any moment and he would kiss her and confess his love. He'd loved her as long as he could recall, his every movement, thought and breath had been for her these past 5 years. When her body hit the ground with a resounding thud, two lives not one, had ended in that moment. He cried out into the night, pain and frustration wracking his body. His heart constricted but tried in vain to keep on pumping despite the cracks tearing it apart.

That was months ago now, how he'd managed to make it though each day since he had no clue. He was a shell of the man he'd once been, now he was the 'funny drunk' as Buffy had once referred to him. He had to get out, everything here reminded him of her. He saw her every moment of every day, laughing, smiling, living. But it was all a facade brought on by large amounts of alcohol and sheer desperation. He packed the last box and marked it 'kitchen'. It would be easier for them to collect his things if they were all arranged and labelled.

Giles took one last look around his flat, the bed on which he'd discovered Angelus' gift, the living room Buffy and the children had so often brightened up. He recalled barely a year ago when on his couch Buffy had asked him to return to his duties as watcher. He'd been shocked and amazed but deeply grateful but most of all relieved. He sniffed as a tear snaked down his cheek, he shut the door for the last time.


"Shouldn't we tell Giles we're doing this?" Xander was still unsure that resurrecting Buffy was the right thing to do. Sure he missed her as much as everyone else, she was his first crush and had been one of his very bestest friends. Butterflies crashed in his stomach at what they were about to attempt. What if it went wrong? What if they all got their hopes up and it didn't work? Willow assured him no one else needed to know.
"When she's back we'll tell him and he'll be so happy that he won't have time to be mad at us." Xander merely groaned and continued to pack the supplies they would need.


Giles wandered the streets, a slight stumble in his step. He was drunk it was true but this decision had been made in one of the very brief moments of sobriety he'd experienced in the last few days. Life without Buffy, his love, was not only difficult but impossible. Sunnydale may not have many things going for it but it was the perfect place to fulfil his current needs. He walked towards her grave, he'd not been granted the honour of lying beside her in life but perhaps that dream could be realised in death. There were many hungry things out tonight and deciding to be more useful than he'd been in a very long time, he put himself on the menu.


'The spell should have worked, would have if not for those damn biker demons.' The gang broke up and made a run for it. The pot had been broken and it was the only one of it's kind in existence, there was no more hope. They ran into the woods, praying they had a better chance split up than together.


Giles heard the motorcycles in the distance but his befuddled brain ignored the sound. The only thing that mattered now was getting to his Buffy. He pushed through some bushes and finally found his Holy Grail. Candles surrounded her grave, in his right mind this may have been a curiosity to Giles but now it just seemed poetic. He knelt beside her tombstone and placed a soft kiss on its cold surface.
"Oh my dearest Buffy, I never told you....why was I such a fool?" He broke down as sobs racked his body.
"I'm coming now my darling we can be together once and for all."


Her life force floated up the body until it found it's way into her soul. She sucked in a breath of air and opened her eyes. A scream tore through her, pain was all she felt. Confusion was in control, she knew she wasn't supposed to be here but had no idea where here was. Her eyes darted around her prison, she may not know who she was or why she was trapped but instinct told her she needed to escape. She began to kick and pound at the wood that was her ceiling.


Giles didn't even notice the vamp until it was upon him. Surprised though it was by his lack of defence, it wasn't the least upset like that wanker Spike would have been. He didn't understand those vamps that felt the need for a fight, this was easy pickings just the way he liked his victims. Giles gasped as the fangs pierced his neck and the blood began to drain from his body. It was an odd feeling, he mused, pain and ecstacy mixed together. He wondered idly if this was how Buffy had felt when Angel had fed from her. He weakened as the blood loss became too great for his body to continue kneeling. The vamp leaned over him as Giles hit the ground, his eyes getting cloudy. He took one final breath and with it whispered her name. The vamp stood and licked the blood from his lips as he strolled, whistling into the night.


She clawed her way from the earth and was relieved when she felt a breeze on her face. She pulled herself out of the grave and lay on the grass beside. Thoughts raced through her mind, she tried to catch them one at a time hoping they'd make sense of what she felt but they were too quick. She pushed herself up on her elbows and took a look around. A few feet from her a man was lying completely still. She crawled to him and stared into the lifeless eyes. The thoughts in her head stopped for a moment then came slamming home. She not only knew this man but loved him desperately, he was her life. She screamed into the quiet night, how could this be? How could the PTB bring her back but take Giles from her? She couldn't do this without him, wouldn't.

She pulled his head into her lap and rocked gently, the horror of the last few minutes grating her every nerve. Tears flooded her eyes and splashed on his face as she felt her heart shatter into a million pieces. It was replaced by a deep ache, a pounding painful hollow feeling. She couldn't breath, saw no reason to even try. Some might say this third chance at life was something she should grasp with both hands and be thankful for, instead it was purgatory, an unending fiery hell that she wanted to escape. She kissed his lips, saddened that she'd never had the courage to do so before. She noticed for the first time the candles and odd items surrounding them, her eyes settled on a dagger. She reached out and grabbed it as though it were a life jacket and she was drowning.

She wiped the small amount of blood from its blade, a small voice inside asked where it had come from but she ignored it. She stroked the hair from Giles' forehead and placed a small kiss there. The knife grazed her flesh from wrist to elbow, it was slow and painful but all she felt was relief. It would all be over soon and she'd be with the man she loved for all eternity. She pulled Giles' arm to the side and rested her head on it. Her leg curled around his and her arm caressed his chest lazily. The blood seeped from her wounds and she became light headed. She snuggled closer to her watcher and closed her eyes finally at peace. Her breathing became shallow and finally stopped. Death had claimed them both as her own once and for all.